Chapter 136: Eruption of Conflict (Teaser)

GOR Chapter 136: Eruption of Conflict

Black misty qi swirled in the air!

Amongst the dense ink-like, black coloured qi, Bai Qi who was dressed in snow-white clothes stepped into existence.

His pale face was a mask of indifference.

Bai Qi charged forward!

The snow-white Bai Qi who was standing in the middle of the air transformed into a white rainbow as he moved! As his tiny body was still hovering in the air, his right hand had already retrieved the translucent short sword from his left sleeve.

Upon the blade that was as thin as a layer of onion, a faint colour of blood flowed.

Bai Qi showed no hesitation and swooped down toward the monster!


The ray of white light, Bai Qi shot in front of the monster and Bai Qi’s tiny body slammed onto the head of the monster. His sword was raised.

The sword descended!

The sharp edge of his sword slashed down onto the monster’s head, creating a sharp earth-shattering sound!

Next, a sound similar to that of an electric cutter resonated out and sparks flew out from the monster’s head! Receiving an attack from the short sword in Bai Qi’s hand, the monster’s body that was impervious to even grenade launchers…

It was slashed through!


Chen Xiaolian stared in utter amazement, dumbfounded.

The sharp edge of the sword slashed into the monster’s head through its circular mouth! Then, after a shower of sparks, that part of the monster’s mouth was cut into two semicircles. Next, Bai Qi moved toward the head.

Bai Qi had seemingly become an unparalleled electrical cutter; he sliced into the head area of the monster and pushed forward!

The monster’s mouth was sliced into two, followed by its head, and followed by its body…

Bai Qi kept moving forward as his sharp sword kept up with him, cutting straight through!

The monster was originally dashing forward. Bai Qi too, had charged at it and the two of them clashed into each other simultaneously.  The powerful momentum behind their movement caused Bai Qi’s sword to cut through the monster’s body, creating a gash with a length of over 20 metres!

Bai Qi appeared to have pierced into the body of the monster!

The monster’s head was split cleanly in half while Bai Qi’s body disappeared into the monster’s body. In the next instant, a part of the monster’s body, which was 20 metres away from its head suddenly swelled up!


With a bang, a human figure burst out and soared into the skies!

Bai Qi’s body hovered in the air,...

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