Chapter 141: Deep Underground

GOR Chapter 141: Deep Underground

Since it was the quest with the lesser risk, Chen Xiaolian could not help but be selfish and send the two sisters, Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo into the group that faced fewer risks.

Although this act of selfishness was not a righteous action, Chen Xiaolian was a human after all. There was no way for him to avoid something like this.

As for the other group consisting of him and Roddy, he had little expectations for this group.

This was simply an attempt at an additional accomplishment. If they can accomplish it, then they should do it. If they cannot, then they’ll simply withdraw! If it came down to it, they’ll just run back in retreat!

If I obtain it, then such is my fortune. If I do not obtain it, then such is my fate.

As such, there is no need to put too much into it.

Roddy’s Mechanical Heart was most suited to this. However, Chen Xiaolian could not possibly send Roddy alone to face the lab filled with monsters.

So, as a good brother, Chen Xiaolian decided to accompany Roddy on this trip.

It was enough with the two of them. Any more would be a waste.

“It is decided!” Chen Xiaolian directly exercised his authority as the Guild Leader.

Qiao Qiao had a complicated expression on her face. However, she remained silent… she was clear that it was necessary for her to help maintain Chen Xiaolian’s authority as the Guild Leader and as such, she did not continue disputing the matter.

Nicole glanced at Chen Xiaolian and deliberately let out a smile. “Could you be at ease by letting me lead your girlfriend?”

“You are my team member, it is only natural that I trust you,” Chen Xiaolian replied softly. “We all share the same goal of completing the quest and survive through this instance dungeon. Thus, I believe that you will certainly do your best without holding back.”

“Since you’ve said that, I assure you,” Nicole smiled. “I will do my best to protect your little girlfriend… even though we do not get along, just consider it as me returning the favour to you.”

“… thank you!” Chen Xiaolian said with utter sincerity. He was clear that with such a powerful Floating Angel making the assurance, Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo would most likely be safe.

“Now, begin setting up,” Chen Xiaolian glanced at the others. “We still have the walkie-talkies amongst our equipment. Take it out and distribute one for each. Everyone adjust the frequency properly so that we will be able to keep in touch.”

The lab areas of the Bio-transformation Faction and the Mechanical Faction were located in different spots. One to the left and one to the right. According to Takeuchi Yoko, the respective entrances to the two lab areas were located at the two sides of the passageway. On each side, there would be an elevator capable of going down. After that, they could take a ride on an underground rail car to reach their respective destinations.

Both Takeuchi Yoko and Domoto have their identity cards with them. By using their identity cards, their group could enter the respective lab area’s elevator. They could also ride on the rail car and bypass the security system.

As for Takeuchi Yoko, Takeuchi Mikiko and Domoto, Chen Xiaolian’s team decided to not bring them together.

After all, they were ordinary people. Bringing them together would be the equivalent of having an extra burden.

Takeuchi Yoko had also given them an important information.

She had hidden the memory card that contained the self-destruct password in one of the toilet tanks in the laboratory area.

This piece of information made Chen Xiaolian speechless… this woman’s idea for a hiding place was not creative at all.

Not that it mattered. Since they still had to enter the Mechanical Faction’s lab area, they would just go search for the self-destruct password after entering.

There was also a special person, whom Chen Xiaolian had decided to make into a ‘recyclable trash’.

It was none other than Nagase Komi.

This person had belonged to Culkin’s guild. However, after being captured by them, this girl no longer has any other choice.

“Choose. You can leave this place alone right now and face two possibilities. The first is to be killed by some monsters… there are probably many monsters outside right now. The second possibility is that you are lucky enough to survive this instance dungeon only to fail the quest. You will then face system punishment. After that, a weak little chicken like you would be thrown into the punishment instance dungeon. When that happens, you will also die,” Chen Xiaolian looked at the girl. “Or, you can choose to leave Culkin’s guild and join my guild. By doing so, you will have a chance to complete this instance dungeon together with us. As one of the winners, you will be able to survive through this instance dungeon! Make your choice.”

Nagase Komi did not hesitate and chose to join Chen Xiaolian’s guild.

Naturally, she was assigned by Chen Xiaolian into the same group as him and Roddy, the one that will be entering the Mechanical Faction’s lab area. Although the girl was unwilling, she did not have any choice in the matter.

Chen Xiaolian may be a little soft-hearted, but he will never forget the mine that she had set up under the tile back in the rest stop!

He would never be merciful against someone who had once wanted to kill him.

Naturally, if Nagase Komi’s subsequent performance was passable, he did not mind allowing her to leave this instance dungeon alive. After leaving this instance dungeon, he would immediately have this girl leave his guild. They would owe each other nothing.

The two Takeuchis, the mother, daughter and also Domoto were left behind in an equipment room by the passageway. The room was not very big, but the walls of the room were very strong. Furthermore, they also have a communication device with them.

Chen Xiaolian left a gun and a magazine of bullets for the mother-daughter pair. He also had Domoto’s hands and legs cuffed. As for how the mother-daughter pair intended to handle Domoto, that was not Chen Xiaolian’s problem.

Whether or not the mother-daughter pair would report this matter to the police was also something that Chen Xiaolian did not care about. It would take a very long time for the police or army to reach this place. By the time they did, Chen Xiaolian would have run off. Besides… the instance dungeon area would be cut off from the rest of the outside world. There was no way for her to contact the outside world. The most she could do was contact Tokyo.

Truth be told, Chen Xiaolian was embarrassed to face Takeuchi Yoko.

This woman was trying to protect the research results of the Mechanical Faction. However, they tricked her into trusting them and giving them the self-destruct password.

Chen Xiaolian’s objective was to destroy the Mechanical Faction’s research results if he was unable to obtain it himself!

No matter what, if this woman were to find out about this, she would be very furious.

“From now on, we will begin to act separately. Remember to keep in touch using the walkie-talkie at all times. In the case where contact is not possible… proceed according to the predetermined schedule. No matter what happens, remember… in the case where completing the quest becomes impossible, prioritize survival! Preserving our lives comes first! Even if it means entering the punishment instance dungeon, that would still be better than dying on the spot! By staying alive, we will have a chance for survival.”

After Chen Xiaolian finished instructing them, the two groups separated. When the time came for them to part, Qiao Qiao directed a deep look at Chen Xiaolian. “This time, when we return, I will…”

“Hey!” Chen Xiaolian quickly moved to cover her mouth and forced out a smile. “Have you never watched movies or tv series? Saying things like this will raise that FLAG [1]. That is an inauspicious thing, you know?”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian pinched Qiao Qiao’s nose. Then, he turned around and moved toward the other elevator. Roddy and Nagase Komi followed him through the passageway.


The elevator doors stopped descending. Following a clear sound, the doors of the elevator slowly opened.

After going down using the elevator, they no longer knew how deep down they had descended. Chen Xiaolian judged that this place was certainly over 50 meters below ground!

Although the Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel was said to be 50 meters underground, the depth of this place had far exceeded that.

Outside the elevator was a place that resembled a small subway station.

Before them was an underground rail. Resting on the rails was a circular shaped carriage that was flat on both sides. The head of the carriage and the body formed a shuttle shape. Soft white lights were fixed onto the ceiling of the platform. There was also a melodious and soft music playing within.

“The Japanese are quite particular about their work environment,” Chen Xiaolian smiled.

Soon however, he would lose the smile on his face.

Using Takeuchi Yoko’s identity card, the doors to the shuttle shaped rail car opened.  A pungent stench of blood abruptly assailed them!

Upon the ground were plenty of bloodstains. There were also marks revealing that some people had been dragged through the area!

The most horrifying part was the several deep slashes left on the walls of the rail car.

It appeared as though a sharp weapon had been used to slash across the metal walls of the rail car, leaving several deep slashes upon it!

“Could it be that Wolverine has entered the scene?” Roddy the chuunibyou cracked a joke in an attempt to lighten the atmosphere.

The doors to the rail car slowly closed up. Next, an electronic voice prompted out in Japanese, prompting the passengers to be seated, wear their safety belts and others of the like.

The rail car issued buzzing sounds. Then, with a slight start, it slowly moved.

A few seconds later, the rail car suddenly sped up!

“It doesn’t appear to be descending… it is moving on flat surface?” Roddy sensed the angle of movement followed by the rail car and knitted his eyebrows. “It’s moving out at such a fast speed… we will be leaving Saitama Prefecture soon, right? Japan is not that big of a place.”

“Who cares,” Chen Xiaolian examined his weapon and inserted a magazine upon his tactical vest. “Do you have a cigarette?”

“No, it is with Lun Tai,” Roddy rolled his eyes. “You nervous?”

“Nonsense, we are going to be risking our life right now. Anyone who doesn’t feel nervous is a little bitch,” Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath. “If we can complete the quest, then we’ll complete it. If we cannot complete it, think of a method to run away. If we cannot run away, think of a method to hide. At any rate, preserving our lives comes first.”

He then turned to the side to look at the pale and shivering Nagase Komi. Chen Xiaolian sighed and was about to say something…

Suddenly, he heard a soft and peculiar sound coming from the outside of the rail car!

Although the sound was faint, both Chen Xiaolian and Roddy heard it! Both their faces turned tense.

Then… the sound came again!


It sounded like the sound of metal being twisted.

Both Chen Xiaolian and Roddy abruptly stood up. The arced their waist in a stooped forward posture with their guns raised.

“What is going on?” Nagase Komi’s face turned paler and she raised the PS9 in her hand. Chen Xiaolian had given that gun to her.

“Do not point the gun muzzle at your own people!” Roddy quickly pressed down the girl’s hand and whispered. “Remember to open the safety catch before you shoot. Shh! Listen!”



Crunch! !

Three sounds came consecutively from the outside of the rail car! From the sound, it was clear that the source was still moving!

From the left position of the rail car’s head, it had moved until it reached the right side of the rail car. It was as though something was moving diagonally on top of the rail car.

Chen Xiaolian’s face suddenly distorted as he thought of one thing!

He abruptly pointed at the slash marks on the walls.

“Son of a bitch! I got careless!” Chen Xiaolian quickly said. “Since there are claw marks here… then… it is apparent that someone in the rail car had transformed into a monster! However… when we entered… where was the monster?”

“You mean…” Roddy swallowed his saliva and pointed to the top of the rail car.

1 Death flag. In movies and tv series, once this is triggered by way of character development or lines, it is only a matter of time before that person dies.

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