Chapter 125: Fierce Battle!

GOR Chapter 125: Fierce Battle!

Six motorbikes rushed through a street with Chen Xiaolian leading in the vanguard position. As they were passing through an intersection, Chen Xiaolian noticed through the corner of his eyes a Toyota SUV charging forward at full speed. He only had enough time to get a glimpse before they went past the intersection, but a thought flashed through his mind.

It’s so late right now, why would any Japanese drive around in the streets? Moreover, their driving speed is so fast…

After those thoughts flitted through his mind, he realized that something was not right. As he was turning his head to shout out something…

He heard a crash from behind!

The Toyota SUV charged straight towards them from the intersection and one of their team’s motorbikes was sent flying due to a collision with the vehicle! The motorbike skidded through the ground, releasing a sharp scraping sound while the rider rolled out. Chen Xiaolian immediately recognized the person to be Bei Tai!

After a sharp braking sound, Lun Tai jumped out from his motorbike and rolled on the ground before getting up and rushing towards his little brother!

At that moment, the Toyota SUV had already slammed into the wall beside the street. The hood of the vehicle was thrown up and thick billowing smoke was released.

A powerful force knocked the door off and it was sent flying! Next, a bald, robust man leapt out of the vehicle.

In his hands was a…

“Bloody Hell! Gatling!”

Roddy exclaimed in shock.

Tat tat tat tat tat…

A clear sound rang out in succession within the street!

The barrage of bullets was aimed at their flock of motorbikes. Their team spread out in panic while Bei Tai’s motorbike had its fuel tank hit by the bullets, resulting in a loud explosion. The blazing flames of the explosion soared up to a height of 5 to 6 metres! After that, an orange coloured flame spread out in all directions!

“Hurry up and spread out!”

Chen Xiaolian shouted loudly after stopping the motorbike. Letting the bike fall, he pulled Soo Soo to the side of the street.

The gatling gun rotated as it madly shot out, spraying its bullets through the entire street!

Lun Tai had already hauled up Bei Tai and they were hiding behind a car.

Qiao Qiao and the rest had also discarded their motorbikes. Roddy and Xia Xiaolei were both the most fortunate and unfortunate. They were thrown off the motorbike that they were riding on and rolled through the ground into the bottom area of a car parked beside the road.

Qiao Qiao held onto the Japanese girl and they rushed into a shop beside the street, breaking into it by smashing through the shop’s window.

“Who is that man?” Chen Xiaolian roared out in rage.

The bald man seemed uninterested in using the gatling gun to injure others – instead, he appeared to be someone who was playing a game. He revelled in unleashing the bullets. When the long linked ammunition was exhausted, he revealed a savage smile. He tossed the gatling gun onto the ground and stood in the middle of the road. With a cold voice, he shouted:

“That was just my greetings to you all! Now, let the games begin!”

After saying that, his robust and Herculean body swayed a little, leaving an after image as he charged forward. His target was obvious as he charged towards the backside of a car parked by the left side of the intersection.

That was where Lun Tai and Bei Tai were hiding!

Lun Tai reacted quickly, raising his 97 assault rifle and shot out without stopping. However, the bald man’s figure moved at an incredible speed, moving through the trajectories of the incoming bullets! In just a few blinks, he had reached the side of the car!

Then, he abruptly moved his leg and sent a kick at the car!


A loud sound rang out and the car that Lun Tai and Bei Tai were using as cover was sent flying! The car spun around a few times in the air as it flew over Lun Tai’s head and smashed into a shop beside the street!

Before Lun Tai could react to that, the bald man had already lunged forward!

The bald man’s left hand quickly gripped the rifle’s muzzle and gave it a gentle twist, twisting the rifle muzzle and breaking the rifle apart!

Lun Tai glared at him and sent his clenched fist towards the bald man. The bald man however, only used his right hand to swat away Lun Tai’s incoming fist. After that, he gripped Lun Tai’s neck and held him up high!

Lun Tai howled and used both his arms and legs to punch and kick the bald man. However, despite his stout figure, he was no different from an infant before this bear like Herculean bald man!

The bald man curled the corners of his lips and grinned. With his hand still holding on to Lun Tai, he suddenly leapt towards the air, heading towards a wall.


Lun Tai who was held by him was brutally smashed into the walls! The walls broke apart as a result and Lun Tai who was still in the grip of the bald man was slammed down onto the ground!

In just one moment! Lun Tai’s body, chest and back were suffering from multiple fractures and blood sprayed out from both his mouth and nose. Lun Tai himself was gasping desperately for breath.

By then, the bald man had already let loose his grip on Lun Tai. “Too weak. You are not the Floating Angel… who is it?”

The bald man turned around. There, Bei Tai who had been left sprawling on the ground had already, with great effort, propped himself up. Back then, the motorbike that he was riding on was directly slammed and he was sent flying, causing him to suffer from severe injuries. Just then, he had witnessed his elder brother beaten to the brink of death and he roared out. He raised his M16 at the bald man and pulled the trigger.

The bald man sneered and ignored the incoming bullets, striding towards Bei Tai!

Pu pu pu…

The bullets struck the bald man’s body, only to issue out a cotton like sound.

The bald man walked until he was before Bei Tai and sneered. He abruptly extended his hands to grab the collar of his own clothes…

A “chi” sound was heard.

He tore out the garment that he was wearing!

His upper body was laid bare, revealing rock like muscles upon his body! His naked upper body resembled those from the legendary War God from Greek!

His chest muscles had stopped the bullets and he simply squeezed them out, not a single wound left on his skin!

“It doesn’t seem to be you as well… too weak.”

The bald man delivered a kick onto Bei Tai’s chest, causing Bei Tai to cry out wretchedly. His sternum was fractured by the kick and his body flew across the street to smash into a fire hydrant by the street.  With a bang, the fire hydrant broke and water gushed out like a water dragon charging into the sky!

“Who is the Floating Angel? Show yourself!”

Everything happened too fast!

It was such that Chen Xiaolian and the other team members were unable to react at all. Their two strongest powerhouses, the veterans Lun Tai and Bei Tai had already been taken out!

Chen Xiaolian rushed forward, summoning out the Bone Crusher Axe in his hand. Charging through the street, he sent out the axe!

Head Cleaver!

Impish Teeth Displacer!

Ear Gouger!

The bald man sneered as he watched Chen Xiaolian rushing over. He stood still, observed Chen Xiaolian’s incoming axe, and casually raised his right hand.




Demon King of Confusion’s Three Axes were all blocked by the bald man using his one hand.

The sharp axe hacking down on his arm gave the feeling that it was instead hacking down on metal! An intense shock ran through the axe, causing Chen Xiaolian’s palm to go numb and he was unable to hold on the Bone Crusher Axe!

The bald man punched out onto the handle of the axe. Chen Xiaolian instantly spat out a mouthful of blood and his body was knocked backwards!

What a formidable strength!

Even though my own strength is at [B] Class!

Qiao Qiao and Roddy too, rushed forward!

Roddy wielded the [B] Class katana in his hand and hacked down onto the bald man’s head!


This attack struck the bald man’s head! However, the sharp katana’s attack only produced a few sparks of light.

The bald man turned his head, grinned at Roddy and suddenly caught hold of the katana’s blade. Then, he sent Roddy hurtling with a kick.

The [B] Class katana in his hand was twisted into a deformed mess!

Seeing Roddy spray out blood as he was sent flying, the bald man smiled contemptuously. “Another one ruled out.”

As he said that, Qiao Qiao’s kick flew towards the bald man’s head. However, the kick of hers with all her might behind it resulted in her feeling as though she had just kicked a wall. The resulting shock from the impact sent her falling backwards instead!

“Hmph… too weak as well. It seems like you are not the one either!” The bald man turned around, glanced at Qiao Qiao, and smiled derisively. He walked over and grabbed Qiao Qiao’s leg, and then he lifted her up. “A pity, I do not kill women.”

He then tossed Qiao Qiao to the side of the street where she ended up slamming into a streetlamp. Qiao Qiao fell to the ground and spewed out blood.

“Qiao Qiao! Roddy!”

Chen Xiaolian howled loudly and summoned out Garfield!

After appearing, the Four-Eyed War Cat roared and split into three doppelgangers! All three rushed the bald man.

The Four-Eyed War Cat possessed an [A-] Physique, giving it a huge surge in strength. It unleashed its Tiger Rush and was able to knock the bald man down to the ground! Man and cat tangled together, but Garfield was instantly tossed away by the bald man. He then jumped up and connected a fist with the body of another doppelganger. The doppelganger emitted a faint growl and was knocked away. The third doppelganger had its mouth wide open, directing it at the bald man before letting out a roar.

Cat’s Roar!

A transparent shockwave burst out in the direction of the bald man, but he only sneered. He crossed both arms before his body and the shockwave struck his body squarely. The bald man retreated two steps back before easing both his arms. “Four-Eyed War Cat? I didn’t think that someone would use this pet. Doppelganger? What kind of skill is this?”

He stormed forward and sent the doppelganger that had issued out the Cat’s Roar flying with a kick.

Behind him, another doppelganger had leapt onto the bald man’s back…

One man versus three cats; they fought as they rolled on the ground.

Garfield was able to split into three doppelgangers. However, despite their ferocity, Garfield’s doppelgangers were unable to get much damage done to the bald man. Once again, two of the doppelgangers, which were clinging onto both the bald man’s front and back, were tossed away…

Chen Xiaolian had already produced the Tiger Tally in his hand. He gripped it tightly and was about to summon out Bai Qi…

It was at that moment that a voice rang out from within the shadows!

“Everyone, get down!”

Chen Xiaolian recognized the voice… it was Nicole!

Back when they were attacked, Nicole had seemingly hidden herself at an unknown location!

After hearing her words, Chen Xiaolian did not hesitate to throw himself onto the ground. Subsequently, he heard a loud explosion going off!


The ground itself appeared to be shaking!

Chen Xiaolian watched as a translucent shockwave spread out, resembling a slash! There was a distance of roughly 1 metre between the shockwave and the ground. The bald man stood before the shockwave and it swept past his waist area! It threw his entire body back and he fell heavily on his butt and onto the ground!

At the same time, the shockwave caused a three-storey residential building beside the street to fall over! The building tilted over and collapsed, falling down on the bald man! In an instant, he was buried by the collapsing building!

Nicole walked out of the shadows, her face pale. She went over and helped prop Chen Xiaolian up.

“You… where did you run off to just now?”

“I went to set up the Shockwave Bomb,” Nicole forced out a smile. “I only have one. Now, its spent. Directing the explosion required time. That was why I did not fight earlier. Besides, I do not have the strength to fight right now.”

“He… is he dead?” Chen Xiaolian peered at the debris of the three-storey building, which had fallen over the middle of the street.

“No! We need to hurry up and leave!” Nicole’s expression was grim. “I know this fellow! You guys are no match for him! Me… neither!”

“Let’s take this opportunity to kill him!” Chen Xiaolian struggled to get up, but had his clothes grabbed by Nicole. “Listen to me! Take this opportunity to run as fast as possible! We cannot kill him! Trust me! Don’t take this risk! All we need to do is wait out for the first phase of the quest to end!”

Chen Xiaolian had wanted to interject that he still had a killer move in hand. However, Nicole’s final words made him give up on this risky move.

The strength displayed by this bald man was indeed terrifying! An overwhelming amount of strength! Although they do not know the specifics of his attribute values, his aura caused Chen Xiaolian to tremor. This feeling was nearly comparable to Bai Qi from the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang!

Before him, the veteran Lun Tai could not even last a moment!

“Hurry! Hurry up and leave!”

Nicole had already started up an abandoned Mitsubishi pickup truck and moved towards Lun Tai and Bei Tai. She held them both, one with each hand and placed them both on the truck. Then, she gave them both a Healing Beast Blood.

Chen Xiaolian, Qiao Qiao, Roddy and the others also got onto the truck.

“Hurry! We only need to shake him off! Unless my strength is restored, we will not be able to fight him,” Nicole sat in the driver’s seat and started the vehicle. The vehicle’s engine roared out and they left the street.

At the street area where the three-storey building had collapsed upon, a few minute streams of liquid flowed out towards an open space and converged together.

It appeared to be streams of liquid metal… no, it would be inaccurate to label it as liquid metal, instead… it appeared to be a form of data stream!

The unexpected appearance of this stream of data in such a place was highly peculiar!

After converging together, it wiggled for a bit and quickly transformed into the shape of a human!

The bald man slowly emerged from it. He twisted his neck, releasing “ka ka” sounds.

“Shockwave Bomb? I finally caught you, poor little angel! To think that you would not dare to fight me head on and choose to run instead. It seems that you are injured… hahahaha.”

The bald man walked to the roadside and casually pulled out the doors of a car. He sat inside and started the car…

“How unfortunate, there is no music,” He slapped the car’s speakers. “It seems the owner of this car is a tasteless NPC.”

With a rumble, the car charged into the road, following the direction taken by Chen Xiaolian’s team.

“I need their coordinates, Falcon!”

The bald man pressed his ear lightly and a data stream instantly flowed out, transforming into a headset.

“The target is fleeing,” Falcon’s voice came over. “However… I need to remind you, Sir Inspector. There is less than 10 hours of time on the countdown for the first phase of the quest. It would be best for you to make use of this time for the first phase. Otherwise, once the countdown ends, those who fail to complete the first phase of the quest will be forcibly teleported out of this instance dungeon.”

“Oh?” The bald man abruptly stepped on the brakes, stopping the car in the middle of the road.

He rubbed his chin and pondered. “Only 10 hours left… such a short hunting duration is not entertaining at all! Since that is the case, I’ll temporarily change my plan.”

He formed a languid smile. “Falcon, find me the coordinates of several participants, I need some energy sources.”

“Yes, currently searching… there is one situated 2.1 km away from you… en, however, the opponents are probably Players and not Awakened ones.”

“Like Hell I care! I’ll kill them all!”

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