Chapter 110: Fiery Tokyo

GOR Chapter 110: Fiery Tokyo

The expression on Chen Xiaolian’s face was very strange.

Suddenly, a beam of light appeared within the room. From within the light, a square metal block appeared, falling down onto the floor. It quickly dissolved and melded onto the floor.

Next, everyone in the guild received the instance dungeon’s information that Chen Xiaolian shared out.

[Tokyo instance dungeon

Back story: A secret government-affiliated institution dedicated to the research and development of highly technological products is, due to an unknown cause, suffering from an accidental leakage.

First phase of the quest: All participating Players and team members will receive one of the mysterious institution’s energy sources.

  1. Players must think of methods to snatch other Players energy source and gather up five energy sources. This will reveal the position of the mysterious institution and grant the permission to enter.
  2. Each party’s energy source will appear once the instance dungeon opens. After the energy source appears, the respective party will not be able to move their respective energy source. In order to snatch the energy source of another party, you must kill all members of the opposing party within 10 metres of the energy source or drive them 10 metres away from the energy source. After that, the opposing party’s energy source becomes moveable.
  3. The system will randomly display the location of one other party’s energy source on the radar of each team or individual Players. After successfully snatching the other party’s energy source, the system will display the location of another random energy source.
  4. This phase has a 24-hour limit. The team or individual Player who cannot gather five energy sources within 24 hours will have failed the quest.
  5. If one party’s energy source was snatched away, that party must snatch back their energy source within the countdown of 24 hours. Otherwise, no matter how many energy sources of other parties they acquire, that party will have failed the quest.
  6. Those who failed the quest will be subjected to one system punishment.
  7. In view of the circumstances of this quest, all Players radar will be temporarily unusable. Radar will not reveal the location of other Players].

The 24-hour countdown has begun!

Observing the red digital figures ticking away, everyone’s heart grew heavy.

“Do you all understand the quest?” Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth. “It is not that hard to understand. The metal block that appeared in this room is the energy source distributed to us. First, we cannot move it. Second, we cannot allow others to snatch it away. Third, we need to go snatch the energy sources belonging to others and gather up five of them.”

“Understood,” Lun Tai was the first to speak up. “Son of a bitch, this quest is really shitty.”

It really is shitty.

The most crucial factor was: [C. The system will randomly display the location of one other party’s energy source on the radar of each team or individual Players. After successfully snatching the other party’s energy source, the system will display the location of another random energy source].

This one was truly a shitty condition!

According to the prompt, all teams and individual Players will receive an energy source. However, if you want to snatch the energy source of others, you face a big problem: finding the location of the other party’s energy source!

However, the system will only display to you one… at random!

You will need to succeed in snatching the first one before the system would reveal the location of the second one…

As for the identity of the owner of the displayed energy source, that would depend on your luck!

If you were lucky, the energy source displayed would belong to a minor rookie Player. Under such circumstances, snatching the energy source would not be too difficult.

However, if you were unlucky, and the energy source displayed actually belongs to a High-Class Player’s guild… you going in there to snatch the energy source would be the equivalent of committing suicide!

In other words, you have no choice!

If the system randomly assigns you to snatch that one, then you will have to go snatch that one!

“Unless we have Heavenly defying luck, and could simply walk around without the radar and encounter a rookie guarding an energy source… but, that is basically impossible, no different from winning the lottery,” Chen Xiaolian forced out a smile.

“Additionally, we will need to separate,” Lun Tai said in a low voice. “Our energy source cannot be moved, but we need to go snatch from others… we can only act separately. Someone needs to stay behind to protect the energy source. At the same time, we need to send someone out to snatch from others.”

Chen Xiaolian quickly shared out the radar display issued by the system.

The map shown was clearly a map of Tokyo that could be enlarged and shrunk. Upon the map was a flashing golden light.

“This is the location of the other party’s energy source that the system has randomly assigned to us,” Chen Xiaolian said softly. “It is a few kilometres away.”

After saying that, he picked up a bottle of mineral water, unscrewed it and gulped down the entire bottle’s worth of water. He violently threw the bottle away and lashed out. “This quest is too shitty! I feel that an even worse scenario might happen; the same target might be displayed to more than one team or players. That could complicate matters, causing more problems for both the defenders and the snatchers.

“Thus, this damnable first phase is meant to let all the Players and Awakened ones kill each other.”

“There is no use complaining, that has always been the way the system works,” Lun Tai said lightly. “You need to make the decision. You are the Guild Leader.”

“ … phew!” Chen Xiaolian exhaled deeply and he kneaded his face forcefully. A few seconds later, he collected himself.

“All right! Now we need to decide on splitting our members! We will split into two teams; the first team stay here while the other team will move out to snatch the energy source.

“I have decided that team that will stay behind will be led by Lun Tai, responsible for protecting our energy source. Members in this team: Lun Tai, Qiao Qiao, Soo Soo and Xia Xiaolei.

“As for the others, Bei Tai, Roddy and me, we will be responsible for snatching the energy source!”

Qiao Qiao could not resist opening up her mouth. “I…”

Clearly, Qiao Qiao wanted to go together with Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian’s face was solemn. “Do as I say! Qiao Qiao! Lun Tai is the only main powerhouse within the defence team. Xia Xiaolei’s ability is of the support type and is not suitable for battles. As for Soo Soo, she is a little girl! If I am to change you with others, will you be able to feel at ease leaving Soo Soo out of your sight?”

“ … … ” Qiao Qiao was silent.

Chen Xiaolian had made his own considerations regarding the team selections. The outer team will definitely face more danger compared to the defence team. Thus, he made a selfish decision to have Soo Soo left behind. As for Xia Xiaolei, he was unsuitable for battle. However, his Haggling skill will be very useful for the future development of the guild. That was why he has to stay behind as well.

At this moment, his small guild’s weakness has been exposed… the lack of battle power!

Lun Tai and Bei Tai were the only veterans in his guild. Perhaps he could qualify as a strong guild member as well. After all, he possessed the strengthened Garfield and Bai Qi!

As for Qiao Qiao and Roddy, they were both rookies. They still needed to grow through actual combat.

However, if he took both Qiao Qiao and Roddy out and others were left behind, neither Qiao Qiao nor Chen Xiaolian would be at ease leaving Soo Soo to others. After all, Lun Tai, Bei Tai and Xia Xiaolei were recent acquaintances. This was especially true of the two brothers, Lun Tai and Bei Tai. To put it bluntly, they simply share the same interest, but do not have any feelings towards one another.

“Then it is decided,” Lun Tai nodded his head, seemingly indifferent to the idea of having to split up with his brother.

This caused Chen Xiaolian to see him in a different light.

However, Lun Tai then turned to look at Chen Xiaolian and added seriously. “My little brother is a muddle-headed fellow. I hope you do not make use of that and turn him into cannon fodder! If you do that…”

Lun Tai did not continue with the harsh parts, however, his eyes have revealed everything!

Chen Xiaolian looked at him and said solemnly, “Be rest assured, I will prove to you that joining our guild is not a mistake.”

“Stay alive and complete this instance dungeon. If you can back up your words, I will apologize to you and recognize you as a real Guild Leader.”

Before leaving, Chen Xiaolian left a few words for the defence team. “If someone comes to snatch, fight back if possible. If it is not possible… if things look impossible, then withdraw! Preserving our lives is more important!”

Lun Tai considered it and agreed.

Subsequently, this veteran Awakened used a very serious tone of voice to advise Chen Xiaolian.

“You are a decent person. However, you have a problem; you are too soft-hearted! You must understand, what we are going through now is a merciless game! I will give you this advice: when inside an instance dungeon, learn to be more cruel! Maximize what you can use from the surrounding environment and conditions! For example, now, the entirety of Tokyo has been transformed into an instance dungeon area. According to the system rules, even if you go out and level the entire Tokyo City, kill off everyone in Tokyo City… once the instance dungeon is completed, the system will refresh it and everything will be restored to its original state.

“What I mean to say is, when you go out, do not get soft-hearted, do not hesitate! When it is time to kill, kill! When it is time to do something, you do it! Perhaps, to the Players, we are the NPCs.

“However, at this moment, in this instance dungeon, those people out in the streets are also NPCs to us!

“If I were you, if I were to locate the target energy source, I will ignore everything else and launch a rocket launcher over, flattening the entire street. Even if it means killing both the opposing team and a street full of ordinary people, I will not hesitate – assuming I have a rocket launcher, of course!

“Remember! You have to be cruel!”

Chen Xiaolian, Bei Tai and Roddy left the hotel and went outside.

The street was currently in chaos. Even though the explosion occurred some distance away, the ensuing chaos was very big.

The pedestrians on the street have fled in the other direction. Police cars came one after another, stopping by the road while police officers jumped out from their cars to maintain order in the street and disperse the crowd.

There were also several fire trucks issuing sharp siren sounds as they drove bravely towards the area that was releasing dense billowing smoke.

Chen Xiaolian checked the map as he ran, then he raised his head and looked at situation of the road. “We need a car!”

“There!” Bei Tai pointed towards a police car parked by the road. There were two police officers in the middle of dispersing the crowd some tens of metres away.

Chen Xiaolian inhaled vigorously and reminded himself. “This is just an instance dungeon area, just an instance dungeon period… after this, everything will be refreshed!”

He led the other two with him and they ran towards the police car. He directly entered the driver’s seat while Bei Tai took the first passenger’s seat. As for Roddy, he sat in the back row.

Banging the door shut, Chen Xiaolian saw that the car keys were still there. He did not hesitate and moved to start the car, shift the gear and step on the pedal!

A roar resounded and the car charged into the street like a wild animal!

The police officers who were maintaining order behind the intersection became shocked. They shouted and chased madly after the car for tens of metres before raising their walkie-talkie and yelling into it.

Chen Xiaolian fiercely turned the steering wheel and the car swerved past an intersection. He saw that the road before them was blocked; a roadblock rested in the middle of the road. Several Japanese police officers stood on the road, desperately waving towards the car that was moving towards them.

Chen Xiaolian clenched his teeth hard and stamped down heavily onto the throttle, pushing it down to its maximum limit!

A “boom” resounded as several police officers scattered and the plastic barricades were knocked out of the way. The car continued speeding off…

“Son of a bitch! The system better be able to refresh this! Otherwise, even if we manage to live through this instance dungeon, the Japanese police will turn us into wanted men!” A frustrated expression covered Chen Xiaolian’s face as he shouted.

Bei Tai and Roddy on the other hand shouted out loudly in unison. “Too cool!”

“Don’t shout!” With one hand holding onto the wheel, Chen Xiaolian threw the map to the side using his other hand. “Hurry up and check the map! I will drive, you guys help check the map! Hurry!”

After a moment, Roddy held onto the map and shouted out. “I have identified the address, Tokyo City, Chiyoda Ward, Kasumigaseki… eh? What the son of a bitch place is this?”

“What is wrong?” Chen Xiaolian charged through another intersection while madly turning the steering wheel. At that moment, shrill siren sounds could be heard coming from behind them as several police cars rapidly caught up to them.

“Son of a bitch, are you sure the location of the energy source displayed by the system is correct?”

“I am sure! What is the problem? What is it?” Chen Xiaolian madly turned into a narrow road. The road was clearly a one-way road, but they barrelled their way through at breakneck speed, causing the pedestrians on both sides of the road to scream out one after another, dodging towards the side. On the way, Chen Xiaolian sent several garbage cans flying. There was also a billboard – upon the billboard was the image of Aragaki Yui [1] smiling sweetly while wearing swimwear. The car directly smashed through it!

A “boom” resonated outwards and the car trembled. Chen Xiaolian exerted his all to control the steering wheel. Glancing back, he observed the billboard that fell behind and saw that Aragaki Yui’s head on the board had disappeared. He became enraged and shouted. “Roddy speak up! What is going on?”

“According to the map, that location seems like… Japan’s Metropolitan Police Department…”

“… … …” Chen Xiaolian cursed out loudly. “DAMN IT!”

1 Aragaki Yui is a rather famous and very beautiful (personal opinion) Japanese actress.

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