Chapter 182: Encroaching Upon The Forbidden Zone (Teaser)

GOR Chapter 182: Encroaching Upon The Forbidden Zone

The chauffeur lightly patted the wrinkled area of his collar before looking eye to eye with Chen Xiaolian. “I can give you the specific whereabouts of Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo. But, not now… at present, you need to put all your focus into surviving this instance dungeon. If possible, I would rather not have such a rare Irregularity die on me.”

“Irregularity? Don’t you mean virus?”

“Even if you are a virus, you are still the prime virus! As for your other guild members, Qiao Qiao, Roddy… they are all second-generation viruses who were infected by you… do you understand?”

“Wait a minute, I don’t get it… what do you mean prime, and why second-generation…”

“The metallic sphere that represents the account,” The chauffeur stared intently at Chen Xiaolian. “Only when a Player or an Awakened is killed by you, will the metallic sphere drop out. You should already have known about this.”

Indeed, Chen Xiaolian knew about this.

That was how Roddy and Qiao Qiao was able to get their hands on the metallic spheres and become Irregularities.

“You probably haven’t figured out this one other thing. Only when…...

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