Chapter 112: Rampage!

GOR Chapter 112: Rampage!

Right as Bei Tai’s head stuck out, a hail of bullets flew out towards his head and he quickly backed up. He returned fire and shouted. “The corridor is blocked off! There are too many people! Should we use skills to kill our way out?”

“Don’t! Heaven knows when we will encounter other Players. If possible, do not use your skill!” Chen Xiaolian was suddenly feeling regretful at his decision to not bring Qiao Qiao.

If Qiao Qiao was here, she could summon out the Black Widow. Those ordinary firearms would likely be unable to harm the Black Widow and it could open a path through this narrow place.

The quality of these armed men was clearly far superior when compared with the ordinary police officers.

They suppressed Chen Xiaolian and the other two into the corner of the corridor. Roddy shouted out. “Shouldn’t Japanese police officers have no firearms?”

“Idiot, they will certainly have special forces,” Chen Xiaolian scolded.

Back then, he caught sight of the mark on the tactical vest worn by the armed men. It was clearly written: Special Assault Team.

That was the Special Forces within the Japanese police force, similar to Armed Anti-Terror Police, codenamed: SAT (Special Assault Team).

Unfortunately for them, this place was the Metropolitan Police Department! After receiving an attack from thugs, the Metropolitan Police Department instantly transformed into a provoked hornet’s nest!

“Retreat! We cannot charge out through the front!” Chen Xiaolian decided. They ran towards another end of the corridor. While doing so, Bei Tai did not forget to toss out a tactical grenade.

“There is no door!” Roddy who was at the front shouted out. Bei Tai caught up and hit him hard in the head. “Are you an idiot? Did you think you are an ordinary person? Let me have a go!”

This fellow produced out a piece of plastic explosive from the system!

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes bulged out. “How do you have everything?”

“I usually like to mess around with these things. Last time when we were in the Qin Shi Huang instance dungeon, the usage of these things was restricted. Otherwise, I would have let those terracotta soldiers have a taste of my might!”

Bei Tai sneered as he finished setting up the explosive.

Chen Xiaolian kicked open a room door beside them and pulled Roddy inside…

The explosion erupted with a loud boom. Dense smoke billowed out as stones and gravel fell down!

Part of the room’s ceiling collapsed from the shock and the fluorescent lights fell down.

Coughing a few times, Chen Xiaolian grabbed hold of Roddy and ran out from the dense smoke.

The explosion created a hole in the walls at the end of the corridor. The hole was big enough for an adult to slip through!

“Move! Move! Move! Hurry!”

Bei Tai took the vanguard position and charged forward, followed by Roddy and Chen Xiaolian.

Beyond the wall, there was actually a special passageway with metal piping lining the walls. Who knew what those pipes were for.

Clearly, they have entered an underground area.

The three of them were unable to get their bearings and they rushed forward. After making a few corners, they ended up running for roughly three minutes.

“Bloody Hell! They dug such a big hole beneath the Metropolitan Police Department?” Chen Xiaolian cursed.

With the Physique and Agility that the three of them possessed, three minutes was enough to cover at least 2 kilometres.

“There is a door! Blow it up!”

Observing the thick metal doors before him, he struck it heavily with his fist. His face distorted. “Son of a bitch! Explosives will not be enough to open it! This door is too thick!”

Roddy sniggered and he walked forward, extending his hands to touch the door. Examining the electronic lock device on the metal door, he said. “Let me try.”

Chen Xiaolian turned to look at Roddy.

Roddy wore a strange expression on his face. “The skill I selected is… Mechanical Heart.”

“Mechanical Heart? What is that thing?”

“Theoretically speaking, I can control all electronic machines of the technological type,” Roddy said pridefully. “Naturally, a more complicated device would require a higher skill level. Even if you give me a Mech, the present me cannot control it. But, an electronic lock is no problem for me.”

Roddy placed both hands on the door and closed his eyes…


Next, a series of “di di di di” alarm sounds rang out. The blast door opened!

“Move! Move! Move! Hurry!” Chen Xiaolian quickly pushed Roddy. The faint sounds of rapid footsteps could be heard closing in from the passageway behind them.

The three of them rushed through the blast door. Chen Xiaolian did not forget to turn around and push the door back into place. With a “pata” sound, the blast door was locked again.

“This, what is this place?”

The three of them stood before the door as they surveyed their surrounding environment. They were stunned.

The place was clearly an underground station. More accurately, it should be an underground warehouse! Furthermore, it was of the military type!

Clear warning signs were placed on the door and walls.

Amongst them was a sign that Chen Xiaolian was familiar with.

“Special Assault Team? Holy shit! We drilled our way into their lair?” Chen Xiaolian uttered a bitter laugh.

The warehouse was very big, as big as a football field.

In a spacious area beside them were several cars… unfortunately, that place seemed to be something akin to a machine repair station. The cars were missing either their engines or tires.

“Quick, look over there!”

Roddy pointed towards an area inside the warehouse.

The warehouse area had simple metal sliding doors enclosing it. The three of them walked over and Roddy immediately controlled the doors, causing it to slide open. Then… the three of them gasped!

A long, thick cannon barrel… steel plates exuding a cold aura… rough and sturdy treads…

After a full 10 seconds, Chen Xiaolian exhaled and said in a rather confused tone of voice. “Son of a bitch… since when did they assign the Japanese police team with a tank?”

Bei Tai and Roddy who were standing side by side, exclaimed in unison:

“TK-X, Type 10 tank!”

After they spoke out those words, they glanced at each other, their eyes conveying the words: You know about this?

“4-stroke water-cooled V8 diesel engine.”

“1200 hydraulic horsepower with mechanical type stepless transmission."

The two of them uttered out those words and stared at each other again.

Roddy revealed an expression of embarrassment. “I am a bit of a military fanatic.”

“Haha! I thought you only like those sci-fi toys,” Bei Tai patted him on his shoulder. “In the future, we will be sharing a common interest.”

Chen Xiaolian stared at the tank and suddenly said. “This thing… can you start it up and drive it out?”

“… … you want to drive this thing out?”

“What else? We have now charged into the lair of others. Are you planning on becoming Superman and kill your way out?” Chen Xiaolian then revealed a wicked smile. “Have you ever driven a tank through the streets of Tokyo? This opportunity comes once in a blue moon, you know?”

The eyes of both Bei Tai, the violent prone maniac and Roddy, the chuunibyou patient flashed out simultaneously!

“There is diesel in the gas tank!” Bei Tai had already climbed his way into the tank like a monkey. “Haha, the maintenance done on it is quite good.”

“The turret can be used… but there are no artillery shells. The standard equipped armament M2 machine gun has been taken off. Although the Type 74 machine gun armament is still here, there is no ammunition,” Roddy sighed as he sat on the turret.

Chen Xiaolian had already found a crucial spot beside the warehouse area. “This warehouse area can be raised! Look, just by pulling this lever on the wall, the ceiling of this warehouse should open up and this base will rise up, sending us to the surface.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get it up!”

Chen Xiaolian laughed out and pulled down the lever on the wall.

After a sharp alarm rang out, the ceiling of the warehouse area slowly split apart to the sides. The ground shook and the entire warehouse area slowly rose!

“Hurry up and enter the tank!”

Outside the Metropolitan Police Department, over ten police cars have surrounded the exterior of the building. Additionally, there were also several armoured vehicles stationed outside. Fully armed Japanese Special Assault Team members had already charged into the big building, leaving a few officers to block off the street.

It was at that moment…

On the left side of the building, a spacious open hatch slowly separated by itself…

One minute later, a tank was revealed before the light of day!

The police officers in the vicinity broke into a commotion!

“What the Hell! Who opened this place up?”

A high-ranking Japanese police officer stood behind a police car, gaping at the tank that had appeared from beneath the big building!

Beside him, a member of the Special Assault Team who wore combat uniform broke out in cold sweat. He replied. “We… we had originally scheduled a joint exercise with the Self Defence Force (SDF) three days from now… this… this tank was temporarily loaned over for drilling purposes. It has since been placed in the maintenance warehouse for maintenance… What the Hell! How did they enter the maintenance warehouse? That place is fully sealed off!”

“Roddy, do you know how to start this thing?” Inside the tank, Bei Tai was seated in the gunner position, allowing Roddy to sit in the driver’s spot.

Roddy spit on both his palms and rubbed them. “Son of a bitch! Let us give it a go! If it does not work, then I will use my Mechanical Heart skill!”

“Follow my instructions! Open the diesel switch, switch on the master circuit… right, that is the place! Next is the motor pump switch! Good, step on the clutch! Hahaha, that is right! Then, press start! Pull the pole to the lowest speed… that is it! That is correct! Hahahaha! Let us go all out! Let us move out!”

A loud sound burst out, it was the roaring sound of the Type 10 tank’s V8 engine!

Next, before the eyes of the panicking police officers, the tank treads slowly rotated…

The tank’s magnificent body charged directly through the outer fence of the big building, easily tearing apart a segment of the metal fence. After that, it bulldozed its way into the streets!

“Quick, stop them!”

Tat tat tat tat tat. Chug chug chug chug chug…

The countless number of police officers fired with their various types of firearms! However, their bullets struck the surface of the tank in vain; the only result was the sounds of “ding ding dang dang”.

“Let’s go!” Roddy screamed, shifting the tank into high gear, charging forward!

Two police cars were positioned on the intersection to form a blockade. But the tank simply charged forward! The police officers there fired frantically. Seeing the tank barrelling towards them however, they could only scatter away…

Crunch crunch… the tank tread rolled across the surface of the cars. The tank shook slightly before moving through with wanton abandon! As for the two police cars behind, only flattened scrap metal were left of them.

Next, the tank tread casually rolled past the roadblock’s iron spikes placed on the intersection area.

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