Chapter 140: Splitting Again

GOR Chapter 140: Splitting Again

There were two choices placed before Meteor Rock Guild!

“We can choose one of two quests, seize the research results of the Mechanical Faction or seize the research results of the Bio-transformation Faction,” Chen Xiaolian said. “Of course, if we can complete both, we will acquire an additional reward from the system.”

Seeing his team members looking at him, Chen Xiaolian felt stressed. He took a deep breath and used his fingers to knead the area between his eyebrows. He felt a headache and said slowly. “Our current advantages and disadvantages are as follows: If we select the Mechanical Faction, we have Takeuchi Mikiko’s mother, Takeuchi Yoko. She is a staff member from the Mechanical Faction and is familiar with the surroundings within. We can obtain some information regarding the interior of the Mechanical Faction through her. After that, enter the lab area of the Mechanical Faction… however, there are dangers. Due to the underhanded move by the Bio-transformation Faction of slipping in their genetic virus, the researchers within the Mechanical Faction’s lab may have already been transformed into monsters.

“In other words, we will have to enter a closed space filled with various monsters.”

The others remained silent.

Chen Xiaolian then continued. “If we choose the Bio-transformation Faction, we have the one known as Domoto. That fellow is a member of the Bio-transformation Faction. We can interrogate the inside situation of the Bio-transformation Faction from him. The disadvantage of this choice is… unknown dangers! We are unable to ascertain what the situation might be within their lab and how high the risk factor may be. All of these cannot be controlled. According to Domoto, each laboratory will have a permanently stationed elite armed security forces.”

“If it is just some armed security personnel, I feel that it should not prove too difficult. Back in Tokyo, we had charged in through the Metropolitan Police Department and fought against their Special Assault Teams,” Lun Tai interjected while making a face.

“Makes sense,” Chen Xiaolian nodded his head. “Now, everyone can express their views regarding this choice.”

“Why not take both?” Nicole spoke up.

Slowly and calmly, she said. “We currently have an advantage that the other participants do not. And that is time!”

Nicole turned to the others. “The last notification issued by the system is: Participants that have yet to complete the second phase of the quest must complete it within 8 hours. Otherwise, they will be deemed to have failed the quest and be teleported out of this instance dungeon!”

Nicole continued while looking at the others. “In my understanding of the system, the numbers given by the system is often provided after going through a reasonable set of calculations. In other words, for the system to give the other participants 8 hours of time would mean that the lead we have over the other participants is at least 8 hours! They still need around 8 hours in order to complete the second phase. Within this time period, we will not be facing any competition from them. So, why not think of methods to maximize the benefits from this?”

“Wouldn’t that be too risky?” Qiao Qiao frowned. “After all, our guild is a small one with limited strength.”

“This is indeed a risky move. However, if this move succeeds… from my understanding of the system, the ‘additional reward’ given by the system is usually very generous!” Nicole remained unyielding toward her opinion.

“Oh?” Chen Xiaolian’s interest was piqued and he looked at Nicole.

Nicole quickly continued. “There are usually a few rules to the rewards given by the system. Within instance dungeon quests of the competitive type, the rules to the rewards are particularly notable.

“First, we can through analysis, see that there are two final quests for this instance dungeon: Mechanical Faction and Bio-transformation Faction. In other words, there would be at best only two winning parties. There can be no more than that! The possibility here is that the winning party completes both quests.

“Either that, or for two parties to complete one quest each!

“That is to say, the reward given by the system actually has a fixed value. This fixed value is either exclusive or will be split into two.

“You need to understand this. There are in fact some loopholes within the system, especially in the area of certain calculations. It is rigid and inflexible.

“Also, based on my experience, this competitive type of instance dungeon will generally have two calculation specifications when calculating for the final reward.

“First, how the quest is completed.

“Second, the number of teams to complete the quest.

“I will not elaborate on the first condition, you should understand just by hearing about it.

“The second one is more subtle! Moreover, many may not understand this hidden rule. What I want to say is: if we could make it so that we become the only party to complete this instance dungeon’s quest, then… even if we only manage to complete one of the two quests, as long as we see to it that we are the only ones to emerge as the winner, there is a high probability that the reward received will far exceed our expectations!

“That is to say, by taking this instance dungeon as an example, the final classification for the reward is as follows:

“First Class reward, one party becomes the only winner and completes the two quests.

“Second Class reward, one party becomes the only winner by only completing one quest.

“Third Class reward, two winning parties whom each completed one of the two quests.”

“There is actually something like this?” Chen Xiaolian was slightly surprised.

Thus, I believe that we may be able to make some changes to our plans,” Nicole’s eyes flashed.

“Act separately?”

After listening to Nicole’s plan, the other members were somewhat shocked.

“Yes. The first group will proceed with the objective of seizing the research results of the Bio-transformation Faction. I believe there is no need for me to elaborate on this point for everyone to understand.

“Most importantly however, is the second group. The second group is to enter the Mechanical Faction’s lab area with the objective of seizing the research results of the Mechanical Faction!

“If this objective cannot be completed, then proceed to the secondary objective… destroy the research results of the Mechanical Faction! That is to ensure that our team becomes the only team to complete this instance dungeon’s quest. That way, we will maximize the system reward that we will acquire!

“We have an advantage on our side. The memory card that Takeuchi Yoko hid away contains the self-destruct password for the control centre of the Mechanical Faction! If we are unable to seize the research results, then utilize the self-destruct password in the control room to trigger the destruction of the Mechanical Faction’s invention!”


After Nicole outlined her plan, that was the first word to emerge from Chen Xiaolian’s mind.

As expected from a battle hardened Floating Angel; she possessed a rich amount of combat experience and could take such decisive actions!

“Splitting up is indeed dangerous. However, we presently have the lead in this phase. Within this period of time where there are no competition, the risk will be worth it. Once we succeed, the reward will be worth the risk. Besides, this game has always been one filled with risks. Less risk or more is nothing much, in my opinion,” Nicole exhibited a high amount of confidence – clearly, now that her pet Floater has finished recharging, this Floating Angel’s confidence has increased.

“We still need to split into a primary and secondary group,” After pondering about it, Chen Xiaolian made his decision. “We must ensure the successful completion of the quest to seize the research results of the Bio-transformation Faction! As for the second group, it will simply be an extra harvest type. If they could complete it, that would be for the best. But even if they fail, it will not affect the final result. Our resources are limited and we cannot evenly split our battle strength. Otherwise, we might end up with nothing in the end.”

“I agree,” As a veteran, Lun Tai immediately showed his support.. He turned to Chen Xiaolian and gave a bitter smile. “The calculation rules for system reward that Nicole mentioned is something I do not know of… as you know, even though I am a veteran, the chances for victory have always been slim. In many cases, my previous guild all place survival as the first priority. Only ever victorious guilds like the Floating Angel would be able to understand the conditions for victory.”

“If there is no objection, then we will be splitting up!” Chen Xiaolian thus decided to split the team.

However, the member allocation for the two groups caused everyone to be surprised!

“The first choice for the group member that will enter the Mechanical Faction’s lab area is Roddy! Roddy’s skill is Mechanical Heart. Obviously, within the Mechanical Faction’s lab area, his skill will have a high probability of being useful,” Chen Xiaolian softly continued. “Additionally, I will be going with Roddy to enter the Mechanical Faction together. As for the rest… all of you will be in the same group. Enter the Bio-transformation Faction’s lab area and seize the Bio-transformation’s research results to complete the quest!”


Hearing Chen Xiaolian’s allocation for the two groups, Qiao Qiao went pale. “Xiaolian, you…”

Chen Xiaolian was clear on what Qiao Qiao meant. She felt that Chen Xiaolian should be going together with them. He was the Guild Leader, after all. Additionally… there was a deeper feeling between them. She felt that it would be best if Chen Xiaolian were to go together with her and Soo Soo. After all, they have the more intimate relationship.

At the moment however, Chen Xiaolian had a different idea.

The earlier argument within the motel has had an impact on Chen Xiaolian’s thoughts.

He too, felt that being too emotional was something that should be avoided in many cases.

Take this allocation of group members as an example, if he had insisted on putting himself, Qiao Qiao, Soo Soo and Roddy together… it was clear that the allocation of group members could not be done in a balanced manner!

Additionally, if he were to constantly place only these four people with the best relationship together, the small, intimate clique situation would grow more serious through time! Should this happen, Lun Tai, Bei Tai and Xia Xiaolei would surely feel excluded.

“Seizing the Bio-transformation Faction’s research results must be prioritized in order to ensure that we complete the quest. We must concentrate our forces in that direction. At the current, Nicole is the strongest powerhouse within our team. Naturally, the strongest powerhouse must be placed in the group sent to ensure quest completion!”

No one objected this line of reasoning. Even Nicole herself displayed her tacit understanding toward that reasoning.

There was no need to explain the decision with Lun Tai and Bei Tai. As veterans, they were the backbone of their team. It was only natural for them to be in the group sent to complete the quest.

As for Qiao Qiao…

Chen Xiaolian had to put more consideration in this decision.

If Qiao Qiao were to follow him, what about Soo Soo? Would Qiao Qiao be at ease with leaving Soo Soo with others? Most certainly not!

As such, they would form a small clique made of four again. Then, Lun Tai, Bei Tai and Nicole, the three of them would be excluded as ‘outsiders’.

What would they think? What would Xia Xiaolei think?

Chen Xiaolian had another, more deeper reason for this move of his: At present, the level of difficulty for the Bio-transformation Faction’s research results appeared to be lower. With the strength of only those armed security personnel, the enemies they face would likely be no different from the Special Assault Team. Even if the enemies were somewhat stronger, their group has a Floating Angel amongst them. Let alone a group of armed men, even if a Thunderstorm Tank were to appear, it still would not be a problem!

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