Chapter 180: All For Naught (Teaser)

GOR Chapter 180: All For Naught

Miao Yan considered the question and answered. “It was me. More accurately, after arriving, I accidentally came to find out that you met up with my Exclusive Account… you see, Stewart is a very good butler. In the evening, he will report some stuff to his employer. To be honest, when I heard about you coming over here, I was very surprised.”

“And then?”

“The one who wanted to invite you over is her,” Miao Yan smiled. “Yet, the one to meet you is me.”

“Then, the matter that I requested?”

Miao Yan smiled. “You mean the two girls that you were looking for? I wanted to ask, are the both of them your girlfriends? One of them appears a tad bit too young.”

“I do not like that kind of joke,” Chen Xiaolian shook his head.

“I couldn’t find them. What I am able to gather is that Sir Pattinson had helped them make a reservation at my club. Those people simply stayed here for a few days before leaving. Sir Pattinson is an ordinary person who does not have much knowledge about this. He was simply helping a business acquaintance by making those arrangements. He arranged for those people to stay here for a couple...

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