Chapter 134: Loophole (Teaser)

GOR Chapter 134: Loophole

“Stay vigilant!” Chen Xiaolian was the first to jump down the bus, the muzzle of his gun pointing to the front as his waist arced into a forward stooped position and he surveyed the surroundings for a moment. Next, Lun Tai and Bei Tai jumped down. Only after that did the girls came down.

“No one? Strange…” Lun Tai frowned as he looked around. The convenience store and shopping areas were empty, devoid of any signs of life. The empty atmosphere of the rest stop was reminiscent of a scene from a horror movie.

“I keep feeling that something is not right,” Chen Xiaolian knitted his eyebrows.

“Maybe, this is due to the chaotic situation in Tokyo. That is why everyone within this rest stop had run off?” Lun Tai too, was frowning.

“First, refill the gas!” Chen Xiaolian made his decision. “Roddy, you are responsible for refilling the gas. Lun Tai, Bei Tai, you two are responsible for checking out the area.”

“We need some gas for the spare vehicles as well,” Nicole said. “I’ll go find some gas barrels to bring together.”


Chen Xiaolian watched Xia Xiaolei step down from the bus, his face pale to the extreme. The moment he got down the bus, he leaned on the door and started puking.

“What is wrong?”

“Guild Leader, did you forget… I have blood phobia,” Tears and snot flowed out in the vomiting process and Xia Xiaolei’s legs wobbled. “When you all were killing those monsters, I could not do anything at all to help. Watching alone caused my whole body to tremble in fear.”

His face showed guilt. “Am I not very useless?”

Chen Xiaolian did not say anything. He simply patted Xia Xiaolei and laughed. “No, come with me. Help me out with something.”

Xia Xiaolei appeared to be feeling better as he followed Chen Xiaolian. His heart was concerned with how insignificant his presence was within the team. During the battle, he was of no help to anyone. He was worth even less than a girl.

Chen Xiaolian understood Xia Xialei’s feelings and he quickly found something for him to do to make him feel better.

“We are going to the shopping area to see if there is anything we could use,” Chen Xiaolian glanced at Qiao Qiao, Soo Soo and Takeuchi Mikiko. “Don’t move on your own… you have watched horror movies before, right? In movies, those who move about on their own will face a higher level of danger.”

“We know,” Qiao Qiao smiled. “I am bringing Soo Soo and Takeuchi Mikiko with me. We won’t go alone.”

After saying that, the three females moved to the back area of the gas station. Chen Xiaolian did not stop them. It was clear that they were heading toward the washroom.

“Xiaolei, let’s head to the shopping area.”

Chen Xiaolian patted Xia Xiaolei on his shoulder.

The high way rest stop in Japan was not too different compared to those in China, it sported some item and food shops.

Chen Xiaolian also caught sight of a Starbucks outlet. Unfortunately, there were no staff members present and the vast lounge area was empty.

Chen Xiaolian walked to the front of a food vending machine. With what Japanese yen he had left on him, he put them in and bought several sushis. Then, he moved to some other food stores and gathered up some other foods. Xia Xiaolei followed behind him, carrying a basket to hold the items.

On the other side, Lun Tai entered a convenience store, his rifle aiming forward as he entered. After thoroughly searching around, he found nothing of note and was able to relax somewhat. He then retrieved a pack of cigarettes from behind the counter and lit one up for himself. After taking a drag, he sighed. “Japanese cigarettes are too light, it doesn’t give any taste at all.”

Bei Tai had brought some beers with him.

The two of them then headed out of the convenience store and observed the distant resting area. There, Chen Xiaolian was picking up food from the resting area one by one. They made eye contact and gestured to each other, making a ‘safe’ signal.

Lun Tai sat on the steps of the convenience store and silently...

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