Chapter 150: I Hear You Have An Immortal Body?

GOR Chapter 150: I Hear You Have An Immortal Body? 

“…” Hearing that, Fujino Masayoshi’s eyes turned dark and he plopped down onto the ground in a seated position.

At that moment, all the lights illuminating the entire warehouse area were suddenly turned off!

The interior of the warehouse was abruptly plunged into utter darkness.

A few seconds after that, faint emergency lights on the walls slowly lit up.

“What on earth is happening?”

Chen Xiaolian caught Fujino Masayoshi up and asked. “What just happened?”

“En… energy…” Fujino Masayoshi’s face was pale as he answered. “Energy!”

Chen Xiaolian quickly understood what he meant.

Energy! !

This underground base was originally utilizing the Mech as a large-scale battery to power its operations.

Presently, the Mech has been sent by Roddy to who knew where… as such… the base has lost its battery!

Without the Mech here to act as a source of energy for this underground base, this entire place has lost all power!

“The small-scale backup generator will start up automatically. However, the generator will only be able to provide enough energy for some basic lighting and the normal operation of the evacuation routes. However, the power provided will not suffice for the operation of the large-scale underwater transportation platform. The power generated by the backup generator is far from enough to operate it!” Fujino Masayoshi uttered those words frantically. “The amount of power needed to drain the transportation systems is extremely big! Without the energy source, we cannot open it!”

“Damn it!” Chen Xiaolian threw a fist onto the wall beside in frustration.

He forced himself to take deep breaths and began to look around.

Calm down!

Chen Xiaolian! Clam down!

What you need to do right now is to cool down!

Chen Xiaolian struggled to force his mind to calm down.

Then, he became alert again.

“Nagase Komi!”

“Guild Leader?”

Chen Xiaolian clutched onto the bald girl’s shoulder. “At present, our chance for survival would depend on everyone’s efforts! I am going to give you a task!”

“…yes!” The bald girl answered with a trembling voice.

“You will bring Fujino Masayoshi to go find the diving equipment that he mentioned earlier. After you find it, get him to help you operate it!” Chen Xiaolian said in a heavy tone of voice. “Especially that submersible vehicle outfitted with propellers! You must find that! Then, use the transport truck to bring it over here!”

“…yes! I… I…” The bald headed girl was showing signs of panicking.

“Do not panic! You can do it!” At the present moment, Chen Xiaolian could only choose to trust and encourage Nagase Komi. “Do not forget, you are an Awakened! You are no longer an ordinary human. If you wish to live, then you need to work hard at it. Understand? What you need to do now is to save yourself! Trust me! As long as you do as I instruct you to, I will be able to get you out of here alive!”

“… yes!” Nagase Komi’s voice remained shaky. However, her expression has clearly become more steady.

“Hurry up and go! There is not enough time left. If Fujino Masayoshi refuses to cooperate, then there is no need to go easy on him!” Chen Xiaolian handed a gun to Nagase Komi.

He watched as Nagase Komi dragged Fujino Masayoshi to the side.

Chen Xiaolian turned around, ran back toward the weapon armoury and began re-inspecting the explosives stored inside the armoury.

“Detonators… plastic explosives… son of a bitch! It is not enough!”

Chen Xiaolian frantically gathered up whatever he could find inside the armoury.

His objective was clear: first, he must blow up the ceiling of this underground warehouse!

Unfortunately, the ceiling of this warehouse would certainly be extremely durable!

Only by blasting a hole through the ceiling would they be able to enter the sealed transportation platform.

Then, they will be able to enter the sealed module, which will lead them into the underwater channel. That way, they will be able to leave this place!

Chen Xiaolian found a huge platform lift within the warehouse.

From the location of the platform lift, it appeared that once the platform lift was activated, it would allow the platform that has a length of ten meters and width of ten meters to go directly up to the ceiling.

Under normal circumstances, the control panels could open the ceiling of that area. After draining the seawaters from the sealed module on top, the platform lift would be used to bring down the materials transported into the sealed module on top.

After finding the location of the platform lift, Chen Xiaolian raised his head to inspect the ceiling.

Clearly, the steel doors to this ceiling were designed to separate out from both sides – it was somewhat similar to the platform that they saw from the time they seized the tank from the Metropolitan Police Headquarters.

“Chen Xiaolian, do not panic! You will survive out of this! You will definitely make it!”

Chen Xiaolian clenched his teeth. He brought a lift truck over and climbed his way up its mast. Then, he attached one bombs after another onto the ceiling.

Damn it… a pity that Roddy has fainted!

Otherwise, Roddy would be able to use his skill to unlock the ceiling! There would be no need for him to use bombs.

Chen Xiaolian was not a professional in the field of explosion. He knew not how to calculate the amount of bombs needed.

Not that it mattered. Chen Xiaolian simply attached all the explosives he could find onto the ceiling.

This was a very hastily put up plan and Chen Xiaolian had no guarantees that this plan could succeed.

First, Chen Xiaolian was simply uncertain as to how thick the ceiling of this warehouse was!

Would the blast from the explosives be enough to create an opening big enough for them…

If the blast failed to create an opening, or if the opening was not big enough for them to go through…

Various outcomes were possible. At the current moment however, Chen Xiaolian simply has no other option.

The only thing he could choose to do was…

Test his luck!

Unfortunately, Chen Xiaolian’s luck did not appear to be as strong as he had hoped.

Chen Xiaolian climbed down from the mast. At the same instant that he placed his foot on the ground, he heard a loud banging sound!

A loud boom echoed!

The entire warehouse appeared to be shaken as a result of the noise.

Subsequently, the door of the warehouse… the thick, metal vault door… collapsed down!

It was broken apart!

An impressively robust figure appeared behind the door.

“I am coming! My preys, are you ready?”

Tian Lie swaggered into the warehouse and extended a hand to rub his baldhead.

His eyes quickly found Chen Xiaolian and Tian Lie curled the corners of his lips in a grin. “Oh, the first prey has appeared!”

Chen Xiaolian did not hesitate to act!

The moment he caught sight of Tian Lie, he quickly picked up the 20 mm gatling-style rotary cannon from the ground and held it with his hands.

Bang bang bang bang…

An intense sound of bullets firing rang out loudly!

Within the dimly lit warehouse, the insane barrage of 20 mm bullets created a thick line of fire in the middle of the air.

Tian Lie stood in the doorway. Seeing the incoming barrage of bullets, Tian Lie showed no inclination to even dodge. Tian Lie sneered, raised both arms to cover his face and stepped forward with big strides.

Bang bang bang bang bang…

Bullets poured out at an insane speed and blazing flames sprayed out from the muzzle of the rotary cannon.

The fired out bullets were all concentrated onto Tian Lie’s body!

Tian Lie’s huge, robust body simply provided for the best target for the bullets! At that moment however, Tian Lie’s body suddenly glowed with a faint silvery light. It was as though his entire body had transformed into something exuding a faint silvery metal colour.

The 20 mm bullets from the gatling-style rotary cannon struck his body only to bounce off and fall as scrap metal! Fiery sparks burst out from Tian Lie’s body as a result.

Under this baptism of fire brought upon by the intense gunfire, Tian Lie marched forward!

The 20 mm rotary cannon was actually incapable of harming Tian Lie in the slightest. The strong firepower of this weapon was not even capable of causing him to stagger or slow him down!

Tian Lie appeared completely unaffected by the huge momentum behind the bullets.

He stepped forward yet again!

One step… three steps… ten steps… twenty steps!

The distance between Tian Lie and Chen Xiaolian was now only roughly ten meters!

Wu wu…

Chen Xiaolian has finished firing out every last bullet for the gatling-style rotary cannon.

A tint of redness appeared on the muzzle of the rotary cannon, signifying how hot it has become even as it issued out rotating sounds of “wu wu”.

“No more ammunition?”

Tian Lie put down his hands and he looked on with a cold expression. “Pitiful ants. With a weapon of this level, how could you hope to hurt me?”

“I was not really hoping that this weapon could stop you,” Chen Xiaolian’s face remained calm and he coolly regarded Tian Lie.


“I just wanted to use it… in order to lure you over to stand before me. I am afraid that if you are standing too far away, I will miss!” The instant he said that, Chen Xiaolian immediately pulled out the weapon he placed on his back.

A flat muzzle pointed forward! It was none other than the beam weapon that was created through the technology found from researching the Mech!

The weapon was already fully charged. Chen Xiaolian pulled the beam weapon and aimed it directly at Tian Lie.

Without any hesitation, Chen Xiaolian pulled the trigger.


A faintly translucent and orange coloured beam fired out instantly! With only a distance of ten meters between them, Tian Lie had no opportunity to dodge out of the way and the beam of light struck him squarely in the chest area!

A booming sound rang out and nearly half of Tian Lie’s upper body area burst apart as the beam of light struck him!

Tian Lie’s body, glowing faintly with a silvery metal colour was unharmed despite receiving the full barrage of bullets from a 20 mm gatling-style rotary cannon. However, under the attack of the beam of light, his body burst apart!

Tian Lie’s huge body soared through the air from the impact and he flew over ten meters backward. Finally, his body smashed upon the left side of the entrance door.

After the beam of light dissipated, the left part of Tian Lie’s chest and his entire left shoulder has completely disappeared!

The only thing left on the upper left side of Tian Lie’s body was his tilting neck and his head, which appeared to be on the verge of falling.

In just one shot, Tian Lie was maimed!

Despite such a tremendous victory, Chen Xiaolian showed no expression of joy at all. Instead, he quickly picked up the rotary cannon again and replaced the ammunition belt.

With one hand holding onto the rotary cannon and another holding onto the beam weapon, Chen Xiaolian strode toward Tian Lie!

Tian Lie’s body was embedded into the wall. However, he was not dead…

Naturally, he was not dead!

Upon Tian Lie’s maimed left upper body area, not a single drop of blood flowed out. Instead, silvery liquid could be seen moving upon the area.

The maimed part on Tian Lie’s body began to fuse together and gradually became more complete!

Tian Lie suddenly opened his eyes. Next, he used his intact right arm to readjust his head into position and break himself free from the wall. “Interesting! It seems you found a rather good weapon.”

After saying that, he fell down from the wall, along with some broken rubble.

After falling onto the ground, Tian Lie’s body appeared unsteady and he was somewhat staggering.

Chen Xiaolian kept stepping forward unhesitatingly and he pulled the trigger to the gatling-style rotary cannon, firing out once more with it!

An intense amount of bullets sprayed onto Tian Lie’s body, causing his body to stagger again and again.

Some of the bullets struck the maimed upper left area of Tian Lie’s body, hitting the silvery liquid that was moving along the fused body area.

Tian Lie’s body continued healing itself rapidly. However, even though the barrage of bullets on his body could not bring any harm to him, it appeared to be effectively slowing down his rate of healing!

This was Chen Xiaolian’s objective!

Chen Xiaolian had already taken twenty steps forward!

Twenty steps, twenty seconds!

The beam weapon had finished recharging!

This time, Chen Xiaolian aimed the beam weapon at Tian Lie’s waist area.

The translucent, orange coloured beam of light fired out once more, sweeping through Tian Lie’s waist area!

Under the damaging power of the beam of light, the area below Tian Lie’s waist, his entire left leg was liquefied.

Tian Lie’s head fell onto the ground, falling face first into a large pool of silvery liquid.

The attack launched this time was more accurate and more ruthless compared to the one fired earlier!

Chen Xiaolian did not hold back. Right after the beam of light dissipated, the rotary cannon roared out once again!

The dense number of bullets peppered Tian Lie, knocking him back continuously until his body reached the surface of the wall. His body became no different from a broken doll, rocking back and forth under the hail of bullets striking him.


Wu wu wu…

The ammunition belt was emptied!

Chen Xiaolian was now standing before Tian Lie with less than two meters of distance between them.

At present, Tian Lie’s body only have one intact right arm and half a body.

This time, after pulling the beam weapon out, Chen Xiaolian aimed it right onto Tian Lie’s head.

“I hear you have an immortal body?” The expression on Chen Xiaolian’s face was cold.


The beam of light fired out and Tian Lie’s head liquefied under the beam of light, turning into scattered drops of silver liquid!

The beam of light continued downward, cutting a path through the middle of Tian Lie’s body. Tian Lie’s body then turned into a pool of silver liquid.

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