Chapter 149: Test of Luck (Teaser)

GOR Chapter 149: Test of Luck

Roddy laughed before turning around to face the metal support’s lift. He got on the lift and pressed the button upon it, causing the lift to slowly rise up, bringing Roddy upward to the upper half area of the Mech.

Chen Xiaolian then turned around to look at Fujino Masayoshi. “Does this place have anything else? Considering how big this warehouse is, surely it does not only house this Mech, right?”

“Err… there should be a weapon armoury here. Those weapons are all meant for military testing, especially the military weapon devices. Those are used to debug the resulting data. They should be somewhere in another warehouse within this area.”

Looking around, Chen Xiaolian found much of what he needed from a small-scale weapons warehouse located roughly 50 meters away from the Mech warehouse.

Nagase Komi watched as Chen Xiaolian picked up a 20mm gatling-style rotary cannon with his hands – Chen Xiaolian was never a tall person to begin with. For someone like him to be carrying the rotary cannon like a Terminator, the image he exhibited was one of awkwardness.

However, his bodily attributes have been enhanced to [B] Class. Thanks to that, the act of carrying the huge rotary...

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