Chapter 144 Part 1: Terrifying Wax Figures

GOR Chapter 144 Part 1: Terrifying Wax Figures

The washroom was supposed to occupy a very large area.

However, after entering the washroom, Chen Xiaolian felt as though he had just stepped into a nightmare!

Within the room, its floor, walls and even the ceiling… all of it was densely stacked full with…


That was right, corpses!

The corpses were varied. There were those staff members wearing work clothes, researchers wearing lab coats, security personnel wearing security uniform as well as cleaning staff…

A cursory glance told him that there were at least twenty corpses stored inside the washroom!

But, that scene was not the most horrifying part. The most horrifying part was…

There were no bloodstains at all on the floor!

All the various corpses stored within the washroom were covered in a thick layer of transparent… wax shell?

Yes, the corpses appeared to have been bound by a thick layer of transparent wax!

It was as though something had wrapped up these corpses with wax. Then, after the corpses were carefully preserved, it was all… stored here!

Looking around, Chen Xiaolian saw that in the corner of the washroom, a corpse was hanging down from the ceiling. The layer of wax shell wrapping the corpse had yet to fully harden and viscous liquid dripped down the ground.

The other end of the corpse was glued to the ceiling with the viscous liquid! The corpse that was hung using the viscous liquid swayed. However, the viscous liquid holding the corpse remained firm and the corpse did not fall.

All the corpses showed different states of death. Some had their bodies torn to pieces, some had their heads torn off, and some were missing half their body…

Due to the thick layer of viscous liquid and wax shell covering the corpses, the room was almost devoid of the scent of blood.

That was extremely peculiar! The smell of the wax present in the room was extremely fishy and the scent of blood could not be sensed at all. However, the pungent smell of the wax nearly caused Chen Xiaolian to run out the door.

Chen Xiaolian covered his nose and mouth tightly. However, he was unable to stop the strong fishy wax smell from assailing his nose.

“Bloody Hell!” Chen Xiaolian continued covering his nose. “The smell here is simply the stuff of nightmares! Roddy!”

“What did you see? I cannot see anything here!” Roddy smiled bitterly. “There are no surveillance cameras in the washroom. What is inside?”

Chen Xiaolian shook his head. “It is best if you don’t see it! This stuff will cause people to suffer from nightmares for a whole month.”

Chen Xiaolian moved to the closest wax shell and rapped it gently with his hand. It was both hard and brittle. Chen Xiaolian’s heart suddenly gave a pound as he abruptly thought of something!


He suddenly raised his head and carefully examined the arrangements within the washroom.


That is right, this must be a lair!

The nature of animals propels them to create lairs!

This place is the washroom. What does the washroom have in abundance?

There are plenty of water here, making this place extremely moist!

For the monster to reserve so many corpses here – clearly, these corpses are not for it to finish eating in one go. Instead…

Reserve food?

Or are those corpses meant to serve any other purpose?

“Xiaolian, stop wasting time. Just hurry up and find the memory card!” Roddy’s voice from the walkie-talkie reminded Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian stopped thinking about it and quickly ran into each of the washroom’s cubicles. All of them had been smashed and corpses covered with wax shells filled the cubicles. Chen Xiaolian found the item that Takeuchi Yoko hid in the toilet tank of the innermost cubicle.

It was a small, sealed metal box, roughly the size of a cigarette box. It was sealed to ensure that the box would be waterproof. After taking it out, Chen Xiaolian opened it and examined its contents. As expected, there was a memory card stored inside.

“Roddy, I got it!” Chen Xiaolian quickly spoke into the walkie-talkie. “We need a card reader! Do you have one there?”

“I do!” Roddy answered in an elated tone of voice. “There is a card reader in the control room. I will remove it and take it with me.”

“All right. Now, we will move back to the control room. You are responsible for giving directions,” Chen Xiaolian said hastily. “Then, we will meet up in the control room.”

“Wait!” Roddy’s sound from the walkie-talkie was suddenly raised. “Something is not right! Xiaolian!”

“What is it?”

“Zzzt… zzzt… corridor… zzzt… zzzt… camera…”


“Zzzt, zzzt… camera… toward… zzzt… moving!  Zzzt zzzt…”

Damn it! Chen Xiaolian cursed out. He hung the walkie-talkie on his shoulder, retrieved Bone Crusher Axe and rushed out from the washroom.

Garfield followed right beside him. When they reached the corridor, Chen Xiaolian inspected both left and right.

From the far end of the corridor, a few light bulbs burst out. Clearly, those bulbs were destroyed due to shorting circuits.

“Let’s go, Garfield!”

Chen Xiaolian turned around and led Garfield with him as he ran back toward the office.

“Damn it!”

Roddy struck the control panel with his fist and shook the walkie-talkie within his hand vigorously a few times. However, its signal appeared to be suffering from an unknown interference of sorts. All it did was issue out buzzing sounds and Chen Xiaolian’s sound could not be heard at all.

“Damn it! What is going on here?”

Roddy stared at the display monitors.

He watched as Chen Xiaolian ran out of the washroom and head toward the office through the corridor.

At the same time, from another direction…

Upon the wall of display monitors within the control room, one after another, the display monitors were showing snowflake like images!

It was as though the surveillance cameras were being broken, thus causing the screen of the display monitors to display a snowflake like image before blacking out.

Furthermore, according to the way the snowflake images upon the monitors were spreading, the problem appeared to be following a certain direction. Wherever that problem moved toward, the surveillance cameras of the area would be broken!

Watching the screen of the display monitors blacking out one after another… Roddy could see that the problem was heading toward the area where Chen Xiaolian was at!

“What the Hell is that thing?” Roddy quickly controlled the surveillance cameras fixed upon the surrounding areas to investigate the matter.

Then, he was finally able to discover something through another surveillance camera.

Something akin to a black shadow flashed through rapidly, causing the display monitor to issue out a buzzing sound before the snowflake like image appeared on the screen.

“??” Roddy stared with widened eyes. Clenching his teeth, he picked up the walkie-talkie and tried to get through to Chen Xiaolian but found that it was not working. He then slapped down on the table, picked up the rifle that was placed on the table and pulled out a military knife. He turned around and rushed out from the control room.

“You’re back!” Nagase Komi gave a sigh of relief when she saw Chen Xiaolian return.

Chen Xiaolian did not have the time to reply her as he asked Mai Sumoku. “Do you know where the master control room is?”

“… I know,” Mai Sumoku answered in the same cautious manner. “But… but, I cannot enter that place. I do not have the clearance.”

“Do not worry about that! Take us there!”

“No! We should leave this place immediately!” Mai Sumoku cried. “I want to go home! I want to leave! Aren’t you a police officer? You should be taking be away from this place! Aaaaaah!”

The girl then screamed out.

Suddenly, a snapping sound was heard!

A resounding slap fell onto Mai Sumoku’s face.

The one to deliver the slap was Nagase Komi. This female Awakened raised her hand and delivered another backhand slap onto Mai Sumoku’s face.

The slap left several red fingerprints on Mai Sumoku’s face.

“Shut up! Do not cry anymore! You are not allowed to cry!” Nagase Komi appeared to be even more agitated compared to Mai Sumoku and she ruthlessly spat out. “Just follow his orders! If you want to leave, then you can leave alone! Just pray that you do not get eaten by monsters!”

“… wu wu wu…” Mai Sumoku clutched her face as she continued sobbing.

Chen Xiaolian glanced at Nagase Komi and saw that she was looking at him with an ingratiating expression. Chen Xiaolian knitted his eyebrows but nodded his head.

“Guild Leader, what do we do now?” Nagase Komi asked Chen Xiaolian.

“We’ll head to the master control room,” Chen Xiaolian pouted. “Let her head the way. You protect her while I take guard.”

“Yes!” Nagase Komi forced herself to be courageous and pulled Mai Sumoku up. She then pushed Mai Sumoku forward. “If you do not want to die, then bring us there! After completing our task, we will bring you out! Crying here is only a waste of your time. Hurry up!”

The three of them marched out of the office. Although Mai Sumoku was still afraid, Nagase Komi’s coercion managed to force her forward as she led them toward the master control room, her body trembling along the way.

They left the office and reached the corridor. Mai Sumoku was responsible for leading the way and they made two turns along the way – the construction of this place was actually quite standard. Several corridors were intersected, resembling the character ‘井’. By doing so, this place was split into several different areas.

It was not really that difficult to find.

After they reached an intersection, Mai Sumoku said. “After turning right, go straight ahead. There will be a set of stairs after that, followed by a security door. I do not have the clearance to enter. Only senior staff members have the clearance to enter that area.”

Senior staff member?

Chen Xiaolian thought about it and abruptly retrieved a piece of staff ID card from his pocket. It was the one he had picked up earlier. “This one?”

“Yes! That is the one!” Seeing the card, Mai Sumoku was momentarily stunned. She then quickly nodded her head.

“Hurry up and go!” Chen Xiaolian’s heart felt agitated as he felt a faint sense of unease.

Moving along the corridor, they reached the security door that Mai Sumoku mentioned. The security door was a very thick and durable metal fence-type door. Beside it was a card reader device.

“This door was created using a special alloy. Not even cutting machines would be able to cut it open,” Mai Sumoku then pointed at the card reader device. “You can only enter by swiping the card there.”

Chen Xiaolian produced the card and was about to move over to swipe it through the reader when he suddenly heard “pa pa” sounds coming over clearly through the back corridor.

Chen Xiaolian suddenly turned around!

He stared at the corridor and observed for a moment. With the exception of some lights flickering due to the shorted circuits, there was nothing unusual in the corridor.

Chen Xiaolian frowned and turned his head back only to hear another two “pa pa” sounds!

This time, the sound was more distinct. Chen Xiaolian immediately snapped his head back, raised his MP5 submachine gun and aimed it at the corridor. He shouted. “Who? Roddy, is that you?”

No response.

Chen Xiaolian turned to look at Garfield who was restlessly pawing about before him.

“Did you sense anything?” Chen Xiaolian frowned as he patted Garfield’s head. Garfield twitched his nose.

Ah well, he is a cat, not a dog.

Chen Xiaolian was about to turn around when he suddenly smelled something peculiar

That smell was…

A pungent fishy stench!

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