Chapter 170 Part 1: Chen Xiaolian’s Concerns (Teaser)

GOR Chapter 170 Part 1: Chen Xiaolian’s Concerns

Half an hour later…

Boss Duan lay sprawling on the ground, whimpering and rolling about with his left hand clutching onto his right wrist. All around him, 20 or so people were lying on the ground – all suffering from the same fate.

Everyone’s right hand was smashed by the hammer.

Despite the ruthlessness of his attacks, Chen Xiaolian had held back so as to not kill anyone. Instead, he broke one of their hands. Considering that he had used a hammer to do so, it would be difficult for them to recover from this. It was likely that they would have to live with this disability for the rest of their lives.

Chen Xiaolian casually walked to the side. However, he did not leave. Instead, he dragged the hammer with him to the side where the row of dump trucks were parked.

He took his time and smashed the glasses of each of those dump trucks. Next, he opened up their hoods…

Hearing the booming sounds coming over again and again, Boss Duan who was lying on the ground felt his heart shattering apart. Grief filled his heart and blood dripped out as an extreme amount of pain seared through his flesh; a pain that exceeded the pain on his wrist.

Chen Xiaolian’s actions were...

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