Chapter 208: Stealing The Kings Property

GOR Chapter 208: Stealing The King’s Property

“There were many speculations and statements regarding the death of Queen Anne in history.

“This Queen Anne, this British Zhen Huan did many things during her time. Without a doubt, she made many enemies. That was especially true when it came to the former Queen whom she had deposed of. The former Queen was the princess of Spain, a figure of power who enjoyed the support of many conservative aristocrats.

“Additionally, Queen Anne had caused England to completely split up from the Vatican. This incident had no doubt become a thorn in the eyes of the Catholic Church’s Vatican.

“Back then, she held the affection of the King. However, after she lost the King’s affection… many people will want her dead.

“At the end, in the historical records, Queen Anne was declared to have committed a great deal of crimes.

“Those charges include the crime of adultery, incest… and treason.

“All sorts of heavy crimes were pinned upon her. Then, after being imprisoned for a short time, she was executed. Furthermore, it was a brutal execution where she was beheaded.

“A few days after she was beheaded, her husband, King Henry VIII married a new wife… the new wife was that lady-in-waiting of hers.

“This matter was simply karma.”

“When you put it that way… it really does sound like a retribution!”

Lun Tai said in a heavy tone. Then, he turned to look at the display cabinet in the distant. “Just now, what were you looking at there?”

Chen Xiaolian narrowed his eyes and slowly walked forward.

He stood before the row of display cabinets, his eyes staring intently at one of the weapons put on display inside…

“Could it be… it?”

“What is it?” Tian Lie came close in a friendly manner. He turned his attention to the display cabinet. “Guild Leader Chen Xiaolian, what did you say?”

“… about this Queen Anne, there were some interesting legends about her.

“It was said that as she was being held prisoner, she knew that she would be executed. Thus, she made a request.

“Henry VIII agreed to her final request.

“Queen Anne’s request was: She considered herself to be a Queen with high status. Thus, she had no desire to be beheaded by an ordinary blade. Additionally, she said that she was extremely fearful of pain. She requested for a very skilled executioner who will not let her feel pain.

“Therefore, Henry VIII specifically found an executioner from France. This person was a French swordsman and not an executioner.

“The item used for her execution was neither a blade nor an axe. Instead, it was a very sharp sword.

“There was an interesting rumour about this.

“Queen Anne was someone very elegant who exuded an aristocratic atmosphere.

“Before she was executed, she had asked others if the sword that was to be used to kill her was sharp enough.

“Those people informed her that the sword was very sharp.

“Anne then replied, “Very well, I am very satisfied, because I have a very slender neck”. Hmm, something like that. This woman died a very stylish death.”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian turned his attention to the display cabinet…

“Could it be… this one?”

Within the display cabinet, Chen Xiaolian’s eyes were surprisingly staring at an ancient and thin looking sword!

The years had left its mark upon it, the blade was mottled with rust and a black lustre gleamed upon its surface. However, at this moment, under such circumstance and atmosphere…

When this sword that was quietly displayed within the showcase was looked upon by everyone there, an eerie colour appeared from it!

It was then…

“He he he he he he ah…”

Another burst of soft laughter rang out.

Anne flew out from the walls once more and descended beside Chen Xiaolian… she was standing right beside Tian Lie!

Tian Lie, sensing how Chen Xiaolian’s eyes were fixed upon his side, gave a bitter smile and said, “You… don’t tell me she is right beside me now.”

“Ah, her hair is almost reaching your shoulder,” Chen Xiaolian coolly said.

Tian Lie took a deep breath… but his face did not reveal an expression of fear. The corners of his mouth twitched as he turned around.

Although he was unable to see Queen Anne, he turned to face the direction that Chen Xiaolian was looking at. Then, he gave a gentle smile and bowed lightly to thin air. Next, he stepped backward and said, “Your Majesty, please.”

This fellow maintained a wide smile on his face as he moved to the side!

Seeing his actions, Chen Xiaolian could not help but roll his eyes.

Then, he waved his hand toward Lun Tai and Bei Tai who had their military knives ready, indicating for them not to act rashly.

Queen Anne stared at the sword within the showcase.

This woman kept staring for a while before slowly extending her hand once more. Her fingers moved past the glass with ease and made contact with the sword…

A trace of black qi immediately flashed out from the surface of the blade. Anne shrieked out and her body promptly retreated. Black qi was being emitted out from her fingers once more; it was as though some form of power had caused her to become hurt.

This time, despite not being able to see Anne’s figure, the others, including Tian Lie, Lun Tai and Bei Tai were able to clearly see the trace amount of black qi!

The black qi swirled about at a spot not too far away from Chen Xiaolian… that was where Queen Anne’s fingers were!

Chen Xiaolian observed Queen Anne silently. Then, he suddenly spoke up.

“Your Majesty,” said Chen Xiaolian in a heavy tone. “Do you want to take out this sword? If so… do you require my assistance?”

Anne suddenly turned around!

Her pair of eyes had appeared empty. However, in that one instant, her eyes flashed and she stared into Chen Xiaolian’s eyes!

… … although it was only a moment, the sharpness within her eyes quickly dissipated and returned to the former empty state.

“He he he he he he…” Anne appeared to have heard Chen Xiaolian’s words. With a mad smile on her face, she nodded her head. “I, I want to destroy it, destroy it… he he he he, my neck hurts so much, hurts so much… he he he he… destroy it…”

This female ghost clearly possessed consciousness. However, perhaps due to the fact that she was a ghost with a spirit body, her consciousness was hazy and incomplete.

Yet, Chen Xiaolian’s words had clearly attracted her attention.

“Very well… he he ah… help me destroy it… he he he he… help me, help me…”

Hearing Queen Anne’s words, Chen Xiaolian’s eyes flickered and he suddenly said, “I can help you accomplish that. However… what benefit could I get for doing that?”

Anne regarded Chen Xiaolian with a seemingly foolish looking expression. Then, she spoke up.

“He he ah… here, all the treasure here… he he ah… all can… can be taken… he he he he…”


Although all the armours and weapons placed on display here were very valuable and were antiques, Chen Xiaolian had no interest them.

“No no no… these things are too common. I have no interest in these things. The weapons and armours here are too ordinary,” replied Chen Xiaolian who deliberately shook his head.

Anne fell silent.

She then ignored Chen Xiaolian. Once again, she moved toward the display cabinet and extended her hand once more to try and touch the sword.

Once again, the previous incident repeated itself.

Anne shrieked out and retreated.

The pain seemingly brought a brief sense of awareness back to her.

She turned and looked at Chen Xiaolian.

"Destroy it, help me destroy it... ... you have no interest in these ordinary goods... ... I can take you to find a good sword... ... a very good sword... ... it is a real treasure... ... he he he he... ... ... ...”

Hearing that, Chen Xiaolian’s body trembled!

Find a good sword?!

She… she really is an important storyline character!

"Tell me, how do I destroy it?"

Chen Xiaolian’s instinct told him that this was not a simple matter… if he merely had to take out the sword from the display cabinet and break it on the spot… … that seemed too easy.

As expected!

“Take it… to the guillotine… … destroy it! Destroy it! He he he he he he…”

She burst into another string of lengthy goose bumps inducing laughter. However, Chen Xiaolian had understood what needed to be done.

Take the sword out, bring it to the guillotine platform and destroy it…

En, the guillotine platform is the place outside, the lawn!

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes flickered and he took a deep breath.

He was convinced that he had found an important clue for this quest!

Chen Xiaolian raised Fearless War Axe in his hand and cleaved down on the display cabinet!

Although the glass of the display cabinet was made of enhanced, anti-theft glass, under the might of the Fearless War Axe, the display cabinet was easily cleaved apart!

Chen Xiaolian extended out one hand and reached into the display cabinet to grab hold of the black coloured ancient long sword…

In that moment, however, Chen Xiaolian felt a tremor running through his body!

A strange and special feeling surged out from his heart!

The instant his fingers made contact with the long sword, he felt as though a formless flow of qi and sound ripple had instantly spread out in all directions. They then disappeared into the walls!

At that moment, if one were to observe the Tower of London from the sky, they would notice a mass of formless, black coloured ripple. The ripple spread out in a circular fashion, enveloping all of the Tower of London!

Caw caw! Caw caw!

The ravens circling the sky were seemingly shocked by something. They cawed out loudly before rapidly flying away from the Tower of London.

“It seems like… something happened?” Chen Xiaolian held onto the sword with his hand. Then, he turned around to look at the others.

At the same time, Chen Xiaolian swept his gaze around the floor and his face sank!

Behind Lun Tai and Bei Tai…

Two sets of knight armour standing on display in the exhibition hall area suddenly moved!

Resembling two steel puppets, the two set of armours instantly howled out. They lifted the poleaxe in their arms and descended savagely upon Lun Tai and Bei Tai!

At the same time, on the third floor of the exhibition hall, at the side area near the walls and the corners… the various sets of warrior armour came to ‘life’!

“Ka ka” sounds groaned out as their bodies twisted into action and they issued out a chilling howl. Together, they charged toward Chen Xiaolian.

“Stealing the King’s property! Punishment, death!”

A knight armour set uttered a furious roar and raised the long sword in its hand. A black coloured flaming qi burst out from the surface of the sword!

Within the third floor, over ten sets of armour came to life!

Lun Tai and Bei Tai quickly separated. The two armour monsters behind them raised their poleaxe and slashed down with it.

Lun Tai brandished his military knife and forcefully deflected the poleaxe. He howled loudly and quickly retreated.

Bei Tai retreated again and again as he shouted, “Son of a bitch! I knew it won’t be so easy!”

Chen Xiaolian had already charged forward. Fearless War Axe in his hand was raised before being sent cleaving downward upon the head of one of the armour sets.

With a crash, the armour set fell apart and became scattered upon the floor. However, the black coloured qi swirled around and a formless power seemingly pieced them back together one by one!

Chen Xiaolian swore, “Damn it! It can even automatically restore itself?”

"Let's get out of here!"

Tian Lie shouted and lashed out a kick at an armour set beside him, kicking it down.

Then, an earth-shattering roar echoed out!

Chen Xiaolian turned around and his face became extremely ugly to behold.

In the central area of the third floor’s exhibition area, the dragon statue with a height of around seven to eight metres…

Came to life!

A gigantic red-eyed dragon whose mouth was emitting black coloured flaming qi turned toward Chen Xiaolian and the others. It stared down at them with a terrifyingly crimson pair of eyes. Then, it opened its mouth and shouted furiously!

“Stealing the King’s property! Punishment, DEATH!”


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