Chapter 155 Part 3: End of Tokyo Instance Dungeon

GOR Chapter 155 Part 3: End of Tokyo Instance Dungeon

The Floater fused with the [A+] class Mech!

Through the Floater’s skill, the two powerful mechanical life forms had become one!

Roddy who was seated inside the Mech’s cockpit felt an intense pulse spreading through his body!

The lights of his neuron connection with the Mech suddenly radiated a golden light. Subsequently, Roddy felt as though a flame was ignited within his body. His mental energy soared to an extreme level!

Naturally, there was a side effect… the countdown!

The countdown timer originally had another 8 seconds left upon it. However, now that the Mech had fused with the Floater, the amount of time left on the timer fell instantly to…

3 seconds!

External wise, a sphere of light appeared upon the surface of the Mech! Even the turbines behind the Mech appeared to have doubled in strength.

The eight golden wings spread open and the Mech jumped up into the skies, flying toward Tian Lie’s position.

The Multi-phase Beam Cannon upon its chest continued blasting out its energy beam. However, the energy beam appeared more radiant, seemingly carrying an even greater level of power behind it!

The Mech ascended the skies and rapidly closed up the distance between it and Tian Lie.

The countdown timer…

2 seconds!

The Phantom Particle Beam Blade appeared from the Mech’s hand. The beam blade wrapped within the Phantom Particles suddenly exploded with power. The length of the blade had shockingly increased, reaching a length of up to 10 meters! The beam blade that was originally faint orange in colour had now become a brilliant golden!

Countdown timer…

1 second!

Roddy howled out. “Die!”

The Mech appeared before Tian Lie!

Beam Blade!



A “chi” sound was heard as the Beam Blade struck Tian Lie’s forehead, cleaving straight through his body! From the head down to the chest, then the abdomen, then the waist…


Tian Lie’s gigantic body was severed into two!

The bursts of energy rays escaping through the innumerable cracks upon the surface of his body finally found a breach.

High up in the skies, a dazzling flower of flames blossomed outward! It was as though a nuclear explosion had gone off in the middle of the skies.

In the middle of the loud explosion was Tian Lie. The Angel Killer’s gigantic body exploded into countless fragments, which were then engulfed by the spreading flames, turning them into ashes!

The immense explosion spread open rapidly, expanding up to a distance of several km and more within an instant.

However, once the blaze from the explosion travelled to the edge of Tokyo City, it appeared to have encountered an invisible barrier, which immediately cut off the blaze…

Even so, a huge cloud of light enveloped the skies above the entirety of Tokyo region.

The flaming embers descended like meteors falling from the skies and were burned out, leaving only silence.

Countdown timer…

0 seconds!

High above the skies, the figure of the Mech disappeared.

The colossal mechanical entity disappeared and Roddy’s figure could be seen plummeting straight down from the skies!

Roddy appeared to have lost his consciousness; both his eyes were shut and his body simply fell down.

At that moment, the Floater hovering in the skies suddenly opened up. Its eight long wings folded together and sped toward Roddy. Soon, it reached and caught hold of Roddy.

Nicole was kneeling on the ground, blood trickling down her mouth and tears glistening within her eyes. She forced out her hand and struggled to control the Floater with the last of her strength. The Floater caught hold of Roddy, reduced the speed of his fall, and landed gently on the ground. Nicole then spat out blood from her mouth and slumped onto the ground.

As for the Floater… it transformed into a clump of white light and disappeared.

“That fellow… is dead?”

Nicole raised her head and watched the embers falling down from the skies. There was no trace of Tian Lie, no flowing liquid metal, no streams of data!

Tears filled Nicole’s eyes and rolled down her cheeks. Then, she suddenly laughed.

“He was actually… killed?”


Nicole slumped to the ground and fainted.

Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo ran forward, one toward Roddy and another one toward Nicole.

Chen Xiaolian struggled to stand up and raise his head, gazing at the skies…

The terrifying figure of that bald man was no more.

The terrifying streams of data was no more.

The terrifying flow of liquid metal too, was no more.

We really… managed to completely obliterate him?

Soo Soo pulled Roddy up. Roddy let out a weak laugh before tilting his head to the side and fainting.

At that moment however…


Qiao Qiao suddenly called out in a sharp voice. Chen Xiaolian turned and saw Qiao Qiao kneeling beside Nicole.

Qiao Qiao turned to face Chen Xiaolian, her face twisted.

Chen Xiaolian’s heart sank and he hobbled over.

“She… does not look good!” Qiao Qiao nervously held onto Nicole.

Chen Xiaolian knelt down on the ground and extended his hand to check Nicole’s breath.

Nicole’s situation was indeed worrisome.

Her breathing was growing weaker, her rate of inhalation exceeding her rate of exhalation.

Additionally… her body was beginning to cool down!

Her body was cooling down at a rapid pace! It was as though her body was quickly turning to a cold piece of stone!

“Her pupils are dilating!” Qiao Qiao pulled open Nicole’s eyelids and said. Even though she and Nicole do not see eye to eye, they were still comrade-in-arms. Observing Nicole’s current condition made her worried.

“Her pulse is also…” Chen Xiaolian pinched Nicole’s wrist.

Her pulse had disappeared!

“Healing Beast Blood! Healing Beast Blood!”

Qiao Qiao looked at Chen Xiaolian in panic.

Chen Xiaolian’s face was pale. He turned to Qiao Qiao and spoke in a low tone of voice. “I… don’t have anymore!”

Indeed, no more!

Chen Xiaolian, Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo… all three of them were Irregularities!

Irregularities do not have Exchange System! They could not purchase out equipment from the Exchange System at any given moment nor could they purchase medicinal substances like the Healing Beast Blood!

They did prepare some healing medicinal substances as reserve when the instance dungeon began, however, those were purchased through the humanoid discount card, Xia Xiaolei.

Presently though… after such a lengthy battle, everyone’s reserve items have been exhausted!

Chen Xiaolian had none on him! The same held true for Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo!

Nicole’s pulse…

Completely stopped!

Tears flowed out from Qiao Qiao’s eyes.

She hugged Nicole’s body tightly. “Hey! You are not really going to die, are you? Wake up! Wake up! You are a Floating Angel! You are such a prideful person! Didn’t you like arguing with me? Wake up, woman!”

Chen Xiaolian’s face was grim as he silently sat by their side.

Soo Soo dragged Roddy over and Chen Xiaolian silently got up to check his condition. After walking over and determining that Roddy was fine but simply unconscious, he said nothing. He brought Roddy over and placed him beside Nicole.

“We… lost her.”

Chen Xiaolian grabbed Qiao Qiao’s wrist to stop her from shaking Nicole’s body.

“…” Qiao Qiao raised her head and looked at Chen Xiaolian. “I… I…”

She suddenly threw herself onto Nicole’s body. “I am sorry! I am sorry, Nicole! I am so sorry! I should not have argued with you! You did so many things for us, so many… I am sorry!”

[System prompt: Your guild member Nicole has died].

[System prompt: Due to the death of the Hunt Prolonging Card’s owner, the countdown timer has stopped].

[System prompt: Teleportation will begin in ten seconds. Ten, nine, eight, seven… three, two, one!]

Chen Xiaolian, Soo Soo, Qiao Qiao, Roddy… their figures disappeared from the spot…

Nagase Komi was kneeling on the ground as she gazed upon the skies… the distant explosion back then was so terrifying, it felt as though the resulting burst of light had enveloped the entirety of Tokyo…

She watched as the cloud of light dissipated and the skies turned calm…

Nagase Komi suddenly felt an intense feeling of dread blooming within her heart. It was as though she had stepped into nothingness and a sense of emptiness filled her heart.

It was as though a certain presence had… disappeared?

[System prompt: Due to the death of the Hunt Prolonging Card’s owner, the countdown timer has stopped].

“Dead? He is dead?” Nagase Komi raised her head up high and looked at the skies in stupor.

The bald man… he said he would protect me…


Nagase Komi was lost in thought as she looked at the skies. She did not even realize that a wet feeling was coming from her eyes.

That fellow who said… he detested matters of being abandoned the most.

That fellow who said… he will protect me…

That powerful fellow who forced the Guild Leader to run away miserably…

Just like that… he… died?

[Countdown: Three… two… one…]

A clump of light enveloped Nagase Komi’s body.

The bald girl did not notice… her feet… without making any noise whatsoever…

An object the size of a speck of sand fell down…

That drop of silvery liquid metal was like a pearl made of water and it moved toward Nagase Komi’s shoes, flowing onto it.

It then fused together with the metal ring of her shoelace!

Tokyo, Ginza.

It was bustling with people and cars went by in droves.

Female students wearing short skirts, young delinquents with dyed hair and white collared workers wearing business attire and briefcase…

The sun was above sending its light down upon this bustling metropolis.

On a giant screen, there was an advertisement where a celebrity was endorsing a perfume…

Chen Xiaolian held onto Roddy while Qiao Qiao held onto Soo Soo. They stood by the street, motionless.

This place should be the exit location for their teleportation. They waited there for at least five minutes.

However, Nicole did not appear!

Nicole was not teleported out!

Nicole… was truly dead.

On the ground floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Chen Xiaolian and his group caught sight of the two brothers, Lun Tai, Bei Tai and Xia Xiaolei.

Both Lun Tai and Bei Tai’s body were bandaged with Bei Tai suffering the most. Lun Tai limped forward with a crutch while Bei Tai was helped forward by Xia Xiaolei as he could no longer move.

They came together and Lun Tai looked at Chen Xiaolian and his group of four… he looked around and frowned as he turned toward Chen Xiaolian.

It appeared he realized that there was one less person.

Chen Xiaolian looked into Lun Tai’s eyes and lightly shook his head.

In a remote alley within a certain corner of Tokyo,.

A bald headed girl appeared at a corner, scaring away a cat that was rummaging a trashcan.

The bald girl stood inside the alley and observed the exit of the alley from her location. There, the people were bustling about and cars drove by in numbers, creating a lively atmosphere.

The bald girl absent-mindedly watched the world beyond the alley. Then, she suddenly turned her body and walked inside, toward the darker area of the alley. Soon, her figure disappeared into the darkness of the quiet alley.

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