Chapter 157 Part 1: Unopened Path

GOR Chapter 157 Part 1: Unopened Path

The two youngsters who have been tempered by life in their early years remained within the room for the whole day.

Chen Xiaolian was incomparably infatuated with Qiao Qiao’s body. The body of the young girl was extremely durable, yet it maintained an extreme sense of softness. Perhaps it was due to the fact that she practised martial arts, her body’s flexibility was extremely shocking.

The two youngsters showed no hesitation and squeezed out all their strength in their attempt to release their stress.

It was not until the sky had darkened did the two of them reluctantly left the hotel.

“I have to go home.”

Standing before the hotel entrance, Qiao Qiao embraced Chen Xiaolian, both her hands hugging his neck. Her eyes were dim and she was clearly sad. However, she said in a low voice. “I have gone out for one day and night. Soo Soo must be feeling anxious.”

“En,” Chen Xiaolian breathed in the scent of Qiao Qiao’s hair and gave a bittersweet smile. “That Xia Xiaolei is probably waiting for my return to the point of crying. Last night, I just left after leaving him a note.”

As the two passionate youngsters embraced each other, a considerable number of people in the surrounding hotel looked at them.

No small number of them were looking at Qiao Qiao. With her youthful body, long silky black hair and exposed slender legs, the number of men whose eyes were attracted toward her was considerable. These men then looked at Chen Xiaolian with expressions of envy.

“Let us meet up again tomorrow,” Chen Xiaolian pinched Qiao Qiao’s nose. “Besides, we have nothing going on the next few days.”

“… school is starting soon,” Qiao Qiao suddenly said in a low tone.

Those words appeared so suddenly, carrying with it a sense of absurdity.

The both of them glanced at one another and revealed a smile at the same time.


The everyday life of normal people… was there any point in continuing them?

In merely a few days’ time, those normal days have become something distant…

Chen Xiaolian looked at Qiao Qiao and whispered. “When you come out tomorrow, do not wear short skirt anymore. We are still in winter.”

They have enhanced their physical attributes up to [B] Class. Although they were still a long distance away from the level of Superman, they were now far above average. At the very least, their resistance toward cold would surpass even those from Siberia.

Within the coldness of winter, Qiao Qiao was able to get by wearing short skirt.

“We… do we still have to go to school?” Qiao Qiao knitted her eyebrows.

“… we will discuss about this later on,” Chen Xiaolian had never considered that issue as well. “I personally do not care about it since I live alone. But you… how do you plan on explaining things to your father?”

Qiao Qiao did not say anything.

“Maybe… the purpose in us fighting so desperately is to allow us to continue living within this world. If we truly forsake our personal lives, then what difference is there between us and those Players? After all, we are the ‘native residents’ of this world.”

“Then, I will see you tomorrow.”

“En, see you tomorrow,” Chen Xiaolian nodded his head. “Tomorrow, I want to contact Lun Tai, Bei Tai and Roddy for a bit. The system had given out the reward for the Japanese instance dungeon. It would be best if we discuss how to distribute the reward.”

The two youngsters parted with reluctance. Chen Xiaolian did not let Qiao Qiao accompany him and instead went back home alone.

After arriving at his home, he opened the door and walked in to see Xia Xiaolei sitting inside the living room.

The fellow appeared to be in a miserable state.

Within his hand was a block of instant noodles, which he chewed dry. As Chen Xiaolian entered, Xia Xiaolei ripped open a pack of seasoning and sprinkled it on the surface of the instant noodle as he bit onto it.

“You are just too sad,” Chen Xiaolian could not help but laugh. “If I did not return, will you end up starving to death? Can’t you cook?”

Xia Xiaolei scratched his head and smiled in embarrassment. “That… I do not know how to use the items inside the kitchen.”

The electrical appliances within Chen Xiaolian’s kitchen were extensive. He was not someone lacking in terms of money and his motto in life was that the money he earned should go toward making his life easy and happy.

All the latest electrical appliances could be found inside the kitchen. The latest exhaust hood, oven, dishwasher, sterilizing cabinet…

At any rate, all the necessary appliances were there.

Unfortunately for Xia Xiaolei who came from the mountain village, even the act of opening the TV took him a long time last night as he searched high and low for the switch. When faced with the task of utilizing the appliances within the kitchen, all he could do was look around in despair.

Qiao Qiao returned home. However, before she could return to her own room, Soo Soo walked forward with a pouting expression.

“You… have not revert to your first personality?” Qiao Qiao looked at her little sister.

It was not that she did not like Soo Soo’s second personality. She simply felt that Soo Soo’s second personality was too cold.

“You have been out for one whole day and night,” Soo Soo moved closer and her little nose proceeded to sniff about. Then, the little girl puffed up her face into a bun like shape. “Your body have his scent! Were you together with him yesterday night?”

Qiao Qiao blushed and she stared at Soo Soo. “Little kids should not be asking so much!”

“So, you admit it,” Soo Soo’s expression turned complicated. Then, she snorted and pinched the corners of her skirt before sitting down beside Qiao Qiao. “Unnie, are you going to compete against me for Xiaolian oppa?”

“… … …” A smile burst out on Qiao Qiao’s face. “What nonsense are you talking about?”

“I have said it before. Let Xiaolian oppa wait a few years for me to grow up a little, then I will become his girlfriend!” Soo Soo pursed her mouth. “Now you have snatched him away, what should I do?”

The little girl seemed distressed. She turned around to look at her own small body reflected through the mirror. “It would be great if I can immediately grow up! Then, unnie will definitely not be able to compete with me!”


“I remember that my mother’s appearance is very beautiful! Once I grow big, I will definitely inherit my mother’s beauty. Unnie, you will definitely lose out to me.”

Qiao Qiao angrily slapped Soo Soo’s buttocks before pulling her over, embracing her in a hug. “Stop talking nonsense. Tonight I will hold you and we will sleep together, all right? After sleeping, tomorrow you will return back to your first personality.”

“Unnie, do you not like me? Do you prefer the weak and useless little thing instead of me?” Soo Soo raised her head and looked at Qiao Qiao with an indiscernible expression. “If… the time I appear grow longer and longer, will you be disappointed?”

“… do not be stupid,” Qiao Qiao embraced Soo Soo. “No matter what happens, you are my dearest little sister.”

After saying that, Qiao Qiao put Soo Soo down and entered the washroom to wash up.

Soo Soo however, continued to stand before the mirror. Her faced revealed distress as she assessed herself.

“How troublesome, there are two problems now. First, unnie also likes Xiaolian oppa. She had already snatched Xiaolian oppa away. Now what? And… the other me, that weak little thing simply do not understand the crisis we are in! I cannot keep staying out here as well…”

The next day was a weekend and the weather appeared quite agreeable. Waking up early in the morning, Chen Xiaolian made breakfast and Xia Xiaolei was able to stop undergoing the distressful experience of eating dry instant noodles.

Later on in the morning, Chen Xiaolian contacted Qiao Qiao and made arrangements to meet up.

Since there were other people present, Chen Xiaolian did not show any intimate reaction toward Qiao Qiao. Both of them appear restrained as they sat side by side.

“Now we will begin our discussion,” Chen Xiaolian looked at Qiao Qiao before looking at Xia Xiaolei.

“You are the Guild Leader. Whatever you say goes, I have no opinion,” Xia Xiaolei spoke out honestly and nodded his head.

“Still, we have to discuss things through,” Chen Xiaolian hesitated for a moment. “The rewards for the instance dungeon have been issued. We must now distribute it rationally so that out guild’s strength can be increased. In addition… about our guild’s future development. We must make due preparations for it.”

They were currently within a high-class hall for private tea ceremonies. The private room was quiet as even the waiters had been sent out under Qiao Qiao’s command.

It had to be mentioned, Qiao Qiao’s family possessed a portion of shares for this hall for private tea ceremonies.

“First, let us contact Lun Tai and Bei Tai.”

They contacted Lun Tai and Bei Tai using the computer’s video call function.

The two brothers were clearly indulging themselves a tad bit too much.

Through the monitor, they could clearly tell that the two brothers were in one of Las Vegas’ super deluxe suite.

Both Lun Tai and Bei Tai appeared slightly exhausted. That was especially true for Bei Tai whose face was pale with a tint of green. It was clear that this fellow have been drinking too much. Even when he was standing before the monitor, he was still holding onto a bottle of wine.

Upon the surface of the sofa behind the two brothers were numerous layers of clothing.

Err… those were mostly women’s clothing… underwear, stockings and high heels. There were even a few bunny costumes…

When they first clicked open the video, Chen Xiaolian watched as a nude woman with perky breasts and raised buttocks walked past the two brothers from behind.

Exasperatingly, Lun Tai had leaned over and delivered a slap onto the female’s ass.

“Hey! Watch it!” Chen Xiaolian said with dissatisfaction.

He covered Soo Soo’s eyes and frowned. “I will give you one minute. Get those who are unrelated to leave the room!”

Lun Tai laughed and did not appear to show regard for Chen Xiaolian’s dissatisfaction. “Guild Leader, do not be so old-fashioned. After experiencing such a cruel battle, we will be in serious need of release. Eh? Your appearance seemed much better compared to the time when we separated. How did you get rid of the stress?”

Lun Tai even purposely glanced toward Qiao Qiao.

Qiao Qiao snorted, but did not say anything.

Lun Tai produced a thick stack of US dollar bills and females started appearing from every corner of the room. There were Caucasian females, black females, Asian females, golden haired females, red haired females, black haired females…

Just by looking at these females, one could deduce that they hold a special occupation. All of them wore little and had no qualms about being exposed in front of the monitor. All of them had smoking hot bodies, with ample bosom and ripe buttocks.

Each of the women took a stack of US dollar bills from Bei Tai and gave him a farewell kiss. Some of them appeared bold and unconstrained as they sent flying kisses toward the monitor.

Qiao Qiao’s face was warped as she watched.

A few minutes later, the room was cleared. Then, the two brothers sat in front of the camera. Lun Tai took a deep breath and his countenance turned serious. “All right, down to business.”

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