Chapter 206: Woman in White

GOR Chapter 206: Woman in White


Bei Tai forcefully swallowed down a mouthful of saliva. He looked at Chen Xiaolian and smiled wryly. “Guild Leader, the atmosphere here is eerie enough as it is, you… you are not just trying to scare us, are you?”

“Be serious!” Lun Tai glared at his younger brother. “Xiaolian would never joke around at a time like this.”

Then, he looked carefully at Chen Xiaolian and asked, “Just now, you heard that sentence?”

Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath to calm himself. “En, just that sentence. It was a woman’s voice. In the beginning, it was soft. Then, it said that her neck hurts so much. Hmm… that was all.”

As he spoke, he pointed to the second floor of the tower and said, “There, that is where is saw the shadow.”

“Are we seriously going to be doing ghosts again?” The wry smile on Bei Tai’s face fell. “Son of a bitch! We just finished a quest with vengeful spirits and now, here we are with another!”

“Don’t spout nonsense. Listen to what Xiaolian is saying.” Lun Tai shook his head.

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes flickered and he observed the surroundings. He watched the flock of ravens flying in the sky above and said with a heavy voice, “We’ll continue our discussion inside… everyone be careful.”

The White Tower was the main building of the Tower of London. The tower was a city fortress and a typical Norman-styled building. There were three floors in total and there were small windows upon the thick stone walls.

They walked into the first floor of the tower. The first place they had to go through was a long corridor with rough stone walls on both sides. The lamps on the walls were mottled with rust.

Since it was late at night, there was no day light. Tian Lie walked in the vanguard position while holding onto a glow stick. Although the illumination provided by the glow stick could not compare to a tactical flashlight, there were advantages to using it. One of it was the stability of this light source. It cannot be destroyed.

Lun Tai and Bei Tai deliberately walked slowly. Together with Chen Xiaolian, they fell behind. They hold onto a tactical flashlight and a military knife in their hands. As for Chen Xiaolian, he held onto Fearless War Axe as he carefully observed the surroundings.

The first floor was extremely high… the tower was nearly 30 metres in height. However, it only had three floors, making the height of each floor to be extremely shocking.

The tower carried with it a thousand years of history. Although it had undergone successive maintenance works throughout the generations, the ancientness of this building could not be concealed. The smell of age and decay permeated its every corner.

The White Tower with a thousand years’ worth of history had been transformed into a weapons exhibition area.

After arriving at the exhibition hall on the first floor, Tian Lie who was in the vanguard position could not help but let out a whistle.

Various type of armour sets were being put on display within the hall of the exhibition area – indeed, all of them was armour sets.

Bei Tai, the military fanatic glanced at them a few times before making his judgement. The armour sets on display here were meant for cavalries and knights. Additionally… there were only armours, no weapons.

The armour worn by Europeans were different compared to the armours worn by the Chinese. Their heavy armour appeared to have completely encased the wearer’s entire body. If the visor of the helmet was to be lowered, not a trace of the wearer’s limb or skin could be seen.

At such a late hour, under the faint illumination provided by the glow stick, seeing the exhibition hall filled with the various ancient full-body armour sets and the copper horses…

It felt eerie!

They searched through the first floor for a while, but were unable to find anything. They did not see anything that looked like a Sword in the Stone.

“Let’s go up to the second floor to investigate,” Chen Xiaolian said slowly.

The second floor also displayed armour sets. However, they appeared more ancient. They appeared to be from a far older time period. Because the space between each layer was not that big, they were able to circle around and check them all within a few minutes time.

“This is very strange. Why are there only armour sets here and no weapons?” Lun Tai pursed his lips to the side.

“Let’s go further up and check it out.” Chen Xiaolian frowned.

Beside the exhibition hall stood a fully black coloured European knight armour set. It was a full two metres in height. If one were to wear this full-body armour set, one would end up looking like an iron barrel.

Chen Xiaolian used his hand to gently rap its surface. A “weng weng” sound was issued as a result.

“This looks like a replica, not an antique,” said Chen Xiaolian with a smile. “It’s made of steel. The black colour on its surface is just coating. This should be a piece of modern art.”

“If I had to guess, I’d say this thing weighs over 10 kg.” Lun Tai smiled. “Heaven knows how the people from old England could wear this thing and fight.”

“Maybe they were Awakened ones,” answered a laughing Bei Tai. Then, he said slowly, “All right, I was just joking. This is a full-body heavy armour for mounted riders. The wearer will need the help of several people to wear it. It is the equipment used when riding on horses. If a knight were to walk around with this, he’ll be crushed to death by its weight. Only demons will run around wearing that.”

They made a true discovery on the third floor.

As they walked up the stairs leading to the third floor, the first thing to greet them was something colossal!

Within the darkness, the dim light from the glow stick caused the shadow cast by the colossal thing to envelop them all!

Wings that were spread open, tall and long neck, and an imposingly powerful body…

Shockingly, it was a… dragon?!

“Holy shit!”

Bei Tai was the first to exclaim. However, after directing the light from his tactical flashlight upon it while gripping tightly onto the military knife and moving into a combat ready position, he could not help but laugh.

It was indeed a dragon, a gigantic dragon from European legends.

Its entire being gleamed with a metallic lustre and its imposingly powerful body was large. Upon its huge head was a pair of flashing red eyes – resembling rubies.

However, the dragon was just a statue; it was around seven to eight meters tall and its head was seemingly on the verge of making contact with the ceiling.

“Damn, it’s just a fake,” Bei Tai released a sigh of relief and placed down the military knife in his hand.

Chen Xiaolian merely gave the gigantic dragon statue a glance before walking to the side.

There… … was a mighty looking armour set!

The armour set was stored in a glass case and it brimmed with an ancient feeling of might and prestige.

The whole armour shone with a dark metallic lustre. As Chen Xiaolian did not have a deep foundation in history, he could not figure out what materials were used to forge this armour. However, he could see that the connecting points of the armour set, the shoulder pads, wrists and breastplate were engraved with fine and beautiful golden patterns.

Chen Xiaolian turned to look at the text describing it. Next, he could not help but feel shocked.

According to the texts there, the owner of this set of armour was…

A famous King in the history of England, Henry VIII.

That was…

Chen Xiaolian was stunned for a moment, his expression turned peculiar and he said, “Turns out to be…the Tudor Dynasty.”

The Tudor Dynasty.

Thankfully, although Chen Xiaolian had not studied deep into the history of the UK, he was a young man with some geeky tendencies. He generally liked to watch various types of UK dramas.

The famed ‘The Tudors’ was a drama series that he was highly fond of watching.

Moreover, before ‘The Game of Thrones’ was made, ‘The Tudors’ was Chen Xiaolian’s most favourite European medieval drama series.

Tudor Dynasty… Henry VIII.

A thought suddenly flashed through Chen Xiaolian’s mind.

“I think… I may have figured something out.”

Then, Chen Xiaolian’s face suddenly changed as another burst of soft laughter fell upon his ears!

This time, the sound appeared to have originated for a place close to his ears! In fact… it felt as though the source was right beside his ears!

Chen Xiaolian’s body stiffened. He did his best to calm himself before slowly turning around.

Then he saw a woman.

This woman appeared to be standing not far behind him. She had brown hair and snow-white skin. Dressed in white clothes, she stood in the hall, less than two meters from the place Chen Xiaolian was at. Additionally ... ... she was bare footed.


“My neck hurts so much… hurts so much… he he he he a…”

As the woman spoke, she turned around and her body drifted slowly to the side.

“Xiaolian?” Lun Tai noticed something wrong with Chen Xiaolian.

“Shh!” Chen Xiaolian made a silencing gesture before pointing out with his finger.

Both Lun Tai and Bei Tai turned over to look, but saw nothing.

The only thing they could feel was that this third floor of the exhibition contained waves of blowing cold wind.

“You people could not see her?” Chen Xiaolian frowned.

Lun Tai and Bei Tai shook their heads.

Chen Xiaolian became puzzled… why am I the only one who could see her?

“What is it?” Tian Lie walked over.

Chen Xiaolian waved his hand and pointed. Tian Lie’s eyes flickered and he directed his gaze in the direction pointed out by Chen Xiaolian. Then, he furrowed his eyebrows. “What did you see?”

“You all cannot see her?” Chen Xiaolian looked at Tian Lie and then at the Frenchman, Jean.

Tian Lie and Jean shook their heads as well.

Chen Xiaolian felt somewhat disappointed. However, he then became excited – perhaps, this is a storyline character for the quest!

No matter what… the other side did not appear to desire any confrontation. If so, there was no harm in making contact.

Chen Xiaolian waved his hand, gesturing to the others to stay still. Then, he gently walked forward, carefully moving closer to the white-robed woman.

“Hello, my lady.” Chen Xiaolian walked until he reached the woman’s back. Then, he did his best to speak up slowly in his most moderate tone.

The woman turned her head around while issuing a lengthy laughter.

She possessed a very beautiful face, seductive even. However, despite the fact that she was laughing, the facial features of her face appeared very stiff and somewhat cold.

“Hello?” Chen Xiaolian waved his hand at her. “Here, can you see me?”

The woman stood still and turned around with her bare feet on the ground. A pair of numb looking eyes regarded Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian felt more confident… it would appear that the woman could hear me. We might be able to communicate.

"You should call me Your Majesty. He he he he he he ... ..."

The words that were brimming with coldness fell upon Chen Xiaolian’s ears, causing him to become startled!

The woman seemingly tilted her head. Then, she suddenly let out a soft sigh… that sigh apparently carried with it an endless amount of grievances.

She abruptly raised her right hand up to seize her hair. Next, she gently pulled!

Her head was directly pulled out of her neck and she casually held her head in her hands!

Chen Xiaolian could not help but feel a chill running down his spine.

"I ... I know who you are!"

After taking a deep breath, that was what he said.

As for the woman, she burst out with another “he he he he a” sounds of laughter. Then, her body suddenly floated up to disappear into the thick stone walls…

“Phew!” Chen Xiaolian exhaled before taking two steps backward.

“What’s wrong? Xiaolian? Guild Leader?”

Lun Tai and Bei Tai immediately rushed over.

“I am fine, I am fine,” said Chen Xiaolian, who stood firm by leaning against the wall. His eyes shone and he said, “I… just now, I may have encountered a real ghost!”

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