Chapter 169: Boss Duans Troubles

GOR Chapter 169: Boss Duan’s Troubles

Yu Jiajia’s eyes widened. “You… you cannot be thinking of… breaking the law…”

“Shh,” Chen Xiaolian smiled softly. “Can you help do me this favour?”

Looking at Yu Jiajia’s concerned expression, Chen Xiaolian softly added. “I know where to draw the line.”

Yu Jiajia hesitated for a moment and bit down on her lips.

It would appear that this girl had made up her mind.

“This morning, I called up the company. They told me not to say anything to the police first and they will send the chauffeur and their lawyers over. So… you can be at ease, I know what to say,” Yu Jiajia took a deep breath. “I will say… I do not know those criminals and that I have never seen them before.”

After saying that, she tightly gripped Chen Xiaolian’s arm. “However, you have to promise me! You must not do anything that is too dangerous! If… if you do anything impulsive, then I would rather tell everything to the police!”

After successfully persuading Yu Jiajia to leave, Chen Xiaolian sat on the chair by the corridor.

Roddy came over, sat down beside him and handed a bottle of water to Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian unscrewed the bottle and gulped down a mouthful of water.

“Finally managed to coax the little beauty to go away?” Roddy said in a rather playful tone. “It seems you are hiding something from me, Xiaolian. Hmm… secretly hooking up with a little beauty in Hangzhou. Additionally, you even had the gall to use my name to deceive her! You bastard! You committed adultery and left my name instead, what a vicious move!”

Chen Xiaolian turned his head to look at Roddy. “Thank you.”


“I know, you intentionally said those things to cheer me up,” Chen Xiaolian smiled. He kneaded his face and said. “Actually, I am not feeling sad right now.”

His eyes became distant and he continued. “Perhaps I was somewhat a little anxious when we were coming over. I did felt a little worried. However, once we arrived and I saw Da Gang lying inside, I suddenly feel at ease.

“The reason I could feel at ease is probably due to that fact that we are no longer the same people as before. Da Gang’s injuries are severe. However, as long as he did not die, I can use the Healing Beast Blood from the system to help him recover.

“As for those problems… in my opinion, people like us would not face too much difficulty in trying to solve those problems.”

“It is good that you can think that way,” Roddy gave a sigh of relief.

“This change in mentality is something I am still unable to get used to,” Chen Xiaolian frowned and attempted to assess himself. “My mind is still feeling suffocated. I feel this rage somewhere, but I do not know how to give vent to it. It feels a though I am simply punching into a clump of cotton.”

The police did not come to question Chen Xiaolian anymore… after the basic questions earlier, the police gave up on questioning Chen Xiaolian anymore. After all, he was an outsider and merely a friend.

On the surface, it would appear that this case had nothing to do with him.

Truth be told, when the police had called him up, there were not only trying to investigate the case, they were also doing so at the hospital’s request. Due to how heavy Da Gang’s injuries were, the hospital needed his family members to come forward.

However, Da Gang had no family members. He only had one friend, Chen Xiaolian.

“Back then, I had already inquired about it. The hospital treatment fees have all been paid for by the girl from earlier,” Roddy looked at Chen Xiaolian. “Who is that girl? And what is her connection to you?”

His tone turned somewhat serious. “Did you do anything wrong by Qiao Qiao?”

Chen Xiaolian smiled. “Stop spouting nonsense. This girl… hmm, her name is Yu Jiajia. There is nothing between us.”

“Hmph! Nothing? The moment she saw you, she flew into your arms,” Roddy laughed. “Back then, I should have taken a picture and sent it to Qiao Qiao.”

At the mention of Qiao Qiao, Chen Xiaolian’s expression turned absent-minded.

As he was still unable to contact Qiao Qiao, he was unable to answer this problem.

Noticing the strange reaction in Chen Xiaolian’s expression, Roddy hesitated. “You… did something happen between you and Qiao Qiao?”

“Nothing,” Chen Xiaolian shook his head and stood up. “What time is it now?”

“Half past one,” Roddy looked at his watch. “What are you planning?”

“To do something!” Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth. “Last time, I did not handle things properly. Since I am here, I will do what needs to be done.”

“Do something?” Roddy raised an eyebrow. “What do you plan on doing?”

“You stay here and keep an eye on things. Originally, I had intended to give him a Healing Beast Blood immediately. However, after thinking things through, it does not feel right. The police are still working on this case; they will come to find him. Besides, he was just saved from danger. Considering how heavy his injuries are, if he is to suddenly get well, it will only arouse the suspicion of others. We will not be able to explain the situation to both the hospital and the police. So, for now, you need to stay here to keep an eye on his situation. As long as his situation is stable, there is no need to give him the medicinal substance yet. However, if his situation turns critical… then forget about it and just give him the medicinal substance. After that, think of something to take him away!”

“That is simple,” Roddy nodded his head. “What about you?”

“I will go look for someone,” Chen Xiaolian said coolly. “Looking for the criminals.”

Roddy was not worried. After the fight they had to undergo in Tokyo, these bunch of rogues were not something worth worrying about.

Chen Xiaolian quickly left the hospital. Flagging down a cab, he reached the internet café located near the school and began to look for information.

Searching for those people should not prove too difficult.

Although Chen Xiaolian do not know their names, he was clear that these people who like to frequent internet cafes would often come to the same area.

Chen Xiaolian walked around the school; he visited several internet cafes and asked around by describing the appearance and clothes worn by those two fellows.

Those scoundrels who like to dye their hair had very distinctive facial features.

Additionally… Chen Xiaolian also offered money.

In a certain internet café, Chen Xiaolian forked out a thousand yuans and acquired some information from the manager in charge and a customer.

The two fellows’ names were ‘Little Cotton’ and ‘Fertile Fatty’.

Clearly, those were nicknames. However, things would be easier with nicknames.

According to the information he obtained, the two of them would often appear in a barbeque shop within a night market. There were plenty of people who knew those two there.

After obtaining the information, Chen Xiaolian made a call to Roddy in the hospital and inquired about Da Gang’s situation. After being informed that Da Gang was doing well, Chen Xiaolian told Roddy.

“I will be back a little later.”

During dinner, Chen Xiaolian simply went to the barbeque shop within the night market. Although the night market had yet to begin, the dinner business there was quite good.

First, Chen Xiaolian had ordered some food for himself. Seating himself at a corner table, he observed the surroundings for a moment.

Then, he went over to a nearby table of guests that exuded a ‘gang atmosphere’.

Going to table, Chen Xiaolian inquired about the two fellows and noticed the vigilance shown by the guests of the table. One of the guests glared at Chen Xiaolian and asked back in a savage tone. “Who are you? Why are you asking about them?”

Chen Xiaolian smiled.

A few minutes later, the shop was turned upside down.

Those fellows were beaten to the point where they were sprawled on the ground. As for the fellow who had glared at Chen Xiaolian, he was kicked out of the shop and into the alley behind the shop.

Naturally, Chen Xiaolian did not forget to hand over some money to the shop owner as compensation for the broken items.

“Normally, I am quite the easy-going person. However, I am presently not in a good mood. And don’t even ask me about my temper.”

Chen Xiaolian trampled the fellow down onto the ground. Next, in front of the fellow’s eyes, he twisted a steel pipe to the point where it became twisted dough. “I will give you three seconds to consider. If you decide not to talk, then the same thing is going to happen to your legs.”

The fellow was scared stiff.

“I will talk! I will talk! I am not that familiar with them! I have only drunk with them once! They are working for Boss Duan!”

“Who is this Boss Duan?”

“Boss Duan… Boss Duan is someone involved in big business,” The fellow stared at the twisted steel pipe in Chen Xiaolian’s hand and he felt his mind breaking down.

“Big business?” Chen Xiaolian smiled. “I happen to love doing big business. Talk, what kind of business is Boss Duan involved in?”

Chen Xiaolian was able to quickly suss out what the big business was.

The Boss Duan had opened up a real estate company nearby.

It had a very grand name… however, it was simply involved in some minor outsourcing services.

Those services include: Demolition and the transportation of debris for the construction site.

These hoodlums of society specialized in the demolition business. Chen Xiaolian instantly understood what that meant.

He believed that there was a high chance that he had found it.

Truth be told, Boss Duan’s surname was not Duan.

Very few people knew what his surname was. ‘Boss Duan’ was actually a nickname. Due to his love for wuxia movies, it was said that he spent several years in the south as a dragon-tiger martial artist [1]. Ten years ago, he returned to Hangzhou and established this company with a group of people.

Due to his love for wuxia movies, in addition to his experience as a dragon-tiger martial artist, the people of the underworld gave him a nickname: First of the Four Evils.

It was a reference to Duan Yanqing, the ‘Overflowing Evil’ from ‘Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils’. It meant that his actions were more vicious compared to the Duan Yanqing from the novel [2].

His company was named ‘Goldenhorse Real Estate Development Company’. It was said that Boss Duan was born in the year of the horse. [3]

As for the company’s scope of operations… development of real estate was not possible as he simply do not possess that ability.

Their operations involved helping immoral developers to repossess or acquire property by threatening the residents and engaging in demolition activities. Thus, the men he hired were all the layabouts of society, the thugs and bullies.

Following his company’s growth, Boss Duan was able to develop his company. It was now in the building materials business.

Simply put, his company now supplied sand and cement to the construction site; and also transport debris away.

For this company to navigate its way within this business, most of the men he hired had crooked backgrounds.

From this perspective, Boss Duan’s business could be considered quite something.

Today, Boss Duan was feeling somewhat irritable.

He felt that he might have caused a problem.

Last night, he had been drinking all the way until dawn. Then, he inadvertently found out about something.

Among his group of men, there were two known as Little Cotton and Fertile Fatty.

The two of them work for his company. When intimidation work was necessary, he will send them out to commit those dirty tasks.

He found out that the two of them encountered an incident a few days back and were badly beaten up.

While drinking, he inquired about it and found out that a school brat had beaten up the two idiots; the school brat had also broken their wrists.

Truth be told, Boss Duan was not someone with a deep sense of solidarity.

However, he drank too much last night.

Having drunk too much, his desire to act like a boss from the pugilistic world rushed to the surface. He took it upon himself and exhibited a ‘who dares to bully this senior’s younger brother?’ attitude.

Back then, his underlings all gave him a huge applause and all of them praised Boss Duan for his righteous spirit.

Boss Duan got carried away and continued gulping down three cups of wine in succession.

In his state of inebriation, he instructed his men to go help the two fellows!

Naturally, he did not go with them. After he finished drinking, he went to his mistress’ house and slept with her.

When he woke up, he found out that those fellows had escalated the matter.

Those bunch of brain damaged idiots!

To teach a school brat a lesson, all you need to do is intimidate that fellow a little! After that, extort some money from him! Is that not wonderful?

You bunch of mindless idiots!

According to what he heard, the fellow that was beaten up was badly hurt and was knocked over by a car. Dead or alive – his current condition remained unknown. That was a huge problem from Boss Duan.

Considering his present level of connections, some small issues would not be too hard to settle. All that was needed to be done was to find the victim and intimidate him.

However, once someone died… then, the whole thing could no longer be covered up!

He had yet to have that much influence.

He regretted drinking too much last night, regretted trying to put on the airs of a boss, regretting saying too much.

Those who went along to exact vengeance were all drunk as well, causing the matter to blow up!

Boss Duan was throwing a fit in the company. Thankfully, those fools had the mind to run back instead of getting caught right there.

As for how to deal with this, Boss Duan already had a plan in mind. The two idiots, Little Cotton and Fertile Fatty would definitely be recognized. It would be difficult for them to run away. If the police came looking for them, then he could only pass the buck and have those two kicked out.

Boss Duan also had some assurances toward the possibility of this affecting his company.

He would figure out who the victims were and use the carrot and stick method to make sure the other party do not pursue this matter.

Fortunately, he did not join in last night and could distance himself from the issue.

If all else fails, I will just have to spend some more money or throw out those two fellows to act as scapegoats.

Son of a bitch! I really should cut down on drinking alcohol!

For the sake of two underlings worth less than fart, he had to deal with so much trouble. Later on, there may even be a need for him to spend money to settle the situation.

Isn’t this just asking for it?

Damn it, this senior had only held up the values of solidarity this once. It would appear that I would need to cut down on solidarity as well.

Boss Duan was throwing a fit at his underlings inside his company.

That was especially the case for Little Cotton and Fertile Fatty. They were forced down the ground and Boss Duan kicked them several times.

“Idiots! What is the point in stabbing someone? What is wrong with just extorting some money from them? You are just inviting trouble for me!”

At that moment, a loud sound suddenly rang out from the outside.


It was the sound of glass being shattered.

Boss Duan’s company was located beside a construction site.

Beside a simple looking building was a row of dump trucks.

There were at least 30 people inside the building. Several pool tables were set up inside the first floor while some were in the corner playing poker. Some were putting down bets on the game.

Hearing the sound of glass shattering, Boss Duan was the first to rush out of his office. He went to stand by the fence on the second floor and looked down.

What he saw was a lean looking youngster standing beside the row of dump trucks.

He was wearing a loosely cut green and white striped uniform. In his hand was a hammer… it was likely he had helped himself to the hammer from the site.

The youngster stood beside the dump truck; he then raised his head and his gaze happened to meet Boss Duan’s.

The window of the dump truck beside the youngster had been shattered.

“Damn it!” Boss Duan was immediately infuriated. “Where did this little bastard come from? Son of a bitch! Are you people dead? Hurry up and go over there!”

Boss Duan. Raw: ‘段老大’, pinyin: ‘duàn lǎodà’. ‘duàn’ (段) means segment, ‘lǎodà’ (老大) means boss.

1 Dragon-tiger martial artists. Despite its grand name, it is actually the title for those people who act as minions in wuxia movies… basically, those people who cannot recognize Mt. Tai.

2 Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils is another famous wuxia novel by Jinyong/ Louis Cha. Duan Yanqing is one of the main villains in the novel.

3 Chinese people assign an animal to each year in a repeating twelve-year cycle.

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