Chapter 117: Inspector

GOR Chapter 117: Inspector

“This… this is…” Chen Xiaolian stared at Nicole and mumbled.

Roddy exhaled, eyes shining. “Mech armour! That is a soldier-type Mech armour!”

The beefy Team Leader was flabbergasted!

“… floating… floating… angel! This senior actually encountered a ‘Floating Angel’,” The Team Leader’s expression distorted and fear was revealed within his eyes. He suddenly roared out. “Fire! Hurry up and fire! This fellow is a ‘Floating Angel’!”

The Thunderstorm Tanks’ electronic equipment have been restarted and their power supply rose rapidly! Their turrets rose once more and aimed directly at Nicole!

Nicole seemed unaware of this; her body remained immobile as she hovered in place.

Then, the Thunderstorm Tanks released an explosive boom!

The flat turret muzzle blasted out a blue coloured electrical bolt!

As the bolt arced towards Nicole head-on, the pair of wings on her back suddenly shrank, enveloping Nicole’s body….

The moment the bolts of lightning exploded, the pair of wings encompassing Nicole’s body shone out with a green radiance.

The pair of wings blocked all the electrical bolts!

The electrical bolts capable of levelling an entire building in one blast could not leave a single trace on the surface of Nicole’s body!

The electrical currents collapsed and dissipated. Some were absorbed directly into Nicole’s pair of wings.


The Team Leader cursed loudly and howled. “Abandon the tanks! Everyone abandon the tanks! Hurry up and get out!”

Just then, the eyes component upon the visor on Nicole’s face suddenly lit up. Two green coloured lights suddenly shone out!


A green coloured flame abruptly burst out from Nicole’s right hand.

That green-coloured flame was shaped like… a sword!

“Ionic Shock weaponry…” Roddy was practically salivating. “This is a genuine Mech armour! A genuine Mech armour!”

Nicole moved!

Nicole’s body seemed so small compared to the colossal Thunderstorm Tanks. However, she made her move!

The turbine behind her sprayed out green coloured dots of light and her entire body transformed into a beam of light, shining towards the Thunderstorm Tanks!

That diminutive body charged straight into the gigantic monstrosities.

In the blink of an eye, the distance between them was closed.

Nicole raised her right hand.

Her hand rose up…

The sword descended!

Nicole’s figure seemingly shot past a Thunderstorm Tank.

Then, after flying for a distance of over 10 metres, she stopped. Behind her…

The Thunderstorm Tank issued out a loud noise!

The first was the turret muzzle; it suddenly split into two! Next, was the body…

The Thunderstorm Tank was sliced in half! Subsequently, it exploded! The roaring orange coloured flames from the explosion enveloped half the street!

As the tank was exploding, its turret flew up into the skies.

The beefy Team Leader who was standing beside the tank had no time to utter even a single sound of fury before the flames inundated him, blasting him to smithereens!

“Float… floating… Floating Angel!”

Somewhere high above the skies of Tokyo, Falcon was hovering in the skies.

After receiving that last video transmission, only silence remained, not a single sound could be heard.

Inside his mask, droplets of cold sweat slowly dripped down through Falcon’s nose; his face distorted.

Falcon gasped for breath, even his body had turned stiff.

Finally, after a few seconds have passed, he rechecked his monitor. Several dots of light representing members of his side had already disappeared.

A few seconds later, Falcon made his decision.

“Falcon calling through special channel, Falcon calling through special channel.”

After a moment of silence, a voice replied from the headset.

“Special channel reception is normal, go ahead,” The voice was cold and seemingly carried a creaking sound of metal with it.

“This is Falcon from Team C calling ‘Inspector’. An emergency situation has arisen.”

There was a moment of silence before the answer came through the headset. “What happened?”

“Team C has suffered from serious battle damage. Team Leader is dead; eight team members dead, two Thunderstorm Tanks lost. At present, there are four surviving members and one Thunderstorm Tank remaining.”

The Inspector’s voice was cold. “Who did this?”

“… its… according to the last received image, we, we may have encountered… encountered… a Floating Angel!”

There was another moment of silence.

Falcon’s heart had already sunk and he could feel his body quivering.

At last, the Inspector replied.

“Following the guild protocols, by the authority vested onto me, the Inspector by the Guild Leader, I will now temporarily take over command of this instance dungeon. I command all surviving members of Team C to execute defensive procedures. Cancel all predetermined plans of attack and have them all retreat to the safe house for standby.”

“Stand… standby?” Falcon swallowed his saliva.

“Idiot, do you still not understand? Your quest has ended with failure! You have disgraced Thorned Flower’s reputation!”

“But… after all, the opponent is a Floating Angel…”

The Inspector replied with a trace of ridicule in his voice. “A Floating Angel is indeed something that you fellows from Team C cannot fight against. However, before encountering the enemy, you did not determine the enemy’s identity and started firing hastily. This reckless and idiotic action is unacceptable!”

“… yes,” Falcon replied in a disheartened voice.

“Carry out my orders! Your quest is temporarily suspended! The Guild Leader will figure something out to deal with the system punishment. As for what will happen in the future… wait for our Guild Leader’s decision.”

“… yes.”

After the conversation was over, Falcon let out a long sigh, his expression gloomy.

… …

“Truly idiotic.”

Within a corner of a high-class restaurant in Hachioji City, Tokyo…

A robust middle-aged man tossed a headset onto the surface of a table. Then, he picked up a knife and fork and continued enjoying the high-grade steak before him.

The steak was half done. As the knife cut into it, blood trickled out from it.

However, the robust man ate it with joy, chewing one large bite after another. After swallowing the last piece, he reached for the glass of red wine beside him and drank a mouthful from it. Then, he used the napkin to wipe his mouth and exhaled.

“I’m full, it’s time to work.”

He stood up.

He was nearly 2-metres tall with broad shoulders and a sturdy frame! His standing figure resembled that of a huge brown bear!

Such a muscular figure was rare even for Caucasians. However, his face revealed that he was an Asian.

An elegant music piece played within the restaurant. The music came from the middle of the restaurant, where a young female musician in a dress was playing the piano, her face pale and filled with fear.


The robust man snapped his fingers and a terrified waiter walked over, his face filled with cold sweat. His body trembled. “You, you, you…”

“Bill please.”

The waiter’s teeth chattered and he was unable to say anything.

The robust man glanced at him and smirked. His face was so fierce that even when smiling, he looked just as savage.

He produced a wallet and retrieved a wad of bills, tossing them on the table before leaving. As he was walking past the waiter, the waiter’s body turned soft and he fell to his knees.

The robust man walked towards the door of the restaurant. Along the way, his feet stepped through pools of blood!

Over tens of corpses littered the floor of the restaurant, all the way to the entrance!

Judging by their clothing, they were the waiters of the restaurant. There were also security members of the hotel and even police officers!

The corpses were mostly mutilated. Broken limbs were littered all over the place, suggesting that these people were ripped to death by a ferocious beast!

The robust man walked past the piano in the central area and suddenly stopped. He turned around and regarded the musician playing the piano.

The female musician instantly broke out in tears and cried out shakily. “Don’t… don’t… I beg you, please don’t kill me…. don’t…”

“Almost forgot one thing.”

The robust man stepped beside the piano, produced a hundred US dollar bill and placed it gently on a plate. “Your tip.”

Pausing, he smirked, revealing that terrifyingly hideous smile and said. “You played well, but you made a mistake in the second chapter on the fourth and ninth section. Were you too scared?”

The female musician cried and dared not say anything.

“Truth be told, you don’t have to be afraid. I have this habit…”  The man laughed. “I do not kill women.”

Laughing loudly, the robust man turned around and walked out through the restaurant door.

Behind him, sobbing sounds burst out from the restaurant.

The street was in ruins. Two police cars burned beside the street while the police officers lay dead on the side. Their state of death was extremely gruesome.

“I just wanted to eat steak. Why do you have to come disturb me when I am dining?” The robust man sneered and walked through the street. He then randomly picked a car that was abandoned by the street. He extended his hand and tore out the door of the car! After that, he tossed the door far away!

Getting into the car, he searched around and found spare key within the locker in front of the first passenger seat.

After starting up the car, the robust man suddenly recalled something. “Ah, I nearly forgot the safety belt. Never forget, safety first.”

After wearing the safety belt, the robust man started up the car and charged into the street like a wild beast!

He pressed the headset and spoke out softly.

“Message! I am in the Tokyo instance dungeon and could not get in contact with the outside world. I will leave a message to report the situation. At present, Team C had encountered a Floating Angel and their quest ended with failure. I have temporarily taken over command. I am now moving to… kill the Floating Angel! Guild Leader Shen [1], by the time you hear this message, if I got careless and end up being killed, please avenge me! Err… hahahaha! Guild Leader, I am joking! Just ignore that last part! A mere Floating Angel. It’s not as if I have never killed one. End of message.”

1 Augustine Shen, Guild Leader of the Thorned Flower Guild. First appeared in Chapter 107.

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