Chapter 155 Part 2: End of Tokyo Instance Dungeon

GOR Chapter 155 Part 2: End of Tokyo Instance Dungeon

Tian Lie showed no scruples as he lifted his massive feet and moved it, stamping down toward Roddy!

The foot descended and the area that Roddy was standing on was flattened. Qiao Qiao and the rest who were hiding some distant away gasped!

Chen Xiaolian’s face however remained calm. “Do not worry, that fellow won’t die just yet… he is probably using his ultimate move!”

“Ulti… ultimate move?” Qiao Qiao stared quizzically.

Tian Lie’s feet stamped down on Roddy as one would trample an ant to its death. After that, Tian Lie proceeded to move forward. However, a powerful force suddenly erupted out from beneath his feet!

The Angel Killer’s gigantic body was flipped upside down by the force! The force was so powerful that his colossal body was thrown backward!

Tian Lie’s colossal body was thrown back and he slammed into a row of buildings in succession. In the end, his body was stopped after ramming into a tall building.

Tian Lie shook his head, then he raised it to examine what was before him. A gigantic mechanical hand made of metal was extending outward from the surface of the ground where Roddy was standing!

Next, space itself cracked and a smooth area, which resembled a mirror, appeared on the surface of the ground. A colossal mech emerged from under the ground!

Coated in blue, silver, and black, the 18-meter tall humanoid Mech exuded an aura of dominance!

Within the Mech’s chest position was a cockpit. Roddy’s figure teleported into the cockpit.

“Bring it on, damned baldy!” Roddy’s eyes were alight and he spat out viciously.

At the same time, within the interface, the countdown began!

18 seconds!

Within the cockpit, clumps of light appeared rapidly and they entered Roddy’s body. This mode allowed for the connection of the body’s neurons, causing a strange feeling to wash over him.

At this moment, he felt as though he had become one with the Mech’s body!

Roddy did not hesitate to start up the Mech’s battle mode!

The powerful turbines behind the Mech suddenly discharged a flaming burst of ions and the colossal Mech shot forward!

The gigantic 18 meter tall Mech sped through the long street like a tempest and arrived before Tian Lie in just a blink of an eye.

Before Tian Lie could even straighten himself out from the rubble of the tall building, the Mech had already arrived before him. A giant fist made of steel brutally connected with Tian Lie’s head!


A loud and thunderous sound spread out!

Angel Killer’s body suddenly came crashing down to the side. The combined force of the two metal giants caused whatever remained of the tall building to utterly collapse! As for Tian Lie’s body, the power behind the fist caused his body to become embedded into the centre of the building.

The Mech had already rotated its other part of its body forward. From its right hand, a beam of light burst out!

Phantom Particle Beam Blade!

The Mech held the blade of light that was encased within the phantom particles and stabbed it ruthlessly into Tian Lie’s chest!

The blade of light pierced through the Angel Killer’s chest armour, eliciting a loud howl from Tian Lie. The black coloured sword in Tian Lie’s hand was sent swiping over, knocking the blade of light away. The beam blade then cut a path through Tian Lie’s chest, leaving a gash upon his chest armour!

The black coloured sword and the blade of light smashed fiercely into each other and the colossal Mech’s body was pushed back, tumbling backward.

The Mech quickly retreated. Roddy kept the blade of light and he moved the Mech’s hand to the back.

From behind the Mech’s body, Roddy retrieved out a high-energy beam rifle, holding it with the Mech’s hands.

The muzzle of the rifle charged up and it flashed with light.

Chen Xiaolian was able to identity it immediately. The beam rifle that Fujino Masayoshi was using was an imitation of this weapon held by the Mech.

The huge muzzle finished charging up in but an instant! Its performance far exceeded that of the imitation!

A beam of light was fired out instantly!

Tian Lie had just gotten up, only to be struck by the beam of light in the chest!

A defensive sphere of light rapidly expanded out from Tian Lie’s body.

This was the energy shield that the Floating Angel had failed to break through earlier!

The beam of light struck the surface of the energy shield. Instantly, the radiance bursting outward from the energy shield leapt up by several levels, becoming incomparably bright. It was as though a miniature sun had descended upon the Earth!

The immense momentum behind the beam of light forced Tian Lie’s body backward, his feet almost losing grip of the ground. His entire body, wrapped within the sphere of light, was pushed backward. As a result, the houses and buildings within his path were all devastated.

Tian Lie’s body itself was blasted backward by around 200 meters!

Finally, a tall building that was over ten storeys in height stopped the momentum that was thrusting Tian Lie backward. His body smashed into the tall building, causing a small portion of the building to break apart. The huge metal body was then stuck inside the framework of the tall building.

Unfortunately, the beam rifle was incapable of breaking through Tian Lie’s energy shield!

“Damn it!”

Roddy who was seated inside the cockpit cursed out,

Time remaining: 11 seconds!

“The beam rifle is not powerful enough! Initialize the Multi-phase Beam Cannon!” Roddy’s face had turned paper white.

The manipulation of neurons allowing him to connect with the Mech’s body was quickly increasing the amount of mental energy consumed by his ‘Mechanical Heart’ skill.

Tian Lie emerged out of the tall building. Sparks of fire flashed out from the gaping wound on his chest, but he appeared oblivious to that fact. He revealed a ferocious grin as he raised the black coloured sword and pounced forward!

Black coloured flames gushed out from the turbines behind Tian Lie’s pair of wings and his body transformed into something akin to black coloured lightning. In a blink of an eye, he had appeared before the Mech. He raised the black coloured sword up high and slashed down with it!

“Beam Shield!”

Phantom Particles sprayed out rapidly from the Mech’s left arm. The resulting light transformed into a transparent shield! The black coloured sword in Tian Lie’s hand slashed down onto the shield and a loud boom spread out.

Roddy suddenly coughed out a mouthful of blood!

Although the beam shield successfully blocked the strike from the black coloured sword, the resulting impact carried over an immensely oppressive power. Despite only piloting the Mech’s body, Roddy himself was linked to the Mech through the neuron connection and thus, was affected by the resulting impact.

As a result, he sprayed out a mouthful of blood!

The colossal Mech’s body staggered and its left leg went down to its knee. Even so, it had its left arm raised, holding onto the beam shield and keeping Tian Lie’s black coloured sword at bay.

Tian Lie gave another ferocious grin and the black coloured sword descended with lightning like speed, cleaving heavily onto the surface of the beam shield! A thunderous boom rang out once more!

The Mech was struck by the immense power of the resulting impact and the joints of its left leg trembled slightly.

Finally, Tian Lie shouted out loudly. “Die!”

His body leapt high up into the air, creating a distance of nearly 10 meters between him and the ground. Then, he descended! Descending together with his body was the black coloured sword, which struck down onto the beam shield!


The amount of load hammering down upon the beam shield on the Mech’s left arm was too overwhelming! As a result, the beam shield created from the Phantom Particles collapsed! Due to the disappearance of the beam shield, Tian Lie’s black coloured sword pierced through and struck the Mech’s body!

The sword blow struck the Mech’s armour that was made of powerful yet unknown materials and cut into the Mech’s left arm!

The blow left a wound that was one third in depth!

A scream escaped Roddy’s mouth as the neuron connection brought the pain felt by the Mech’s body into his own. The intense amount of pain caused Roddy’s body to tremble uncontrollably.

The attack knocked him backward and the Mech tumbled down.

At that moment, at the chest area of the Mech just beneath the cockpit position, the surface of the armour there opened up to form the flat shaped muzzle of a blaster.

“Multi-phase Beam Cannon! Obliterate him to his death!”

Beam particles gathered upon the muzzle of the blaster at a fast rate before transforming into a thick energy beam, which blasted outward!

As the distance between them was too close, Tian Lie had no time to activate his energy shield. Thus, the blast from the Multi-phase Beam Cannon charged toward his chest!

Tian Lie was only able to quickly bring up his black coloured sword, positioning the broad surface of the sword before him to block the incoming attack. The energy beam slammed into Tian Lie, lifting him up into the skies! The energy beam struck the black coloured sword and a dazzling brilliance radiated outward!

After emitting several “zi zi” sounds, the black coloured sword shattered! Then, the energy beam smashed onto Tian Lie’s chest!

The Multi-phase Beam Cannon was the most powerful weapon among the Mech’s weapons system. Currently, that powerful energy beam discharged by the cannon was tearing its way into Tian Lie’s chest!

After the dazzling radiance from earlier faded, Tian Lie’s figure could be seen again. Upon the surface of his body armour, countless cracks had appeared! The energy beam charged into Tian Lie’s body and he swelled like an inflated balloon… energy rays burst out from the cracks…


Tian Lie’s body, that was sent flying up in the skies suddenly burst outward with light!

However, amid the mass of light, Tian Lie’s body struggled to maintain itself.

“No, not enough. Still not enough… It is still not enough!”

Nicole was kneeling on the ground, both her hands propping her body up as she raised her head to look at Tian Lie who was up in the skies.

A trace of decisiveness flashed through her eyes!

I can only… do that!

The broken external armour of her Floating Angel form suddenly came off.

The armour converged together before moving away from Nicole. Then, it shot upward in the direction of Roddy’s Mech!

Nicole raised up one hand, opening her palm and used all her might to shout:

“Floater… FUSION!”

The Floater quickly arrived beside Roddy’s Mech. The metal rings split apart and merged together with the Mech’s body! Behind the Mech, the Floater released a metallic radiance and fused onto the Mech’s back.

The Floater rapidly split apart and…

Behind the Mech, a pair of long wings made of light spread open!

The wings of light began taking form as it condensed out a solid body part.

Four on the left and four on the right! Eight shining golden wings spread out from the back of the Mech!

Floating Angel… Mech Fusion!

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