Chapter 129: Changing Waterguns for Cannons (Teaser)

GOR Chapter 129: Changing Waterguns for Cannons

After Chen Xiaolian shared out the quest details and the picture to his team members, all of them were speechless.

Nicole stared at Chen Xiaolian with an odd expression and mumbled something in a low tone.

“What did you say?” Roddy, who was seated beside Nicole glanced at the female Mech pilot.

“I said: Is your Guild Leader by chance the illegitimate son of the system? How could there be such a kind of good luck? We just so happened to bring an ordinary person with us. But that ordinary person turned out to be the target that the system notified us to protect.”

The reckless Roddy shrugged his shoulders and replied. “That’s nothing big. It is probably just a coincidence.”

“Bloody Hell! Do you not realize how much of an advantage we have gained here?” Nicole’s eyes bulged out. “Generally speaking, the second phase of the quest would have a higher level of difficulty compared to the first phase. This time, the quest only gave us a picture, demanding us to protect the target while escorting her to the designated location.

“If we are to follow the normal procedures, the hardest part should be to figure out how to find the quest target!

“Consider how big Tokyo is and the tens of millions of people within it! It only gave us one picture! No name, no address, nothing! We don’t have any way to search her up at all! Even if we are to enter the police database, we will still need to search one by one, comparing the picture!

“Do you have any idea how much work is needed? Can you imagine how difficult those efforts are?

“But now, this chick is just right beside us! We are now able to leave out the most troublesome part of this quest!

“From the moment the second phase of the quest began, we had already...

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