Chapter 156 Part 1: That Is How It Is

GOR Chapter 156 Part 1: That Is How It Is

Chen Xiaolian walked into a convenience store located within a small gas station. He casually picked up a bottle of mineral water and looked outside the window as he paid for it.

Takeuchi Mikiko was wearing her work uniform, sporting a lovable ponytail, which bounced up and down as she ran about. As she was moving about, she hummed a Japanese song that Chen Xiaolian did not recognize.

The sunlight spilled down and onto the glass; it was as though a layer of golden light was enveloping Takeuchi Mikiko’s body, creating a warm and comfortable feeling.

A relaxed expression appeared within Chen Xiaolian’s eyes and he gently exhaled. He walked out of the convenience store, unscrewed the bottle of water and took a gulp before leaving the gas station.

While moving through an intersection, he saw a biker gang member standing by a motorbike. With just a glimpse, Chen Xiaolian was able to recognize the man with the little moustache. The man was currently being surrounded by two police officers who were in the process of severely reprimanding him.

At present, the fellow no longer possessed the madness he showed back in the instance dungeon, where he used Molotov cocktails to set fire to other people’s houses. Instead, he exhibited a dog like wretched attitude, gingerly bowing his head.

Chen Xiaolian gave a soft sigh and left.

On their return trip from Japan, Roddy did not join them.

After waking up to the news that Nicole had died, he did not utter a single word for an entire evening.

When morning came, he informed Chen Xiaolian that he wanted to be alone for a few days.

“She is an Awakened. After dying, she must have been refreshed. I… I want to find her and look at her from afar.”

Where to find, what method of searching, how to find…

Chen Xiaolian did not ask those questions. Roddy will have his own methods. Since he knew Nicole’s name, perhaps Roddy might end up doing something stupid – however, was there any youngsters who had never committed stupid acts?

Chen Xiaolian merely reminded Roddy to leave his mobile phone on at all times so that they could contact him.

“The next time we receive a notification for an instance dungeon, you need to come back and meet up with us.”

This was the only requirement Chen Xiaolian had asked from Roddy.

Lun Tai and Bei Tai too, did not return together with them.

Their reasoning was simple: After having gone through such a difficult instance dungeon, the both of them needed a vacation.

Within this path of madness and slaughter, where one had to struggle to hang on to dear life… every time they went through an instance dungeon, they will need to release the pent up stress within their hearts.

Thus, the both of them left the group and went on a vacation.

“Generally speaking, the system will not issue out an instance dungeon to a guild that had just participated in an instance dungeon. This is the norm,” Lun Tai told Chen Xiaolian as he was leaving. “I will be keeping in touch.”

As for their holiday destination, it was supposedly Las Vegas. The two brothers intended to use wine, beauties and gambling to numb their souls.

Takeuchi Mikiko arrived at her house and saw an envelope resting above the carpet leading to her house.

Opening the envelope, she found that it contained several thousand US dollar bills!

The girl looked at it in surprise for a long time before uttering out a sharp scream of surprise and elation.

She ran into the house, picked up the phone and made a call.

“Sister! Did you send the money over? Eh? What… no? Then… where are you now? On the way to the airport? You have to go fly again? I will let you in on this, I finally have money! Ah? I don’t know. I really do not know, maybe mother sent it? I… let’s not talk about that anymore. I still have class in the afternoon! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Next time you come back, remember to return to eat something. Recently, I have learnt how to cook many delicious dishes. Your exchange training should be ending soon, right? When can you return to work on domestic flights?”

At the same time, Chen Xiaolian was walking toward the departure lounge of an airport.

Qiao Qiao, Soo Soo and Xia Xiaolei were already waiting for him inside the departure lounge. He had earlier gone into the washroom to wash his hands.

Looking at his reflection in the mirror, he used water to comb his hair. Then, he squeezed out a smile as he faced the clear and fair face in the mirror.

Truth be told, Chen Xiaolian and the others were feeling disheartened.

He was not Roddy. However, Nicole’s death had brought a feeling of shock to Chen Xiaolian.

In his third instance dungeon, he faced his first… death of a guild member.

Even though she was only a temporary guild member…

Perhaps… perhaps someday, in some instance dungeon, more of his guild members will die?

This was originally a game that would continue on forever, with no end point or ending.

As long as he stayed alive, he would continue to be thrown into the instance dungeons to struggle for survival.

Until… the day of his death.

“That day, might be far away, or perhaps it might be much closer,” Chen Xiaolian smiled out bitterly.

If… the one to die is Qiao Qiao. Or Roddy, or Soo Soo…

How would I feel?

If… I am the one to die. How would they feel?

An agitating thought was floating within his mind.

If this goes on, then, what are we fighting for?

What kind of result can we hope to achieve?

No matter how hard we try, we can ultimately only live through some instance dungeons, extending our lifespan by a slight margin!

This is a road with no hope in sight!

Even if we are to struggle, even if we are to become an expert like Nicole, could we escape death?

We cannot!

We will still have to participate in the instance dungeons.

Since that is the case…

Then, what is the point in trying?

What significance is there?


Chen Xiaolian’s fist slammed onto the mirror!

Through the reflection of the cracked mirror, Chen Xiaolian noticed that his expression had turned distorted.

When he walked out from the washroom, he had his head lowered and he moved quickly.

Chen Xiaolian failed to notice a team of flight attendants in uniform pulling their trolleys go by him. They walked in a composed manner, approaching from the side before walking past his back. One of them wore sky-blue leg stockings and was holding onto a mobile phone. A happy smile was etched on her face.

“Mikiko, I know… this is the last exchange training flight. Once I return from this flight, I will have collected enough money!”

After hanging up, the flight attendant inadvertently turned around and saw the back of a youngster who was walking far away.

His figure appeared quite lean.

It was clearly a stranger, but she could not help but glance at him again.

Hmm… that... feels strange…

A few hours later, the plane landed in the airport.

Along the way, none of them spoke a single word.

Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo went back home.

As for Chen Xiaolian, he led Xia Xiaolei back to his own residence.

Xia Xiaolei had made the decision to leave the village and stay with Chen Xiaolian’s group in the future.

Chen Xiaolian brought Xia Xiaolei back to his own residence. Opening the door to the guest room, he pointed inside. “From now on, this room is yours.”

Xia Xiaolei walked inside and threw himself heavily onto the bed, flailed both his arms and legs about and sighed. “Too amazing! I get to live in such a big room by myself? Guild Leader, are you very rich? Your house is very big!”

Chen Xiaolian pursed his lips and smiled. Looking at Xia Xiaolei, he said. “Your body size is about the same as mine. For the time being, you can wear my clothes. When we have time, we will go get you some more. Hmm, now go take a bath and get some sleep. There is food in the refrigerator, do not hesitate to take what you need. From now on, treat this place like your own home.”

Chen Xiaolian walked out of the room and into the living room. Then, he saw his mobile phone, which was lying on the couch, give a flash.

Picking it up, he saw that there was a message.

“I want to see you! Now! ASAP!” – Qiao Qiao.

Chen Xiaolian thought for a moment before moving to the balcony to call her back.


“Are you home?” Qiao Qiao’s voice sounded somewhat hoarse.

“En,” Chen Xiaolian nodded lightly while watching the distant sun. “You…”

“I am at home. I just got Soo Soo to settle down. She is now sleeping,” Qiao Qiao became silent for a while. Next, she spoke with a hint of firmness. “Let us meet up.”

“Now?” Chen Xiaolian smiled wryly. “Didn’t we just separate?”

“Right now!” Qiao Qiao’s voice was extremely firm.

“… … …” Listening to Qiao Qiao’s voice, Chen Xiaolian felt something strange with her tone. “All right! State the place.”

“Do you still remember the hotel where we met before?”

Chen Xiaolian laughed out. “The hotel where you took out a dagger to threaten me, where you said: If I were to disturb Soo Soo again, you will cripple me. That hotel?”

“… that hotel,” Qiao Qiao took a deep breath. “I am heading out now. See you later.”

One hour later.

Within the hotel’s lobby, Qiao Qiao watched as Chen Xiaolian walked inside. She bit her lips and moved forward. Holding Chen Xiaolian’s hand, the two of them walked into the elevator.

During the entire process, the two of them did not say anything. Their eyes did not even make contact.

Qiao Qiao had her head lowered.

Chen Xiaolian could feel that Qiao Qiao’s hand was slightly trembling.

She had changed her clothes and her hair seemed somewhat wet. It seemed she had taken a bath back when she was at home.

She wore a short skirt, revealing her slender legs and the smooth skin of a young lady; giving her an attractive image.

Chen Xiaolian quietly averted his gaze away.

Having reached the top floor of the hotel, Qiao Qiao produced a card to open up the door to a room and the two of them entered.

Chen Xiaolian turned around. “Are you…”

Qiao Qiao suddenly flew into Chen Xiaolian’s arms!

The force behind her was such that Chen Xiaolian was thrown onto the bed. Next, she kissed down heavily and her soft, fragrant lips made contact with Chen Xiaolian’s.

Chen Xiaolian was momentarily stunned before instinctively using his hands to embrace Qiao Qiao’s waist.

Her short skirt and small waist T-shirt exposed her slim waist.

Chen Xiaolian’s fingers caressed the girl’s slim waist to his heart’s content. Exhaling, he turned around, pinning Qiao Qiao down and pressing his lips down on hers. His tongue darted inside, forcing Qiao Qiao’s teeth aside.

Soft, moist with a tint of sweet fragrance.

After the two of them kissed for who knew how long, they gasped for breath. Then, Qiao Qiao turned over, forcing herself on top of Chen Xiaolian’s body. Chen Xiaolian’s hands moved naturally into Qiao Qiao’s short skirt and held onto her thigh. Then, he whispered. “You… what happened?”

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