Chapter 170 Part 1: Chen Xiaolians Concerns

GOR Chapter 170 Part 1: Chen Xiaolian’s Concerns

Half an hour later…

Boss Duan lay sprawling on the ground, whimpering and rolling about with his left hand clutching onto his right wrist. All around him, 20 or so people were lying on the ground – all suffering from the same fate.

Everyone’s right hand was smashed by the hammer.

Despite the ruthlessness of his attacks, Chen Xiaolian had held back so as to not kill anyone. Instead, he broke one of their hands. Considering that he had used a hammer to do so, it would be difficult for them to recover from this. It was likely that they would have to live with this disability for the rest of their lives.

Chen Xiaolian casually walked to the side. However, he did not leave. Instead, he dragged the hammer with him to the side where the row of dump trucks were parked.

He took his time and smashed the glasses of each of those dump trucks. Next, he opened up their hoods…

Hearing the booming sounds coming over again and again, Boss Duan who was lying on the ground felt his heart shattering apart. Grief filled his heart and blood dripped out as an extreme amount of pain seared through his flesh; a pain that exceeded the pain on his wrist.

Chen Xiaolian’s actions were incredibly vicious. He actually smashed down the engines of each of those dump trucks, causing them to break.

The most important part of the dump truck was the engine. If the engine was damaged, the cost of replacing them was almost the equivalent of buying up a new dump truck. For Boss Duan’s debris transportation business, the row of dump trucks could be regarded as a major part of his assets. In order to earn money, he would need to rely on those dump trucks. Money was needed to support his underlings, the people who would be sent to assist those immoral real estate developers and commit acts of intimidation and destruction.

If only the windows and body surface of the dump trucks were smashed, it could still be considered a minor problem. However, once the engines were smashed apart, the losses incurred would be immense!

After doing all that, Chen Xiaolian carried the hammer with him and walked toward Boss Duan.

Boss Duan was scared witless; he endured the pain and shouted. “Mercy! Mercy!”

“I will not kill you,” Chen Xiaolian said coolly. “I still need to tell you why this unfortunate incident happened to you. This morning’s incident was perpetrated by your underlings, right? Well, then. I am here to inform you that you have provoked someone you should not have. Everything that is happening now is your just desserts.”

“I accept defeat! I accept defeat!” Boss Duan was a veteran of the underworld and he was quick to understand the current situation. “I accept defeat! My dear friend…”

“I am not your friend.”

“Yes yes yes, I am not qualified to call you my friend,” Boss Duan replied in a tearful voice. “Please sheath you blade. Tomorrow, I will send them to surrender…”

“There is no need to surrender,” Chen Xiaolian said indifferently. “You harmed my friend, so I came to collect the debt. Sending people like you to the police would be useless. All you need to do is spend some money to smooth things over.”

“Then… then what do you have in mind?” Boss Duan was utterly shocked and he looked at Chen Xiaolian.

Where did this kid come from? He has such terrifying skills! Boss Duan had never seen anyone who could fight as well as that! During his days as a dragon-tiger martial artist in the south, he had encountered a few gold-ranked fighters [1]. However, they were nowhere as incredible as this!

With just one hammer in hand, this little youngster had swept the floor with his over tens of men!

Smashing over ten dump trucks in one breath, he then walked over to talk with me without any signs of shortness of breath.

Son of a bitch!

Fertile Fatty and Little Cotton, you two bastards! Which Godlike beings did you two provoke? Now this terrifying little fiend has descended upon me!

Observing Chen Xiaolian’s smile, Boss Duan suddenly collected himself and shouted. “I’ll give you money! I’ll give you money!”

Chen Xiaolian raised an eyebrow. “Oh? How much are you planning to pay?”

“I…” Boss Duan’s heart ached. The price of the tens of dump truck was enough to make him suffer a loss of over a million yuans. He raised his eyes and caught sight of the smiling youngster. Seeing the expression on his face caused Boss Duan’s heart to shudder and he quickly stopped considering – money may be important, but was it more important than one’s own life?

“I… I have a safety box in my office,” Boss Duan said with a mournful face. “As it happened, I just received payment recently – 1.2 million yuans in cash. I will give them all to you… that should be enough, right?”

Seeing as Chen Xiaolian had not given a reply, Boss Duan quickly continued. “I do not have any more to give. Boss, I am also trying to survive out here. I usually have to spend money to buy equipment and vehicles… I really do not have any more cash at present. It is currently night time, how am I going to get money from the bank for you?”

Boss Duan was able to feel somewhat assured about this… under such circumstances; the other party would certainly want the money in cash. They would never ask him to transfer the money so as to avoid any problems.

Using one hand, Chen Xiaolian pulled Boss Duan up from the ground and dragged him up to the second floor of the building and into his office.

There was indeed a safety box in his office. As Boss Duan knelt down beside the safety box, he felt his heart aching once more.

He shakily proceeded and got the password wrong several times.

Chen Xiaolian gave a faint smile. Then, he suddenly pulled out a gun from his pocket and placed it on the table.

Once Boss Duan saw that, his eyeballs bulged outward.

That was no ordinary handgun – China was a place where guns were banned; in some places though, some guns would find its way into circulation. However, those available were at most, the Type 54 Black Star pistol.

This fellow had placed an MP5 submachine gun onto the table!

Without saying anything, Chen Xiaolian then pulled out a hand grenade and placed it before Boss Duan’s eyes.

Seeing that, Boss Duan lost the courage to even think about anything else.

To be able to pull out a submachine gun and hand grenades… these people… even though he was a minor leader in illegal dealings, these kind of vicious people were the type that he could not afford to provoke!

At that instant, Boss Duan thoroughly convinced. Even the thought of getting revenge later on completely dissipated from his mind.

He had been struggling to make a living for half his life. After much difficulty, he finally managed to reach a net worth of millions. How would he dare to get involved with these ruthless people with guns and hand grenades?

Boss Duan quickly opened up the safety box.

Chen Xiaolian took a look inside. There were indeed stacks of cash lying inside. In addition, there were also two gold bracelets and two gold bars.

Chen Xiaolian smiled. “To think that you would actually have something like this.”

“Those of us trying to survive in the underworld must have these things. If the need to run away arises, it would be good to have it.”

“Interesting,” Chen Xiaolian inspected the office room and saw a large bag pack on the sofa. Walking over, he emptied the bag pack. Next, he moved the cash inside the safety box into the bag pack. When he was done, he slung the bag pack over his shoulders.

“Then, our accounts are cleared.”

“Cleared! Cleared!” Boss Duan smiled bitterly. “Absolutely cleared! Thank you for showing mercy!”

Chen Xiaolian saw a card case on the table and took one of the business cards there. Raising it in his hands, he said. “I will be taking this with me. If you plan to do something, I will come back and start another discussion with you. Your phone number is here, address… as to where you stay, I don’t think it will be too hard to find out.”

“I dare not! I dare not! I absolutely wouldn’t dare!” Boss Duan shouted out after thinking it though. “There is a surveillance camera at the gate of this place. I will go delete this night’s video.”

Chen Xiaolian smiled. “You are quite clever. There is no need to delete it. You can keep it and watch it if you want. You can also report to the police, but…”

“I dare not! I definitely wouldn’t dare! I will delete it instantly! I definitely will not let it leak out!”

Chen Xiaolian sighed. “As expected from one capable of surviving this long, you are no fool.”

He straightened himself and patted Boss Duan’s face. Then, he kept the gun and hand grenade before leaving the room.

It was only after Chen Xiaolian had walked out of the room did Boss Duan let out a breath of relief. Then, he fell limp on the ground as cold sweat soaked his clothes wet.

Fertile Fatty! Little Cotton! You two bastards! This senior will definitely kill you two!

After Chen Xiaolian left the construction site, he walked into a little street and kept the bag pack into his Storage Watch. After doing so, he walked out of the street and flagged down a cab to take him back to the hospital.

Breaking one of each person’s hand may not be enough of a punishment, but Chen Xiaolian knew that he had done enough.

He no longer had to do anything toward the two fellows who had caused the incident. Boss Duan who had just been beaten up and deprived of his wealth would definitely act on his behalf… even if he were to do nothing; Boss Duan would likely make those two fellows regret being born into this world.

After returning to the hospital, he saw Roddy sitting by the corridor, playing with his mobile phone. Raising his head, Roddy saw that Chen Xiaolian was coming over and he quickly nodded his head. “Is it done?”

Chen Xiaolian considered it and answered. “Done.” He then looked through the window of the Intensive Care Unit ward. “How is Da Gang?”

“A doctor came to check up on him last night. He said that there are no problems and that his life is no longer in danger. We just need to keep any eye on him now,” Roddy smiled. “He said that Da Gang can be sent to the general ward tomorrow. Maybe he is afraid that we cannot afford to pay the medical fees.”

Chen Xiaolian raised his eyebrows. “Then, we’ll have him discharged tomorrow. Him staying here will make things inconvenient for us.”

“All right,” Roddy nodded his head.

“That Yu Jiajia…”

“Last night, she came with two men. From the looks of it, the men must be lawyers. Since there were outsiders back then, I did not say anything to her,” Roddy smiled. “After seeing that you weren’t here, she appeared disappointed. Did she not give you a call?”

Chen Xiaolian retrieved his mobile phone and checked it. “No battery.”

“This girl seemed to be…”

“Don’t go thinking nonsense. There is nothing between me and her,” Chen Xiaolian shook his head.

When dawn arrived, Yu Jiajia came once more. It appeared as though she had not been sleeping properly. Her eyes that were usually glittering were now swollen and bloodshot.

There was also a man in black coloured suit following behind her. Who knew if the man was her bodyguard or her chauffeur.

Walking over, she saw Chen Xiaolian and her eyes brightened, and she quickly ran over. Gasping for breath, she asked. “Roddy, you are here?”

Chen Xiaolian could feel the mocking expression on Roddy’s face, who was standing beside him. He gave an awkward smile. “How was your rest?”

“… it was all right,” Yu Jiajia quickly replied. “I came here last night, but you were not here. I wanted to wait for you here. But the people from the company wanted to bring me over to meet up with the police…”

“It is fine, there is no need for you to explain,” Chen Xiaolian smiled. “I did tell you to go back and rest.”

Pausing, he then looked at the man in black coloured suit standing behind Yu Jiajia.

Yu Jiajia understood immediately and said. “This is the assistant sent by the company.” She turned around and got the assistant to leave first. Although the assistant was reluctant, he silently left after taking a deep glance at Chen Xiaolian.

“Let’s talk for a bit,” Chen Xiaolian pointed at a fire escape passage beside the corridor.

1 Gold-ranked fighter. The strongest fighter in a gang, group or faction.

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