Chapter 130: Monster

GOR Chapter 130: Monster

Chen Xiaolian pulled the trigger and a hail of bullets struck the police officer’s body, sending his flesh flying around!

Several bullets pierced directly through the officer’s face and both his left eye and left side of his face were torn open.

However, the officer only staggered for a brief moment before opening his mouth at Chen Xiaolian. He then let out a loud howl!

The size of his opened mouth was as big as a hippopotamus! The insides of his mouth was lined with fangs!

At the same time, his body swelled up. The rapidly expanding body ripped the police uniform apart as his body instantly rose to a height of 2 metres! Blood trickled out from every part of his muscle tissues, his skin having torn apart in the process.

His four limbs turned elongated and bent, making him look like a monster. With a manic howl, he pounced towards Chen Xiaolian!

Chen Xiaolian felt the foul stink of fish blowing strongly against his face and he quickly took a few steps back. But, the incoming fellow managed to pin him onto the ground and his jaws snapped out towards Chen Xiaolian’s neck! Chen Xiaolian exerted his all, using his elbows to stop the other party’s neck before letting loose a vicious kick using both legs. His kick sent the fellow flying off his body!

Chen Xiaolian quickly retreated as he got up and heard Nicole’s voice from behind.

“Step aside!”

Chen Xiaolian quickly lowered his head as Nicole stepped forward. In her hands was a Remington shotgun!


Bang! Bang! Bang!

Nicole continued firing and shells flew out.

The monster had just managed to get up only to be greeted with a continuous barrage from the shotgun! The high amount of knockback power from the shotgun caused the monster to retreat step after step from the continuous shots and his flesh showered all over.

Finally, Nicole shot out one last shell at the monster that was forced to the rear part of the minibus, blasting it off the vehicle!

“What the Hell is that thing?” Chen Xiaolian jumped up as he gasped for breath.

“Clearly, that is the thing that will threaten the safety of our quest target!” Nicole gritted her teeth.

Chen Xiaolian raised his submachine gun and shouted out. “Everyone, get ready to open fire simultaneously!”

The monster that was blasted out of the minibus rolled on the street a few times before crawling up the other police car that was tailing them. It then rapidly chased after them!

At that moment, another two police cars emerged from an intersection behind them, leading to a total of four police cars chasing after them.

This time though, they were clearly driving at a higher speed as they chased the minibus in frenzy. They were also attempting to overtake the minibus from both sides!

“Roddy! Keep going and maintain the speed!” Chen Xiaolian shouted loudly. “Lun Tai, Bei Tai, take care of the left side! Qiao Qiao, Xia Xiaolei, take care of the right side! No need to save up ammo! We cannot allow them to get inside! Nicole, we will be responsible for the back!”

Sharp screams rang out from within the minibus as Takeuchi Mikiko, who was seated at the front row of seats covered her ears and screamed out in shock, her face pale. Beside her, Soo Soo was there with a calm expression on her face. She lightly pinched Takeuchi Mikiko’s arm.

“Are you afraid? Then, scream. Scream out all the terror within your heart… scream it all out and you won’t be afraid anymore.”

The little girl’s icy tone caused Takeuchi Mikiko to freeze for a moment. She then threw a haggard look at Soo Soo. “You… are not afraid?”

“Why should I be scared?” Soo Soo suddenly revealed a smile. “Oppa and unnie are both here with me.”

After saying that, Soo Soo turned around and stood before Takeuchi Mikiko’s body. “Relax, I will be in front to protect you.”

“Eh? You?”

“I do not like you, but oppa said, if you die, then we will fail.”


Another figure leapt forward from the roof of a distant police car and sailed through the air towards them!

Their jumping ability was simply astonishing! They resembled a certain kind of insect – en, right! They have long arms and legs, giving them the general appearance of a flea.

Chen Xiaolian’s MP5 poured out a fiery barrage of bullets. Receiving the brunt of those bullets, the monster screamed sharply as its arms and legs moved to crawl up the ceiling of their vehicle.

“Nicole!” Chen Xiaolian yelled.

Nicole quickly answered. “You take care of the back!”

The female Mech pilot pointed the shotgun at the roof and heard “pa da pa da” sounds, indicating something heavy was moving. Nicole pulled the trigger and her Remington shotgun blasted out!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! After several shots were fired in succession, the roof of the minibus became filled with holes.

On their left and right hand sides, two police cars had already closed in on them. The members on both sides were firing, filling the bodies of the police cars with bullet holes. Sparks erupted from the hood of the police cars.

The monster within the police car had transformed! It extended its hand to tear out the metal roof before jumping forward!

“Go to Hell!”

Bei Tai howled out. The monster had leapt onto the minibus from the side; using both hands to grip onto the body of the minibus, it stuck its head in through the window and spread open its large mouth. Seeing that, Bei Tai quickly pulled out a hand grenade, bit off the ring and chucked it into the welcoming mouth of the monster.

With a boom, the monster’s abdomen thumped outwards before deflating. It then fell off the minibus like a rotten sack. The blast had formed a huge hole at its rear…

“Killed one!” Bei Tai laughed out. However, before he could finish his laugh, the face of Lun Tai who stood beside him fell. Lun Tai shouted out. “Get down!”

Bei Tai was surprised as he felt a sharp pain searing through his shoulder! Another monster had pushed itself inside through another window; it used its long hand, which resembled the long claws of an insect and shaped like a hook to slash Bei Tai’s body!

Bei Tai was wearing a protective vest. However, the sleeveless protective vest did not cover his arm and his right arm was pierced through!

Lun Tai moved forward and repelled the monster using the butt of his rifle. He then clutched onto Bei Tai and tossed him to the back. Next, he delivered a kick at the monster’s head, causing it to topple over and fall onto their bus’ passenger seat. Lun Tai followed up by rushing forward and stamping his foot down on the monster’s neck. After that, he pointed the muzzle of his rifle at the monster’s head and pulled the trigger!

Chug chug chug chug chug chug…

Lun Tai bellowed out and unloaded an entire magazine in this attack.

The monster’s head was shot to a pulp. However, it was extremely tenacious and its body seemed to be moving slightly.

Lun Tai roared out, grabbed hold of its limb and tossed it out of the window.

Chen Xiaolian who was holding the back was entangled in a tough battle. As a police car approached, he threw out two hand grenades in succession. However, he was not a professional member of the military and his calculations for the explosion’s timing were inaccurate. The hand grenades he threw did not bring a huge amount of damage to the police car.

His MP5 had used up one whole magazine and the police car following behind had its windshield torn to pieces. The officer in the driver’s seat was also covered in holes. However, the officer transformed into a monster after that. Despite being a monster, it continued to control the police car to slam forward brutally!


The front part of the police car slammed onto the minibus, causing it to sway for a moment.

“Son of a bitch!” Chen Xiaolian’s heart gave a pound and he shouted. “Everyone! Hold on tight!”

Chen Xiaolian then turned to Roddy and shouted. “Roddy! Brake!”

“Huh? Got it!” Roddy had faith in Chen Xiaolian’s judgement; after hearing his words, Roddy showed no hesitation and he immediately stamped down on the brakes until its limit.

The minibus suddenly braked and its body shuddered to a halt. The police car behind slammed into the minibus!

The body of the police car bore right into the minibus!

As for Chen Xiaolian, he quickly strode forward. Stepping on the hood of the police car, he aimed his MP5 at the monster’s head and unleashed a flurry of bullets!

As the hail of bullets shot down, the monster’s head was turned into a broken watermelon. Chen Xiaolian produced a hand grenade, turned his head around to face the bus and shouted. “Roddy, drive!”

Roddy stepped heavily on the throttle and the minibus charged forth. Meanwhile, Chen Xiaolian tossed the hand grenade into the police car…

With a loud explosion, the police car was blown up and it turned over before skidding off…

“There is another one!”

Qiao Qiao and Xia Xiaolei was defending the left side. Due to the abrupt braking performed by their minibus earlier, a police car had shot past them. Seeing that the bus had continued moving, a monster emerged from the police car and proceeded to climb onto the roof of the police car.

“Son of a bitch!” Chen Xiaolian cursed out. He used both hands to grab the window and pushed himself out of the minibus, climbing onto the roof as well.

“Xiaolian?” Qiao Qiao exclaimed in shock. Chen Xiaolian reached the rooftop and knelt down as he pulled the bolt on the rifle. After changing a new magazine, he opened fire at the monster situated atop the police car.

Chug chug chug chug chug chug…

The bullets struck the police car, causing sparks to fly about. Then, Lun Tai joined in and blasted it and it swerved. The monster on top of the police car was thrown off as a result!

The minibus then drove over the monster while crunching over its body.

The body of the minibus shook as it did so and Chen Xiaolian checked the monster as it appeared beneath the minibus…

Infuriatingly, the monster was not killed. Instead, it climbed back up and started chasing after the minibus!

The monster ran at an amazing speed! Running on feet while utilizing both arms and legs, it resembled a flea that was running and jumping!

Chen Xiaolian knelt on the roof and aimed his MP5. He then opened fire.

Ka ka…

“I’m out of bullets!” Chen Xiaolian inhaled. Just as he was about to get back into the minibus, the monster suddenly jumped out through the air and fell heavily onto the roof! Part of the metal roof was depressed down as a result.

“Go to Hell!”

Chen Xiaolian let go of the submachine gun and summoned out the Bone Crusher Axe, hacking forward.

Head Cleaver!

The Bone Crusher Axe hacked down directly onto the monster’s head! Blood sprayed out, covering Chen Xiaolian’s face.

He quickly pulled the axe… Ear Gouger!

Impish Teeth Displacer!

After utilizing all three axe moves, the monster’s head was cut in half and its body tilted to the side and fell off the minibus.

Chen Xiaolian breathed a sigh of relief and he wiped away the blood on his face.

By then, the minibus had already driven up into a huge bridge.

Chen Xiaolian watched as the architecture of the bridge flashed through both sides of their speeding vehicle. Their minibus sped through the centre of the bridge…

It was then he heard Roddy’s exclamation of surprise.

“Xiaolian! Up front!”

Chen Xiaolian turned his head to look forward and his face instantly fell!

Upon the surface of the bridge before them, several police cars were blocking the road… clearly, this was originally a police blockade.

However, the problem was…

As of this moment, there was a group of black coloured monsters roaming slowly around the vicinity of the police cars!

The tattered uniform remains on their bodies indicated that they were originally the Japanese police officers! However, at an unknown moment in time, they had transformed into monsters.

A brief glance revealed that there were at least a hundred of them! Those monsters had been swaying about at their spot. Suddenly, it was as though an unknown influence had overcome them and they abruptly locked their eyes onto the incoming minibus!

After letting out a wild roar, they all charged toward the minibus!

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