Chapter 155 Part 1: Tian Lie’s Final Form

GOR Chapter 155 Part 1: Tian Lie’s Final Form

“The Bio-transformation Faction’s research results,” Qiao Qiao replied as she looked at Chen Xiaolian in the eye. “Power Propagation Serum!”

Power Propagation Serum?

Chen Xiaolian watched as the faint aquamarine coloured liquid entered his body…

[System prompt: You have utilized an [A] class item, the ‘Power Propagation Serum’.

[A. You can now select one attribute to enhance. The attribute will be enhanced by one class.

[B. Unlimited Propagation skill activated! All attributes can be restored without any limit or constraints. The restoration cannot exceed the class of the existing attribute.]

Chen Xiaolian. “… … …”

The first benefit of this serum is to allow the enhancement of one attribute up by one class – this benefit is easy to understand.

The second benefit… all attributes can be restored without limits… does that mean I now no longer need healing medicinal substances? Even if I get hurt, as long as I do not die, I will… regenerate?

As Chen Xiaolian was considering this, his face suddenly lit up!

He suddenly thought of something important!

This serum… for others, they would only obtain those two benefits from it.

But for Chen Xiaolian…

Unlimited restoration of all attributes!

This means…


The Goddess of Dawn’s Overwhelming Sunlight Purification skill, which will combust my properties in order to attack…

That Great Art of Demonic Dissolution… will no longer be a problem for me!

Before this, the biggest issue plaguing Chen Xiaolian was that his trump card, his exclusive skill ‘Goddess of Dawn’s Overwhelming Sunlight Purification’ was no different to a suicide attack.

Although its attacking power was very strong, once it was utilized, all his attributes would be combusted away! After using the skill, Chen Xiaolian was as good as dead!

Back then, Chen Xiaolian had used a Genetic Enhancement Serum to restore and enhance his attributes to [B] class. However, there was a restriction for the usage of Genetic Enhancement Serums, it could only be used once!

Thus, Chen Xiaolian had never been able to utilize the Goddess of Dawn’s skill anymore.

But now…

With this serum that could restore attributes without any limitation…

Chen Xiaolian felt strength returning to his body. This feeling was akin to that when he was using Healing Beast Blood. The injuries on his body, both internal and external quickly closed up. Then, Chen Xiaolian tried to prop himself up.

“This item… if you use it on me… then you all…”

“Do not worry, everyone has one!” Qiao Qiao gave a faint smile. However, she turned her head away slightly.

“Oppa!” Soo Soo stood beside them and bit down hard on her lips. “When we completed the quest, we found a total of six serums. The number is probably based on the number of people who completed the quest. Because the group sent to complete the Bio-transformation Faction quest had only a total of six people…”

Chen Xiaolian suddenly turned his head to look at Qiao Qiao!

He immediately understood!

Qiao Qiao… she had given him her own serum!

Nicole quickly went to Roddy. She pulled him up and fed him a Healing Type Beast Blood.

“We need to hurry and move!” Nicole turned to Chen Xiaolian “That fellow will be back soon!”

Chen Xiaolian stood up. “There is not much time left! Let us leave here immediately!”

However, at that same instant…

Countless streams of data abruptly rushed in from all directions, converging together! All the streams of data converged upon Tian Lie’s body that was lying on the road far away.

Then… it suddenly dispersed outward, resembling an explosion!

The dispersed streams of data flowed into the surrounding buildings, causing a high amount of liquid metal to flow out from the buildings. The amount of liquid metal flowing out gradually increased and they all fused into Tian Lie’s body.

His lower body stood up and expanded at a rapid pace!

All the houses, tall buildings and metal fences on both sides of the road fragmented and collapsed, no different from falling sand castles.

Innumerable reinforcing steel were transformed into liquid metal and were all extracted out of the buildings. Then, the streams of liquid metal flowed to Tian Lie’s body.

“Hurry up and run! It is going to collapse!”

Nicole grabbed Roddy with one hand. Her other hand grabbed hold of Chen Xiaolian while Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo got on Nicole’s back!

The Floating Angel flew upward. It blasted upward quickly and they were soon up in the skies.

Looking down from the skies, they saw Tian Lie’s body increasing in size!

Vast amount of metal had converged onto his body. In but merely ten plus seconds, Tian Lie’s body had become as big as a tall building! Additionally, his body was still expanding!

A faint silvery metal glow enveloped his entire body while streams of data could be seen lurking about, flowing at a fast pace upon his body.

Finally, behind Tian Lie, a pair of wings spread open!

It was just like…

A Floating Angel!

However, Tian Lie’s pair of wings was black in colour.

Tian Lie’s body shape also transformed rapidly. His external appearance gradually came to resemble a giant sized Floating Angel’s mech form!

Nicole spoke with a trace of fear within her voice.  “This… this is Tian Lie’s final form! Angel Killer!”

Tian Lie’s body had expanded until he was now seven or eight storeys tall!

After that…

Tian Lie suddenly sneered. He raised his head and gazed upon Nicole, who was flying up in the skies.

He quickly stretched out his left hand, smashing it heavily into a tall building beside him.

Innumerable streams of data flowed into the building. After that, TIan Lie pulled out his hand and a sharp sword was ‘drawn’ out from the building!

Tian Lie had transformed all the metals within the building in but an instant. The metal materials were all transformed into liquid metal and pulled out! Next, through the transformation powers of the streams of data, the metal was transformed into a sharp sword!

A gleaming black coloured sword!

“Little angel! You are finally here! You are my most delicious prey!”

Tian Lie laughed long and loud and his voice was carried over, penetrating through Heaven and Earth. It was as though there were countless loudspeakers on his body.

Next, Tian Lie flapped the wings behind his back, raising a tempest and the rubble that was left over from the collapsed buildings were all swept away! Tian Lie’s gigantic body soared into the skies!

Compared to this gigantic monster, the mech form of Nicole’s Floating Angel was no different from a little doll.


Chen Xiaolian roared.

Nicole’s Floating Angel form instantly activated her turbines and she transformed into a silver beam of light, speeding away from the place.

“There is no escape!”

Tian Lie bellowed loudly and he abruptly swung his black coloured sword at Nicole!

A stream of silver light suddenly burst out, with Tian Lie at its centre.

It was just like a resulting cloud from a nuclear explosion and a shockwave spread outward!

The Floating Angel, who was still in flight, was slammed upon by the violent shockwave interweaved with the silver light and she fell haphazardly!

“Hold on tight!”

Nicole screamed out as her Floating Angel form channelled more power to glide down and land upon the surface of a main road.

After placing Chen Xiaolian and the others down the ground, Nicole said with a decisive expression. “He is using his final form! We cannot escape! The entire city is now under the control of his data stream! Right now, we can only fight to the death with him!”

After saying that, Nicole turned around and soared up into the sky!

The wings of her Floating Angel form suddenly burst out with an intense orange coloured light. Following that, Nicole’s Floating Angel form too, expanded at an insane pace!

The metallic materials on the Floating Angel appeared to be accumulating by itself. It was as though it was undergoing an assembly mode where it would automatically propagate itself!

Soon, the Floating Angel had expanded from a normal human body shape into a height of seven to eight meters.

It currently appeared like a medium sized mech.

Behind her, a pair of wings spread open, nearly 15 meters in length.

A lightning like beam shot out from Nicole’s hand to form a military blade. Subsequently, the orange coloured flames from her turbines erupted and her figure transformed into lightning, charging toward Tian Lie!

Floating Angel vs Angel Killer!

“Go to hell!!!”

The Floating Angel’s wings spread open and she dashed forward, the blade of light in her hand slashing viciously at Tian Lie’s neck!

Tian Lie’s black coloured sword quickly intercepted it and the blade of light struck the black coloured sword to produce a burst of radiance.

A booming sound exploded outward and the Floating Angel’s body was thrown backward. She then hovered in the sky, maintaining a distance from Tian Lie. The Floating Angel opened her left palm and a sphere of light rapidly condensed into being before shooting out toward Tian Lie!

Tian Lie sneered and the black wings spread out to cover his huge body. Then, a silver sphere of light appeared, enveloping his body.

The beam of light fired out by Nicole struck the sphere of light, but was broken into lines of electrical current before dissipating!

“Too weak! Is your energy only at that feeble level?” Tian Lie laughed out loudly. “It seems you are just a weak little fledgling angel!”

Tian Lie smiled derisively and extended his left hand as well.

Upon his huge palm, a sphere of black coloured light appeared before shooting forward at Nicole!

Nicole gritted her teeth and she howled, her pair of wings moving to envelop her. At the same time, a sphere of light appeared, covering her body…


The black beam of light struck Nicole’s sphere of light and shook for a bit…


A loud boom echoed out!

The black beam of light pierced through the sphere of light and Nicole was struck by the attack. The attack then sent her Floating Angel form flying.

The black beam of light continued onward, swallowing Nicole’s body and slamming her onto a tall building. After that, she fell heavily onto the ground.

A loud bang was heard and the impact of her fall created a huge crater. The concrete steel underneath the ground was cracked from the impact as well. Nicole struggled to climb out from the ground, her left wing was already torn out.

Various damaged parts could be seen upon the surface of her Floating Angel’s mech armour and sparks buzzed out from the damaged areas.

After crawling out from the ground, Nicole had no time to even stand up before Tian Lie’s gigantic figure descended from the skies!

The huge black coloured sword swiped at Nicole and she was only able to raise her blade of light to block once.

A “clang” resounded!

The two swords clashed and electrical currents surged outward. Then, no longer able to endure the load, Nicole screamed out in pain and a burst of light shone out from her Floating Angel form before turning dim…

The blade of light broke apart and the Floating Angel’s body was struck by the attack, causing her to be thrown backward again!

This time, she was sent skidding through the ground and an entire street was rendered into absolute ruin. Her head smashed into a house and her body lay prone among the fallen rubble.

“Too weak! Someone at this level can become a Floating Angel? Has the standard for Floating Angels fallen to this sorry state? This level of strength is too disappointing!”

Tian Lie raised his black coloured sword and stepped forward.

At that moment, a tiny figure quickly rushed out to stand before the Floating Angel.

Roddy raised his head and looked at the huge Tian Lie; he gazed at this huge being known as the ‘Angel Killer’.

“If you want to kill her, you will have to get through me!”

Roddy’s head was raised and a layer of data stream flashed through both his eyes!

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