Chapter 176: Treatment For High-class Players (Teaser)

GOR Chapter 176: Treatment For High-class Players

Thorned flower!

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes quickly narrowed!

Thorned flower… could it be the Thorned Flower Guild?

Miao Yan… is connected to the Thorned Flower Guild!

Chen Xiaolian exchanged glances with Roddy. A cold chill secretly ran down his spine. He then asked cautiously. “Then? Did this person re-appear to contact you again?”

“No,” The Countess shook her head. “Later on, which was one month ago in Tokyo, I met you. There, you mistook me for this ‘Miao Yan’ woman.”

Chen Xiaolian frowned.

The Countess slowly reached for her cup. Taking a small sip, she observed Chen Xiaolian’s eyes. “Well then, I have already answered many of your questions. For fairness sake, don’t you think you should answer my questions now?”

“What do you want to ask?” Chen Xiaolian knitted his eyebrows.

The Countess slowly placed down her cup. “I want to know, who exactly is this Miao Yan?”

As she was raising the question, she was also carefully observing Chen Xiaolian’s expression and eyes. It appeared that she was trying to decipher something from there...

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