Chapter 153: Now You See?

GOR Chapter 153: Now You See? 

The Mech?

A pet?

Chen Xiaolian stared at Roddy as he quickly digested the main issue of the matter.

“You mean to say, that Mech is not simply just a machine? It… it is not an inanimate object?”

“En!” Roddy had a very serious expression on his face. “More accurately, it is a living mechanical object. Perhaps, it is similar to the Floater, a mechanical life form. That is why the system would consider it as a pet.”

“Holy shit!” Chen Xiaolian exhaled deeply and stared at Roddy. Then he said in earnest. “Bro, you’ve hit the jackpot!”

Chen Xiaolian suddenly became excited and he grabbed Roddy’s clothes. “Mech! It is THE MECH argh!”

Roddy snickered. “This time around, the harvest is truly considerable. This Mech is very versatile. It could engage in both air and land battles, and it possesses extremely powerful melee and ranged battle capabilities. According to the system’s evaluation of its initial setting, its melee and ranged capabilities are both at [A] class. Its Melee Ability is at [A] class, its Energy Points is at [A] class and its Growth Capacity is at… [A+]!”

Chen Xiaolian lost his composure.


Holy shit!

This senior had to struggle through so much hardship, nearly losing my life back in the Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang in order to get my hands on that [A] class Bai Qi!

This little bugger… all he did was sleep his way through… and he got his hands on an [A+] class Mech!

There is only one step between that and [S] class argh!

“First Xia Xiaolei, now you! All of you are just bursting with good luck! You fellows are all main characters! Get over here! Let me look at your head, let me see your main character’s radiant aura!” Chen Xiaolian gave a begrudging smile.

Chen Xiaolian then laughed out. “Come on then, summon out the Mech and let me bask in its beauty! This time, there is no need to fear Tian Lie anymore! [A+] class!”

Roddy’s expression quickly turned somewhat embarrassed. “About that…”

“What is it?”

“There is a restriction to its usage.”

“Of course I know there will be restriction in its usage,” Chen Xiaolian waved his hand. “It is an [A+] class high-end item after all. What is the restriction?”

After Roddy answered him, Chen Xiaolian’s expression turned awkward.

Roddy’s skill was ‘Mechanical Heart’. With this skill, it was inevitable that he would enter the mechanical and technological route of development. Thus, War Pets of the mech type such as the Floater would be most suitable for him.

However, the level for Roddy’s Mechanical Heart skill was not high enough.

As for this Mech, it was of the [A+] class – what does that mean? This situation was no different to having a loser forcing himself to marry a fair and wealthy miss!

This [A+] class Mech was a high-class mechanical life form. In Roddy’s case, it just so happened that his Mechanical Heart skill was able to meet the necessary condition to link up with this mechanical life form, allowing him to acquire this Mech.

Unfortunately, there was a problem… his skill level needed to be high in order to control the Mech. Roddy’s ‘Mechanical Heart’ skill, however, did not make the cut.

Under such circumstances, certain restrictions will be imposed, usually in the form of time limit in usage.

The current level that Roddy’s Mechanical Heart skill has could only allow him to summon the Mech to do battle for…

“18 seconds,” Roddy gave a distressed smile.

Chen Xiaolian: “… … …”

Chen Xiaolian could not restrain himself and he pulled an ‘are you kidding me’ face. “Only 18 seconds? Are you kidding me? Even the ads you get on Youtube are longer than that! [1]

Roddy spread out his arms. “At present, my skill level is too low. The amount of time I can summon the Mech out to do battle is only that long. In the future, once I increase the level of my skill, the time limit would be increased. En, after summoning it, there will be a cool down period of 24 hours. By the way, the summoning time can be utilized cumulatively. In other words, within the 24 hours, I can summon it out for a few seconds then summon it back. Then, I can summon it out again… in short, as long as the time summoned does not exceed 18 seconds, I can keep summoning it out.”

Chen Xiaolian sighed. “That is quite the good news. However, 18 seconds is just too short.”

“So, you were abandoned?”

Tian Lie looked at Nagase Komi who remained huddled inside the pickup truck. Then, he tore out the door of the truck and pulled the bald girl out from the truck. After that, he tossed Nagase Komi down onto the ground. There was a playful smile on Tian Lie’s face. “What a pitiful thing.”

Tears trickled down Nagase Komi’s face as she cried. “Don… don't hurt me… I beg you… I beg you… please don't hurt me.”

Tian Lie looked at the flame tattoo on the girl’s neck and suddenly smiled out. He pointed at the tattoo with his finger and asked. “What does that mean?”

“Just… it is just a totem,” Nagase Komi was momentarily stunned. “I… I do not know the specifics of it. I just… just feel that it looks very cool.”

“Very cool?” Tian Lie gave a faint smile. “Interesting. It is indeed quite cool.”

Tian Lie’s eyes flashed and a flame totem tattoo appeared on his neck. After inspecting the tattoo through the pickup truck’s mirror, he smiled. “Not bad, I like its shape.”

After saying that, Tian Lie patted Nagase Komi’s bald head and said. “Isn’t this better? Hair is such an unnecessary existence.”

“You… are you going to kill me?” Nagase Komi shivered.

“…” Tian Lie regarded her before suddenly saying. “Now that you have been abandoned by your Guild Leader, don’t you feel angry?”

Nagase Komi did not say anything; her lips were pursed together tightly.

“Ha ha ha ha ha,” Tian Lie laughed. “You little brat, I like you. You see, the both of us have the same hair style.”

At the same time, his eyes suddenly turned grim and he spoke out in a low tone of voice. “… being abandoned, that is the kind of thing I hate the most.”

Tian Lie then raised his head and looked at Nagase Komi. “I will give you a choice.”


Chen Xiaolian’s eyes suddenly flickered.

[System prompt: Your guild member Nagase Komi had left your guild.]

“From today onward, you are my pet,” Tian Lie looked at the bald girl and rubbed his own bald head. “Even though the system does not allow the adoption of participants as pets, I, senior Tian Lie cares not! If I say you are my pet, then you are my pet! From today onward, you will be under my protection! If anyone bullies you, just say out senior Tian Lie’s name!”

Nagase Komi looked on with fear at this powerful person who was standing before her.

A system prompt appeared before her.

[System prompt: You have applied to become a member of ‘Thorned Flower Guild’. Please wait for inspection].

“You… are you going to let me go? You are not going to kill me?” Nagase Komi looked at Tian Lie gingerly.

“I generally do not kill women. Naturally… those Floating Angels are an exception. I detest those winged bastards the most,” Tian Lie laughed.

“Then… will you still go and kill my Guild Leader…”

“Listen up!” Tian Lie’s expression suddenly darkened and he reached out to pinch Nagase Komi’s chin. Tian Lie spoke out coldly. “You have already left his guild. As of now, he is no longer your Guild Leader, understood?”

“… yes,” Nagase Komi shrank back and nodded her head. At this moment, this Japanese girl’s submissive nature was forced out.

“All right, for now, you can stay here. I will keep on hunting,” Tian Lie stretched his waist and laughed. “There is not much time left. It is about time I finish up the hunt!”

“I… I do not know Guild Leader… ah, what I mean to say is… I do not know where they are hiding,” Nagase Komi quickly said.

“I do not need you to tell me that,” Tian Lie grinned. “Relax, I will find them soon enough.”

TIan Lie suddenly leaned close to Nagase Komi’s face, nearly coming into contact with her nose. He then whispered. “Let me show you something fun. Do you like magic?”

“Ma… magic?”

Tian Lie snickered. Next, he stared into Nagase Komi’s eyes and abruptly shouted aloud. “BANG!”

Tian Lie’s action shocked Nagase Komi and she quickly shrank back her head. Then, she heard Tian Lie issuing a long laugh.

Subsequently, Nagase Komi watched as Tian Lie, who was standing before her suddenly dissolve away!

Tian Lie’s body had transformed into a clump of light that resembled silvery liquid!

Next, countless faint silver coloured streams of data flowed out at a rapid pace in every direction! The streams of data seeped into the ground, into the surrounding houses, walls, buildings…

The countless streams of data kept flowing out at a rapid pace and soon, they all disappeared.

“Go… gone?” Nagase Komi stared with wide-open eyes.

“How much longer?”

“A little more than an hour,” Chen Xiaolian anxiously checked the time and said in a low tone of voice. “Maybe we are lucky and he is unable to locate us.”

Chen Xiaolian knitted his eyebrows as he carefully examined their surroundings, turning his gaze back and forth the street.

At that moment, his face suddenly contorted and he shouted loudly. “Look there!”

On both sides of the street, the metal fences, metal frames of the houses, the cars parked by the street… and even the walls of the tall buildings…

Streams of data appeared, flowing through them!

The streams of data flowed through the metal materials… unfortunately for them, this city was covered with metal!

“It is Tian Lie!” Chen Xiaolian’s face sank and he abruptly shouted. “Bloody Hell! He has this type of trick up his sleeve! We need to move!”

As he said that, Chen Xiaolian had already started up the car. Then, he stepped down heavily onto the throttle of the car and the car roared out before charging its way out from the parking lot.

Countless streams of data flowed in from every direction and they converged in the middle of the road. In but moments, Tian Lie’s figure appeared!

Observing the car roaring away from him, Tian Lie curled the corners of his lips. He then got into a posture of an athlete that was getting ready to start running. “I am coming!”

He bolted forward, taking great strides each as he sped across the street like a whirlwind!

“He is coming!” Roddy who was looking at the rear view mirror shouted out. “Damn it! His running speed is just too fast!”

Chen Xialian gritted his teeth. He had already stepped on the throttle until it reached its limit.

Seeing a crossroad before them, Chen Xiaolian abruptly turned the steering wheel, causing the whole car to drift into the other street! Roddy shouted out in shock as his body was thrown onto the door. From there, he was able to see the curve shaped tyre marks left by the car.

“Holy shit! Your driving skills have improved a lot!”

“Stop spouting nonsense!” Chen Xiaolian shouted loudly. “Help me keep an eye on him!”

“I got him in my sights!” Roddy shouted as he gazed at the back of the car. “He is still chasing us!”

“Damn it!”

Chen Xiaolian slammed heavily down onto the steering wheel.

At that moment, countless streams of data gushed forward from the buildings on both sides of the street! The streams of data converged together and moved after them like a surge of flood water!

This was not the only street where such a scenario was taking place. If one were to observe the city from the skies, one would see that within this city area, the countless streams of data were rapidly rushing through large tracts of the city area. Those streams of data then came together as it moved toward them!

“In front!”

Roddy suddenly exclaimed loudly, pointing to the area of the street ahead!

A stream of data flashed through the surface of a traffic light and the traffic light collapsed as a result, falling onto the middle of the street!

Chen Xiaolian cursed out loudly and he quickly turned the steering wheel, veering the car to the left and into a small street. Along the way, they smashed through two trash bins and an iron wire fence!

Their car finally charged out from the other end of the street and into another main road. Observing the surroundings, Chen Xiaolian noticed a five to six-storey building emitting the sounds of metal twisting.

The streams of data flowed past the building, following which the building then collapsed down! It was as though an invisible axe had cleaved the building into two!

A loud rumbling sound resonated outward as the tall building collapsed down onto the road, blocking the way.

All the roads were sealed!

Chen Xiaolian glanced at the rear view mirror and saw that Tian Lie had already caught up. Chen Xiaolian shouted. “Roddy, hang on tight!”

Like a wild horse, their car rushed toward the surface of the building that was now lying upon the main road!

The car smashed directly through the building’s glass wall, its body jolting as a result before charging into the interior of the building!

Inside the car, Chen Xiaolian and Roddy felt as though they were charging through a raging sea. The car smashed its way through several doors and walls…

Thankfully, the tall building was a frame structure building and the walls of the building was not too strong. The car that they were in smashed its way through the interior of the building before finally smashing its way out from the other side!

The car landed, the tyres scraped against the ground and even the bumper fell onto the ground, causing a long line of sparks to burst forth.

Before Chen Xiaolian could release a sigh of relief, the expression on both him and Roddy fell!

On the road before them, the earth suddenly shook and a crack appeared upon the ground!

Suddenly, a huge piece of the ground suddenly rose up!

Streams of data flowed through a metal pipe fixed beneath the ground and the metal pipe had abruptly twisted upward, causing the ground before them to crack apart in half!

The crack upon the road was at least two meters in width!

“Charge forward!” Roddy yelled.

Chen Xiaolian pushed the car to its highest speed and it flew up, leaping through the sky…

It managed to cross the crack upon the road. However, as the car landed, a bang could be heard and the car suddenly skidded.

“The tyre burst!” Chen Xiaolian roared out as he attempted to control the steering wheel. Unfortunately, he was unable to bring the car under control and it swerved into a house at the left side of the road.

With a boom, the hood of the car popped upward and the body of the car slammed into the wall. Then, the car’s engine died…

“Cough cough cough…”

Both Chen Xiaolian and Roddy were pressed onto by airbags. Chen Xiaolian tore off the airbag, kicked the door of the car outward and stepped out.

From the other side of the car, Roddy too was climbing out from the car.

As the two of them were straightening themselves, they saw Tian Lie smiling as he leapt  through the crack on the road. After landing, Tian Lie then sauntered toward them.

“Hello again, little rookie Guild Leader,” Tian Lie’s eyes were fixed onto Chen Xiaolian. “Back then, you asked me if I have an immortal body, right? Well… now you see!”

1 The sentence in the raw actually translates to “Even the ads you get when watching shows on PPTV is longer than that.” PPTV is a peer-to-peer streaming video freeware that is quite popular. While it is not quite similar, the only Western equivalent I can think of is Youtube.

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