Chapter 144 Part 1: Terrifying Wax Figures (Teaser)

GOR Chapter 144 Part 1: Terrifying Wax Figures

The washroom was supposed to occupy a very large area.

However, after entering the washroom, Chen Xiaolian felt as though he had just stepped into a nightmare!

Within the room, its floor, walls and even the ceiling… all of it was densely stacked full with…


That was right, corpses!

The corpses were varied. There were those staff members wearing work clothes, researchers wearing lab coats, security personnel wearing security uniform as well as cleaning staff…

A cursory glance told him that there were at least twenty corpses stored inside the washroom!

But, that scene was not the most horrifying part. The most horrifying part was…

There were no bloodstains at all on the floor!

All the various corpses stored within the washroom were covered in a thick layer of transparent… wax shell?

Yes, the corpses appeared to have been bound by a thick layer of transparent wax!

It was as though something had wrapped up these corpses with wax. Then, after the corpses were carefully preserved, it was all… stored here!

Looking around, Chen Xiaolian saw that in the corner of the washroom, a corpse was hanging...

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