Chapter 178: Long Live

GOR Chapter 178: Long Live

[System prompt: Instance dungeon number D066. Meteor Rock Guild has been selected to participate in this instance dungeon. Information for this instance dungeon is as follows:

[A. Within 48 hours, please make your way to the designated location for this instance dungeon, located within the world of Europe, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the capital of the kingdom, Greater London area [1]. Selected guilds who fail to arrive at the designated location will receive system punishment. Selected solo participants who fail to arrive will be exterminated.

[B. This instance dungeon is a Historical Type, [A-] class instance dungeon. Restrictions will be placed on technological skills and equipment. Please decide the list of participants based on the specifications of the instance dungeon.

[C. The quests for this instance dungeon will be issued in phases. After the instance dungeon is opened, the first phase of the quest will be issued.

[System prompt: According to the comprehensive evaluation on Meteor Rock Guild’s class, the number of participants allowed for this instance dungeon is: 3 (lower limit) to 5 (upper limit).]

That was the instance dungeon details given by the system.

This information was not complete. After all, the specifics of the first phase of the quest will only be issued after the instance dungeon officially opened.

However, there were some important clues among the information given.

“Three to five,” Roddy frowned. “At least three, at most five. This is the restriction placed on the number of participants.”

“Historical Type instance dungeon, [A-] class. Considering that this is a historical type of instance dungeon, we will need find information regarding the history of London, no, the history of Britain,” Lun Tai spoke up.

“Technological abilities are restricted. This may prove to be disadvantageous for Roddy. It is likely that it will not allow the usage of the Mech for battles,” Chen Xiaolian looked at Roddy.

“The instance dungeon turned out to be in London… is this a coincidence? Or did the system issue out the instance dungeon by looking at where we are?” Bei Tai made a face.

“Enough,” Chen Xiaolian said in a grim voice. “Let’s calm down. First, we need to calm down and consider the situation before coming up with a plan.”

The other three guild members turned to look at Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian pondered about it for a few minutes and rechecked the information issued by the system. Then, he kneaded his forehead.

“First, we need to get in touch with the Countess tomorrow and see if we can get some information on Qiao Qiao’s whereabouts. Depending on the results of this meeting tomorrow, we’ll make further considerations. If we cannot find them within 48 hours, we will have to temporarily give up on our current rescue operation. We will prioritize the completion of this instance dungeon!”

The others nodded their heads, giving rise to no objections toward this decision.

“Judging from the present information available regarding this instance dungeon, we know that this instance dungeon restricts technological skills and equipment. In other words, Roddy, it is highly likely that you will not be able to do much in this instance dungeon,” Chen Xiaolian looked at Roddy. “Thus… when we participate in this instance dungeon, you will have to sit this one out.”

“Err…” Roddy hesitated momentarily, seemingly wanting to say something. However, after hesitating for a while, he nodded his head.

This was not the time to act impulsively. Roddy was clear that since the instance dungeon placed a restriction on technological skills, he would really be unable to provide much in terms of assistance. If he were to recklessly participate out of emotions of solidarity, then he would likely end up becoming a burden to them.

This was not the time to be emotional.

“Regarding the present participants for this instance dungeon, as the Guild Leader, I will have to participate,” Chen Xiaolian said. “Xia Xiaolei is still back in China. It would not be appropriate to ask him to come over now. Additionally, with his abilities, he would not be able to help much. Thus… Lun Tai, Bei Tai…”

“Understood,” Lun Tai gave a light smile and looked at his brother. “We have no objections.”

Bei Tai nodded. “No objections.”

“Then, this will be our decision for now,” Chen Xiaolian slowly said. “The preliminary members selected for this time’s instance dungeon are me, Lun Tai and Bei Tai. If… before the instance dungeon opens, if we can find Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo, then we may reconsider and change the member selection.”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian raised his eyebrows. “From now onward, we will be looking for information. Since the system said that this is a Historical Type instance dungeon, we will now begin searching for all historical information related to Britain. Roddy, how is your world history?”

“I’m a crappy student,” Roddy spread out both his arms. “I’ll have you know, I can’t even remember the ancient history of our own country.”

“Then, we’ll have to start cramming ourselves with information. At least it will be better than not knowing anything. Help us find the necessary information by looking through the internet,” Chen Xiaolian turned to Lun Tai and Bei Tai. “Another thing, the designated location is London. Since that is the case, I feel that we will need to make some time to inspect the areas of London City, especially those buildings with some history. We will need to take note of them. Lun Tai, I will need a copy of a map of London. It will be for the best if the historical buildings are marked.”

Lun Tai nodded his head. “I can start the car and go check the area. Two days should be enough for me to cover London City.”

“Bei Tai, we will need weapons,” Chen Xiaolian turned to Bei Tai. “You have some ‘friends’ here, right? Try to see if you can get your hands on some weapons.”

“I understand, leave it to me.”

As the Guild Leader, Chen Xiaolian’s distribution of tasks was accepted by everyone.

That night, Chen Xiaolian too did not sleep. He stayed up all night checking up on much of the history of Britain and London.

It was unrealistic to fully digest all the history of this long, glorious and infallible empire. However, it was not too impossible to memorize those big events that happened throughout history.

The Countess had said that she would send someone over to contact Chen Xiaolian. However, even after night had fallen on the next day, Chen Xiaolian never received any contact from the Countess.

This matter caused Chen Xiaolian to feel baffled.

Thankfully, Roddy, Lun Tai and Bei Tai were still meticulously making preparations for the instance dungeon despite their anxiousness.

Lun Tai drove out for the whole day to check out the various spots throughout London. As for Bei Tai, he made contact with his ‘friends’ and obtained some weapons. There were also some equipment that may be of use. For example, medicinal substances, first aid kit, etc.

After waiting anxiously for the whole day…

Inside the room, the phone rang out in the middle of the night.

Chen Xiaolian went over to pick up the phone and heard a polite voice speaking over the phone.

“Dear Sir, I am sorry for disturbing you at such a late hour…”

Chen Xiaolian was able to identify the voice. It belonged to Stewart, the middle-aged butler.

“There must be a special reason for you to be calling me at such a late hour. Hopefully, I will not be disappointed,” Chen Xiaolian smiled.

“The thing is, my employer wanted me to inform you. It is regarding the matter that you asked her for, some information has been found. If it is not inconvenient, my employer invites you to come over for a discussion.”

“… … …now?” Chen Xiaolian checked the time and saw that it was almost 12 o’clock.

There was less than 24 hours before the instance dungeon opened.

“You mean… to meet up now? It is currently in the middle of the night,” Chen Xiaolian frowned.

“I am sorry. I am aware that this may seem rude. However, this is what my employer had requested. Thus…”

“Then, now it is!” Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath and interrupted Stewart’s words. “Where should we meet? I will head over immediately.”

“There is no need to trouble yourself with that. I have already sent a car over. In 5 minutes time, it will be waiting for you at the entrance to your hotel.”

“Five minutes? All right, no problem.”

“There is another matter that my employer had requested,” Stewart said slowly.

“What is it?”

“My employer wishes for you to come alone. I ask that you understand.”

“… … …” Chen Xiaolian hesitated for a bit. Then, he took a deep breath and answered. “All right, I understand. It’s decided, then.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

Stewart politely hung up the phone.

Chen Xiaolian rubbed his nose and frowned.

These aristocrats… the way they do things sure are strange.

After he told Roddy and the two brothers, they all expressed varying degrees of objections. Their main objection came from the request to go alone. It was too strange.

“Who knows, there might be a conspiracy here,” Lun Tai shook his head. “It’s too dangerous… besides, that woman might very well be the Exclusive Account of a High-class Player… the instance dungeon is also going to open soon. If you split up with your team members for too long… when the instance dungeon opens, there will be huge problems.”

“I know that,” Chen Xiaolian clenched his teeth. “However, the woman might have obtained some information. Thus, I need to go.”

He thought about it and continued. “Don’t worry, I will come back as soon as possible. Additionally… I don’t think the woman can threaten me. Do not forget, even if she is an Exclusive Account, as long as Miao Yan does not ‘arrive’ , she remains an ordinary person. Moreover… I’ve heard before. When we are not participating within an instance dungeon, Awakened ones are not allowed to utilize powers above [B] class. If there is any danger from them, I will still be able to make a run for it.”

Most importantly, Chen Xiaolian believed that… Miao Yan, she probably will not harm him.

Although she was just Miao Yan’s Exclusive Account, she was still an ordinary person, right?

After the 5 minutes was over, Chen Xiaolian went downstairs to the hotel lobby. There, he saw a black coloured car parked outside the hotel.

The chauffeur stood by the car and bowed toward Chen Xiaolian before opening the car door.

Without saying anything, Chen Xiaolian got into the car.

Under the night sky, the car moved at a steady pace through the city of London.

Chen Xiaolian did not speak with the chauffeur. It was apparent that this chauffeur was an ordinary person and Chen Xiaolian was not in the mood for polite banter.

Just as Chen Xiaolian was about to run out of patience, the car arrived before a building. The building was brimming with a classical British style.

After the courtyard doors were opened, the car drove around a fountain and then finally came to a stop before the entrance of the building.

Chen Xiaolian got off the car and saw Stewart standing before the entrance. Stewart executed a slight bow toward him.

Without saying anything, this middle-age butler turned around and gestured for Chen Xiaolian to enter the building. After they arrived before the huge door of a lounge, the middle-aged butler lightly knocked on the door three times. Then, he turned to Chen Xiaolian and said. “You may enter.”

After saying that, Stewart turned around and left.

Chen Xiaolian regarded the door before him. With a frown on his face and a vigilant mind, he placed one hand on the door handle, took a deep breath and pushed open the door. Then, he entered…

Within the lounge, there was a long table. Upon the surface of the table were candlesticks, red wine and some dishes.

A figure was seated on one side of the table. The figure observed Chen Xiaolian as he walked in and used a white napkin to wipe her mouth.

Chen Xiaolian stood by the door. He halted his steps and looked at the other party. His eyes narrowed conspicuously before revealing a complicated expression.

He sighed. “It’s you?”


A group of men walked out from Heathrow International Airport. Subsequently, they got into a black coloured MPV.

Sitting in the second row was a man wearing black coloured trench coat. His features appeared ordinary, but his eyes shone brightly and his gaze was profound! His partially grey hair was especially eye-catching and it gave his ordinary appearance a special elegance.

Excluding the chauffeur, there was a total of four person in the MPV.

“We still have 24 hours,” A man with squinted eyes, perpetually sleepy face and a slightly overweight body said after checking his watch. He was seated beside the man with grey hair. “We don’t have much time left, Guild Leader.”

“Don’t call me Guild Leader,” The grey-haired man smiled softly. He turned around to look at his companion. “I’ve said this many times, I do not like being called that, Lei Hu.”

“Very well, Mr. Culkin [2],” Lei Hu answered. “We only have 24 hours left.”

Culkin replied coolly. “Historical Type, [A-] class instance dungeon. This difficulty is not low. However…instance dungeons will always observe certain rules.”

Pausing, Culkin turned his head and glanced at a skinny man who was seated in the last row. “Sasha, I need you to hack into the surveillance system of the London Municipal Administration and the police. I need to be able to grasp onto the overall situation within the shortest amount of time possible. When we are participating in the instance dungeon… you will be our eyes!”

“No problem, Mr. Culkin,” The thin Sasha licked his lips and his small eyes flashed with a glowing light.

“Don’t worry, Sasha. After the instance dungeon is over, I will let you have a taste of those girls from UK,” Culkin laughed. “As for you, Jean.”

“I’m listening,” Beside Sasha was a tall Caucasian with a bulbous nose. His face and nose was that of a typical Frenchman.

“Jean, you are in charge of cars. We need several cars that can run fast and take hits. Fill them all up with gas!”

“Relax, I will take care of that matter.”

Culkin’s finger tapped the armrest on his seat. “Historical Type… Historical Type…” A glint suddenly flashed across his eyes. “Lei Hu, what are the old buildings with history in London?” He asked.

Lei Hu reflected upon the question and let out a bitter laugh. “There are a considerable number of those: Westminster Cathedral, Tower of London… naturally, the most famous of all is the Buckingham Palace.”

“Sasha!” Culkin was quick to speak up. “After you hack into the surveillance system of the police, focus on monitoring the surrounding areas of some famous historical sites! I will get Lei Hu to make a list for you once he finished checking it over!”

After saying that, Culkin retrieved a cigar from his pocket and took in its scent before revealing a faint smile. “Gentlemen, it is time to focus. We will obtain brilliant results. Perhaps… this time tomorrow, I will bring all of you to Buckingham Palace. There we will celebrate our victory with champagne!”

Lei Hu and the others laughed out. Together, they spoke out in a low tone.

“Long live the Winter Rock Guild!”

Lei Hu. Raw: ‘雷狐’, pinyin: ‘léi hú’. ‘léi’ (雷) means thunder, ‘hú’ (狐) means fox.

Sasha. Raw: ‘萨沙’, pinyin: ‘sà shā’.

Jean. Raw: ‘让’, pinyin ‘ràng’. I know the pinyin looks different, but his name is pronounced njan, or something to that effect.

1 The designated location is the Greater London area.

2 Culkin was first introduced in Chapter 134.

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