Chapter 116: Mech Angel (Teaser)

GOR Chapter 116: Mech Angel

“Hold on tight!”

Seeing the Black Widow rush through the street and jumping onto the walls of the big building to their left, Qiao Qiao shouted out.

The youngsters riding on the back of the spider quickly laid their bodies down. Chen Xiaolian tightly held onto the thorn protruding out from the top part of the Black Widow’s limbs.

The injured Nicole suddenly let out a cry as her left hand loosened, causing half her body to hang down and sway. At that moment, Roddy immediately extended his hand to embrace Nicole’s waist. He howled and pushed her up. Next, he threw himself onto Nicole, using his body to keep Nicole in place.

Nicole turned around and looked at Roddy’s face that was very close to her. A complicated emotion flashed through her eyes.

The Black Widow was a spider after all. It moved quickly through the vertical walls of the building as though it was on level surface. Soon, it had circled around the building.

At that moment, they thought they have temporarily staved off danger…

Suddenly a loud noise rang out!

The Thunderstorm Tank behind the building opened fire!

The turret launched...

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