Chapter 11: Identity Crisis

GOR Chapter 11: Identity Crisis

The campsite within the valley was very lively.

The Wind Slasher Guild that Sara is part of was located at the left side of the mountain. Chen Xiaolian found that the location was a very good spot. The left side of the mountain has the highest amount of steepness, thereby eliminating the problem of defending the rear. In addition, the leeward winds here were better than the blowing winds in the mouth of the valley.

Most importantly, the terrain here is clearly somewhat higher compared to others.

Glancing around hastily, Chen Xiaolian determined that this place is definitely the best location within the entire valley – Putting it in a different manner, for the ‘Wind Slasher Guild’ to be able to secure this piece of terrain when faced against so many other teams, their strength must be very good.

On his way into the camp, Chen Xiaolian had been secretly making preparations. Even though he had not revealed any flaws before Sara and Damon… he was very clear that a person capable of becoming a leader would have top-notch abilities, especially in the area of thought process. He was very worried that when facing the one known as Team Leader Newton, he would end up being exposed.

When he laid eyes on Newton, Chen Xiaolian broke out in cold sweat.

Newton… is that pilot!

The “I wish you good luck” fellow!

Newton possesses a lean body shape and was wearing a combat soldier uniform reminiscent of an interstellar science fictional movie. Chen Xiaolian noted that upon his waist was an exaggerated looking metal belt; several card slots were affixed on it.

Sara took the initiative to move forward. Before Chen Xiaolian’s eyes, she passionately hugged Newton – that was definitely not a simple hug between comrades. Chen Xiaolian was incidentally able to see Sara gently pinching Newton’s waist in a secretive manner.

Sara conversed with Newton in a low voice while pointing at Chen Xiaolian.

Newton walked over.

Chen Xiaolian suddenly felt cold sweat flowing out from his back. He tried to maintain a façade of indifference and composure, carefully placing his uncontrollably trembling hands behind.

“You are the newbie that Sara picked up on their way?”

Newton’s face was expressionless; however, Chen Xiaolian could feel the traces of vigilance within his gaze.


“We seemed to have met before? At the airport, the washroom’s entrance.”

After Newton said those words, Chen Xiaolian almost answered subconsciously. But, he instantly realized what was going on!

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” Chen Xiaolian shook his head in a dull manner.

Too dangerous!

He nearly forgot. That Sara was obviously unable to recognize him… In other words, after she transformed from the chief flight attendant into Sara, she could no longer recognize him!

Thus, if he is a ‘normal player’, then he should not have any memory from before the plane crash!

But… something is not right… if everyone would lose their memory, then why could this Newton remember the incident that happened at the entrance of the washroom?

Sara who was at the side laughed. “Newton, have you really met this kid before?”

“En, in the airport washroom,” Newton lightly replied. “He lost his boarding pass and was nearly unable to board the plane.”

“Hahahaha… how absent-minded, Xiaolian, it appears the host body that you have been given is not too good…” Sara giggled softly, causing her huge breasts to quiver.

Sara moved forward and squeezed his face again. (Damn it, why does she like to keep doing that?) Sara laughed and said. “Our Team Leader is this time’s Navigation Staff. He had arrived even before the plane began flying off. That is how he could recall everything that happened in the Lower Plane. Back then, you have yet to arrive, it is only natural that you cannot remember.”

Navigation Staff… Arrive…

Chen Xiaolian quietly memorized those critical words deep within his mind.

Seemingly having lost interest in questioning Chen Xiaolian, Newton waved his hand. “All right, let him go mingle with the other newbies.”

Damon brought Chen Xiaolian over to the smallest tent, and then kicked him on his thigh. “Rest here and get to know your team mates. Remember, our Wind Slasher Guild have only two requirements: When orders are given, do not be lazy. When there are none, do not cause trouble.”

There are four people within the group of newbies, a stocky middle-aged Asian man. He sports a Mediterranean hairstyle. A young woman with a bland and skinny appearance, she gives off an indifferent expression and gaze. A strapping and sturdy white man, his body resembles a big brown bear… one glance is enough to determine that he is a Russian tribal warrior.

The last one is a youngster whose age is about the same as Chen Xiaolian. He seemed to be around eighteen-years-old with highly average looks. However, his eyebrows are very thick, just like a pair of brushes.

Mediterranean raised his head to glance at Chen Xiaolian before closing his eyes and continued resting. The skinny female was seated beside a fire pit, concentrating solely on cooking some unknown food.

The tribal warrior was in the midst of performing push-ups. He raised his head to look at Chen Xiaolian before continuing.

As for the youngster, he stared at Chen Xiaolian up and down for a few seconds, his eyes showing a somewhat strange expression. Nonetheless, the youngster shifted his seating position to allow Chen Xiaolian to sit beside him.

Chen Xiaolian took the hint and sat beside him.

“My name is Xiao Lian (face), you?”

“Han Bi.”

Han Bi’s voice was a little hoarse and he lowered his head. A few seconds later, he could not help but raise his head and look at Chen Xiaolian for a bit.

The four of them were wearing similar looking clothes, a black coloured army like protective suit. It seemed to made of certain composite materials.

“Xiaolian, your equipment have been issued.”

Not far away, Sara threw over a protective suit. Chen Xiaolian caught it hastily.

“Wear it quickly, we will be bringing you out in the night for a quest.”

After saying that, Sara left.

Chen Xiaolian looked at the protective suit in his hands… honestly, the shape is reminiscent of the protective suit worn by a certain special force in ‘Dragon Ball’. However…

How to wear it?

This item seems rigid, giving off the feeling of hard plastic. A cylindrical shaped body… could it be that it needs to be forcefully pulled down through the head?

Chen Xiaolian suddenly realized the danger that he was in! If he does not know how to wear this suit, would that expose his true identity?

He raised his head. Fortunately, none of the surrounding people were looking at him. As for the few newbies…


The youngster called Han Bi was looking at him quietly.

Chen Xiaolian’s heart sank, he could feel that Han Bi had seen through him.

Suddenly, Han Bi made a minor movement, which caused Chen Xiaolian’s eyes to lit up.

Han Bi twisted his head. Then, putting an act of scratching himself, his left hand forcefully pushed down on a spot behind his right shoulder.

Chen Xiaolian quickly checked the back of the right shoulder on his protective suit and found a depressed notch.


It was as though air was being vented out. The originally stiff protective suit suddenly turned soft. Chen Xiaolian quickly wore it. He turned to look at Han Bi who had at an unknown time turned back his head. Han Bi looked at Chen Xiaolian, his eyes carrying a trace of a meaningful… smile.

Chen Xiaolian became nervous.

In the evening, Damon walked over to the newbie group. Standing there, he pointed. “You, you and you, follow me. The rest of you are responsible for catching twenty Firefly Frogs. Return before dawn!”

The ones he pointed out were Mediterranean, Skinny Woman and Tribal Warrior.

As for Han Bi and Chen Xiaolian, they were assigned the quest of catching ‘Firefly Frogs’.

Observing Damon lead the three people away, Han Bi turned to Chen Xiaolian. “Let’s go. If we fail to complete the quest, we will be punished.”

Chen Xiaolian noticed that Han Bi was winking at him secretly, causing his mind to be shocked.

The two of them left the valley’s campsite. As they were passing by the members of other teams, they could clearly feel the disdain and faint hostility directed at them from within the other teams’ gazes.

Chen Xiaolian remained silent and followed Han Bi out of the valley. The two of them entered the forest, continuing onwards until they reached a small stream. There, they could faintly hear the sounds of insects…

Suddenly, Han Bi stopped. He then violently turned around; without giving Chen Xiaolian any time to react, he had thrown his hunched body to crash into Chen Xiaolian!

Chen Xiaolian was greatly surprised. He instinctively backed away, but Han Bi had already produced a shining dagger in his hand. The dagger stabbed towards Chen Xiaolian’s neck!

Chen Xiaolian was startled and immediately pulled out his own light sabre. He exerted himself to push Han Bi back, then he snapped in a low voice. “What are you doing!”

Han Bi held on to the dagger in his hand and faintly smiled at Chen Xiaolian. He suddenly extended his left hand. Upon it was something small and black, with the shape of a bottle cap.


It was as though something was leaking out and the protective suit that Chen Xiaolian was wearing suddenly became soft. The originally durable composite material turned into something akin to snot, sticking softly onto his body.

“This…” Chen Xiaolian turned pale.

Han Bi’s eyes lit up even more. “As I expected! You do not even know how to use the Beginner Protective Suit. After wearing it, you did not close off the safety device! This is the most basic knowledge, don’t you know?”

Han Bi walked forward, his eyes staring at Chen Xiaolian in an imposing manner. “You, are not a ‘Player’!”

Chen Xiaolian’s heart was shocked!

Instinctively, various thoughts flashed through his mind… I am exposed! What to do now? Run? Silence him?

It was at this moment in time that the sounds of footsteps came from a distance away. There were also sounds of conversation, signalling that there was more than one person!

Chen Xiaolian was able to recognize that the voices belong to Damon and the other three newbies.

This time, he had lost all hope!

Forget silencing Han Bi, he would not even be able to escape! As long as Han Bi shouts out…

It is all over!

His hand that was gripping onto the light sabre was already filled with sweat, dripping profusely.

It was at this time when Chen Xiaolian had already lost all hope…

Han Bi suddenly made a strange move. He quickly hid his dagger and vigorously waved at Chen Xiaolian – It seemed that Han Bi was indicating to Chen Xiaolian to not say anything. Han Bi also pointed at the light sabre in Chen Xiaolian’s hand.!

Chen Xiaolian was shocked. Han Bi stared at him with widened eyes, seemingly anxious.

Chen Xiaolian followed and turned off the light sabre.

“Why are you two here?”

Damon brought the other three person over, his face frowning. “Why aren’t you working? Are you lazing about?”

Han Bi slowly replied in a dull voice. “We could hear the frog sounds earlier. After you came, they were frightened away.”

“… Don’t make excuses. If you fail to complete the quest, I will personally punish you.”

Damon stared at the two of them with an overbearing attitude. Then, he led the three newbies towards another direction and left.

After they had left far away, Chen Xiaolian breathed a sigh of relief.  But, his heart pounded again as he looked at Han Bi with a complicated expression. “You… just what is it that you want?”

Han Bi spread open his arms, and slowly walked over. His next words nearly caused Chen Xiaolian’s heart to jump out!

“What if I tell you, I am also the same as you? I am not a real ‘Player’.”

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