Chapter 184: Random Quest

GOR Chapter 184: Random Quest

“Coffeehouse Guild?” Lun Tai spoke out from behind Chen Xiaolian. “I have never heard of that name before.”

“This world is big; there is nothing to be surprised about. Besides, out guild is still a very young guild,” Phoenix smiled. Then, the smile slowly faded away from the young woman’s face.

Despite the casual words spoken by the young woman, Chen Xiaolian did not let go of the sense of vigilance within his heart.

There was a restriction to the establishment of a guild! To establish a guild, they would require a veteran! No matter how young the guild members may seem, the strength of a guild with a veteran in it should never be underestimated.

“Is your random quest also to come to Whitechapel area?” Phoenix asked Chen Xiaolian as she stood by the street. Her tone was both cool and genial.

“Yes, the Whitechapel area,” Chen Xiaolian glanced at the time. “The countdown… there is only less than one minute.”

Phoenix pondered for a moment and looked at Chen Xiaolian before speaking out slowly. “Let’s talk, shall we?”

“Go ahead.”

“Clearly, this quest is probably a non-competitive type,” Phoenix smiled. “A clear indication of this is the fact that this instance dungeon did not delay the Player’s time of arrival. Since the random quest is not a competitive type of quest… I think there is no need for us to be hostile toward each other, right?”

Chen Xiaolian looked at the incredibly beautiful young woman. “Your meaning?”

“Let’s cooperate,” Phoenix leisurely extended out one hand and winked at Chen Xiaolian. She smiled and said. “The more people we have collecting firewood, the higher the flames can burn. Let’s work together on this random quest. I believe that would reduce the difficulty. Guild Leader Chen Xiaolian, what do you say?”

Chen Xiaolian did not say anything. He tilted his head and saw that Lun Tai and Bei Tai had no objections on the matter.

“I have no problems with that,” Chen Xiaolian nodded his head. “We have no reason to be hostile against one another.”

“Then, we have an agreement,” Phoenix smiled. She turned around and casually placed her hands behind her back. She was like a little girl as she pranced across the street. She then smiled and spoke in a carefree voice, no different from a little girl trying to show off her achievements. “All right, I have finished the negotiations!”

Phoenix moved beside her guild members and patted Dagger on his shoulder. “Put your knives away. Monster, keep an eye on your pet and make sure it doesn’t scare our friends here. Titan brothers… err, all right, can you please come over here and quietly and tell me which one of yor is the older brother and which one is the younger brother?”

Chen Xiaolian who was standing by the street observed her. Watching as the young woman who looked like a little angel joked around with her guild members, he frowned.

This… what part of her looks like a Guild Leader?

“Don’t let your guard down,” Lun Tai whispered.

“En,” Chen Xiaolian nodded his head.

One minute later, the countdown ended.

However, after seeing the information issued by the system, Chen Xiaolian became dumbfounded on the spot.

[System prompt: Your guild has successfully arrived at the designated area. You have successfully received this random quest. The details of this random quest is as follows:

[A. The most infamous event in the history of Whitechapel awaits you. Solve the mystery shrouded by the mists of history!

[B. The system has randomly assigned you a guide character. This character will be displayed on the radar as a yellow dot. Please find this guide character as soon as possible and protect the guide character! If the guide character dies, the quest will be deemed a failure! Corresponding marks will be deducted.

[C. Time limit for this quest is 48 hours (upper limit). Completing the quest ahead of time will cause the termination of this random quest. If the quest cannot be completed, the quest will be deemed a failure and the corresponding amount of marks will be deducted.]

The most infamous incident in the history of Whitechapel?

Chen Xiaolian shared out the details of the quest through the guild channel and considered the matter. Then, his face turned ugly to behold!

The most infamous incident in the history of Whitechapel… son of a bitch!

It can’t be!

Chen Xiaolian balled up his fists and swore.

“Guild Leader, what is it?” Bei Tai glanced at him and saw the twisted look on Chen Xiaolian’s face. Unable to restrain himself, he asked.

“The most infamous incident in the history of Whitechapel… solve the mystery!” Chen Xiaolian furiously swore out again! For the past two days, thanks to Roddy’s help, he had been able to read up on many historical events pertaining to the UK, especially those that happened in London.

When it came to this Whitechapel area… after searching through his memory carefully, Chen Xiaolian was quick to find out which one the system was referring to.

“Jack the Ripper!” Chen Xiaolian furiously spat out each word.

Jack the Ripper!

The most notorious and most horrifying serial killer of the 1880s!

Brutally killing off his victims, cutting open their abdomens and pulling out their organs was his method of operations, which he committed over and over again!

The fact that left Chen Xiaolian frustrated was…

Jack the Ripper’s identity was a mystery within the history of the world itself!  It has been over a hundred years since then, yet… the case remained unsolvable!

In the end, the identity of Jack the Ripper, the serial murderer remained a mystery.

Over a hundred years ago, the police failed to find anything. And now, the future generations could only make speculations based on the various historical literature available – still, no answer could be found.

But the problem here was, the quest given by the system was…

Solve the mystery!

Additionally… within 48 damned hours?

Within 48 hours, solve a mystery that not even the elites of the police force could solve after over a hundred years?

Chen Xiaolian felt the desire to curse out again and again.

“First… don’t get distracted! Find the guide character first!”

Chen Xiaolian quickly opened up his own radar. Soon, he found a small yellow dot on the surface of the radar… furthermore; he noted that the dot was moving slowly!

Without hesitating, Chen Xiaolian quickly turned around and led Lun Tai and Bei Tai away!

From across the road, Phoenix and her guild members quickly caught up with them. Soon, Phoenix was moving beside Chen Xiaolian. Running beside him, she smiled. “Didn’t we agree to cooperate? Leaving without saying a word is not the traits of a good ally, you know?”

“Finding the guide character takes priority,” Chen Xiaolian shook his head.

Following the radar, they ran all the way until they reached the entrance to the Whitechapel’s subway station.

They hesitated for only a moment before running down the stairs.

It was nearly 11 o’clock by then. Although the subway station had yet to cease operations, its hall appeared empty. The spacious hall was quiet.

Suddenly, someone ran in. Before the figure could make its way down the stairs, Chen Xiaolian heard Phoenix calling out.

“Look, there is a human figure there!”

Chen Xiaolian cast a glance over and saw a figure wearing traditional looking grey coloured suit disappear into a corner. The fellow also appeared to be wearing an odd-looking hat.

For some unknown reason, Chen Xiaolian felt that there was something indescribably peculiar about the figure.

He froze for a moment and inadvertently lowered his head before suddenly realizing what it was!

Due to the lighting above their heads, shadows were being casted down beneath their feet and even the walls beside them.

However, the figure who had disappeared into the corner… did not have any shadow!

Although he only had a glimpse, Chen Xiaolian was able to recall that… there was definitely no shadow!

He quickly ran forward and gave chase.

However, after turning over the corner, he became shocked.

Before him… was a wall.

He turned and saw Phoenix running over from behind.

Without waiting for him to speak up, Phoenix said slowly. “I was not mistaken… you should have seen the figure as well.”

“Hmm,” Chen Xiaolian suddenly curled the corners of his mouth. “This is interesting.”

“The yellow dot is still on the move… it is right below!” Chen Xiaolian quickly said. “Go to the platform!”

As they were charging their way through the ticket counters of the subway station, they heard the roaring sound of a subway train speeding through the station.

It was at that instant that a miserable scream suddenly rang out from below!

Before Chen Xiaolian’s eyes, Phoenix’s figure darted forth from beside him. Like a breeze, she flew forward and rapidly made her way down!

Chen Xiaolian and the others rushed down onto the platform and saw Phoenix standing right there, her eyes fixed onto something not far away.

The surface of the platform was covered with blood! The blood had even flowed all the way to the rails below the platform.

A man was kneeling down on the ground. Observing his back, they could see that he was trembling.

Additionally… there was also a corpse on the ground!

It was the corpse of a woman, that much was obvious.

The dead woman did not appear old. However, her face was covered with blood. Thus, they could not make out her original appearance.

However, one glance at her state of death was enough to nearly cause Chen Xiaolian to vomit out the contents of his dinner.

The woman’s chest and abdomen had been carved open. All her internal organs had been pulled out and were strewn all over the ground.

This place was now like a slaughterhouse!

The man who was kneeling on the ground appeared to be in shock. He had both hands covering his mouth. Suddenly, he turned over and forced himself up. After taking two steps, he then let out a heave and retched all over the platform.

Chen Xiaolian fought back the feeling of nausea and took a few steps forward. When he reached Phoenix’s side, he heard her whispering.

“That man… yellow dot. He is the guide character.”

Chen Xiaolian’s expression turned solemn and he waved toward Lun Tai and Bei Tai. Phoenix too, signalled toward her team members with her eyes.

Glancing at one another, they slowly walked forward.

The difference was, Phoenix was walking toward the corpse while Chen Xiaolian was walking toward the guide character.

The guide character puked his contents out onto the side of the platform for a long time, his back heaved up and down and he gasped for breath.

Chen Xiaolian stood behind him without saying anything. His eyes swept the area and he determined that there was no danger present in their vicinity.

At that moment, he caught sight of… Phoenix…

Phoenix was squatted beside the corpse and she actually had one hand stretched out as she checked out the corpse!

There was seemingly no trace of fear coming off her. Observing her from the side, her attractive and charming face showed no change. Her face was a mask of calmness!

The grounds were covered with blood, internal organs littered the surrounding area and the stench of blood rose to the high Heavens… yet, there was a young and beautiful woman crouching beside the corpse. This scenery was a truly peculiar one.

Chen Xiaolian narrowed his eyes and fixed a profound stare at Phoenix before turning away. He placed a hand onto the shoulder of the guide character.

“Mr, are you all right?”


The guide character appeared shocked. Due to his nervousness, he actually failed to realize that there was someone behind him. He cried out in shock. If not for Chen Xiaolian moving forward to catch him, he would have fallen down from the platform.

But when the guide character turned his head around, he caught sight of Chen Xiaolian and the both of them became shocked!

Guide character: “It… it’s you?”

Chen Xiaolian. “… …you are… Doctor Mu?”

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