Chapter 170 Part 2: Chen Xiaolians Concerns

GOR Chapter 170 Part 2: Chen Xiaolian’s Concerns

Yu Jiajia followed Chen Xiaolian into the fire escape area. Next, Chen Xiaolian closed the door and looked up and down to make sure that no one else was around. It was only then did he turn around to face Yu Jiajia.

Yu Jiajia’s face was slightly red and she whispered. “You… what did you do yesterday?”

“Don’t ask about that,” Chen Xiaolian thought about it and said. “At any rate, things have been resolved. Let us put an end to this matter. I can represent Da Gang. As for the police side of things, we will not pursue this matter anymore.”

“Just… just let the matter slide?” Yu Jiajia asked with widened eyes.

“I fear things may not be that simple. For a criminal case such as this, even if we wish to end it, the police would not let go just like that. That is why we will need your help,” Chen Xiaolian smiled. “For the police side…”

“I will do as you told me to yesterday,” Yu Jiajia replied. “The people from the company will help me deal with it.”

“Hmm,” Chen Xiaolian slowly continued. “Then, for the following matters…”

“I can help you deal with the issues from the police,” Yu Jiajia revealed traces of restlessness. “You… you didn’t do anything outrageous, did you? I was unable to contact you at all yesterday.”

“It’s nothing, I just went out for a walk,” Chen Xiaolian smiled.

Yu Jiajia knew that he was not telling the truth. However, she was unable to further question him about it. She looked at Chen Xiaolian with a complicated expression. “You…”

“I plan to help Da Gang get discharged today.”

“What?” Yu Jiajia exclaimed abruptly. Quickly realizing that she had uttered that out in too loud a voice, she lowered her tone. “Da Gang is so badly hurt…”

“The doctor said that he is no longer in danger,” Chen Xiaolian lowered his head to look at his feet. “I feel that it would be better to take him back to his home to let him recuperate. Besides, he will be lying on the bed all the same. There is not much difference in lying on the hospital’s bed and lying on his own bed.”

Yu Jiajia considered it. Hesitating for a moment, she then whispered. “If you are worried about the medical bills, I can…”

“There is no need, this is not a financial issue,” Chen Xiaolian smiled. “Actually… I can be considered fairly wealthy. This is not a financial issue.”

“Then…” Yu Jiajia did not know what to say.

She could sense that this youngster before her had many secrets upon him, secrets that he did not want her to pry into.

“All right, this matter is finally over. Also… thank you! I am truly thankful to you!” Chen Xiaolian said sincerely. “You already have my phone number… if you need any help in the future, you can just give me a call. However…”

Chen Xiaolian suddenly smiled. “You are no ordinary person. I believe that there won’t be any matters that would require the help of a commoner like me.”

When the two of them emerged from the fire escape area, Yu Jiajia had a distracted expression on her face that was obvious for all to see. When the assistant in black coloured suit walked over, he could not restrain himself and he shot Chen Xiaolian with a rather unfriendly gaze once more.

“Miss Yu…” The assistant whispered. “You still need to go to the company in the afternoon to sign a contract, you see…”

“Wait for a moment,” Yu Jiajia shook her head and she looked at Chen Xiaolian’s leaving back as he walked over to converse with Roddy. She then bit down on her lips.

Finally, seemingly having made up her mind, Yu Jiajia walked forward.

Chen Xiaolian heard the incoming footsteps and he turned around to look at Yu Jiajia.

“I… still have something to talk to you about.”

“En, what is it?” Chen Xiaolian asked calmly.

“Can I buy you a meal?” Yu Jiajia took a deep breath. “Regarding what happened last time, I have yet to thank you…”

Chen Xiaolian hesitated for a bit. He saw that she was clearly nervous and both her hands were gripping tightly onto the sides of her clothes. She looked at him with a hopeful expression.

He smiled wryly inwardly… what is this future sugar baby of that elder thinking?

“A meal then. But, we will be taking care of the discharge formalities for Da Gang soon,” Chen Xiaolian thought it through. “Next time, then. Next time I come over to Hangzhou, I will give you a call and we’ll decide on the time for it.”

Yu Jiajia felt a sourness within her heart and a sudden gush of grievance came over her. She turned her head as her eyes turned red. Then, she forced out a smile and said. “All right, it’s decided then. We’ll decide the time later on.”

She did her best to smile and waved good-bye to Chen Xiaolian. Then, she nodded toward Roddy, turned around and left.

The girl walked away in a hurry. When she arrived at the corner of the corridor, she almost tripped. The assistant quickly moved forward to help her up.

Roddy got up. Standing behind Chen Xiaolian, he made a soft whistle.

“I say,” Roddy placed his hand onto Chen Xiaolian’s shoulder. “If this girl is not in love with you, this senior will cut off my own head to let you use as football.”

“Is it that obvious?” Chen Xiaolian frowned and smiled wryly.

“Even a blind fellow would have seen it!” Roddy pursed his lips to the side.

“You do not even know what is going on, do not blindly make things up,” Chen Xiaolian shook his head.

As they were taking care of the discharge procedures for Da Gang, they encountered some issues. The hospital had expressed disapproval toward their request for discharge. After all, Da Gang had only recently made it out of the danger period and was in need of hospital care.

Chen Xiaolian simply used the ultimate move and informed the hospital that the patient had neither health insurance nor much in terms of extra money. If he were to continue staying, he would likely be unable to afford the treatment fees.

Once they heard that, the hospital quickly changed their attitude. After having Chen Xiaolian sign the letter of responsibility for discharge, they allowed him to go.

Roddy had already rented a car beforehand and Chen Xiaolian moved Da Gang out of the hospital with a wheelchair and into the car. Then, they left the hospital.

Da Gang had already regained consciousness by then. However, his consciousness was still sluggish and blurry; and he was in a half-asleep state.

However, seeing that Chen Xiaolian was one of those beside him, he became at ease and quickly fell asleep once more.

After bringing Da Gang out from the hospital, Chen Xiaolian and Roddy drove into a five-star hotel and checked in.

When they were inside the room, Chen Xiaolian placed Da Gang on the table and fed him a [Beginner] class Healing Beast Blood.

The [Beginner] class Healing Beast Blood went into effect immediately and Da Gang’s breathing became steady and he quickly returned to sleep.

“Once he wakes up, won’t he find it strange to see that all the injuries on his body had been healed?” Roddy smiled.

“His injuries are too severe. [Beginner] class Healing Beast Blood will not be able to fully heal him instantly. He will still need to rest for some time before he can fully recover,” Chen Xiaolian shook his head.

Chen Xiaolian went to charge his mobile phone. Soon, he saw the several missed call prompts on his phone.

They were all from yesterday, by Yu Jiajia.

At that moment, his mobile phone rang!

Checking the incoming caller’s number, Chen Xiaolian frowned.

He recalled this number. It belonged to Qiao Qiao’s father, Qiao Yifeng.

After pondering it through, he called back.

His call was quickly answered.

“Chen Xiaolian!”

“I am here,” Chen Xiaolian replied with a tone that was neither humble nor haughty.

“How did Yu Jiajia get sucked into this matter?” Qiao Yifeng’s voice sounded rather perplexed.

“Actually, this has nothing to do with her,” Chen Xiaolian answered coolly.

“The one wounded is your friend?”


Seemingly snorting, Qiao Yifeng replied. “The number of friends you have is quite something. You have quite a convoluted way of making friends. Do you just make friends with everyone? Even a school janitor is your friend.”

“Your way of making friends is even more convoluted than mine,” Chen Xiaolian’s tone was somewhat hard – he was clear that Qiao Qiao’s disappearance over the last few days had something to do with Qiao Yifeng. Thus, he felt rather furious.

“For this matter, I will get someone to hold down the police side of things,” As expected from a member of an Awakened Guild, Qiao Yifeng was quick to identify the crux of the matter. “If you are going to deal with it, don’t create a scene!”

“… all right,” Naturally, Chen Xiaolian did not refuse. With a big boss like Qiao Yifeng stepping in, the police would likely not continue their pursuit in this matter.

“In the future… you had best keep your distance from Yu Jiajia!” Qiao Yifeng said to Chen Xiaolian with a voice that was neither soft nor hard.

Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath and said. “Qiao Qiao…”

“She will no longer have anything to do with you in the future.”

The phone call was cut off.

Roddy who was standing beside looked at Chen Xiaolian. “What happened? Who did you call?”

“… … it’s nothing,” Chen Xiaolian tried his best to smile.

“Nothing? As expected from a writer, making up a story without first making a draft,” Roddy smiled. “It’s about you and Qiao Qiao, right? Your current expression is just like mine when I was first jilted.”

“The first time you were jilted? How is it that I have never known about it?” Chen Xiaolian looked at Roddy and pursed his lips to the side. “This senior has known you since junior high.”

“Tch! This senior’s first love was in my 5th grade of primary school!”

“You beast!” Chen Xiaolian bluntly threw out the middle finger toward Roddy.

“So, Qiao Qiao’s father…”

Half an hour later, Roddy’s eyes were wide open as he looked at Chen Xiaolian, his expression one of utter shock.

In the end, Chen Xiaolian had informed Roddy about the whole thing… after all, Qiao Qiao was not just his girlfriend, she was also a member of their guild and Roddy’s good friend.


“By the Heavens!” Roddy’s eyes were wide open. “Her father was once an Awakened? Such a big boss is actually an agent for an Awakened Guild? I have known her for so long, but I never knew that her father was so incredible!”

“We now face a problem. Qiao Qiao is probably being held by her father. I cannot even get in contact with her,” Chen Xiaolian frowned.

“I think that there will be a favourable turning point,” Roddy suddenly said. “Don’t forget… instance dungeons!”

“En!” Chen Xiaolian nodded his head.

In the system, Qiao Qiao was still a member of his guild!

When the system issued out instance dungeons, Qiao Qiao who was a member of his guild would still be allocated the instance dungeons together with the guild.

That was one area where Qiao Yifeng had no control over – if he could control the system, then he would become an existence that surpassed the Development Team.

“Qiao Qiao did not leave our guild,” Roddy slowly said. “That proves that Qiao Yifeng is the one holding her while she has no way of getting away. However, the act of leaving our guild is something within her personal control. Thus, she did not leave the guild. This action of hers had proven where she stands in all this. She is still on our side.”

“I have never doubted that,” Chen Xiaolian shook his head. “What I am worried about… the time for instance dungeon allocation is drawing near, when the time arrives…”

“Old Qiao will definitely let her go. There is no way that he would let his own daughter die, right?  After being selected by an instance dungeon, not participating would be the equivalent of getting exterminated.”

“That is what I am worried about!” Chen Xiaolian’s face revealed fear. “Qiao Yifeng believes that after an Awakened dies, they will be refreshed back to become an ordinary person!

“What if that is his intention with Qiao Qiao?

“In the event that he wants to use this method to turn his daughter back into an ordinary person…”

Roddy’s face instantly sank. “That would be a huge problem! We are not Awakened ones! We are Irregularities! If she dies, she will not be refreshed!”

Chen Xiaolian’s face had turned extremely distorted.

He stood up and walked around the room twice.

“Roddy, we now have two options,” Chen Xiaolian said slowly. “First, find a way to forcibly rescue Qiao Qiao from her father’s hold! Second… if it comes down to it, we will have to tell Qiao Yifeng the truth!”

“But, the truth…” Roddy’s face too, became very distorted.

“I understand,” Chen Xiaolian’s face revealed his anxiety. “Our identities are a secret! Once the other Awakened ones find out about it, we may become a common enemy! However… in the end, for Qiao Qiao’s sake, we no longer have any other options.”

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