Chapter 144 Part 2: Terrifying Wax Figures (Teaser)

GOR Chapter 144 Part 2: Terrifying Wax Figures

Chen Xiaolian was all too familiar with that smell!

This smell was the pungent waxy smell that he had to endure from back inside the washroom!

Chen Xiaolian’s heart gave a pound and he tossed aside any attempts to further consider the matter. He simply turned around, took one step back and fired out with his rifle.

Tat tat tat!

He did not hesitate to fire out a barrage of bullets.

The bullets swept across the floor and walls of the corridor, leaving a series of bullet holes.

“Guild Leader?” Nagase Komi was shocked and she raised her gun as she shivered. “What is going on?”

“Up on top!” Chen Xiaolian suddenly furrowed his eyebrows and shouted. “The ceiling! The ventilation ducts! Fire at them!”

The MP5 submachine gun in his hand sprayed out a hail of bullets, sweeping the ventilation duct on the ceiling some distance away! An air-conditioning vent was blasted to the point of falling apart.

It was then that the air-conditioning vent collapsed down! From the exposed ventilation duct, a black coloured shadow emerged!

That thing appeared like a…

Like a giant frog?

No, the surface of its body was bumpy; it would be more accurate to say that it resembled a giant to...

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