Chapter 115: Struck Down (Teaser)

GOR Chapter 115: Struck Down

“Stop!” Chen Xiaolian clenched his fist and took a deep breath. Without hesitating, he said. “All right!”

He bent down and picked up the cigarette box-shaped energy source that dropped down the floor in the chaos earlier.

“You can take it! Put Roddy down!”

“First, move away from this room. Move to a sufficient enough distance.”

“… very well!” Chen Xiaolian could only helplessly turn to look at the others. Next, they all retreated, moving out from the door and into the hotel corridor.

Nicole smirked. Her body hovered and approached the building. After that, she used one hand to hold onto Roddy’s throat, carrying him into the room as she followed everyone into the corridor.

Her hands never left Roddy’s throat! Considering her ability to twist metal earlier, twisting Roddy’s neck was a simple matter.

“Enough! There are more than 30 metres of distance between here and the room!” Chen Xiaolian said coldly.

“All right, that is enough. Now, let us trade.”

Chen Xiaolian understood what she meant and sighed. Then, he tossed over the energy source.

Nicole caught it with one hand....

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