Chapter 139: Storyline

GOR Chapter 139: Storyline

“Shh!” Nicole made a gesture to hush Chen Xiaolian before quickly whispering out. “Listen carefully! This must be the appearance of characters from the storyline!”

Special storyline?

Chen Xiaolian let out a bitter laugh inwardly.

“Mikiko! How did you get here?” Yoko embraced her daughter and her body trembled as she looked on at the crying Takeuchi Mikiko with a surprised expression.

She was a mature woman after all. She subconsciously raised her head to look at Chen Xiaolian and his team, observing their heavily armed appearance… appearance wise, they were all wearing the standard equipment, combat clothes and tactical vests reserved for the Special Assault Team.

The appearance that their team gave off was similar to that of… a team of armed police forces!

“You people are from the police force?” Yoko suddenly broke down in tears. “Have the police finally arrived?”

Chen Xiaolian did not say anything and simply looked at the woman. Roddy who was standing beside, darted his eyes around and quickly shouted. “That is right! We are the Special Assault Team from the Metropolitan Police Department. We received a report that someone is engaging in illegal activities here, so…”

“It is not merely an illegal activity!” Yoko panicked and cried out in a loud voice. “It is terrorism! It is a very serious crime! It is a very, very serious crime! They will kill many, many people!”

Qiao Qiao had already moved over. She knelt beside Yoko and slowly asked under Chen Xiaolian’s observation. “Do not be anxious. Tell us everything slowly, what happened?”

A few minutes later, after listening to Takeuchi Yoko, Chen Xiaolian and his team finally understood what the ‘instance dungeon storyline’ was.

After gaining an understanding of the instance dungeon storyline, Roddy could not help himself and was the first to sigh. “Does it have to be so outrageous? Is the Development Team not afraid that this will disrupt the balance of this world? To think they would come up with such a terrible kind of technology.”

Nicole coolly replied. “What is there to be afraid of? Instance dungeon areas will be blocked off from the world outside. This storyline is confined within this instance dungeon area and time. Once this instance dungeon ends, there will be no impact toward the outside world.”

The general gist of the storyline was as follows:

(This was the storyline within this instance dungeon) The Japanese government had been secretly transferring funds or funding a mysterious research institute.

This research institute was dedicated to the research of some powerful military technology. After a considerable period of research, the members of this research gradually divided into two factions.

One of the factions prioritized research of living beings and they set up a research project named ‘Super Bio-transformed Warrior’. The main objective of this project was to research and develop the innate potential within humans. However, after years of research, a change occurred!

After researching other life forms, animals and even insects, this faction believed that enhancing the special characteristics of these life forms and conducting further research on them would net results that could be used in the military field. They would be able to create a battle strength that far surpasses an ordinary ‘bio-transformed warrior’.

In other words, this faction believed that creating those powerful ‘monsters’ with battle strength surpassing a bio-transformed warrior would give more value for the military.

This faction was named ‘Bio-transformation Faction’.

The other faction from the research institute believed that all individual life forms were insignificant. No matter how much the flesh was strengthened, there will always be a limit. Thus, they followed the ‘orthodox’ path of technological research, believing that the ultimate goal should be to create the most powerful technological weaponry.

This faction was named ‘Mechanical Faction’.

Although the Bio-transformation Faction and Mechanical Faction were both part of this research institute, the differing direction taken by their research would often lead to disputes and competition. Most importantly, in their competition to gain more allocated resources and funding for their research, the two sides would often bicker without respite.

From a general perspective, the Bio-transformation Faction’s research direction was too ‘heavy’, leading to upper management feeling somewhat freaked out. Moreover, many of their research contents were those that could not be publicized and would be considered as a violation of human ethics by most people.

One such example was the synthesis of genes from various different life forms: animals, insects and humans to create a ‘monster’.

Once such actions were exposed, most of the community will lash out at them.

Thus, their field of research gradually became narrower due to the decreased amount of funding and resources by upper management.

The Mechanical Faction on the other hand, had always been the main research direction advocated by the upper management.

After all, the research and development of electronics and mechanical types of military weaponry was more in keeping with the orthodox way of thought. Even when revealed, the public would not criticize them much.

In recent years, the Mechanical Faction had managed to achieve a great success while the Bio-transformation Faction also managed to achieve a massive breakthrough.

However, at this time when both factions had attained success, the upper management felt that, due to the limited amount of resources and funding, they would have to weigh their options and continue to support only one of the two factions. The other faction would then have to face the predicament of a reduced research funding.

Thus… the Bio-transformation Faction made a dangerous decision!

Generally speaking, those researchers from the Bio-transformation Faction were all slightly mad. Furthermore, these mad men possessed a rather perverted mind-set.

Just think about it, would there be a normal person who could conduct experiments to transform a human into a monster every day?

People such as these have almost no morals under human standards and would not care about matters such as ethics and morals.

Thus, those mad men made an insane move.

“You mean… these bastards, in order to have the upper management recognize and value the fruits of their research…they lost their sense of reasoning and unleashed their research product, a genetic virus that triggers monster transformations through the underground drainage channel? They unleashed it throughout all of Tokyo?”

Chen Xiaolian sucked in a breath of cold air.

There were 20 million people in Tokyo City! If you factor in the other people in the surrounding vicinity of Tokyo City… the number would certainly exceed 40 million!

Against 40 million people… these were fellow citizens! They unleashed a genetic virus upon them to transform them into monsters!

Using this method to place pressure upon the upper management and at the same time, show off how incredible the fruits of their research were…

Such a kind of move was certainly an act by those who had lost their reasoning!

On the surface, Takeuchi Yoko, Takeuchi Mikiko’s mother held the identity of an ordinary inventory administrator of a large company.

However, this was just a cover.

She was in fact a member of this research institute. Naturally, she was not one of the core researchers. More accurately, she was simply an administrative assistant to one of the core researchers from the ‘Mechanical Faction’. Her work resembled those of secretaries and she has had no hand in the research process.

Next, an even more outrageous storyline happened.

Takeuchi Yoko was widowed early on and had been single since then. Due to the need to conceal her identity within this mysterious research institute, it was only normal for her to not have much when it comes to social circles.

In the past two years, she got close to one of her colleagues within the research institute. That person was none other than Domoto.

Domoto held the identity of an assistant researcher from the ‘Bio-transformation Faction’ and could be considered one of the formal researchers.

Within the research institute, the level of their identity was something of significance. Researchers were undoubtedly part of the important class of people. As for an administrative staff member such as Takeuchi Yoko, she was only there to help with the affairs of the researchers.

Yoko still had a lingering charm to her, and under the constant pursuit of Domoto, she felt flattered. Over time, she secretly began a relationship with Domoto.

Here was where the instance dungeon’s storyline took a nosedive.

In fact, Domoto had an ulterior motive for approaching Takeuchi Yoko. He hoped to subvert Takeuchi Yoko who was an administrative secretary from the Mechanical Faction. After having entered a relationship with Takeuchi Yoko, Domoto persuaded Takeuchi Yoko to do something for him: Use Takeuchi Yoko’s work authority to help him steal some secrets from the Mechanical Faction.

“He gave me a special monitoring device and had me help him bring it into the research institute. I will then secretly smuggle the monitoring device out and give it to Domoto on a regular basis,” Tears flowed down Takeuchi Yoko’s face as she continued. “But recently, in order to compete with the Mechanical Faction, they stopped caring about anything else. In order to defeat the Mechanical Faction, they even wanted to destroy the research results obtained by the Mechanical Faction. Such a despicable action was unacceptable. Thus, I rejected Domoto’s unreasonable request.”

Subsequently, things escalated.

The Bio-transformation Faction unleashed the genetic virus through the underground drainage channel, spreading it through all of Tokyo City.

Originally, the Bio-transformation Faction had only intended to use this incident to flex their muscles for the upper management to see, showing off the power of their research – their original intent was to send someone to clear the virus once the leak caused a minor impact. Next, sacrifice a few researchers as scapegoats. That way, they would be able to avoid being held accountable. At the same time, they would be able to impress upon the upper management just how powerful their terrifying research was.

Most unfortunately, a variable appeared in the middle of their plans.

The staff members sent to clear the virus in Tokyo reported back…

“A mutation occurred within the virus,” Takeuchi Yoko closed her eyes in sorrow. “After the virus fused into the human body, an unexpected mutation occurred, one that far exceeded the previous experiment’s conclusive data. Additionally, this mutation had never happened before in the previous human experiments. After the Bio-transformation Faction found out that they have lost control of the situation, they began to go utterly mad!

“They attempted to destroy all incriminating evidences; all the experimental evidences were thoroughly destroyed. In order to ensure their own safety, they also did not hesitate to destroy the research data on their successful experiments on some viruses.

“They even made an insane move. They attempted to undermine the research results of the Mechanical Faction. They wanted to use this method to try to obtain victory amidst defeat.

“Those mad men thought: As long as the Mechanical Faction’s results are destroyed, even if the upper management find out about them being the one to spread the virus, they would have no choice but to forgive them and continue supporting them.

“They… they actually slipped the genetic virus into the Mechanical Faction’s research area! They were madly attempting to destroy their competitors!”

Hearing all that, Chen Xiaolian and his team were utterly dumbfounded!

These people are truly worthy of the name mad scientists! Mad scientists!

“Presently, the entire lab area of the Mechanical Faction has been exposed to the genetic virus. Domoto caught me because he wanted to torture out a secret that I had hidden away. Back then, the monitoring device that they gave me had managed to gather information on an extremely secretive detail.”

“What detail?”

“Self-destruct password!” Takeuchi Yoko cried out. “This research and development facility is located underground. Additionally, the successful research results of the Mechanical Faction are all hidden in a secret underground warehouse. However, in order to ensure that the secret will not be leaked to the outside, all warehouses have a self-destruct device affixed onto them. Once an invasion occurs or in case of an emergency, they can activate the self-destruct devices and destroy all the research results! This is to ensure that it does not get leaked or fall into the hands of outsiders.

“Back then, the monitoring devices managed to obtain the self-destruct password for those self-destruct devices. However…”

After saying that, Takeuchi Yoko took a deep breath. “However, I had already found out about Domoto’s evil deeds. Thus, I had extracted the memory card from the monitoring device and hid it away! I absolutely cannot allow the selfishness of these bastards to lead to the destruction of the research institute’s inventions!”

Chen Xiaolian and Roddy turned to look at each other. Roddy was unable to restrain himself and he exhaled. “What an outrageous storyline!”

Chen Xiaolian did not say anything.

“At present, the lab area of the Mechanical Faction has already been destroyed. These bastards had slipped in the genetic virus, infecting many of the researchers and transforming them into monsters!” Takeuchi Yoko spoke with a quavering voice. “If not because Domoto had wanted to obtain the monitoring device’s memory card from me, I fear I would have died! He brought me out, but… but I will never allow him to succeed! Even though the lab has been destroyed, as long as the research results are preserved, that would mean that they are unable to succeed in getting their goal.”

“The research results are stored in a warehouse located underground. In order to get there, you must first go to the Control Centre within the laboratory. From there, ride the transit elevator.”

“Wait,” Chen Xiaolian suddenly gave a frown and looked around at his team members around him. He wondered. “How does this matter relate to us? The research results of the so-called Mechanical Faction, how does that relate to us? As for the self-destruct password, that too does not seem to have any connection with us.”

It was then…

[System prompt!].

“Damn!” Chen Xiaolian was shocked as a new notification suddenly appeared from the system!

[System prompt: Your guild has successfully completed the second phase of the quest, that is to safely escort the quest target to the designated location. You have acquired the trust of the storyline character, Takeuchi Yoko and she has given you the details of the storyline. Third phase of the quest successfully activated!

[Opening the third phase of the quest!

[The third phase of the quest:

A. Within the set time, seize the Mechanical / Bio-transformation Faction’s research results. (You may choose any one. Completion of any one of them would comply with the required standard for quest completion. If you could complete both, you will obtain additional reward from the system.)

B. Within the set time, if the quest could not be completed or if the participating team or solo participant dies, they would be deemed to have failed the quest.

C. Quest failure will lead to system punishment.

D. The set time for the third phase of the quest: 48 hours. Countdown begins now.

E. Participants that have yet to complete the second phase of the quest must complete it within 8 hours. Otherwise, they will be deemed to have failed the quest and be teleported out of this instance dungeon!].

“Holy shit!” Chen Xiaolian’s face sank.

On the highway, Tian Lie who was lashing out at the monsters with a steel whip while situated atop the carriage suddenly saw the system notification.

“The third phase has been opened?” Tian Lie’s face distorted. Then, he sneered. “This little angel is quite fast.”

He abruptly lashed out viciously with the steel whip and roared. “Run! Bastards!”

“Head back, head back. It seems someone had pulled far ahead of us. Whatever we do at this moment would be futile.”

Culkin looked at the system prompt he received with a cold expression: [Third phase of the quest has opened].

He suddenly let out a faint sigh and picked up his headset.

“I have decided. We will abandon the third phase of the quest. Everyone stay at your current location and rest up. In eight hours’ time, we will leave this instance dungeon.”

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