Chapter 142: Enter

GOR Chapter 142: Enter

“F**k!” Chen Xiaolian swore and led Roddy together with him. They crouched down and listened attentively to the sound coming out from outside the rail car.

“The left side of the front…” Roddy said in a whisper and he pointed out in the direction. Chen Xiaolian whispered back. “Concentrate our fire on it!”

At that moment, a loud bang erupted and a window on the right side suddenly shattered! A black silhouette smashed through the window and broke into the interior of the rail car!

Chen Xiaolian was quick to react and he instantly pushed Nagase Komi down. The girl fell to the side. As she fell, the charging black silhouette, aimed at the Japanese girl’s shoulder viciously smashed into one of the passenger seats!

The metal frame of the passenger seat became a deformed mess, resembling a roll of noodles.

The black silhouette darted backward right after making the attack and immediately shot back out through the window.

Bang bang bang bang!

Roddy pulled out his handgun and shot out continuously. The bullets fired out struck the walls and ceiling of the rail car, creating a series of sparks. Even though he did not possess a high level of marksmanship, it was clear that some of the bullets had struck the black coloured silhouette. However, it had shown no reaction at all!

“What is that thing?” Roddy exclaimed. Chen Xiaolian rushed toward the window, aimed his MP5 at the roof top area of the rail car and pulled the trigger. The “tat tat tat tat tat” sounds of bullets being fired echoed out and they heard something moving rapidly across the roof top of the rail car. The crunching sounds of metal being twisted rang out continuously.

“Be careful of its charge!”

Chen Xiaolian pulled Roddy to a corner. Just as he was about to go pull Nagase Komi, another booming sound erupted and a piece of the metal part of the rail car’s ceiling was torn off! A huge chunk of it collapsed down!

Atop the roof top, a monster with a black coloured body was crouching down. It opened its huge, bloody mouth and directed a loud roar into the rail car. Its crimson tongue and white fangs created a striking contrast with each other.

“Roar your sister!” Chen Xiaolian raised his hand and unleashed a hail of bullets at it. However, the monster abruptly snapped its mouth shut. The incoming bullets then struck the surface of its head and were bounced off!

“Nagase Komi! Hurry up and get over here!” Chen Xiaolian shouted loudly at the Japanese girl. However, the Japanese girl had been terrified senseless and could only scream out sharply as she lay on the floor, not moving at all. It was as though she was unwilling to leave the passenger seat beside her.

Chen Xiaolian attempted to go pull her. Unfortunately, before he could do so, the doors of the rail car beside were forced open by an immense force.

A thin, black silhouette charged inside, sending the doors flying at the same time. Coincidentally, the door slammed onto Chen Xiaolian’s body and he was sent flying to the side as well. The heavy metal door fell upon Chen Xiaolian’s body and he felt something gush into his mouth before spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Roddy howled loudly and emptied an entire magazine of bullets of his handgun onto it. Then, he raised his rifle.

His rifle of choice was a sniper rifle. Although it was unable to fire out repeatedly, it was now capable of firing out three bullets in quick succession toward the monster!

The high velocity of the sniper rifle’s bullets allowed it to instantly pierce through the monster’s body, causing a flower of blood to bloom out!

The monster screamed out in pain and suddenly turned its body around. It rapidly crawled toward the side of the rail car!

At that moment, everyone within the rail car was able to make out the monster’s appearance.

That thing… appeared like a giant lizard.

To be more accurate, it looked more like a crocodile!

Only, its tail was much longer. The monster sported a thick tail that was over ten meters in length. Back then, this monster had used the might of this tail to shatter the window and attack them.

It was apparent that this monster’s IQ was not low. It knew how to utilize feint attacks. It had crawled on top, tearing out the rooftop and letting out a roar to catch their attention while utilizing its tail to slam open the door and attack those inside.

“Xiaolian!” Roddy exerted his strength to shove away the metal door pressing down on Chen Xiaolian. After getting up, Chen Xiaolian said. “That thing’s skin is too thick! Bullets cannot pierce through it!”

“Sniper rifle can barely do the job. But, the rate of lethality is too low,” Roddy exhaled.

“Garfield!” Chen Xiaolian shouted. A beam of light shone out and three Four-Eyed War Cats appeared beside him.

All three Garfields issued out a roar.

“Do not go out first!” Chen Xiaolian stood up and spat out the blood from his mouth. “That thing is a reptile. Lure it into the car first!”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian pulled the safety lever on his MP5 submachine gun and delivered a barrage of bullets at the ceiling.

Tat tat tat tat tat

Soon, the roof of the rail car was filled with holes. The monster outside rapidly crawled about and its claw marks upon the rail car could be seen.

Finally, Chen Xiaolian shouted. “On the right!”

From the gap left upon the broken door, a black shadow abruptly charged inside!

Chen Xiaolian grabbed the deformed metal door and smashed heavily forward! The monster’s head charged inside, only to be greeted by the incoming door. The resulting impact disoriented it, leaving it open for an instant. In that instant, the three Garfields pounced onto the monster!

The monster’s body was bigger than Garfield, its skin was as tough as an alligator’s and it gave off the feeling of leathery toughness.

Garfield pounced on it and his sharp claws and fangs descended onto the monster’s body! Garfield’s [A-] Class strength was able to inflict damage on the monster!

Chi chi!

Under Garfield’s treatment of claws and fangs, the tough, leathery skin on the monster’s body was rent and blood spurt out.

However, the monster’s strength was astonishing. It ruthlessly slammed one of the Garfield doppelganger aside and leapt toward Chen Xiaolian and Roddy!

Chen Xiaolian was prepared for this. He pushed Roddy aside while he too, dodged to the other side.

With a booming sound, the monster’s head smashed and battered two metal passenger seats. By then, Chen Xiaolian was already holding onto Bone Crusher Axe. He howled and cleaved down with the axe!

Head Cleaver!

The monster was in the midst of lifting its head up, only to have the axe strike its head, slamming it back down and into the floor!

The metal floor was instantly deformed.

Chen Xiaolian was disappointed to find that the sharp Bone Crusher Axe was incapable of cleaving apart the monster’s head. Rather, it did not even break its outer skin!

Instantly, Chen Xiaolian grasped the source of the problem.

He was lacking in battle strength!

Bone Crusher Axe was a [B] Class weapon. His Demon King of Confusion’s Three Axes was also a [B] Class martial skill.

Clearly, as the battles became more intense, his enhanced body, weapon and skill of the [B] Class were gradually becoming more inadequate for his demands.

The monster was slammed down onto the floor purely due to the knockback power of his strike. There was no damage done to the monster at all.

The monster turned around and got up. It rapidly slammed its head against Chen Xiaolian’s axe!

Chen Xiaolian was just about to utilize the second move ‘Ear Gouger’ when the axe was knocked aside by the tremendous force.

Thankfully, at that same moment, Garfield pounced forward. His two frontal paws slapped down heavily onto the monster’s head!

With his [A-] Class strength, Garfield caused the monster to shriek out miserably.

Furthermore, the monster’s left eye socket was struck by Garfield’s [Tiger Rush] skill. Its eye socket cracked under the attack and its eye bulged out partially.

The other Garfield doppelganger savagely bit down onto the monster’s tail as the third one lunged onto the monster’s back, utilizing both claws and fangs to slash and bite the monster.

The monster issued out successive cries of torment. Unfortunately for the monster, having the three Garfields upon it was the equivalent of having three pets with [A-] Class strength pressing down on it. No matter how savage the monster may be, it was incapable of going toe to toe against a pet with [A-] strength, much less three!

Garfield was smart. The skin on the monster’s back was resilient and powerful. Thus, the three Four-Eyed War Cats came together and flipped the monster, rolling it over to reveal the tender layer of skin on its stomach.

Scaled lines were evident, revealing that this monster possessed some form of reptilian gene.

The three Garfields started splitting the work, one held down the monster’s head, one bit onto the tail and the last one on the monster’s stomach.

The Garfield holding down the monster’s head continuously slapped down onto the monster’s head. It was not long before one of the monster’s eyeball was rendered a pulpy mess. At the same time, Garfield bit down on the monster’s neck and twisted it brutally.

The monster struggled madly with all four limbs. Blood trickled down from Garfield’s body as a result of the struggle. However, the ferocious natures of the three Garfields have been stirred!

This was especially true of the Garfield in the middle. His sharp claws unceremoniously slashed apart the monster’s belly! Next, using his sharp, curved claws, he pulled out a long, green coloured intestine from the inside of the monster’s belly!

This scene of brutality caused the Japanese girl to faint from fear.

Chen Xiaolian rushed forward again. He watched as the three Garfields held down the monster and continued to slap down on the monster with their paws. The skin on the monster’s body was rent and flesh was exposed. Even though the monster would not be able to last long, Chen Xiaolian continued to charge forward. He viciously slammed down with Bone Crusher Axe into the monster’s belly. Next, he exerted all his might to turn it upside down.

After who knew how long, the monster’s struggles finally weakened bit by bit and it finally stopped moving.

As more and more blood flowed down, the interior of the rail car became inundated by a foul stench.

Finally, Chen Xiaolian plopped down onto the floor as he gasped for breath. Next, the three Garfields too, retreated to his side.

Garfield’s injuries were not light. One of the doppelgangers suffered from bloody lacerations and his body was filled with claw marks. Another Garfield suffered injuries on its front paws. The claw marks on it caused one of its muscles to fall out.

Chen Xiaolian showed no hesitation to keep Garfield into the system so that he may slowly recover.

Roddy tested the monster by kicking it a few times to ensure that it was thoroughly dead.

At the same time, Roddy made a sickening discovery. Garfield had bitten apart the monster’s stomach, causing its contents to spill out. However, the yet to be digested contents that spilled out from the monster’s stomach...

There were clearly several mutilated human parts!

“It seems that the passengers within this rail car were eaten by it,” Chen Xiaolian observed. “Perhaps one of them transformed into a monster and devoured the rest of them.”

“Look, I found this,” Roddy suppressed his feeling of nausea and picked up a card that was tied to a cord from the puddle of viscous liquid.

The card was somewhat similar to Takeuchi Yoko’s identity card. However, it was clear that the card has a slightly higher level of clearance.

Wiping away the foul viscous liquid on the card, they saw that the card remained undamaged. Who knew what materials were used to make the card; it showed no signs of corrosion at all.

Several words were printed upon the surface of the card: Research Institute XX Group.

Clearly, this card belonged to one of the researchers. As for the researcher’s status, it would certainly be somewhat higher than someone from the administrative personnel like Takeuchi Yoko.

“Keep it, it might prove useful,” Chen Xiaolian gestured with his hand.

The rail car continued moving forward rapidly.

They continued advancing using the rail car for roughly half an hour.

Chen Xiaolian estimated that this rail car was moving at an extremely high velocity, comparable to a high-speed rail. Its velocity should have reached the 200km per hour threshold!

After spending nearly one whole hour travelling through the rail car, the rail car finally slowed down. It seemed that they were close to their destination…

Chen Xiaolian and Roddy got up at the same time. They first hid in the corner of the rail car as they raised their rifles. Then, they waited carefully as they observed the outside surroundings.

The terminal appeared to be the starting point. It was a narrow subway platform.

However, when the two of them cast their eyes upon the terminal, they could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

“Holy shit… this… did we arrive in a slaughterhouse?”

On the surface of the platform, several rows of metal seats were placed. However, they were now nothing more than scrap metal as they have been deformed into a variety of shapes!

Most of the warm lighting set onto the ceiling has been broken and some fell onto the floor. What wires remained from them released sparks of fire intermittently.

Sharp claw marks were left on the walls, floors… everywhere! The sight of those claw marks was shocking!

However, what was more terrifying was the vast amount of blood staining the floor!

The vast amount of blood appeared to have come together to form a pool of blood, most of them having coagulated and turned repulsively black in colour.

The entirety of the platform was filled with a dizzy-inducing pungent smell.

“Get out!”

After observing the platform from inside the rail car for over ten seconds, Chen Xiaolian saw that there were no movements. He then chose to move out from his hiding spot. Then, both him and Roddy emerged from the rail car and jumped onto the platform. Glancing around, Chen Xiaolian frowned after seeing Nagase Komi trembling within the rail car.

The girl was too worthless! As an Awakened, her courage was abysmally small to the point where it made him speechless.

“If you wish to stay here alone, then that’s up to you,” Chen Xiaolian shook his head. However, right after he said those words, the girl instantly jumped out with a sharp cry. She ran out of the rail car as she cried miserably. “Don’t leave me! I will follow you!”

The platform only has one entrance and exit gate, a metal gate. However, the metal gate had been destroyed, its other half simply left dangling there.

Faint illumination could be seen beyond the gate. However, it was clear that many of the lightings have been destroyed, resulting in a faint illumination even as soft sounds of sparks fell.

Chen Xiaolian thought for a moment and looked at the schematic map that was hung onto the walls beside them. He retrieved his mobile phone and snapped a picture before staring at the map. Then, he pointed at it. “Our objective is to first find the administrative office that Takeuchi Yoko mentioned. Judging from the map, the distance between Area C and our current location is not too far.”

Roddy frowned. “We are running out of ammunition. I saw a security department on the map. It’s not that far away from Area C. We can go over and try to find some weapons there.”

“En, then let’s go. Roddy, follow me!” Chen Xiaolian said heavily while he hesitated on whether or not he should summon out Garfield.

This time, he had Garfield come out without using the doppelganger skill and had Garfield take the forward position.

The injuries on Garfield have yet to be restored. Thus, Chen Xiaolian gave him a Healing Type Beast Blood before sending him to the vanguard position.

And so, they moved forward with Garfield in front, followed by Chen Xiaolian while Roddy and Nagase Komi walked side by side behind those two. They left the platform and entered a passageway.

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