Chapter 146 Part 2: Open The Door

GOR Chapter 146 Part 2: Open The Door

“It is very powerful,” Roddy sighed as he appraised the gully like hole left on the ceiling.

To be capable of cutting out a gully like hole upon concrete – and that was just from one shot! This energy weapon possessed an overwhelming position of superiority compared to the firearms that present day soldiers possessed.

Judging from its shape, this weapon should have been designed for individual soldiers.

“It… It is still incomplete,” Cold sweat trickled down Fujino Masayoshi’s forehead. “At present, we are still incapable of creating a stable and sustainable energy source for it. Thus… every time it is fired, it will need to be recharged for a considerable amount of time, twenty seconds.  Additionally, after firing it for the third time, many of this weapon’s core components will be scrapped and needs to be replaced. We have yet to develop a material that is capable of enduring the resulting load from the powerful energies used… the materials we developed with our current level of technology were all unable to handle the load.”

A thought flashed through Roddy’s mind. “… if so, how did you create this weapon?”

“Err…” Fujino Masayoshi hesitated and his eyes darted about.

It was then… BOOM!

The vault door was slammed yet again and it shook slightly.

Chen Xiaolian’s face turned grim.

Although the vault door appeared intact, it was clear… the vault door’s defensive capability was not as high as he had expected.

A few noticeable cracks had also appeared on the concrete walls beside the vault door!

Chen Xiaolian turned his head to look at Fujino Masayoshi. “In addition to this rifle, what other weapons does this place have?”


A few minutes later, Roddy’s loud voice of surprise could be heard.

“Holy shit! How do you have so many good stuff? By the Heavens! My… are my eyes deceiving me?”

They stood within the demonstration hall next to a row of glass cabinets. Roddy rubbed his eyes vigorously as he stared at the items placed within the glass cabinets.

Within a metal holder, there was an unusually shaped weapon placed upon it.

Seeing those weapons, Chen Xiaolian simply did not understand what they were. Roddy, on the other hand, kept exclaiming out continuously.

“This… is this an energy beam weapon? Is this a beam-type military knife? Holy shit… what is this? A defensive beam? Or is it a defensive force field? How is that possible? How could Japan achieve this level of technology?”

Ignoring Fujino Masayoshi’s cries of shock, Roddy did not hesitate to pick up a beam rifle that looked similar to the one that Fujino Masayoshi was using earlier.

The only difference between the two was that the casing for this beam rifle was not installed, leaving part of the weapon bare.

“What is this?”

Underneath the weapon, in the interior of the cabinet that was illuminated by rows of light, there was an object placed upon the surface. Roddy found it and carefully picked it up.

It resembled a square shaped solar panel. However… upon its surface was a crystal the size of a grain of rice.

The crystal was pale orange in colour, translucent and extremely pure. Pinching it with his hand and examining it carefully, he saw that there were faint stripes inside, which flashed like the stars.

“This… this is the energy source,” Fujino Masayoshi was on the verge of tearing up.

“Energy source? You people created this energy source?” Roddy stared with wide-open eyes.

“No… we do not have that ability,” Fujino Masayoshi’s eyes darted around and he hesitated to continue.

Roddy simply placed the military knife onto Fujino Masayoshi’s neck. “You may choose to not say anything, I will give you three seconds to consider.”

“… these were all cut out from the prototype machine!” With a knife placed beside his neck, Fujino Masayohi’s speed of speech became three times faster.

“Prototype machine?” Chen Xiaolian caught on to that important word. “What is that?”

“That… that is top secret!” Fujino Masayoshi cried out. “If I reveal information about it, I will be put to death for treason!”

“If you do not spit it out, then you will die now,” Roddy put on a savage face.

“Wu wu wu wu… I cannot tell you… I really cannot tell you… wu wu wu wu…” Fujino Masayoshi broke down. He slumped down onto the ground, held his head and cried out bitterly.

It was then…


The door was struck again!

This time, the concrete wall on the two sides of the vault door had clearly become deformed from the impact! Small fragments fell down from the wall.

Moreover, even the thick metal vault door was slightly deformed. The inward deformation of the vault door was noticeable to even the naked eye!

“The gate won’t hold it for much longer!” Chen Xiaolian narrowed his eyes.

“Use this gun to deal with it!” Roddy picked up the beam rifle that Fujino Masayoshi had used earlier and utilized his Mechanical Heart to help him gain understanding on how to operate the weapon.

He rotated the butt of the rifle and the energy source was quickly activated. The charge indicator lights lit up one by one.

After twenty seconds, all the charge indicator lights were turned on and the rifle could now be fired at any moment.

Chen Xiaolian exhaled. “We will do it like this. We cannot let it bust down the door and break in! We will go together… you open the door for me to shoot at it. I will fire out one shot at it first!

“It would be for the best if we could finish it off! But if it cannot… close the door. It should still buy us some time!”

“… we’ll follow your plan!” Roddy clenched his teeth.

Roddy handed the beam rifle to Chen Xiaolian. Chen Xiaolian held onto the beam rifle and familiarized himself with the weapon for a moment before moving forward with Roddy to the vault door.

Roddy stood beside the vault door and pressed his hand on the surface of the electronic panel.

“On the count of three, I will open the door and you will open fire. One, two THREE!”


After Roddy activated his skill, the vault door slowly rose up.

Chen Xiaolian had already placed his body in a prostrating position on the ground.

When the vault door was raised up by around 30 cm, a huge, black coloured, spherical body slammed heavily onto the door!

The vault door shook with severity and more cracks appeared on the two sides of the wall.

Chen Xiaolian already has a clear view of the outside!

The size of the giant toad was much larger now than before. It has expanded into something that resembled a giant meatball. It opened its mouth as it faced Chen Xiaolian and extended its crimson coloured tongue out, viscous liquid spilling out from its mouth.


Chen Xiaolian roared out to himself!

He fired the beam rifle!

A translucent beam of pale orange coloured light charged out from the muzzle of the weapon! The beam landed accurately onto the body of the giant toad!

This time, his attack was not bounced off like the bullets from ordinary firearms.

The beam of light struck the giant toad’s body, piercing its way through!

Chen Xiaolian lightly moved both his hands, slightly lifting up the muzzle of the weapon.

The beam of light suddenly became a blade of light!

The beam of light had already pierced through the toad’s body. Now that the muzzle was lifted up, the beam of light too moved upward.


Around one quarter or less of the giant toad’s body was cut out by the beam of light!

The giant toad’s body that was originally swollen like a balloon suddenly ejected a vast amount of viscous liquid! The internal organs from the interior of its body also spilled out from the cut…

The resulting image was reminiscent of a ball of water that was just cut!

Additionally, the force behind the beam of light lifted the giant toad’s body and tossed it away. The giant toad’s body was sent flying over ten meters away before slamming onto the wall.

The giant toad’s body suddenly shrank down to one third of its earlier size!

“We did it!” Chen Xiaolian shouted, pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

However, he suddenly observed movement on the giant toad’s body. On the part that was cut off, its flesh moved at a rapid pace, bonding together automatically and forcing the blood and viscous liquid to stop flowing out. The toad’s body returned to the form of a ball – even so, it was apparent that it had deflated somewhat.

The toad let loose a loud roar and its body bounced forward!

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes widened and he pulled the trigger one more time. However, the weapon did not fire!

He immediately recalled Fujino Masayoshi’s words… after firing, it would require at least twenty seconds to recharge.

“Damn it! Roddy, close the door! Hurry!”

Roddy immediately closed the vault door. As the vault door was falling down, the toad pounced forward. During the final moment when the vault door was shutting down, the toad’s body slammed onto the surface of the vault door! Unfortunately for the toad, it was still unable to get inside.

“Son of a bitch!” Chen Xiaolian let go of the weapon and sighed. “This weapon is certainly useful, but… if only we could fire another round at it.”

“Look around! See if there are any other weapons! We will take it to kill off that damnable toad!” Roddy said furiously.

At that same moment…


A loud noise reverberated from the outside.

The giant toad’s body was smashed backward and it slammed onto the wall!

Its body shrivelled, its mouth opened wide and vast amount of viscous liquid poured out. Its internal organs were among those pouring out.

Then, a foot lashed out, striking onto the toad’s body!

The toad’s body burst out like a popped balloon! Its body exploded outward and viscous liquid sprayed out everywhere.

The fishy stench of the viscous liquid permeated the entire corridor.

Tian Lie rubbed his bald head. Then, he looked at the viscous liquid sticking to his hand; he leaned forward and sniffed it.

“It truly is a nightmarish stench.”

He turned around and regarded the deformed vault door standing before him.

At this moment, Tian Lie looked just like a metal man!

All four limbs and even his body were now exhibiting a faint silvery, metallic glow.

Tian Lie sneered. He then turned around to examine the toad for a while before stretching out a finger.

A metal blade emerged from his fingertip.

When examined closely, one would discover that the metal blade was not static. Instead, it was lightly vibrating.

A buzzing sound emerged and… “chi”!

The metal blade pierced through the toad’s mouth, cutting its way out through the side!

Seeing that the toad was finally dead, Tian Lie grunted. He turned around and moved toward the vault door.

Standing before the vault door, Tia Lie exhaled, raised his right hand and smashed it forward.


The vault door was severely deformed from the resulting impact! The entire metal door took on a concave shape.

Chen Xiaolian and Roddy glanced at each other. “What is going on?”

Next, they heard a terrifyingly familiar voice.

“Little rabbits, be obedient and open the door. Hurry up and open the door, Sir Tian Lie wants to enter! Hahahahahaha! Little angel, I have caught up to you!”

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