Chapter 200: Its You!

GOR Chapter 200: It’s You!

Bei Tai stood up anxiously and looked out through the doors of the warehouse. Then, he walked back in and whispered, “Big Bro, could something have happened to Guild Leader?”

Lun Tai silently took a puff. The expression on his face was calm; however, traces of concern could be seen. He shook his head, snuffed out his cigarette and said in a heavy voice, “Be patient!”

The sky outside had turned dark. The interior of the warehouse had a row of light bulbs that provided the interior with a faint illumination. However, perhaps due to an issue with the connectors, one of the bulbs was flickering. The flickering bulb gave the rainy night a rather off-putting atmosphere.

Time slowly ticked by and the distance toward 10 o’clock, which signalled the end of the time allocated for this quest, was getting closer.

Phoenix sat by the two women that they caught. She held the rifle in her hand and her fingers gently stroked the barrel of the rifle. An inexplicable glow flickered within her eyes, her emotions indiscernible. Of her team members, Monster was feeding his monkey while the Titan brothers were standing by the warehouse doors. One brother stood on the left, the other brother stood on the right.

Dagger was taking a drag from a cigarette butt. Seven to eight cigarette butts could be seen scattered before him.

“Guild Leader, are we just going to keep waiting like this?”

A rough and low voice asked.

The one who forwarded the question was the one who had remained taciturn all this time, Monster. He tossed the last fruit in his hand to the monkey and stood up. Looking at Phoenix, he slowly said, “Shouldn’t we do something?”

Phoenix looked at Monster and considered for a while. “You have doubts?”

“I am not doubting your commands,” said Monster. He scratched his head in a rather simpleton like manner. “It just… this time’s quest is somewhat restrictive. We seem to be simply following others.”

Phoenix looked at Monster. Then, she diverted her gaze and turned to look at Dagger.

There was something unnatural about Dagger’s expression. He subconsciously snuffed out his cigarette butt and lit up another.

“If you have something to say, you can just say it. There is no need to get someone else to say it,” Phoenix sighed. She looked at Dagger and said with a calm voice, “Dagger, it seems there is a need for us to properly talk things through.”

Dagger’s expression turned stiff. He threw away the cigarette and stamped down heavily on it. He stood up and faced Phoenix. “Talk? Very well, let’s talk! In this quest, you have been following the words of that flower boy from another guild! You’ve been supporting everything he said and had us go do everything he suggested! Are you our Guild Leader or is he our Guild Leader?”

Phoenix maintained the smiling expression on her face as she said, “Hmm, and?”

“And?” Dagger clenched his teeth. His eyes shifted to look at Lun Tai and Bei Tai before continuing, “As for the following words, they cannot be said while there are outsiders here! Guild Leader! I believe it would be best for us to only discuss it through when we are among our guild members.”

Phoenix did not turn furious. Instead, she let out a low sigh. She looked at Monster and asked, “Do you think that way as well?”

Monster shook his head and answered, “I respect you, Guild Leader. However, in the course of this quest…”

Phoenix then turned to look at the Titan brothers who were standing in the distance by the warehouse doors. “What about you fellows? What do you think?”

The two brothers exchanged glances. Without saying a word, they slowly walked over and stood behind Monster.

Phoenix nodded her head and said, “I understand. This means that the three of you are neutral. As for Dagger…” Phoenix turned to face Dagger. “You seem to be questioning my position as Guild Leader.”

Dagger harrumphed.

“Very well, we can’t drag things forever.” Phoenix took a deep breath. She turned to look at Monster and the Titan brothers. Then, she slowly said, “How’s this? I won’t make things difficult for you. After this instance dungeon concludes, I will give Dagger an opportunity to prove his ability. He and I will compete fair and square. If I lose, I will hand over the position of Guild Leader to him, how is that?”

Monster was momentarily stunned. He said, “We… we are not thinking of changing the Guild Leader. I just feel that your commands for this time’s quest were problematic and that we should discuss things through and weigh the pros and cons…”

“This is fine. This is my decision.” Phoenix waved her hand. She turned to face Dagger and said, “How about it? I’m giving you the opportunity!”

“… very well! Since you have the guts to suggest it, I too, will accept it!” Dagger answered.

“Then it’s decided.” Phoenix continued coolly, “Monster and the Titan brothers will be the witnesses.” After saying that, her voice changed. “But…”

“But what?” Dagger was surprised and he stared at Phoenix. “Are you regretting?”

“I will not go back on my words!” Phoenix coolly said. Her eyes swept over Dagger and her other three team members. “However, my proposal is meant for after this instance dungeon is over! Presently, we are still inside this instance dungeon. Within this instance dungeon, I am still your Guild Leader. For now, at least, you must obey my commands. If there is any problems, wait until after this instance dungeon is over before dealing with it!”

“… … …” Dagger did not say anything.

Monster nodded and said, “Very well! Changing the commander in the face of battle is forbidden in the military. I agree that we should wait until this instance dungeon is over before solving internal matters. Before this instance dungeon ends, we will obey your commands!”

After saying that, the tall and brawny man turned to look at Dagger and said, “I believe that everyone understands which matters to prioritize.”

Both Lun Tai and Bei Tai were watching Coffeehouse Guild’s infighting by the side. Bei Tai gently stepped on Lun Tai’s feet and pouted his lips. He then secretly sent a message through the guild channel: Look. What a bunch of fools. They actually started infighting while they are in an instance dungeon.

Lun Tai gave a faint smiled and sent a message through the guild channel: We made a mistake back then. The true powerful character is that Monster! That Dagger is just a stupid hatchet man. See? The two twins went to stand beside that Monster.

At that moment, a loud bang suddenly echoed out!

The row of light bulbs hanging above the warehouse was abruptly extinguished.

The warehouse was thus plunged into darkness!

Colombo, who had been sitting in the corner could not help but exclaim in shock.

Within the darkness, Phoenix’s calm voice could clearly be heard. “Do not panic!”

Pausing, Phoenix quickly said, “Monster, go check the power lines. Dagger, Titan brothers! Guard the doors and windows! The rest of you stay in position and do not move!”

A clump of light promptly appeared within the room. Phoenix was standing in the middle, holding onto a flare stick, which flashed with red light.

“There’s movement outside!” Monster, who had rushed toward the window suddenly said in a low voice.

Phoenix quickly moved over. She stood by the window and looked outside…

A curtain of rain enveloped the yard outside the warehouse. Within that rain however, was a faint translucent figure. The figure slowly moved forward.

Rain drops penetrated through her body effortlessly, seemingly meeting no resistance at all. This illusory scene happened before everyone’s eyes. Surprisingly, it was a female vengeful spirit! It was the one who had attacked the apartment – Black Annie!

Black Annie rapidly moved over through the curtain of rain! This time, her figure no longer seemed solitary. A large spread of silvery light, which appeared similar to a partially transparent mist, spilled over from behind her like quicksilver. It quickly spread over the walls and moved toward the warehouse!

Phoenix did not hesitate. She raised her rifle up and pulled the trigger…


Flames sprayed out from the barrel of the rifle as three slug shells exploded forward! Black Annie screamed out sharply and her body instantly blasted off from the ground. She charged rapidly through the curtain of rain before abruptly splitting into countless doppelgangers, all of which sped toward the warehouse!

The intense hail of slugs decimated one of the Black Annie doppelgangers! However, numerous other Black Annie doppelgangers charged in through all other directions!

“What are you just standing there for? FIRE!” Phoenix commanded.

Dagger jumped onto the ledge. Despite this fellow’s contentious mouth, and his being used as a hatchet man, his strength was quite good!

Holding onto flying blades in both hands, he jumped onto the ledge of the windows and loosened the two flying blades forward! In the yard, two of Black Annie’s incoming doppelgangers were struck!

Apparently, the flying blades were also specially made and they flashed with a silvery brilliance. After those Black Annie doppelgangers were struck, they shattered into pieces of light.

Sharp wretched cries from the vengeful spirits pierced through their eardrums and all the glass windows of the warehouse were shattered!

The Titan brothers had already summoned out their own weapons. They were equipped with unique firearms of differing length as they fired out their special bullets.

They defended the windows and doors, tenaciously blocking off the furious charge initiated by the Black Annie doppelgangers!

Dagger turned out to be the most ferocious one. After rapidly shooting out who knew how many flying daggers, he then leapt out of the window. Howling, he then charged into the middle of the vengeful spirit doppelgangers!

Dagger’s movements were both fierce and swift and his moves were executed skilfully. With a dagger in both hands, he charged into the middle of all the vengeful spirits and the flashing of his blades turned into a flurry of falling snow. The blades slashed into the vengeful spirit doppelgangers, causing them to burst apart.

Advancing and retreating with ghost like precision, Dagger became an invincible existence within the numerous vengeful spirit doppelgangers!

Lun Tai had already jumped up. Running to the doors of the warehouse, he pulled out the revolver given to him by Phoenix and fired at the vengeful spirits in the distance. Next, he became unable to restrain himself and swore, “Idiot! Why did you rush into the middle of the enemies! You’re blocking my line of fire!”

Phoenix too, shouted, “Dagger, come back!”

Dagger, who was in the middle of battling, let out a harrumph. He stabbed his dagger into the vengeful spirit doppelganger beside him and jumped back. Then, he threw a dark look at Lun Tai.

Lun Tai did not say anything, but Bei Tai who was behind him shouted out, “Do you not admit to being stupid? Did you think you were very courageous? We have so many people here shooting, but you went in and blocked our line of fire! Bullets have no eyes. What happens if you get hit?”

The corners of Dagger’s eyes twitched, but he said nothing. He delivered a backhand throw and a flying blade shot out, striking one of the vengeful spirit doppelganger in the head. As a result, the doppelganger burst apart.

“Something is not right! They are too weak!” Phoenix fired continuously. Despite the large number of vengeful spirit doppelgangers, they were all incapable of enduring even a single hit. Although the vengeful spirits’ screams were grating to the ears, they were not much of a threat to Awakened ones.

It was then that Phoenix suddenly frowned. She asked, “Where is Monster?”

Back then, Monster had gone to the second floor of the warehouse to check the line box…

At that moment, a “bang” echoed out!

From another side of the warehouse, Monster’s body was suddenly thrown out from the back of the lounge room. He ended up rolling upon the ground twice. The clothes he wore suffered from numerous tears and several glass fragments could be seen sticking upon his robust body. Yet, he continued protecting his chest area. After standing up, he carefully placed the monkey down on the ground and said, “Hurry up and hide!”

Next, he contracted his body and sprang back in.

The glasses of the power distribution room had been broken and a shrieking vengeful spirit moved out of the room. It was none other than the one they had seen in the subway station!

The vengeful spirit had a dishevelled appearance and she spread out both her hands, revealing ten fingers that were as sharp as blades!

Monster’s burly body pounced forward. He waved his hands and his left hand transformed into a big iron hammer while his right hand transformed into a long blade!

Most surprising of all was the thing upon the surface of the iron hammer and blade. Both were affixed with a piece of yellow coloured paper each. The paper was similar in appearance to those talismans used by Daoists to capture ghosts!

The iron hammer and long blade emitted a faint and pulsing glow of light. Next, Monster roared out and charged toward the vengeful spirit before him! He swung the iron hammer and long blade, creating the sound of whooshing wind and adding to the faint glow of light.

The vengeful spirit appeared terrified of the glow of light. A slight exposure to it caused the vengeful spirit to scream out in pain. However, she did not retreat. Instead, she howled, charged forward and engaged Monster in battle!

The vengeful spirit’s movement speed was clearly faster than Monster’s! Additionally, the seemingly powerful weapon held by Monster would pass through the vengeful spirit’s body each time he attacked. Although the glow it emitted caused the vengeful spirit to cry out in pain, the damage dealt appeared limited.

Monster, on the other hand, had to be on guard against the vengeful spirit’s sharp fingers. A minor lapse in concentration would cause him to suffer from a slash, causing blood to trickle down! Additionally, a black coloured qi would rapidly swirl around the wounds, causing the wounds to freeze up!

Monster suffered from a few slashes and took several wounds on his body. A layer of frost gradually enveloped his body and his movement gradually became slower!

Observing through the corner of her eyes, Phoenix noted that Monster was in a disadvantageous situation and she quickly said, “Defend the doors! I will go assist him!”

As she spoke, Phoenix hastily pulled out some talismans from her chest. Then, she threw them forcefully into the air.

The talismans plastered themselves onto the walls surrounding the doors and windows; suddenly, a faint flow of light flashed upon the surface of the walls!

At that moment, the number of vengeful spirit doppelgangers was increasing! The incoming surge of doppelgangers was akin to a tidal wave! The Titan brothers and Lun Tai fired as fast as they could, but were unable to stop the advance of the vengeful spirits.

Some of the vengeful spirits managed to reach the walls and attempted to slip in through the walls. However, the light on the walls threw them back.

“Good stuff!” Lun Tai’s eyes lit up.

However, he quickly noticed that, each time a vengeful spirit was forced back, some of the talismans plastered on the walls would automatically burst into flames! The talismans were burnt into ashes and it disappeared.

By then, Phoenix had reached Monster’s side. She pulled out another piece of talisman and slapped it onto Monster’s body!

A flame like glow of light appeared upon Monster’s body and the layer of frost enveloping his body dissipated.

The vengeful spirit let out a harsh shriek and hastily retreated. Her voice grew increasingly shrill!

It was then that… “BOOM”!

A small portion of the warehouse’s rooftop collapsed and countless metal and steel fragments fell! There were also broken masonry and glass in the mix… all of them were swept up by an invisible force, which then directed them toward the people within the warehouse!

“Protect out people!” Phoenix shouted out and jumped toward the vengeful spirit! She knew that the vengeful spirit before her was the one controlling the debris! Phoenix held on to two pieces of talismans in her hand and she moved closer toward the vengeful spirit. Her hand shot out and she slapped one of the talismans onto the body of the vengeful spirit.


Smoke burst out and the talisman was instantly burnt away! The vengeful spirit screamed miserably and appeared to be in extreme pain. She immediately retreated! Phoenix was quick to pursue her, but she was capable to traversing through the walls, allowing her to shuttle back and forth!

Monster suddenly turned around and charged into the middle area of the warehouse. That was the spot where they had left the two women – tied up.

He threw his body into a roll, pulling Polly with him. After that, countless gravel and broken glass descended upon his back.

The other woman was not so lucky. A sharp glass fragment slit through her throat and blood sprayed out!

“One down!”

Earlier, Bei Tai was keeping both Dr Mu and Colombo protected under him. He had utilized his Air Incarceration skill to create an air shield – unfortunately, his skill was not meant to be used that way. Thus, the area that he could shield was not large.

After another shrill scream rang out, the other side of the warehouse walls began to break down. With a “boom”, a block of wall collapsed and even more gravel and broken glasses flew upward!

“We cannot stay here! It’s going to collapse!”

Bei Tai shouted and he quickly slung Dr Mu onto his shoulder.

Lun Tai shouted back, “Take them together and run! Find an open area!”

He fired a shot and killed off one of the vengeful spirit doppelganger outside before turning around to grab Colombo. He said to Bei Tai, “Dr Mu is yours!”

At the time, Monster, who was holding onto Polly, was getting up…

A faint clump of light suddenly appeared from the corpse of the killed woman beside…

The third vengeful spirit!

A savage expression appeared on her face. Like the other two, she too had a translucent spirit body. She shrieked out sharply and lashed out with her fingers toward the nearby Monster!

Monster was caught off-guard and had only enough time to step to the side. A long and deep gash appeared upon his chest, painting a line straight through the area where his heart lied. The wound was deep enough to reveal flesh and blood!

Monster grunted and staggered for a bit. Then, he suddenly turned and looked at Bei Tai and Lun Tai. He shouted, “Catch!”

He summoned his strength and tossed Polly over!

As Polly’s body was flying through the air, Lun Tai rushed forward to catch her.

Unfortunately, it was too late!

The vengeful spirit who was engaged in battle with Phoenix promptly let out another sharp shriek and one of the reinforcing steel fragments floating in the air shot down. The reinforcing steel fragment pierced right through Polly’s head!

The reinforcing steel fragment pierced into her left eye and shot out from the back of her head!

Monster and Lun Tai swore in unison!

After Polly’s body fell to the ground, Bei Tai looked at her and hastily pulled Lun Tai back. “Big Bro, be careful! This woman will probably…”

Just as he finished speaking those words, a grim looking vengeful spirit emerged from Polly’s corpse. She clearly resembled the deceased Polly!

“Damn it! It’s already the fourth!” Lun Tai roared.

With that, the situation in the warehouse turned dire!

Vengeful spirit Polly pounced toward Dr Mu! Lun Tai quickly rushed forward to hold her back. He opened fire with the revolver twice, causing Polly’s spirit body to explode. However, this female vengeful spirit only retreated a few steps backward. Then, she contracted her body and pounced forward again.

The other vengeful spirit began battling Monster. Once more, Monster’s hands turned into an iron hammer and a long blade once more…

Phoenix was fighting against the vengeful spirit from the subway station. On the other side, the Titan brothers were firing as fast as they can to keep Black Annie’s doppelgangers out…

“Bei Tai! Bring Dr Mu and the other one away! Don’t just stand there! Charge out!”

Bei Tai was quick to act. He grabbed hold of Dr Mu and Colombo in one hand each and placed them beneath his arms. Then, he rushed toward the collapsed part of the walls and ran out!

“You can’t go!” Hearing Lun Tai’s words, Phoenix turned around and shouted out. However, Bei Tai was long gone.

“Idiot! You fell for it!” Phoenix quickly extricated herself from her opponent and rushed over. She raised another talisman up and forced back Polly’s vengeful spirit. Then, she turned to Lun Tai and said, “Can’t you see? They want us to leave this place! They want to divide us!”

“… … …” Lun Tai did not say anything. He simply glanced at Phoenix.

“Hurry up and go after him!” Phoenix charged out. However, two of the vengeful spirits had already come around. They floated amid the hole in the wall before splitting up. One to the left and one to the right, they charged toward Phoenix and Lun Tai respectively!

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!”

Although he was carrying two people with him, Bei Tai’s body had been enhanced to a considerable level, giving him an astonishing level of speed. He immediately made his way out of the warehouse.

The area behind the warehouse was an abandoned wasteland… it was a place overgrown with weeds.

In just one breath’s time, Bei Tai had made his way over a hundred metres. He turned around and saw that his brother was not behind him. He felt anxious and struggled to decide if he should return to…

In that instant…

Bei Tai screamed out and his body bounced backward! The two people that he was carrying fell onto the ground.

In one breath, Bei Tai leapt back through a distance of several metres and his body staggered.

A scalpel was stabbed into his chest!

The appearance of the scalpel seemed immaterial, with an illusory glass-like outline. The scalpel, that was sticking onto Bei Tai’s chest then quickly turned into a wisp of black smoke.

Bei Tai’s body shook and he felt a cold chill spreading out through his wound. As the cold feeling washed over his body, he felt weakened and his teeth trembled uncontrollably. Even his lips began to turn dark blue in colour!

“You… you…” Bei Tai fell to the ground. He ripped open his outer clothes to reveal Meteor Rock Guild’s exclusive protective suit. Upon the heart area of the protective suit was a fine crack.

Thankfully, he had this protective suit on his person. Otherwise, the blade would have pierced right into his heart!

“… you! It’s YOU!” Bei Tai spat out. His mouth twitched as he regarded the man who was slowly standing up. He looked into the familiar face standing before him!

Dr Mu was still lying on the ground. As for the one standing, he had a peculiar smile on his face. He raised his right hand and revealed a sharp scalpel within this palm…

Surprisingly, it was the forensic doctor, Colombo!

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