Chapter 123: Exemption Card Attacked!

GOR Chapter 123: Exemption Card – Attacked!

The terrified Takeuchi Mikiko looked at Chen Xiaolian with widened eyes.

“Do not cry!” Chen Xiaolian uttered viciously.

Takeuchi Mikiko sniffled, but she dared not let out sobbing sounds anymore.

“We are bandits, robbers!” Chen Xiaolian said coldly. “But we do not kill for no reason. Also… I have no interest in violating girls. So, you better listen up. We only require a quiet place to stay for the night. We just do not want to be disturbed! That is all!

“By this time tomorrow, we will leave. After that… you will not have even the chance to encounter us again for the rest of your life. Understood?

“As for killing or harming you – I have no interest in those!

“However, if you are willing to cooperate, you can help out with some stuff and I will compensate you with some rewards.”

Takeuchi Mikiko instantly panicked and she shrank backwards. She struggled to free her chin, which Chen Xiaolian was gripping and then covered the collar area of her body. “No! I do not do compensated dating! No!”

Chen Xiaolian could not even laugh at her remark.

“Bastard! Who… who wants you to do that?” He suddenly pulled Qiao Qiao over. “Just look! This is my girlfriend! She is a hundred times more beautiful compared to you! I would never have any interest in an ugly chick like you!”

Takeuchi Mikiko was one who prioritized life before all else. Despite being labelled as an ugly chick, she did not feel angry at all! Rather, she was filled with a feeling that one would have after having survived through a calamity. She regarded Chen Xiaolian. “Real… really?”

“Of course!” Chen Xiaolian raised his chin. “You are too ugly! You are a hundred times worse compared to my girlfriend!”

“… I…” Takeuchi Mikiko stopped crying. “In that case, what is it that you want me to do?”

“Cook, do you know how to? I have checked the refrigerator. There are vegetables and meat there. There is still rice in the rice bags within the kitchen – can you cook?”

“Yes! Yes! I can!” Takeuchi Mikiko nodded her head repeatedly.

“Good! I do not like useless people. If you do not know how to do anything, then I will have to just tie you up and lock you up in this room. If you can work, then not only will I not harm you, I will even give you rewards.”

As he spoke, he pulled out a stack of US dollar bills – naturally, these were taken from Roddy.

“See this?” Chen Xiaolian purposely tossed those stack of bills on the ground. “As long as you are obedient and cook for us without causing troubles, when we leave tomorrow, this money will be yours!”

“Seriously?” Takeuchi Mikiko was shell-shocked. Subsequently, this girl’s eyes became excited!

The US dollar bills that littered the floor appeared to be at least around two thousand in value!

For someone who was not born in a wealthy family, this was certainly a huge amount of money for a Japanese high school student who was born into an ordinary family!

Because her father had died early, her mother and big sister had to work very hard. Most of their income was used to pay back the loan that her father had taken before he died. In order to avoid their home being taken by the bank, everyone in the family had to go through hard times. Takeuchi Mikiko herself was barely able to get any living expenses from her mother.

The reason she worked at the gas station’s convenience store was also in order to earn money. That way, she would be able to give a decent present to the senior that she liked during his birthday next week. Then, a formal confession…

If she has two thousand US dollars…

Even if they were staying in the most expensive area in Tokyo, this would be enough to cover this month’s living expenses for everyone in her family!

Takeuchi Mikiko immediately stopped crying, her eyes staring intently at the pile of US dollars on the floor. “You… are you telling the truth? These money… will you really give it to me?”

“Of course I will,” Chen Xiaolian patted Qiao Qiao and pulled her up. Then, he looked down at Takeuchi Mikiko. “Now, wipe away your tears, get to the kitchen and start cooking! Remember, we like to eat meat and our appetite is big. So, cook more! You had better be wise and not cause trouble for yourself. Don’t think of ways to run away or report to the police, understand?”

“… I understand! I will work hard!” Takauchi Mikiko quickly scrambled up from the floor. She gazed at the bowl of instant noodles and swallowed her saliva. “Can I bring it to the kitchen and eat? I will eat it up quickly. It will not delay my work!”

“Go!” Chen Xiaolian waved his hand.

Observing the Japanese girl run out of the room while carrying the bowl of instant noodles like a rabbit, Chen Xiaolian turned to look at the US dollar bills on the floor – she was clever, not picking up the money instantly and instead going to work first.

“You sure can play the bad guy.”

“There is no way around it. This girl obviously views us as bad guys. At a time like this, trying to be good guys would be pointless. We might as well pretend to be bad guys and set the conditions down clearly. That way, she could feel at ease,” Chen Xiaolian shrugged.

“Did you enjoy pinching her chin earlier?” Qiao Qiao who was standing beside narrowed her eyes and turned to look at him. “Isn’t an under aged girl’s skin delicate? Hmph! You are definitely a lolicon!”

“ … Hey! I am really not a lolicon!” Chen Xiaolian laughed out bitterly.

Takeuchi Mikiko was very dexterous in her work.

While she was busy working in the kitchen, she did not try to run away or get help from the outside.

Once while she was working, she carried a trash bag and subconsciously carried it all the way to the door. As she was about to move out to throw the trash bag, she suddenly recalled her situation. Turning to look at Chen Xiaolian and his group who were watching television in the living room, she saw Chen Xiaolian smile and wave his hand at her. Takeuchi Mikiko fearfully tossed the trash bag out into the trashcan placed outside before quickly closing the door as she headed in. She quickly raised both hands and said loudly. “I didn’t do anything!”

“Hurry up and go cook! We are starving to death here!” Chen Xiaolian shouted out violently.

Seeing the girl run into the kitchen, Lun Tai could not help himself and he laughed out. “In the future, it would be better to leave this matter of pretending to be bad guys to me and Bei Tai. Your face is too tender and not convincing enough. This girl is just too naïve, that the only reason why she could be tricked by you.”

“Right, where is that woman?” Qiao Qiao frowned.

“In the room, she did not come out,” Lun Tai said softly. “Although we are temporary allies, Xiaolian had put out an extra condition for her. We gave her a test… we will only allow her to join our guild in the last 10 minutes before the countdown ends.”

“Truly vicious,” Qiao Qiao smiled. “The last 10 minutes… wouldn’t that be risky for her? If we go back on our words in the end, she would only have 10 minutes of time. Even if she wants to rush out to finish the quest, she would not have the time to do so.”

“This is a test. If she accepts this test, then that would prove that she trusts us. Otherwise… she can just leave right now!” Chen Xiaolian watched the TV with an unperturbed expression. “We are not related. For an outsider to join, they will have to pass a test. This is a cruel game after all.”

Lun Tai breathed out a sigh. “You are becoming more like a Guild Leader.”

“Right, there is good news that I want to tell you all,” Chen Xiaolian turned to look at those within the living room. All members were inside the living room and no one was sent to guard over Nicole – there was no such need anyways. If she wished to leave, she may do so at any time.

“What good news?”

“According to the system, we are the first to complete the first phase of the quest. Thus, we will receive a reward,” Chen Xiaolian gave a light smile.

The eyes of several of them flickered!

“What reward?” Xia Xiaolei moved close. “Big Brother Xiaolian, did the system gift points?”

“Not points,” Chen Xiaolian forced out a smile. “However, I feel that it is more practical than points!”

He gave a faint smile and pulled something out from the system’s Item Box.

It was a gold coloured card, about the size of a normal credit card and felt light and thin in his palms.

There was a small line of text on the surface of the card.

Lun Tai gave it a glance and his face abruptly revealed surprise!

“Attack Exemption Card!”

Chen Xiaolian continued smiling softly. “That is right! This is a [B] Class - Attack Exemption Card, a special system equipment that cannot be traded away. When used, we will not be automatically attacked by any system monsters within 30 minutes… naturally, it is of no effect against bosses.”

Xia Xiaolei and Roddy were incredibly excited. Roddy exclaimed in surprise. “So powerful? Doesn’t that mean we will be invincible for 30 minutes? When we meet a monster and use this card, won’t we be able to hit the monster without it hitting back?”

“It is not that simple!” Chen Xiaolian shook his head. “Take note of the words ‘automatically attack’! In other words, the monsters will not automatically attack us. However, if we attack them, they will still counter attack.”

“That is still pretty good,” The veteran Lun Tai was content. “This is the equivalent of a safety zone that has a duration limit of 30 minutes! It is just like the Water De room of the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang. It could be used as a life-saving measure during critical moments!”

“It is even better than the Water De room,” Chen Xiaolian said seriously. “Although the Water De room is a safety zone, it could not be moved. This card on the other hand, could. When we encounter a crisis, we can use this card and run! 30 minutes of safety as escape time can truly save lives during critical junctures!”

All the guild members within the room smiled.

At that moment, however… a bang sounded out from outside the door!

It was followed by the sounds of explosions. Checking through the windows, they saw a mass of flames bursting out from outside the house!

At that same time, they heard Takeuchi Mikiko’s shrill scream of panic coming out of the kitchen!

At the same time again, the window of the living room was shattered apart and a black flaming object was tossed in through the broken window from the outside.

Instantly, the living room was set ablaze with flames and thick black smoke billowed within!

“Molotov cocktail!”

Lun Tai howled out as jumped up while flipping the table, setting it before their team as an obstruction! Next, they converged behind the table.

After dragging Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo to the back of the table, he rushed out! Rushing towards the kitchen door, he kicked the door open to see flames licking the ceiling inside. However, Chen Xiaolian charged into the flames!

A few seconds later, Chen Xiaolian dragged Takeuchi Mikiko out and shouted. “Catch!”

After throwing her towards the backside of the table, he quickly shouted. “Lun Tai, Bei Tai! Follow me and charge out!”

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