Chapter 159: Thrown Into The Sea

GOR Chapter 159: Thrown Into The Sea

Chen Xiaolian could clearly see each of those words.

Do you have to be so harsh…

“Hmph! To think I had supported him up to Hegemon before!” Yu Jiajia suddenly burst out emotionally. “Do you know what a Hegemon is? Let me tell you…” [1]

Listening to the girl droning on and on, Chen Xiaolian was unable to say a word.

Chen Xiaolian suddenly felt as though he was thrown into a pot of boiling water.

He had originally occupied a psychological position of advantage. However, after learning that this girl was a reader of his novel who had spent so much money to support him… Chen Xiaolian suddenly felt guilty.

When this author who had stopped updating his novel was faced with this reader who had supported him so much, it was inevitable that he would feel guilty.

Thankfully, the car finally came to a halt.

“Miss, we have arrived.”

The chauffeur stopped the car and turned his head around. His eyes revealed wariness and he gazed at Chen Xiaolian with a cold expression.

“En, this is the place,” Yu Jiajia looked outside the window.

They were at a small residential complex. Appearance wise, the place seemed quite all right as the gate leading inside has security guards.

“I will accompany you inside.”

Yu Jiajia appeared to be in a good mood – probably due to her having vented her steam through cursing Chen Xiaolian in the book review section, she was feeling much better.

She got down from the other side of the car and walked toward the gate of the residential complex. Turning around, she saw Chen Xiaolian slowly moving forward. “Hurry up! I still need to hurry back to my home!”

“… thank you,” Chen Xiaolian sighed.

Those words were spoken out with sincerity.

He did so not simply because Yu Jiajia had brought him to Han Bi’s residence, but also because of her identity as one of his readers.

Han Bi lived in the ninth floor of a small building.

They stood at the entrance of the first floor and rang the bell for a long time. Unfortunately, there was no reply.

Yu Jiajia pursed her lips to the side and said. “This address is definitely correct. I have known Han Bi for a long time. He has been staying here for a long time without changing residences. Lately though, it seems as though he had disappeared. He did not even come to watch the football competition – he would usually arrive to spectate when there is a competition.”

Chen Xiaolian did not say anything. He silently looked at the house number before him. Then, he raised his head to inspect the residential building and frowned.

“All right, this is his place of residence. However, maybe he went out,” Yu Jiajia pondered it through and continued. “I do not know Han Bi’s mobile phone number… our relationship is not that close. Although, I can help ask some of his classmates.”

Yu Jiajia was clearly being enthusiastic – who knew what her reasons were.

Unfortunately, after obtaining Han Bi’s phone number… calling the number resulted in the prompt notifying them that the phone was turned off.

Chen Xiaolian sighed.

Yu Jiajia was left uncertain on how to proceed. “This… how about you come back later. Maybe he will be home later.”

They left the residential complex together. Chen Xiaolian stood before the entrance to the residential complex as he watched Yu Jiajia getting on the car.

“Thank you for helping me so much,” Chen Xiaolian sighed. “All right, I won’t take up more of your time. I will think of something else.”

Yu Jiajia sat in the car and looked out the window at Chen Xiaolian. Hesitating for a moment, she then spoke out in a low voice. “Hey!”


“I… am not a bad person,” Yu Jiajia bit down on her lips. “Back in the sports field, I chose not to do anything because… last time, I had stopped them from bullying that person. However, I heard that they later went to beat up that person anyways. In fact, they went and gave him an even worse beating. That is why I…”

Chen Xiaolian shook his head. “There is no need for you to explain those things to me.”

“Are you such an indifferent and hateful person?” Yu Jiajia knitted her eyebrows. “Originally, I did not want to help you. But, back in the school, I saw you giving that person money and felt that you are a good person. That is why I decided to help you!”

Chen Xiaolian suddenly smiled and waved his hand at her. “I understand… thank you. Also… hmm, next time, do not recklessly throw words like ‘have no penis’ at others. After all, you are a girl.”

Yu Jiajia became shocked, her mouth forming an O. Then, she became enraged. “You… you were peeping at my phone! Hmph!”

The window was quickly rolled down and the car sped away.

Chen Xiaolian stood there with a smile on his face. After that, he turned around to look at the entrance to the residential complex, an absent-minded expression was etched on his face.

Han Bi… where has he gone to…

“Miss,” While driving, the chauffeur said cautiously. “Next time, you should exercise more caution… a stranger like that…”

“Enough, don’t be a busybody,” Yu Jiajia produced her mobile phone and spat out angrily. “Detestable!”

Holding the mobile phone, she typed the words ‘author has no penis’ over ten times upon the interface. However, after thinking about something, she blushed and chose not to send it over. Instead, she deleted those words and left the interface.

“Detestable! How can there be such a detestable person?”

…Chen Xiaolian randomly found a convenience store within the residential complex and stood under the eaves to shelter himself from the rain. He silently observed the people coming and going through the entrance of the residential complex.

Other than this, he had no other way to find Han Bi. This method of sitting back and waiting may be a foolish one, but that was the only method he has for now.

At that moment however, Chen Xiaolian’s mobile phone rang.

It was an unknown phone number.


“Is this Chen Xiaolian?” An unfamiliar voice that carried with it a trace of authority and age came from the phone.

“Yes, may I know who is calling?”

“I am Qiao Qiao’s father,” The words spoken by the other party sent Chen Xiaolian into a state of anxiousness and he was at a loss for words. After wracking his brains for a long time, he finally managed to squeeze out a sentence. “Err… uncle… uncle, how are you.”

“Let’s meet up,” The other party’s tone of voice was calm. However, it contained a steadfast atmosphere, which conveyed intolerance toward any objections.

“Now?” Chen Xiaolian was shocked. He looked at his surroundings. “I… I am not at home. I am at Hang…”

“I know you are at Hangzhou,” Qiao Qiao’s father replied coldly. “We will meet up in Hangzhou. In one hour… XXXXXX, this is the address. One more thing, do not tell Qiao Qiao!”

The call was cut off.

Chen Xiaolian was still holding onto the phone, his face one of shock.


The other side did not even give him the opportunity to refuse!

It would be more accurate to say that, even if Chen Xiaolian had any chance to speak, he could not refuse!

Since that night when he had spent an unforgettable day and night with Qiao Qiao in the hotel… the both of them rolling through the sheets… since then, he had lost any qualifications to refuse.

Firstly, the relationship between Chen Xiaolian and Qiao Qiao was not that of a one-night stand.

The two of them had engaged in a serious matter. In the following period of time, within a normal and serious relationship, or more accurately… as long as one was not a bastard scum, after having rolled through the sheets with a girl, when one receives a request by the girl’s parent to meet up, most males would not be able to refuse!

After having had sex with someone’s daughter, are you not going to admit it?

Chen Xiaolian sighed.

He picked up the phone, planning to call Qiao Qiao but he suddenly recalled the last words by her father. More accurately, the words of warning…

He smiled wryly as he kept the mobile phone.

Let’s just go!

As for Han Bi… since he already found his place of residence, monks can move away, but the temple cannot. He will just come back in the night. [2]

Chen Xiaolian stopped a cab and got inside. Then, the cab set off.

The place designated by Qiao Qiao’s father was naturally a very high-class spot.

A high-class hotel by the West Lake, within a cigar lounge of the hotel’s private clubhouse…

The moment Chen Xiaolian arrived, he entered the hotel and inquired from the front desk before going to the elevator, where he set it to take him to the 3rd floor.

Right after stepping out of the elevator, he walked into the cigar lounge to see a young man in black suit standing there.

Chen Xiaolian was quickly able to notice the distinct aspects of the young man.

The man was very strong. Even though he was wearing a suit, it was clear that the suit was barely able to restrain the man’s muscles.

If this body was not obtained through bodybuilding and hormonal drugs meant to stimulate muscle growth… then, the strength and lethality contained within those muscles would be very alarming!

“I am looking for…”

Without waiting for Chen Xiaolian to finish his sentence, the man narrowed his eyes and regarded Chen Xiaolian for a moment before nodding his head. “Mr. Chen Xiaolian? Please follow me. Mr. Qiao has been waiting for you.”

The look given by the man earlier was obviously done to verify his appearance and to assess him.

Chen Xiaolian quickly made his deduction.

He followed the man in black through a corridor until the end where there was a richly decorated door. The man in black lightly knocked the door and opened the door with both hands.

“Come in.”

The room was very large. It was one that was deliberately furnished in the traditional style.

Thick carpet, old furniture and a huge phonograph. The handle of the leather sofa was gilded with gold.

A middle-aged man was seated on the sofa near the window. Upon the surface of the table before him were cigars, cigar lighter, cigar cutter and the likes.

His hand was holding onto a Torpedo cigar and he puffed out clouds of smoke.

Appearance wise, there was clearly some resemblance between him and Qiao Qiao. He was simply more thickset and with much rougher lines on his person.

He simply sat there with a frown on his face. As Chen Xiaolian was walking inside, all he did was raise his eyelids a little but he did not move. He continued sitting there, smoking the cigar without saying a word.

Chen Xiaolian could sense the imposing demeanour projected by this man.

“Mr. Qiao… how are you.”

Chen Xiaolian had originally wanted to address him as uncle or something similar. However, noting the rough atmosphere exuding from the other party, Chen Xiaolian changed his mind.

“I am sorry. There were some traffic jams and I am not from around here. That is why I arrived a little bit late.”

In fact, the agreed upon one hour had yet to expire. However, seeing as the elder had already arrived, Chen Xiaolian felt the need to say that.

Qiao Qiao’s father put down the cigar and carefully regarded Chen Xiaolian for a moment.

“Shorter than what I had expected. An average face,” Qiao Qiao’s father narrowed his eyes and gave a faint smile that contained a vague feeling of haughtiness. “I really do not understand how my daughter could end up liking someone like you.”

“Err…” Chen Xiaolian thought about it, but in the end he decide to just not say anything – when faced against such words, whatever he say would likely end up being a bad thing. At a time like this, maintaining silence was the smartest move.

“Did you know? Originally, I had been feeling very conflicted,” Qiao Qiao’s father said coldly. “I was considering how to deal with you.”

Chen Xiaolian maintained his silence.

“I am a father!” Qiao Qiao’s father said coldly. “When I found out that some brat took my daughter, who is not even eighteen years old into a hotel and then proceed to spend twenty hours inside together… did you know, the only thing I could think of was to kill you myself! Then, stuff you into a coffin and seal it with cement before throwing it into the sea!”

1 Hegemon is the highest title given to fans of a novel in Qidian. Titles are given based on the amount of ‘fan points’ accumulated. Example, one monthly ticket is the equivalent of 100 fan points. Below are the titles:

500 points: Apprentice

2,000 points: Disciple

5,000 points: Administrator

10,000 points: Leader

20,000 points: Hall Leader

30,000 points: Rule Enforcer

40,000 points: Elder

50,000 points: Grandmaster

70,000 points: Sect Master

100,000 points: Hegemon

2 ‘A monk can move away, the temple cannot’ means one cannot run away with one’s estates.

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