Chapter 169: Boss Duan’s Troubles (Teaser)

GOR Chapter 169: Boss Duan’s Troubles

Yu Jiajia’s eyes widened. “You… you cannot be thinking of… breaking the law…”

“Shh,” Chen Xiaolian smiled softly. “Can you help do me this favour?”

Looking at Yu Jiajia’s concerned expression, Chen Xiaolian softly added. “I know where to draw the line.”

Yu Jiajia hesitated for a moment and bit down on her lips.

It would appear that this girl had made up her mind.

“This morning, I called up the company. They told me not to say anything to the police first and they will send the chauffeur and their lawyers over. So… you can be at ease, I know what to say,” Yu Jiajia took a deep breath. “I will say… I do not know those criminals and that I have never seen them before.”

After saying that, she tightly gripped Chen Xiaolian’s arm. “However, you have to promise me! You must not do anything that is too dangerous! If… if you do anything impulsive, then I would rather tell everything to the police!”

After successfully persuading Yu Jiajia to leave, Chen Xiaolian sat on the chair by the corridor.

Roddy came over, sat down beside him and handed a bottle of water to Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian unscrewed the bottle and gulped down a mouthful of water.

“Finally managed to coax the little beauty to go away?” Roddy said in a rather playful tone. “It seems you are hiding something from me, Xiaolian. Hmm… secretly hooking up with a little beauty in Hangzhou. Additionally, you even had the gall to use my name to deceive her! You bastard! You committed adultery and left my name instead, what a vicious move!”

Chen Xiaolian turned his head to look at Roddy. “Thank you.”


“I know, you intentionally said those things to...

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