Chapter 194: I Won’t Let You Escape Me! (Teaser)

GOR Chapter 194: I Won’t Let You Escape Me!

“How much do you want? Is a big slab enough for you?” asked Bei Tai as he turned to look at Colombo. He was in the kitchen, holding on to a table knife as he sliced a loaf of bread.

Colombo stared at the TV screen. His face was a mask of surprise and he exclaimed, “Oh, my God! Come here quick! Something happened!”

Bei Tai came out while holding onto the table knife. He asked, “What happened?”

On the TV screen, the morning news was covering a special report. Depicted in the screen was the murder scene in Hanbury Street. A reporter was doing a live coverage of the news as he stood outside the police cordon.

The news got Lun Tai’s attention as well and the three of them stood in the living room, staring at the TV screen.

At that same moment, in the kitchen, there was a row of sharp kitchen knives… a few among those sharp kitchen knives silently floated up. Seemingly under the control of an invisible force, the kitchen knives slowly turned so that their sharp blades faced the three people standing in the living room. Little by little, they floated over…

“What news is this?” Bei Tai...

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