Chapter 168: Using My Methods

GOR Chapter 168: Using My Methods

The train trip to Hangzhou took only half an hour.

During the afternoon of the very same day. Chen Xiaolian and Roddy arrived at XX Hospital in Hangzhou.

Chen Xiaolian did not say much on their way there. However, Roddy could sense fury within the atmosphere of silence surrounding Chen Xiaolian.

After arriving at the hospital, they entered the Intensive Care Unit ward and saw two police officers.

Watching Chen Xiaolian walking in, one of the police officers quickly stood up.

“I am Chen Xiaolian,” Chen Xiaolian immediately introduced himself. “You are the one…”

“You are Chen Xiaolian?” The younger of the two police officers nodded his head. He looked at Chen Xiaolian and said. “I was the one who called you earlier.”

Chen Xiaolian was able to recognize the officer’s voice.

“You are a student?” The police officer seemed somewhat surprised.

In his haste to come over, Chen Xiaolian did not have the time to return home and change his clothes. Thus, he was currently in his school uniform.

He also had a fair and immature looking face, resulting in an unconvincing image.

The police appeared disappointed after seeing that.

“I am Da Gang’s friend,” Chen Xiaolian said while considering the situation. “I may be his only friend. His circumstance is rather complicated, his parents…”

“We are already informed of his circumstance,” The police officer smiled bitterly. “What I meant was – does he not have any other relatives? I mean to say… older people, adults.”

“Probably none,” Chen Xiaolian shook his head.

He recalled how Da Gang had to live by himself inside the dilapidated hut. It was a bitter and gruelling life.

If Da Gang had any other relatives, how could they have ignored his plight?

“Is that so,” The police officer sighed, his face revealing traces of distress. “In that case, I fear that you two will not be able to help out much with this matter.”

At that instant, an excited voice rang out from the corridor.

“Roddy! You are here!”

Yu Jiajia dashed out from the corridor behind Chen Xiaolian. Seeing Chen Xiaolian, she ran over, her eyes red.

Roddy was stunned.

He watched as an unknown but beautiful girl ran over with reddened eyes while shouting his name.

His mouth hung low as he stood there staring at the girl…

Without even giving Roddy a glance, Yu Jiajia ran past him, flew into the arms of Chen Xiaolian, and started crying.

“Wu wu wu wu, Roddy, Roddy, you are finally here… Da Gang is badly hurt! Wu wu wu wu… …”

Roddy went nuts.

He had just watched as a beauty threw herself into Chen Xiaolian’s arms. Then… the name that came out of her mouth was his?

Feeling awkward, Chen Xiaolian quickly extricated himself from Yu Jiajia’s embrace before pulling her over to the side. There, he found a place for them to sit down.

“All right, stop crying. First, I need you to tell me what happened. Tell me everything slowly!”

Half an hour later…

Chen Xiaolian stood outside the Intensive Care Unit ward. Peeking through the transparent window, he observed Da Gang who was lying on the bed.

Da Gang’s head was bandaged and plaster cast had been applied to both his arms.

There were several medical instruments beside the bed. One of them was a heart monitor giving off beeping sounds, indicating the heart rate detected.

Chen Xiaolian’s eyebrows were furrowed and traces of hostility leaked out from his eyes.

The matter was not too complicated.

More accurately, this matter was connected to that morning incident from a few days ago.

This morning, Yu Jiajia headed to school as usual.

As it so happened, she did not let the chauffeur drive her to school. Instead, she used the subway to head to school.

If she had not used the subway and had let the chauffeur drive her, this incident may not have happened.

The moment she arrived at the subway station near the school, Yu Jiajia had been tailed all the way until she reached the alley near the school. There, she was surrounded by a group of people.

Those fellows were clearly well prepared and they blocked off both sides of the alley.

For the past few days, Yu Jiajia had not been riding her car to school. Instead, she chose to make the trip herself.

Every morning, she would buy breakfast, go through the alley to find Da Gang and deliver the breakfast to him.

This was the only way she could think of to repay Da Gang.

Thus, she fell into the trap.

Those fellows objective was not only her… more accurately, it was Da Gang.

Yu JIajia’s escape route was blocked off and she struggled to run away.

Hearing the sound of struggles, Da Gang ran out.

What happened next was very straightforward.

The two fellows with broken wrists recognized Da Gang and their entire group beat Da Gang up in retaliation.

According to Yu Jiajia, Da Gang originally had the chance to escape.

However, he did not do so. Instead, he bravely chose to fight those fellows – he tried to get Yu Jiajia to escape together.

Those fellows were wielding weapons – steel pipes and knives.

During the fight, Da Gang’s head was struck and his body ended up being stabbed twice.

As they were beating him, Da Gang grabbed Yu Jiajia and they rushed out of the alley. Those fellows gave chase and in the process, one of them kicked Da Gang into the street. Then, an incoming car knocked him over.

According to her, the force behind the collision was huge. Da Gang who was hit fell down the ground immediately and blood flowed out non-stop.

Those fellows saw that more and more people were gathering as a result and they quickly ran off.

By the time Da Gang was sent to the hospital, his mind was already delirious.

Chen Xiaolian then inquired about Da Gang’s injuries.

At the current, the diagnosis result was – six fractures, two internal bleeding, concussion and the two stab wounds.

As for the attackers, they had gotten away. At present, their whereabouts were unknown.

“It’s the two fellows from a few days back, the ones whose wrists were broken by you,” Yu Jiajia informed Chen Xiaolian. “I recognized them. They were the ones leading the group.”

Chen Xiaolian remained silent and stood there. He silently observed Da Gang who was lying inside the ward.

Truth be told, Chen Xiaolian and Da Gang’s friendship was not that deep. However, he felt an inexplicable feeling of silent understanding.

It was an indescribable form of silent understanding.

Perhaps… Chen Xiaolian was not simply feeling a sense of compassion toward Da Gang’s pitiful life.

Rather, it was a form of… empathy.

That feeling of loneliness, that feeling of being left alone with no one to lean on, that touching feeling.

“I get it,” Chen Xiaolian looked at Yu Jiajia and said in a warm tone. “You must have received a shock, right? Go back home and rest. I will take care of the matters here.”

“No… I want to stay behind,” Yu Jiajia shook her head. “In the first place, I am the reason why this happened at all. I…”

“It is not because of you,” Chen Xiaolian said softly. “Scum is scum. No matter where they go, they will end up doing evil deeds; and you just happened to be their victim. That is why you should not feel guilty. Back then, even if the one in the alley was not you and was someone else, they will still harass that person.”


“All right, then,” Chen Xiaolian turned around and looked at Yu Jiajia. Her eyes were red and swollen, and her sound hoarse. Chen Xiaolian hesitated for a moment before extending his hand out to pat her shoulder and said in a whisper. “Go back and rest for a while. You cannot keep on staying watch over here. Go back and take a rest. If you still want to come here, you must do so only after you have taken a nap. En, it is decided then.”

Before Yu Jiajia could say anything else, Chen Xiaolian let out a laugh. “My friend and I came over in a hurry, so we did not have the time to eat anything. If you really feel bad, then please go home, get some rest and bring over something for us to eat when you come over later. Oh, right. As you know, I am not a local resident here. As such, I will have to trouble you for the matters pertaining to the police. I cannot help out in that regard. As for Da Gang, it is likely that he does not have any relatives.”

“En, I will take care of the police side of things,” Yu Jiajia firmly rubbed away her tears. “I have already made a call. My chauffeur and the people from the company will handle the police side of things. They will definitely get those bastards captured! We cannot let those people escape!”

Chen Xiaolian did not say anything.

Yu Jiajia looked at Chen Xiaolian and hesitated. She bit down on her lips. “I…”

“You go back first,” Chen Xiaolian replied softly. “Like I said before, if you really feel bad, then help take care of the police matters for Da Gang. Then… later, send over something for us to eat. Right, we will be counting on you for those matters.”

Chen Xiaolian understood that it would not be possible to get Yu Jiajia to just head home. Since that was the case, he might as well get her to do something so that she could feel slightly better.

“One more thing,” Chen Xiaolian looked at Yu Jiajia and hesitated for a bit before asking in a low tone. “Have you already made your statement? Have the police officers questioned you about the case?”

“The statement has yet to be done. I followed them to this hospital and there was not enough time to investigate anything. Some police officers followed us. They asked me some questions but back then, I was too scared. So, I did not say much.”

“Hmm, what did you tell them?” Chen Xiaolian’s eyes glinted and he solemnly asked Yu Jiajia.

Seemingly a little fearful, Yu Jiajia answered in a whisper. “I simply said that I am acquainted with Da Gang. Then, I told them about the fellows who beat Da Gang and about the incident where I was harassed.”

She suddenly raised her head. “I have not told the police about what happened last time. I did not mention that they were probably here for revenge because you saved me last time by beating up the two fellows – I did not reveal those things,” Pausing, Yu Jiajia whispered. “I thought that I should meet up with you before telling the police about those matters. I… I recall you saying that you do not want to deal with the police.”

“Thank you,” Chen Xiaolian nodded his head. “In other words, presently, the police do not know that those fellows came looking for revenge?”

“For now, they still do not know.”

“Good,” Chen Xiaolian pondered it through and said. “Then, can I ask a favour from you?”

“What is it?”

“This matter… I want to deal with it myself,” Chen Xiaolian answered coolly. “I think I know how the police will handle this matter. They will capture those fellows, lock them up for a few days and give them a certain amount of fine. Additionally, if they have some connections, they can use those connections and may be able to come up with something like a medical parole, probation or something to the effect… of course, that is only my speculation. I cannot be certain. However, I want to avoid having this unpleasant scenario. So, I want to take care of this matter myself – using my methods.”

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