Chapter 143 Part 2: Unsafe

GOR Chapter 143 Part 2: Unsafe

Chen Xiaolian was shocked!

He subconsciously raised the muzzle of his rifle.

There was a row of metal cabinets placed beside the wall. The earlier sound had originated from one of the cabinet doors!


Nagase Komi was the first to scream out and Chen Xiaolian slapped her on the head without holding back. “What are you screaming for? Hold on to your gun!” Then, he grabbed on to the muzzle of her gun. “Do not point your gun at me! Point it elsewhere! Idiot! When you are not going to fire the gun, point it downward!”

Chen Xiaolian snapped his fingers and sent Garfield pouncing forward.

With a “pa”, Garfield’s paw slammed down and the cabinet door was deformed!

Following that, Chen Xiaolian heard a sharp cry.

Nagase Komi quickly shouted. “It’s not me!”

“Garfield, come back!” Chen Xiaolian immediately stopped Garfield from making his next move. Chen Xiaolian then moved forward. Gripping the cabinet door, he tore the door of the cabinet out.

“A a ah!”

From inside the door, a girl who was huddling herself fell out. She rolled onto the floor and quickly crawled under the table beside them. She held on to her head and shouted loudly. “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me!”

Chen Xiaolian looked at the woman who was wearing a uniform. She sported a short hair and was slightly chubby… Chen Xiaolian immediately recognized her. Coincidentally, she was none other than the round faced girl whose staff ID card he had picked up moments ago.

However, she has a more mature appearance here when compared to that of her picture. Clearly, she has also applied some makeup on.

“Stop shouting!” Chen Xiaolian went over, pulled her up and covered her mouth. “Stop shouting!”

The round faced girl looked at Chen Xiaolian in fear and wide opened eyes. When she saw that he was wearing tactical vests and clothing, she appeared somewhat relieved.

Chen Xiaolian released his grip on her and she asked gingerly. “You… are you a cop?”

Chen Xiaolian glanced at his own attire – standard equipment of the Special Assault Team and nodded. “Yes, who are you?”

“I… I am Mai Sumoku. I work here,” Mai Sumoku gripped onto Chen Xiaolian’s arm. “I beg you, I beg you, please send me out of here! Save me!”

“Calm down!” Chen Xiaolian extricated his hand from her hold and quickly continued. “Calm down! Now, answer my questions!”


“Your name is Mai Sumoku. Do you work here?”


“What happened here?”

“I don’t… I don’t know…” Mai Sumoku broke out in tears. “We received a broadcast for an emergency evacuation. I… I was in the washroom at the time of the broadcast. By the time I got out, everyone had left. I… I heard strange noises and miserable screams and got terrified. So… so, I just went and hide.”

Mai Sumoku’s cries gradually grew louder. “Someone was killed! I heard our manager’s scream! He was killed!”

“…” Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath. He watched as the girl teetered on the brink of losing her mind and quickly delivered a slap onto her face. Mai Sumoku’s face swelled from the slap and she staggered. However, it did manage to calm her down.

“Sorry, I just wanted you to calm down,” Chen Xiaolian looked her in the eye. “Do not be afraid! I am here now! See? I have weapons!”

Mai Sumoku caught sight of Garfield who was crouching beside Chen Xiaolian and she panicked again. “That… what is that thing?”

“This is… this is a new military dog developed by the military department,” Chen Xiaolian lied to her with a straight face. “Enough, do not ask me about these details! Right now, I will be the one to ask questions while you answer. Understood? After you reply, I will take you out of this place!”

“… yes, yes!”

“Back then, you said that everyone here received an evacuation broadcast? But you were in the washroom? And the others have already left?”

“I don’t know… maybe they have left. Maybe some people were left behind. By the time I came out, the others have already left. Before I could get to the door of the office, I heard miserable screams coming from the outside. That was the voice of our manager.

“Then, I saw…”

“What did you see?”

“I saw that he had died! He died! His body was torn into two! So many, so many blood!” Mai Sumoku sobbed. “I became too scared. So, I climbed into the cabinet and hid myself there.”


“Then… I… I might have fainted for a moment. However, I do not know when…”

Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath. “All right. Now, let me ask you… do you know where the location of the washroom?”


Mai Sumoku was dumbfounded. “You mean… the washroom?”

“That is right! The washroom! Where is the washroom?” Chen Xiaolian quickly replied. “Don’t ask so much! Just answer my questions!”

“Just there…” Mai Sumoku’s face revealed confusion as she pointed at the door to the left of the office. “Just turn right after you exit the door, and then keep moving forward. When you reach an intersection, you will see the washroom.”

“All right!” Chen Xiaolian nodded his head. “Nagase Komi!”

“Eh? Yes!” Nagase Komi quickly stepped forward.

“Stay here and watch over her! Accompany her and wait for me to return!”

“Eh?” Nagase Komi stared with widened eyes before quavering. “I… I…”

“Don’t worry!” Chen Xiaolian looked at her. “I will be back soon. If there is any danger, just open fire! Understood? Once I hear the sound of gunshot, I will hurry back!”

“I…” Nagase Komi wanted to say something but Chen Xiaolian ignored it. He pulled Nagase Komi and placed her beside Mai Sumoku before moving quickly toward the office door.

“The… manager died in there!” Mai Sumoku shouted out from the back.


“I hear you,” Roddy’s voice replied through the walkie-talkie. The left corridor outside the office is secure! Nothing suspicious there. Eh? The corridor seems very clean. There are neither corpses nor bloodstains.”

Chen Xiaolian pushed the door of the office and stepped out. After examining both sides of the corridors, he found that it was indeed very clean.

However, when he reached the intersection, he found that the floor was slippery. He lowered his head before knitting his eyebrows.

There were indeed no bloodstains on the floor. However, a transparent layer of viscous liquid covered the floor.

No, it would be more accurate to say that the viscous liquid had turned solid. The floor appeared to be coated with a thin layer of wax.

Due to its transparent nature, the surveillance monitors were unable to make it out.

“What is this thing?” Chen Xiaolian quickly crouched down and extended his hand to pinch it.

It was both hard and brittle. One pinch was enough to cause it to break apart. Chen Xiaolian rubbed it with his hands and found that it shared the same texture as wax. However, it exuded an indescribably pungent and fishy stench.

Chen Xiaolian stooped forward as he continued moving. After he reached the intersection of the corridor, Garfield who was following behind Chen Xiaolian began exhibiting signs of restlessness. Garfield released sounds of “wu wu” as he faced the door to the washroom.

Chen Xiaolian’s heart gave a pound. He gestured with his fingers and Garfield charged inside, slamming open the washroom door as he did so. Chen Xiaolian followed from behind. However, he did not hear any sounds of fighting from Garfield.

The moment he stepped through the washroom door, Chen Xiaolian was left flabbergasted by what he saw!

“This, this is? What the Hell is this?”

The rifle and axe in his hands fell down the floor as he gaped at what he saw within the washroom!

Mai Sumoku. Raw: ‘麻衣熏’, pinyin: ‘má yī xūn’.

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