Chapter 135: Come Out! Bai Qi!

GOR Chapter 135: Come Out! Bai Qi!

“What are you standing there for? Fire!” Lun Tai roared furiously.

He raised his weapon and opened fire, the Howa 89 assault rifle shooting out bullets. However, the bullets that struck the now partially invisible and monstrous body only managed to create sparks!

“Ordinary firearms is useless! Bloody Hell!” Chen Xiaolian howled loudly. “Nicole! Use the grenade launcher!”

Nicole was prepared. She set up a Japanese grenade launcher…


After a loud explosion, a clump of smoke filled the air. However, the invisible body was still moving about in the air, not exhibiting the signs of any damage!

“Hurry up and retreat! It is coming!” Chen Xiaolian shouted as he directed the others to move toward the shopping area of the rest stop.

Then, the gigantic insect chose not to charge inside as they had anticipated. Instead, whirling fleshy holes suddenly appeared on its invisible body…

Pu pu pu

Several black coloured objects were ejected out!

After falling onto the ground, each of those objects took the shape of a terrifying and disgusting monster.

A tipped mouth with fangs and a body that was covered with a hard shell. It’s mouth part was very big and its body was roughly 2 metres in length! Its hind legs were set to crawl while its front legs were shaped like sickles. It appeared like a…

A humanoid bipedal beetle?!

“Damn it! This thing can also lay grubs?” Roddy lost his composure.

“Hit the small ones first! Everyone retreat! Open fire as you retreat! Maintain your fire!” Lun Tai said.

Chen Xiaolian quickly said. “Qiao Qiao, run inside and see if there is any other way out!”

After saying that, he saw that a monster was charging at him. Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth. “Garfield! Come out!”

With a roar, three Garfields appeared before Chen Xiaolian! They roared in unison as they charged the monster before Chen Xiaolian.

The three Garfields attacked with lightning like speed! Their swiped with their claws and bit with their fangs rapidly. In the blink of an eye, Garfield had thrown a beetle monster down the ground. At the same time, the two Garfields on the left and right each bit down on one each and tore them apart, killing them!

A “chi” sound ripped the air and the beetle monster was torn into two by Garfield! A green, oily and viscous liquid sprayed out, causing a pungent stench to waft through the air.

Noticing the smell, Chen Xiaolian felt a sense of foreboding!

This pungent smell

“Bloody Hell! What a strong smell of gasoline! This thing… it…”

A beetle monster abruptly opened its mouth and sprayed out a stream of flames, which swept toward Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian leapt to the left side and a shelf behind him was engulfed in flames!

It was then that those whirring, fleshy holes reappeared in the middle of the air outside.

Pu pu pu…

More of those beetle monsters were created. After they fell onto the ground, they pounced toward the stores!

“Son of a bitch! What in the world is that thing? How could there be so many bugs?”

Some distance away, Lun Tai’s roar came over even as the assault rifle in his hand constantly produced the sounds of “tat tat tat tat tat”.

At the same moment, Roddy howled out. He held onto a riot shield and charged in under the flames and dodged one of the monster’s attack. He did not use a gun, but instead brandished a sword, hacking down onto one of the beetle monster’s head, splitting it in half!

“Roddy! Don’t stand on their body liquid! That thing is like gasoline, it’s flammable!” Chen Xiaolian called out.

Lun Tai stuck his head out from behind a shelf and suddenly caught sight of a beer keg on the left side of the entrance – it was the keg that was pressing down on the mine.

An idea flashed through Lun Tai’s mind, then he showed no hesitation as he raised his rifle and unleashed a hail of bullets at the beer keg.

The beer keg shuddered from the bullet strikes and beer flowed out from the holes created on its surface. The beer keg gradually became lighter and soon, it tilted over…

“Get down!” Lun Tai bellowed.


Following the sound of a loud explosion caused by the detonated mine, the entrance gates to the shopping area collapsed, bringing the walls down with it! Suddenly, the entrance to the shopping area was blocked!

“Retreat! Everyone retreat!” Chen Xiaolian yelled. “Roddy, bring Xia Xiaolei to the back! Bei Tai, watch the quest target! Lun Tai, you and I will guard the rear!”

Lun Tai had already activated his skill.

The muscles of his entire body swelled up. After triggering this skill of the Body Technique Division, his originally lean body abruptly swelled into a bear like warrior. His sleeves were torn apart and only the protective vest remained on his body.

Lun Tai roared out and sent a fist through a fire emergency cabinet. He grabbed the fire axe there and rushed out, hacking the beetle monster before him before delivering a ruthless kick!

Chen Xiaolian had also brought out Bone Crusher Axe, going head on with the monsters and displaying the Demon King of Confusion’s Three Axes. He cleaved apart all the remaining beetle monsters within the hall and then called out to Lun Tai. “Let’s go go go!”

Lun Tai roared out several times and produced two hand grenades, which he threw at the walls of the entrance. Then, he turned around and followed Chen Xiaolian as they ran into the inner area of the shopping area.

After rounding a corner, the two of them plastered themselves on the wall and heard the sounds of explosions rumbling out. The explosion from the hand grenade caused even the ceiling of the hall to collapse down.

“That should last for a few minutes, right?” Chen Xiaolian gasped for breath and he glanced at the outer area. Smoke filled the air and the entrance to the shopping area was thoroughly blocked.

Lun Tai stood up and ran to the side. He roared out and pushed forward a row of containers, which he used to press onto the pile of debris. Then, he turned around and said. “It won’t last! Find an exit from the back!”

When Chen Xiaolian and Lun Tai ran to the inner area of the shopping area to meet up with the other team members, they found Qiao Qiao shouting to them from some distance away. “Hurry over! We can break out through the back!”

Nicole had already taken out an SUV from her storage equipment. The SUV was placed within the hall of the shopping area, and she shouted out. “Everyone is already inside!”

Roddy had already climbed onto the driver’s seat. With his Mechanical Heart skill, it would be more convenient for him to control the SUV.

The SUV was a seven-seater, and when they all entered, it felt rather cramped. At a time like this however, they were unable to be picky.

Roddy stamped onto the throttle and the SUV roared to life, charging out like a beast.

The SUV sped through the halls of the shopping area, smashing its way through two rows of seats and into a teppanyaki store. They smashed their way through its walls and charged outside the shopping area!

“In front, in front!” Nicole who sat in the first passenger’s seat cried out. Through the windshield, she could see explosion residue floating in the air before them. Clearly, the invisible monster was blocking their path.

Roddy quickly turned the steering wheel and the SUV made a rapid turn in another direction while it sped. The momentum caused Nicole to fall into Roddy’s chest.

“Your left!” Chen Xiaolian pulled the handle as he cried out. Roddy replied. “I know!”

Their SUV circled around the highway rest stop. Despite driving quickly, they found that they were trapped inside.

Nicole got up from Roddy’s chest and glanced at Roddy. She did not say anything. Instead, she pulled down the windows, aimed her gun outside, and pulled the trigger.

Tat tat tat tat tat…

The bullets created minor ripples in the air; clearly, it had struck something invisible. As their SUV moved in a circle, the ripples too appeared in a circle.


“There is a gap here!”

As they were moving through the northeast corner of the rest stop, the bullets she shot out pierced through!

“Charge out!”

Roddy heard Nicole’s shout and he quickly accelerated the speed of the SUV!


The SUV lurched, as its wheels seemed to have rolled over something unknown, causing the SUV to soar upward, travel through the air for over 10 metres and finally made it out of the rest stop! They then charged into the wilderness!

The wilderness area was a vast expanse of wheat fields. The SUV moved bumpily, up and down through the fields, tilting about as they moved forward.

Seeing that they were finally able to escape from the rest stop, everyone in the SUV exclaimed out joyfully.

Then, Chen Xiaolian crawled to the back of their vehicle and glanced at the back. His face fell. “It’s too early to be happy! That thing is chasing after us!”

Looking at the fields of wheat behind them, they suddenly saw large tracts of wheat falling down. It was as though something invisible was trampling its way forward. In addition, its speed was incredibly fast! It was even faster than the SUV!

“Damn it! Roddy, open the trunk!”

Lun Tai roared. Then, seeing the trunk opened, he rapidly pulled out several hand grenades. In one breath, he bit out all the rings and tossed them out!

The sound of explosions reverberated continuously from the wheat field behind them as the grenades detonated. Flames rose to the skies!

Countless wheat tassels danced in the air and covered the monster’s body. Finally, an outline slowly formed.

The monster remained unharmed. However, its body was gradually revealed!

It was a long insect with short limbs! It was nearly 3 metres in height with a very long body!

Beneath the huge body were countless short limbs moving rapidly, resembling…

That thing simply resembled a madly galloping train!

“Roddy! Go faster!” Chen Xiaolian saw that it was getting closer and he shouted to Roddy.

Roddy cursed out. “This is already the max! Son of a bitch! This Japanese vehicle just won’t cut it. Its speed is just too low! Also, we are currently on the wheat fields, we cannot go too fast! Hold on tight! I will charge into the highway! Hold on tight!”

With a “weng”, the SUV tilted as it slammed through a fence, breaking it and charging into the highway. The resulting friction caused a vast amount of sparks to fly out and the SUV’s body was covered in sharp scratches!

After the SUV’s wheels sped through the highway, its speed was instantly raised by a notch!

However, that train like giant millipede monster also charged up the highway. Moreover… its running speed appeared to have increased!

“Holy shit!” Chen Xiaolian cursed out. “This bugger is too resilient! How do we break through?”

“We cannot escape! It is too fast!” Lun Tai howled and he frantically poured out a barrage of bullets out toward the back.

Everyone in the vehicle was opening fire. Despite knowing that it could do no harm to this monster, their bullets sailed backward, causing the sounds of “ding ding dang dang” to resonate out.

Nicole had already launched out the last two grenades. However, after they exploded, she found that it was in vain. The monster’s form became more visible, but it was apparent that no damage was done!

Chen Xiaolian suddenly thought of an idea. “Nicole! You still have a spare vehicle, right?”

“Yes! Why?”

“Listen to me count. I will count to three, then, you bring out the spare vehicle and place it behind us! I will count to three! Get it?”


“There is no time to explain! Follow my orders!” Chen Xiaolian shouted. “Lun Tai! Do you still have any hand grenades?”

“The last five!”

“Good! Give me all of it!” Chen Xiaolian roared and accepted the last string of hand grenades from Lun Tai. “Everyone hold on tight!”

“Xiaolian, what are you thinking of doing?” Qiao Qiao stared at Chen Xiaolian.

“Follow my orders!” Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath and spoke out grimly. “Roddy, maintain the speed! No matter what happen, do not stop. Keep moving forward! I will stay behind to buy time!”

“… what? NO!” Roddy and Qiao Qiao shouted out at the same time. Soo Soo as well, was tightly gripping Chen Xiaolian’s hand. “Oppa!”

“There is no time to explain! I have a method to escape! Trust me! Roddy! Whether or not this car filled with people could survive would depend on you! No matter what, do not stop!” Chen Xiaolian clenched his teeth. “Nicole! Now! One, two, THREE! Release the vehicle!”

Nicole immediately obeyed. Following a beam of light, an SUV appeared on the road behind their vehicle. Chen Xiaolian shook off Soo Soo’s hand and abruptly sprang out of his seat. He sprang out from the trunk and out of their vehicle!


Roddy subconsciously braked, but Nicole grabbed onto his shoulder. “Keep moving forward! Listen to your Guild Leader’s orders!”

“Damn it!” Roddy’s eyes turned red!

Through the rear view mirror, he saw Chen Xiaolian jump out of their vehicle through the open trunk to land atop the spare SUV behind them. Chen Xiaolian then stumbled down from the SUV and rolled down the ground a few times before hitting the guardrail beside the highway…

Chen Xiaolian felt pain searing through his arms. Although his body had been enhanced, this level of impact had still damaged him. His sleeves were torn to shreds and blood trickled down his arms and legs.

Forcing himself up, he saw the train like monster dashing forward!

The spare SUV in the middle of the road, which was blocking the way was crashed into by the monster!


In the frontal area of the monster, a huge hole abruptly appeared!

It was the monster’s mouth! A dense line of serrated fangs filled the interior of its mouth; at least twelve rows could be seen.

The SUV was directly swallowed up by the monster!

Most of the SUV’s body was swallowed in and it was quickly crushed by the monster’s mouth! The SUV became horribly deformed.

In the blink of an eye, the front part of the SUV disappeared as well!

Chen Xiaolian sneered and opened up his tightly gripped left palm. Within his palm was a clump of rings from the hand grenades!

Within the SUV was the string of grenades.

“Go to Hell!”


A loud explosion rang out!

The head area of the monster instantly swelled up and its colossal body suddenly flipped over!

Resembling a derailed train that was going at high speed, the monster’s body abruptly formed an S shape upon the surface of the highway.

Upon the giant’s head, some damage could finally be seen and serrated fangs fell off it.

Several notches appeared upon its mouth.

An intense smell of gasoline assailed the surrounding as the entire ground was showered with its viscous liquid.

The monster issued a maddening roar, one that resembled the buzzing sound of a thousand bees!

The monster’s body suddenly curved upward. Then, it started moving again with an even higher rate of velocity!

“Son of a bitch! It still won’t die!” Chen Xiaolian crawled up; his right hand had already retrieved Tiger Tally from the system. He held it tightly within his palm.

“Come on out! Bai Qi!”

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