Chapter 185: Doctor Mu (Teaser)

GOR Chapter 185: Doctor Mu

Naturally, this was the Dr Mu he had met back in Hangzhou. He was Da Gang’s attending doctor whom they later encountered in one of Hangzhou’s restaurant and once more in the train station.

The impression he left on Chen Xiaolian was that of a highly ethical and responsible doctor – in today’s society, people like him was rare.

Dr Mu too, was able to identify Chen Xiaolian. “You are, you are that, that…”

“It’s me,” Chen Xiaolian helped him up. Sensing that Dr Mu’s body was still feeling weak, he brought Dr Mu over to the side of the platform where some seats were available. He then helped him down the seat and he inhaled several times.

Chen Xiaolian retrieved a bottle of mineral water from his Storage Watch. After unscrewing it, he handed it over.

“… … thank you,” Dr Mu’s face was a discoloured mess, filled with the colours blue and grey. The hand he used to accept the bottle of mineral water trembled.

“Can you tell me what happened here?” Chen Xiaolian watched as Dr Mu gulped down several mouthfuls...

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