Chapter 160: Too Nonsensical!

GOR Chapter 160: Too Nonsensical!


Chen Xiaolian felt restrained and hesitated on what he should say.

Qiao Qiao’s father indifferently produced a stack of papers and tossed it onto the table.

“Chen Xiaolian, eighteen years old, resident of XX City, student of XXX School, also holds the identity of a web author who made a contract with a certain website. A web novel author with bank account number XXXXXXX. One property under your name and a deposit of RMB 864,306.10…” Qiao Qiao’s father spoke out in indifference.

Chen Xiaolian did not say anything.

Naturally, he knew that Qiao Qiao’s family was extremely wealthy. For someone as rich and powerful as her father, finding information about himself was not much different from drinking a cup of coffee.

Moreover, Chen Xiaolian did not see anything wrong with the harsh attitude shown by Qiao Qiao’s father.

For any father, if they were to find out that some brat had deceived their eighteen-year-old daughter, who was like a jade flower to them, and had proceeded to roll around the sheets with her… Chen Xiaolian believed that the words ‘the only thing I could think of was to kill you myself’ spoken by Qiao Qiao’s father was no joke.

Regardless of which person’s father it was, once they found out about this, their reaction would likely be the same.

“I have read up on the information about you. You do not appear to be a bad kid; the circumstances behind your birth and your family circumstance does not appear bad either. Living alone at such a young age, and to be able to have a decent career. Considering your age, being able to earn such an amount of money is quite the feat… however, you two are still too young,” Qiao Qiao’s father appeared to be suppressing his rage. “If you two were simply friends, I would not oppose! However… you actually took her into a hotel! Bastard!”

Veins popped up across the surface of his forehead. Clearly, the rage within Qiao Qiao’s father had reached a critical point, which could no longer be suppressed.

Chen Xiaolian waited for him to finish speaking. Then, he carefully assessed the other party’s emotions. Seeing that no more words were incoming, he carefully spoke out in a low voice. “Mr. Qiao. I… Qiao Qiao and I are serious.”

“Serious my ass. How old are you two,” Qiao Qiao’s father angrily snapped out.

“… … …”

“Do you know? I can make you quietly disappear from this world. After that… no one will come to investigate this matter at all,” Qiao Qiao’s father narrowed his eyes and a dangerous glint flashed out from within them.

Chen Xiaolian believed those words.

Provided of course… if he was still an ordinary person.

In that case, if someone as powerful and influential as Qiao Qiao’s father wanted an ordinary person to disappear, it would not be too hard.

However… under the current circumstances, the reverse may be more appropriate.

Naturally, Chen Xiaolian was not someone with brain damage and would not utter those words. He simply maintained a stance of respect.

“Break up immediately!” The words coming out of Qiao Qiao’s father revealed no tolerance toward any objection. “Although your qualification is not bad, you are still not good enough for my daughter. Not to mention, you even dared to molest her! From this moment onward, from the moment you step out of this room, if you dare to have any contact with her again, I will make sure you disappear for good!”

Chen Xiaolian raised his head and stared at Qiao Qiao’s father. “Don’t you think that this request of yours is too much?”


“Qiao Qiao is your daughter. However, first of all, she is a person,” Chen Xiaolian tried his best to use a moderate tone of voice as he spoke. “She has the right to decide who she wants to be with and who she wants to befriend. She is your daughter, but she is not your slave and certainly not your toy. You have no right to decide whom she should be with or whom she should not be with. Besides, I have already said it before. Our relationship is a serious one. We are not just playing around. We are really…”

“If seems you are quite the gutsy person,” Qiao Qiao’s father laughed out in sheer fury. Looking at Chen Xiaolian, he sneered. “Do you know? It has been a long time since someone dared to talk to me like this.”

“… … …” Chen Xiaolian chose to say nothing.

“I have no interest in discussing philosophy with you,” Qiao Qiao’s father waved his hand. “My decision is final. I am also not giving you any options. I am simply informing you my decision. Listen up, brat! This is a warning. Due to the matter between you and my daughter, you are able to stand here before me to listen to my words! If not for that, someone like you will never have the chance to stand before me for the rest of your life! Understood? Right now, I am simply telling you what you should do regarding this matter. I am not discussing it with you. If you are unwilling… then leave through that door. As for what will happen in the future… you can consider that yourself.”

After saying that, Qiao Qia’s father sat down on the sofa. Picking up a cigar, he took a deep drag from it.

Chen Xiaolian sighed. He stood there as he hesitantly struggled mentally – naturally, he was not struggling to decide whether or not to break up with Qiao Qiao. He was struggling to think of a way to deal with this elder before him.

Considering the identity of the other party, Chen Xiaolian could not possibly be furious or start an argument with him. Those actions would be inappropriate. As for the use of violence such as summoning out Garfield or Bai Qi to… exterminate him?

Hey, what kind of a preposterous action is that?

“Hesitant?” Qiao Qiao’s father looked at Chen Xiaolian and snorted. He believed that Chen Xiaolian was shaken.

Logically speaking, a powerless youngster like Chen Xiaolian would have no resource or clout to go against him.

“Do you see the table on your left?” Qiao Qiao’s father said coldly. “There is an envelope on the table. Within the envelope is a check. It is not much, just 5 million; enough for you to leave the city that you are currently staying at and find a new place, buy up a new house and enrol in a new school.”

Chen Xiaolian looked at the envelope placed upon the table. He did not reach out for it. Instead, he turned and looked at Qiao Qiao’s father.

He smiled.

“Mr. Qiao, you really know how to negotiate,” Chen Xiaolian let out a faint smile. “First use the stick, then give a sweet date. Utilize both kindness and power, soft and hard, the carrot and stick approach. However, I think you probably forgot about something.”


“Qiao Qiao is a person, not a business and most certainly not something you can turn into a transaction,” Chen Xiaolian raised his head.

“Did you think we are filming a movie? A poor boy falls for a wealthy girl and the girl’s parents then breaks them up?” Qiao Qiao’s father sneered. “Scram now. Either you take the check or scram.”

Observing the steel like expression given off by Qiao Qiao’s father, Chen Xiaolian knew that there was no longer any room for discussion.

It was apparent that this old man was in a very bad mood. At a time like this, trying to continue their discussion would only lead to conflicts.

He chose to leave.

Chen Xiaolian left.

Without showing any hesitation, he turned around and walked away. He did not even bother looking at the envelope on the table.


After the door was close, Qiao Qiao’s father looked at the door, fury flashing across his eyes. But then, he frowned and snorted. “He is quite the unyielding one, hmph!”

Chen Xiaolian walked out of the cigar lounge and reached the corridor. Then, he saw the man in black standing there.

The man had a wooden expression on his face, showing neither anger nor laughter. He simply regarded Chen Xiaolian in a calm manner as Chen Xiaolian walked out. His eyes did not left Chen Xiaolian’s figure and he took half a step back to allow Chen Xiaolian through.

It was not until Chen Xiaolian had entered the elevator and left did the man gave a frown. His expression indicated that he was deep in thought.

He turned around and walked into the room at the end of the corridor.

“Is it time?” Qiao Qiao’s father turned to look at the man in black entering the room. He gently stubbed the cigar on the ashtray.

“There is still some time,” The man in black said slowly. “Sir, the doctor had mentioned before, you cannot get too angry.”

“The bratty bastard!” Qiao Qiao’s father spat out coldly. “Are all of today’s youngsters like that? He simply does not know the height of the Heavens or the depth of the Earth.”

The man in black revealed a peculiar expression and appeared hesitant. His expression was noticed by Qiao Qiao’s father, who frowned in return. “Why are you making such a strange expression? If you have anything to say, then just say it.”

“… understood,” The man in black nodded and considered his words. After carefully selecting his words, he said in a low voice. “I feel that this youngster is not that simple.”


“He should possess excellent skills,” The man in black tried to use the most accurate and concise words as he spoke. “From the way he walks, it appears that he is maintaining a constant state of vigilance. That should be a subconscious form of action. Only someone who has undergone a great deal of danger would have this type of characteristic. Additionally… I have this feeling.”


“He… is likely very dangerous,” The man in black answered.

“Dangerous?” Qiao Qiao’s father suddenly burst out in an absurd fit of laughter. Then, he turned his gaze back to the man in black and furrowed his eyebrows. “Excellent skills? To think that someone like you would say that he has excellent skills. When you say he has excellent skills, how excellent is it? Is it high enough to pose a threat to you?”

“I do not know. I am unable to determine that,” The man in black shook his head. “However, according to his data, there is no record of him training in martial arts. The data on him shows that he should be a normal teenager.”

“Send some men to keep an eye on him,” Qiao Qiao’s father quickly made a decision. “If he contacts or meet up with Qiao Qiao again, let me know immediately.”


Qiao Qiao’s father raised his head to look at the clock on the wall. “It is almost time. She should be arriving soon, yes?”

“I had just contacted her. She is on the way and will be arriving soon.”

Within the eyes of Qiao Qiao’s father, a hint of gentleness appeared. “Is the dinner ready?”

“It is ready. They are all the dishes that she likes to eat.”

After walking out from the hotel’s lobby, Chen Xiaolian saw that it was still drizzling. The cool winds caressed him and his mind calmed down slightly.

This… what is this supposed to be?

The old man wants us to break up?

Chen Xiaolian smiled wryly. “Do you have to stage such an exaggerated drama? As a writer, this is just too distressful. This kind of drama is the type you see on prime time.”

Or maybe… I should just toss out the Thunderstorm Tank before this old man? Then, ride on Garfield and fly one round through the skies?

Tell him: Your daughter’s boyfriend is Superman?

Stop joking around!

At that moment, a black luxury sedan suddenly slowed down as it approached and stopped before the entrance of the hotel.

The car was very familiar and Chen Xiaolian subconsciously stepped backward.

He watched as the hotel door attendant went forward to pull open the door of the car.

A girl wearing a white coloured wool sweater stepped out of the car.

It is her?

It was the girl that had separated from him just earlier, Yu Jiajia.

Yu Jiajia had obviously been dolling herself up. Her face was no longer clear. Instead, she wore a thin layer of makeup. Her originally pure face now appeared exquisite and arousing. Her hair was no longer tied up into a ponytail. Instead, it was loosened and it flowed down her shoulders.

Yu Jiajia casually looked around and Chen Xiaolian subconsciously shrank backward and hid behind a pot of bonsai.

Then, something even more surprising happened!

Qiao Qiao’s father emerged from the lobby of the hotel.

He wore a white coloured trench coat, the collar lifted high up. Beside him, the man in black followed. The man in black’s eyes darted about. Clearly, he was playing the role of a bodyguard.

The moment Qiao Qiao’s father reached the entrance, Yu Jiajia’s face lit up with a smile. Like a swallow rushing back home, she exclaimed and jumped into the arms of Qiao Qiao’s father!

Unlike the time when he was meeting up with Chen Xiaolian, the expression on Qiao Qiao’s father was now different. Upon his face was a smile so wide it caused his eyes to squint. Yu Jiajia planted a light kiss on his cheeks and held onto his arms. Then, the two of them walked out of the hotel and into the black coloured sedan.

The man in black entered the first passenger’s seat.

The sedan slowly drove away, leaving the hotel.

“Ho… holy shit!” Chen Xiaolian was flabbergasted as the sight.

This… what kind of drama is this?

I… I may have inadvertently discovered a huge scandal!

Qiao Qiao’s father… he is actually… sugar daddying a female student?

Hmm, that is right… I hear that Yu Jiajia is her school’s beauty and had filmed some advertisements before.

Probably a third-rate star… [1]

A filthy rich man sugar daddying a rising starlet?

Isn’t this story getting way too ridiculous?

How unexpected!

As Chen Xiaolian was feeling surprised, he noticed something!

A white coloured Volkswagen that had been parked by the hotel entrance suddenly started up and drove forward; it was following the black coloured sedan that Qiao Qiao’s father was in.

Chen Xiaolian could clearly make out the interior of the car and saw the man in the first passenger seat holding a pair of binoculars.


Doesn’t look like it!

Those people were wearing civilian clothes, a stark contrast with the suit worn by the man in black who was following Qiao Qiao’s father.

Additionally… would bodyguards secretly follow from behind?


That was more unlikely.

There were four people within the white coloured Volkswagen. Although he only got a cursory look at them, Chen Xiaolian was able to determine that they were all tall and muscular figures!

He stopped thinking too deep into it. Instead, he ran forward to the side and opened the doors to a cab that was waiting outside the hotel for guests.

“Chase after the white coloured Volkswagen in front!”

The driver turned around to look at Chen Xiaoilan. “Sir, my car has been booked by a guest…”

Chen Xiaolian immediately pulled out a stack of red coloured bills and threw it over. There were a total of over twenty pieces. “Just drive!”

The driver did not utter anything else and he immediately started up the car!

As his one hand was pulling the gear, he did not forget to use his other hand to pick up the bills.

1 A third-rate star is something of a belittling term given to, you guessed it, stars that are not famous at all.

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