Chapter 136: Eruption of Conflict

GOR Chapter 136: Eruption of Conflict

Black misty qi swirled in the air!

Amongst the dense ink-like, black coloured qi, Bai Qi who was dressed in snow-white clothes stepped into existence.

His pale face was a mask of indifference.

Bai Qi charged forward!

The snow-white Bai Qi who was standing in the middle of the air transformed into a white rainbow as he moved! As his tiny body was still hovering in the air, his right hand had already retrieved the translucent short sword from his left sleeve.

Upon the blade that was as thin as a layer of onion, a faint colour of blood flowed.

Bai Qi showed no hesitation and swooped down toward the monster!


The ray of white light, Bai Qi shot in front of the monster and Bai Qi’s tiny body slammed onto the head of the monster. His sword was raised.

The sword descended!

The sharp edge of his sword slashed down onto the monster’s head, creating a sharp earth-shattering sound!

Next, a sound similar to that of an electric cutter resonated out and sparks flew out from the monster’s head! Receiving an attack from the short sword in Bai Qi’s hand, the monster’s body that was impervious to even grenade launchers…

It was slashed through!


Chen Xiaolian stared in utter amazement, dumbfounded.

The sharp edge of the sword slashed into the monster’s head through its circular mouth! Then, after a shower of sparks, that part of the monster’s mouth was cut into two semicircles. Next, Bai Qi moved toward the head.

Bai Qi had seemingly become an unparalleled electrical cutter; he sliced into the head area of the monster and pushed forward!

The monster’s mouth was sliced into two, followed by its head, and followed by its body…

Bai Qi kept moving forward as his sharp sword kept up with him, cutting straight through!

The monster was originally dashing forward. Bai Qi too, had charged at it and the two of them clashed into each other simultaneously.  The powerful momentum behind their movement caused Bai Qi’s sword to cut through the monster’s body, creating a gash with a length of over 20 metres!

Bai Qi appeared to have pierced into the body of the monster!

The monster’s head was split cleanly in half while Bai Qi’s body disappeared into the monster’s body. In the next instant, a part of the monster’s body, which was 20 metres away from its head suddenly swelled up!


With a bang, a human figure burst out and soared into the skies!

Bai Qi’s body hovered in the air, his body, clothes and hair were completely coated with the monster’s flesh and a faint reddish coloured viscous liquid.

However, a clump of black coloured flaming qi quickly appeared on his body, devouring all those residues. Bai Qi then returned to his formerly immaculate appearance.

Bai Qi somersaulted through the air and landed with both feet on the monster’s body.

In that instant, the monster’s durable body that was impervious to even grenade launchers, was pushed down by Bai Qi’s legs!

The lower half of the monster’s body bounced up! The life force of this elongated insect was incredibly resilient. Despite having its head cleaved in two, its lower body would still move under the influence of its nerves. It was like a huge whip that was vehemently lashing out!

Bai Qi’s tiny body leapt up into the air again. This time, he plunged straight into the monster’s body and broke out through the other end!

Chen Xiaolian was utterly overwhelmed by surprise.

Bai Qi, had turned out to be so powerful!

The monster that had brought an entire SUV of them into a situation where escape was not possible was unable to take a single strike from Bai Qi!

Chen Xiaolian felt relieved and he fell, sitting down on the ground, gasping for breath.

Next, a bizarre scenario occurred.

Bai Qi who was standing upon the surface of the monster’s body suddenly raised his short sword, and pierced it into the monster’s body…

With a speed visible to the naked eye, the colossal body of the train like monster shrivelled at an astonishing pace!

It was as though a certain force was madly siphoning out the flesh underneath the monster’s tough shell!

Bai Qi remained standing on the surface of the monster’s body, now using both hands to hold the hilt of his sword. His original expression of indifference was slowly exhibiting a faint sense of pain!

He appeared struggling to control, or rather to resist something…

At last, the massive train like body of the monster completely shrivelled up; it appeared no different from an iron sheet that had been flattened by a roller and was left lying across the surface of the highway.

As for Bai Qi, he was kneeling on one knee atop the monster’s body. He slowly raised his head and turned to look at Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian instinctively felt that something about Bai Qi was different.

Within the black, ink-like eyes, something inexplicable seemed to have appeared.

Bai Qi stood up… and Chen Xiaolian noticed that Bai Qi’s height appeared to have increased a little.

Inside Zero City, after devouring 30 pieces of Demon Soldier Fragments, Bai Qi’s height reached up to roughly 140 cm.

Currently, Bai Qi seemed to have grown taller by several cm.

Bai Qi moved to the front of Chen Xiaolian. He slowly inserted the short sword on his right hand into his left sleeve before placing both arms into the sleeves. When he arrived before Chen Xiaolian, he knelt down.

“Hmmm?” Chen Xiaolian was surprised and saw Bai Qi extending his right palm forward. His palm was spread open. Judging by his actions, it appears that he wants something from me?

Chen Xiaolian immediately figured it out and retrieved a piece of black coloured Demon Soldier Fragment. Bai Qi accepted it and the Demon Soldier Fragment dissolved before disappearing within Bai Qi’s open palm. After that, Bai Qi continued maintaining his posture, his hand remaining outstretched.

Chen Xiaolian did not hesitate and he retrieved another piece of Demon Soldier Fragment.

When Chen Xiaolian took out the tenth piece of Demon Soldier Fragment, Bai Qi retracted his hand and did not accept it.


Bai Qi’s tone of voice remained highly laborious, like those of a baby just learning how to speak.

“You… you are stronger than I expected,” Chen Xiaolian smiled bitterly. “I recall that your initial class is [A] Class – that strength you displayed earlier, how could that only be [A] Class?”

Bai Qi’s gaze seemed empty. However, he tilted his head in deliberation, then he turned to regard the monster’s shrivelled up corpse. “It… stronger… than… me. Its… mouth… weakness.”


Chen Xiaolian’s heart skipped a beat.


How could Bai Qi know of this weakness?

A famed general from the Qin Dynasty, how could someone like that know about the weakness of a Japanese monster?

Looking at the shrivelled up corpse of the monster, Chen Xiaolian was unable to restrain himself and he asked. “You… absorbed its flesh and blood?”

“Life force,” Bai Qi shook his head. He then looked at the Demon Soldier Fragment in Chen Xiaolian’s hand and pointed at it. “Undead soul… balance.”

“You mean, to let you keep absorbing in order to for you to grow stronger? Absorb some undead souls, then absorb some life force, alternating between both?”

Perhaps Chen Xiaolian’s words were too complicated for him to understand. Bai Qi only stood there, gazing at Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian felt dizzy and his body swayed. Soon, a feeling of exhaustion washed through him!

Clearly, as a summon type pet, after Bai Qi displayed that unbelievable degree of strength, he had also consumed a great deal of Chen Xiaolian’s strength.

Also, Chen Xiaolian had been fighting continuously for the past two days. He had almost no opportunity to rest and recover. As of now, he was thoroughly exhausted. Finally, he swayed and was about to fall unconscious. However, before that, he gestured to Bai Qi, summoning him back into the Tiger Tally.

Chen Xiaolian felt his sense of awareness becoming increasingly blurred. He forced himself to crawl up toward the side of the highway and plopped down on the ground. Before he fell unconscious, he saw an SUV dashing over toward him.

The SUV flew until it was before him. However, before the SUV came to a halt, Qiao Qiao had already jumped down from the vehicle, running forward frantically…

When he woke up, Chen Xiaolian opened his eyes and saw that it was dark outside.

His immediate surrounding was obviously not the interior of a vehicle, but a room.

His body was resting upon a dry and warm bed.

He moved his head slightly and sat up.

The room was not large. It was a standard hotel room.

Right after he sat up, the door was opened and Qiao Qiao walked in from the outside. She walked to the side of the bed that Chen Xiaolian was on. “Are you awake?”

“You came back?” Chen Xiaolian gave a bitter smile. “Didn’t I tell you to run away first?”

“Don’t talk about it anymore! If I had not turned back, Qiao Qiao would really cut me up with a knife,” Roddy walked into the room.

“You shut up!” Qiao Qiao’s eyes were slightly red as she stared furiously at Roddy. “Roddy, you bastard! Back when Xiaolian told you to go forward, you actually go forward and ignored him! And you call yourself a friend?”

Roddy was embarrassed but Chen Xiaolian only gave a sigh. “Enough. Back then, if he did not move forward, everyone in the SUV would die. I ordered Roddy to go ahead. If anyone is to be blamed, it is me. Roddy did that for the sake of everyone inside the SUV. Both you and Soo Soo were inside the SUV back then… I believe Roddy is not a coward who is afraid of death.”

Roddy’s eyes were slightly red and he let out a strained smile. “Those words of yours are making me feel guilty.”

“Chen Xiaolian, you are also a bastard!” Qiao Qiao suddenly used both hands to grab Chen Xiaolian’s collars and spat angrily. “Why! Why must you do something like this every time? What, do you like being a hero so much? Do you like to place all the burden on your shoulders alone?

“Back in the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang instance dungeon, you took the initiative to stay behind as the decoy! Now again, you jumped down to bring up the rear on your own!

“Chen Xiaolian! What were you trying to do?”

“I… I just want everyone to live on… especially you, Roddy and Soo Soo.”

“But that is not what we want!” Qiao Qiao suddenly burst out in tears and hugged Chen Xiaolian’s neck, her tears trickling down. “That is not what we want! I have never thought about matters regarding this game’s instance dungeon quest! If we can complete it, then we’ll complete it! If we cannot complete it, then just damn it to Hell! What I want is for us to be together! Survive together, do you understand?

“If you die, even if we manage to get away, what do you think we can do? Could we still continue to carry out the quest? Then, continue maintaining this guild? Without you, Soo Soo and I will not care about any instance dungeon quest, much less any guild! If you are dead, do you think we would still continue onward?”

“…” Chen Xiaolian was speechless and he turned to Roddy. He suddenly realized that Roddy’s right eye was somewhat bruised. He blurted out. “Roddy, what happened to your eye?”

Roddy’s face appeared somewhat embarrassed. “Err… I was… hit by someone…”

“Could it be Qiao Qiao had given you a lesson?”

“It’s not me!” Qiao Qiao answered coldly. “It was his sweetheart.”


Nicole beat up Roddy?

Qiao Qiao’s tone became furious. “After you jumped out of the SUV, the SUV kept heading straight. I told Roddy to stop and turn back, then… that Nicole suddenly rushed to the front to wrestle with Roddy. She even gave Roddy a beating as she tried to stop Roddy from turning back. She attempted to seize control of the steering to let the SUV move onward… that woman was simply going to leave you behind!”

Chen Xiaolian did not say anything. He looked at Roddy, who gave a strained smile. “Don’t look at me. Truth be told, I have the same intention as Qiao Qiao. I admit I had panicked back then, but… sigh, I don’t even know how to explain it.”

Chen Xiaolian sighed. “Let’s not talk about that anymore.”

He got down from the bed and stood. Looking at the darkness of the night beyond the window, he asked. “Tell me about our current situation, where are we now?”

Two minutes later, Chen Xiaolian was able to grasp their current situation.

At the moment, they were all within a motel by the highway.

It was around six in the evening, about four hours since he fell unconscious.

The reason why their team would stop at this motel instead of progressing forward, was solely due to the fact that Chen Xiaolian had fainted. Thus, Qiao Qiao and Roddy had decided to stop moving for the time being. They then found a place to rest up – Qiao Qiao was adamant about not moving forward if Chen Xiaolian had not woken up.

Qiao Qiao’s opinion represented Roddy and Soo Soo’s. Xia Xiaolei had also supported them. Lun Tai and Bei Tai were also inclined toward their opinion.

Nicole was the only one expressing dissatisfaction toward this decision.

“In other words, we have been staying here for three hours?”

“More accurately, we have been here for three hours and forty-two minutes.”

Chen Xiaolian’s heart sank a little – it was the equivalent of wasting away a considerable amount of the lead that their team had obtained during the start of the second phase. It was possible that some other participant had already found their quest target for protection and was moving out of Tokyo.

Everyone was resting in the living room when Chen Xiaolian walked out of the room.

Soo Soo and Xia Xiaolei were sitting together, while Lun Tai and Bei Tai also sat together. Only Nicole was standing alone beside the window, looking outside.

Observing the clearly divisive situation, Chen Xiaolian could not help but feel frustrated.

Seeing Chen Xiaolian walk out, Lun Tai quickly stood up and moved to stand before Chen Xiaolian. He gave Chen Xiaolian a hug. “Guild Leader, thank you! Your act of staying behind to bring up the rear had earned my utter respect.”

Chen Xiaolian looked at Lun Tai. He could see the hesitation in Lun Tai’s face and moved to pat Lun Tai’s shoulder. “Enough, I understand what you are trying to say. That was my own choice. There is no need for you to feel guilty. Besides, I did not do that for just you.”

Lun Tai’s face became slightly at ease.

Soo Soo ran over and grabbed Chen Xiaolian’s hand. She raised her small face and seriously propped up one finger out. “Once again!”


“Once again! You tossed me away once again!” Soo Soo puffed up her bun like face, showing clear dissatisfaction. “You promised me, there will not be a next time! But you did it again!”

Chen Xiaolian held the little girl up and placed her on the sofa. He then patted her head. “I promise there won’t be a next time.”

It was then that Nicole turned around and walked until she was before Chen Xiaolian.

“I think there is something that we need to set straight.”


Nicole’s face was one of seriousness. “I am very worried about the fate of this temporary guild. Considering this guild’s structure, I feel that the chances of us completing the quest and leaving this instance dungeon are infinitely close to zero!”

“What did you say?” Qiao Qiao who was standing behind Chen Xiaolian narrowed her eyes and glared at Nicole.

Nicole sneered. “I have said it out clearly. And you had listened to it clearly. What else is there to ask?”

Chen Xiaolian remained silent. “Nicole, what exactly are you trying to say?”

“This guild. Most of its members are too amateurish,” Nicole said harshly. “Some are thinking that this instance dungeon is simply playing house. Or did they think that this game is just a more realistic video game? Or did they think this is a Hollywood movie? Are they holding on to a gamer’s attitude? Or are they selfishly thinking only about their own little clique?

“No matter which type they are, what I want to say is that this approach is too amateurish! It will get someone killed!”

“You!” Qiao Qiao became furious. Just as she was about to move forward, Chen Xiaolian held her back.

“I am talking about you and you all!” Nicole’s voice was extremely cold as she pointed at Qiao Qiao, Roddy, Soo Soo and Xia Xiaolei!

“Selfish, emotional, inconsiderate of the bigger picture even at the expense of the guild’s interest!” Nicole sneered. “If not for the fact that I have no choice, I would never allow myself to stay with such a guild. I would most certainly never place my hopes of survival into this type of guild!”

“Who are you calling selfish!” Qiao Qiao was utterly provoked. She pointed at Nicole and shouted. “We wanted to turn back to save Chen Xiaolian! But you were against it! You only cared about your own survival, disregarding Chen Xiaolian’s! You even beat up Roddy! If someone is being selfish, then it is you!”

“Is that so?”

Nicole’s eyebrows were raised and she stared at Qiao Qiao. She coldly retorted. “It appears that you do not even understand one thing! And that is: What is the meaning of a guild!”

Qiao Qiao was caught off guard. “What do I not understand? Chen Xiaolian is the Guild Leader! Could it be that we are supposed to just watch him die without doing anything to save him?”

“He is the Guild Leader. However, he is only one person. Could his one life outweigh the lives of everyone within the guild?” Nicole bluntly criticized Qiao Qiao. “I know that you and him are together! So, for you, his life is naturally very important! Not just you, within this guild, Roddy, that little girl, Soo Soo, Xia Xiaolei… all of you are part of a small clique! Everyone else is just a distant part of this guild of yours. I will not comment on what feelings you may have for each other…

“But Miss Qiao Qiao, you have probably forgotten one matter. And that is what we are trying to accomplish right now. At any moment, someone could die; there is also the risk that this entire guild might be exterminated!

“At that point in time, we were facing off against an enemy we could not deal with. When a guild member takes the initiative to stay behind to bring up the rear, that means he is choosing to sacrifice himself so that the other members could have a hope for survival!

“But, what did you do? Due to the affection between you two, you wanted to stop the SUV, to turn back!

“Yes, perhaps due to your emotions, you were willing to die together with Chen Xiaolian… however, did you ask if the others were willing?

“You did not even consider that by doing so, Chen Xiaolian’s sacrificial act of staying behind to bring up the rear would become meaningless!

“This is not a damned romance movie! This is also not a place for you to show your love! This is a matter of life and death, the life and death of everyone!

“This is war! Do you still not get it?

“This is a battlefield! This battlefield is a cruel one!

“There will be deaths! There will be sacrifices!”

“That is because the one to make the sacrifice is not you!” Qiao Qiao sneered.

“If it was me, I would complete my duty,” Nicole answered coldly. “I have been through countless battles and have also taken the duty of bringing up the rear before. However, when I am bringing up the rear, I would not hope to see my team members run back emotionally! That would ruin all my efforts! It would also cause others trouble!”

She stared at Qiao Qiao. “You are simply not a battle-ready guild. You are more like a family out on a sightseeing trip! That’s right! You are just a family, prioritizing emotions, without any combat discipline! You people have no combat experience!

“I cannot even imagine… if such a scenario were to occur again, would you still have such a good luck!”

Roddy spoke out with a perplexed expression. “Nicole… I admit that some of what you said is correct. We are truly not a battle-ready guild. You are a Floating Angel, one of the security personnel of Zero City, a paramilitary guild.

“Compared to you people, we are more like a ‘civilians’ guild.

“That is why we are not used to what you call ‘sacrifice’ and prioritize more on feelings instead. As a friend, I cannot just watch and run away as Chen Xiaolian sacrifice himself to bring up the rear for us.

“We cannot do it.”

Nicole retorted coldly. “Who are you referring to with your so-called ‘we’?”

Roddy suddenly froze.

“Your so-called ‘we’ includes you, Qiao Qiao and that little girl Soo Soo. Then, have you asked Xia Xiaolei? Is he willing to die together with you all? Have you asked Lun Tai and Bei Tai? Are they willing to die together with you all?

“Get this straight! If you want establish a guild, then act like one!

“Otherwise, this guild of yours had better not expand itself! Just maintain these few of ‘your people’ within! Since you people are willing to live and die together, that is your own prerogative. However, you will get others killed during crucial moments! Please do not drag others down with you!” Nicole said furiously. “Roddy! Do you know why I beat you up when we were in the SUV?”

Nicole took a deep breath and suppressed her anger. “It is not because I am afraid of death! The number of battles that I have been through far exceeds the total number of battles that you all have gone through! I have undergone situations that were more dangerous and more desperate! The reason I am angry is because, back then, there were still others within the SUV! You and Qiao Qiao wanted to turn back and find Chen Xiaolian. Did you ask the opinion of others? What authority do you have to make decisions for others – especially considering how that decision would determine their life and death?

“I am selfish? Bullshit!

“Who is the one who is being selfish?”

Ignoring Qiao Qiao and Roddy, Nicole turned toward Chen Xiaolian. “You are the Guild Leader!”

“… I am,” Chen Xiaolian sighed.

“You personally made the decision, personally issued the order. Everyone inside the SUV heard you,” Nicole’s face was as cold as ice. “You said that you will deal with the monster, you have a method to escape. You ordered to have the SUV to keep moving forward and to not stop no matter what. Otherwise, everyone in the vehicle would not be able to survive – Chen Xiaolian, is this not what you said?”

“… it is,” Chen Xiaolian nodded helplessly.

“When a guild is facing danger, everyone must unconditionally obey the orders of the Guild Leader! If they have doubts about the Guild Leader’s ability, they can point it out. However, since they have acknowledged you as the Leader, during times of crisis, your orders becomes the highest and only priority for the whole guild! An order that must be executed!” Nicole continued harshly. “However, barely seconds after you gave that order, someone can overturn it? And ignore the lives of others inside the SUV?”

Chen Xiaolian was rendered speechless.

Nicole turned to regard the few of them. “Qiao Qiao, I have no prejudice toward you. The magnitude of your love is such that you are willing to die for your loved one and even die together with him… that is your right! But please remember, you only have the right to determine your own fate! You have no right to determine the fate of others!

“The same applies to you, Roddy!

“Your friendship with Chen Xiaolian and your willingness to sacrifice yourself for a friend is also your right! I will not deny the significance of those emotions. But at the same time… you only have the right to kill yourself! You have no right to lead others with you as you go kill yourself!

“Lastly, in this guild, does the Guild Leader’s order mean anything?

“Later on, when we encounter another dangerous battle, could anyone just be a hothead and overturn the Guild Leader’s order and do whatever they want?

“What we are going through now is fraught with dangers. If the fact that someone’s relationship with others is good or that someone is the loved one of another gives them the right to ignore combat discipline, then…

“Then, in my opinion, we had better not continue onward! Because if we are to continue onward, you will all be exterminated!”

“You… you can only say so because you are not the one to be affected,” Qiao Qiao stared at Nicole. “If it was your best friend, or your loved ones who encounter this situation, you…”

“If I am to encounter such a situation where my loved one stayed behind to be the rearguard and might potentially die…” Nicole’s face was indifferent as she spoke out coldly. “If I want to live and die with him, I will jump down the vehicle by myself! And not force the entire vehicle filled with people to turn around!”

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