Chapter 156 Part 2: That Is How It Is

GOR Chapter 156 Part 2: That Is How It Is

Qiao Qiao shook her head, her eyes revealing traces of anxiety. However, she proceeded to untie the rope bundling her hair and leaned over, kissing Chen Xiaolian’s cheek.

Black silky hair fell down, giving Qiao Qiao an extraordinarily delicate countenance.

Chen Xiaolian could somehow feel that there was a hint of something lurking behind Qiao Qiao’s eyes… anxiety.

Qiao Qiao’s lips kissed onto Chen Xiaolian’s cheeks, nose, lips and neck.

Her actions were somewhat awkward, but Chen Xiaolian could sense the feelings of affection within her actions.

Her body trembled, but she only bit down on her lips. Next, she stretched out her hands and began unbuttoning Chen Xiaolian’s shirt.

She straightened her back and took off her T-shirt.

The girl’s delicate figure that was akin to a blooming flower was presented before Chen Xiaolian. Her arms hugged her chest, seemingly in an attempt to hide her pink coloured bra.

Chen Xiaolian’s breathing had become shorter and he looked into Qiao Qiao’s eyes. He asked in a hoarse tone of voice. “You… are you serious? Have you thought it through?”

Qiao Qiao leaned forward again; like a cat, she curled her body against Chen Xiaolian’s.

Her voice was faint as she whispered. “I… this is my first time. The things I have seen in the movies… is only up to here. The rest is up to you.”

After saying that, she closed her eyes and she dared not look at Chen Xiaolian anymore.

Chen Xiaolian…

This time, he showed no hesitation!

Chen Xiaolian gently held onto Qiao Qiao as he leaned over and slowly entered the girl’s body. The tight and narrow feeling almost made him lost his soul.

At that moment, Qiao Qiao let out a groan of pain, bringing him back to reality.

Qiao Qiao opened her eyes as she tightly clutched onto Chen Xiaolian’s arms, tears filling her eyes.

Then, she suddenly opened her mouth and bit down onto Chen Xiaolian’s arm!

She bit down heavily!

Chen Xiaolian endured the pain. Next, he gently kissed Qiao Qiao’s forehead and whispered into her ear. “Should I… stop?”

“No… continue,” Qiao Qiao loosened her bite and looked into Chen Xiaolian’s eyes. “I want you to look at me… keep looking at me.”

The girl’s soft voice began to rise within the room and eventually reached the climax. Then, it faded away. A smooth and slender leg slid down the side of the bed, but an arm reached out, grabbing it and bringing it back onto the bed.

Chen Xiaolian tightly embraced Qiao Qiao within his chest, her back plastered onto his chest. One hand held onto her waist while the other held onto the leg that was pulled back earlier, resting on her knee.

Although the situation had calmed down, the room seemed to be filled with a reddish atmosphere.

“Just now... we did not use…”

“It is my safe period,” Qiao Qiao shook her head and tilted it to lean onto Chen Xiaolian’s neck.

Chen Xiaolian could feel the girl trembling within his arms. In response to her light but irrepressible shivers, Chen Xiaolian tightened his embrace.

“Do not be afraid,” Chen Xiaolian used a low but firm voice to speak into Qiao Qiao’s ear.

“En,” Qiao Qiao turned around and leaned onto Chen Xiaolian’s chest. The two youngsters’ body nestled together.

“I am scared, I am very scared,” Qiao Qiao whispered. “If… the next time, if the one to die is me. If… the one to die is you. I dare not even think about all those. When I was bathing back at home, I saw myself on the mirror and I told myself: I must do this! I must do this now without putting it off. I want to take this opportunity while we are still alive to give myself to you, to a man I like.”

“… you will not die, I will not die either. We will not die,” Chen Xiaolian’s lips brushed past Qiao Qiao’s ears.

Qiao Qiao closed her eyes and spoke out in a low tone. “Xiaolian, these matters are not up to us to control. My only desire is… for you to die after me. Let me die before you, all right?”

“… … …”

“I am scared. If you die, then I will feel very lonely. After getting sucked into this world, in this lifetime, it is impossible for me to like anyone else but you. If you were to die first, then I will feel scared. I do not know how I am supposed to deal with the things that will happen after that by myself,” Qiao Qiao suddenly cried out. “Am I not selfish? That is why, I only hope that if we must die, let me die before you, all right?”

Her emotions were clearly unstable.

Chen Xiaolian was clear on this.

Qiao Qiao was feeling terrified. She was terrified of death and being alone… this pressure was something that needed release.

It was late.

The two youngsters were still awake as they lay in bed with Qiao Qiao lying within Chen Xiaolian’s arms.

She began to narrate about the things they went through to complete the Bio-transformation Faction’s quest.

“The research institute was like a huge labyrinth and was filled with a lot of soldiers. All of them had transformed into monsters. Advancing was very difficult. Thankfully, we had Nicole on our side. She was very powerful.

“We walked around inside the labyrinth, but was constantly attacked by the monsters. The number of monsters there were simply far too much. It was as though there was no limit to them.

“But then, we suddenly received the quest completion notification. Since that was the case, we discussed it through and decided to retreat. Lun Tai and the others felt that since one quest had been completed, the most important thing to do after that was to preserve our lives.

“However, before we could successfully retreat, everything changed.

“All the monsters seemingly disappeared and all of the underground research institute became empty.”

Chen Xiaolian pondered it through. “Hmm, I understand. That should be because Tian Lie utilized the Hunt Prolonging Card. He forcibly stopped the refreshing process of the instance dungeon. Thus, the refreshing process was stuck in the middle with all the monsters gone, leaving only you people inside the instance dungeon.”

“That may well be the case,” Qiao Qiao sighed. “Since there were no more monsters, there was no longer any need to retreat. Although the labyrinth was complicated, we were still able to find out way through it. Then, in an unguarded area of the research institute, we found the research results of the Bio-transformation Faction. I think… if not for you completing the quest, and if Tian Lie had not stopped the instance dungeon’s refreshing process, we could never complete the quest so easily.”

Hmph… it appears that Tian Lie had unwittingly helped us?

Chen Xiaolian secretly sneered.

Next, Qiao Qiao informed Chen Xiaolian about two matters.

“The Bio-transformation Faction’s research results, the Power Propagation Serum is originally given to us according to the number of people we have. However, Nicole said that she had promised that she will not take any reward from this instance dungeon. Thus, she decided to give the one that she received to Roddy.”

After Qiao Qiao said that, Chen Xiaolian was stunned.

Give it to… Roddy?

He looked at Qiao Qiao. “She… Roddy…”

“I do not know,” Qiao Qiao shook her head.

Qiao Qiao pulled something out from the system.

Inside was a metal syringe containing aquamarine coloured substance.

“She gave me this item so that I could give it to Roddy,” Qiao Qiao hesitated. “However, after Roddy woke up, I dared not tell him about these. I feared that he would not be able to accept it.”

Chen Xiaolian sighed. “You did the right thing. If you had told him about this back then, he would have lost it. Roddy’s emotions are very unstable now.”

He looked at the syringe and said. “Keep it first. Wait for Roddy to return before giving it to him.”

“The second matter,” Qiao Qiao bit down hard on her lips.

Tears trickled down her eyes.

Qiao Qiao said in a whisper. “In the instance dungeon… she helped me block an attack!”

“… … …” Chen Xiaolian was shocked.

He did not know that something like that happened.

“She helped me block an attack,” Qiao Qiao cried softly. “She got hurt as a result and told me that even though we did not see eye to eye, we are still comrade-in-arms. Comrade-in-arms should support each other in the midst of battle. I… I truly feel regretful… I regret arguing with her. I felt that I was a bad and terrible person. Back then… back then, she got hurt, and I gave the last of my reserve healing substance to her.

“If… if I had a healing substance back when she was dying, maybe she would not have died.”

Chen Xiaolian was silent. All he did was to hug Qiao Qiao firmly.

At daybreak, Chen Xiaolian sat up on the bed and saw Qiao Qiao standing beside the room’s window.

Sunlight poured in from beyond the coffee coloured glass.

Qiao Qiao was not wearing any clothes and the girl’s soft, delicate body was exposed before Chen Xiaolian’s eyes.

Delicate and slender legs, round and raised hips, slim waist and an ample bosom…

Qiao Qiao turned around and looked at Chen Xiaolian. Chen Xiaolian then quickly got up, going over with a piece of blanket and using it to wrap over her body. Lowering his head, he kissed Qiao Qiao’s neck. “You are really bold. Why aren’t you wearing your clothes? Are you not fearful of exposing it all in front of me?”

“There is only you here,” Qiao Qiao shook her head, the expression on her face was calm. “You are my man, my body is yours. Is there anything wrong with letting you see it?”


“Since yesterday night, until the day I die, I am your woman and you are my man,” Qiao Qiao gently said. “That is how it is.”

The girl raised her head and looked into Chen Xiaolian’s eyes. Her expression was soft, yet there was also firmness within them!

After the night of feverish passion, the two of them appeared to have cleared off the pressure and fear lingering within their hearts. Qiao Qiao’s emotions appeared to have settled down.

She took Chen Xiaolian’s hand and softly pressed it onto the upper left side of her chest where her heart was.

Qiao Qiao whispered. “That is how it is! Xiaolian, until the day I die, the period of time before that happens, I am your woman!”

[Author’s notes: Err, I wrote it carefully. Checking it in detail, this level should not be too much, right…

[Hmm, finally went down on Qiao Qiao. Let us celebrate the end of Xiaolian’s cn life~~~

[PS: About Tian Lie’s death, why did the system say that Tian Lie had died and why there is a drop of liquid metal… to those readers who are curious about it, that is not a bug. It is a set up (story set up). I cannot explain too much. Everyone, please slowly read on, you will find out ~~~

[I beseech the fellow readers to be patient. There must be some intentional enticement, suspense and set-ups, right?

[If people were to come out and scold me every time I write something of suspense, forcing me to explain it…

[Then, it would end up being too boring, right?


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