Chapter 106: Sea of Love

GOR Chapter 106: Sea of Love

After Chen Xiaolian walked out into the living room, Qiao Qiao gave him a faint smile. “What were you doing while locking yourself up in the bedroom?”

Chen Xiaolian did not laugh. He walked before the two females and said slowly. “Come, I have something to show you.”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian used the gift function in the system to give a Black Widow soul to Qiao Qiao.

Qiao Qiao was surprised. After receiving the system prompt, she frowned. “What is this?”

“War Pet,” Chen Xiaolian said slowly. “You have yet to participate in an instance dungeon. That is why you do not quite understand; having a War Pet to help during battles will make you more powerful. The one I gave you is an [A] Class pet. It is considered a relatively rare pet.”

Qiao Qiao’s expression turned serious immediately and she quickly inspected it through the system.

Chen Xiaolian continued. “Let us take this opportunity and try activating it first to see its effect.”

“Here?” Qiao Qiao was hesitant.

Chen Xiaolian smiled softly and proceeded to move aside the coffee table and other items within the living room aside, creating an open space. Next, he pulled Soo Soo to a corner of the wall and said to Qiao Qiao. “Try it out, do not be afraid. This thing will be obedient to you. Summon it out and familiarize yourself with it.”

Qiao Qiao took a deep breath before summoning out the Black Widow.

Following a brilliant burst of light, a massive black spider covered in black coloured shell appeared in the middle of the room before the three of them!

The huge size of the black spider caught Qiao Qiao off guard and she was shocked. This girl’s instinctive fear towards insects caused her expression to pale and she unconsciously took several steps back.

On the other hand, although Soo Soo showed some fear, she only held tightly onto Chen Xiaolian’s arm. She did not utter out any voice; her face was taut and she gritted her teeth. However, she refused to hide behind Chen Xiaolian.

The Black Widow was massive in size.

It has a height of roughly 2.5 metres. Although this luxurious suite has a height surpassing the ordinary, the distance between the ceiling and the Black Widow standing in the middle of the living room was very small.

A huge body with eight sickle-like claws spreading out to resemble a gigantic round table, its diameter was roughly between 4 to 5 metres.

Even though the living room was very spacious, its appearance immediately occupied a major amount of space, forcing Qiao Qiao to the corner of the walls.

The Black Widow’s outer shell was black and shiny, with a sheen that resembled those from metal surfaces. The sharp mouth upon its head and the sharp sickle-like claws gave off the impression that it has no blind spot!

Its organ for shooting out webs rested at the back area of its abdomen.

The Black Widow stood in the centre of the living room in a hunched posture. After receiving Chen Xiaolian’s encouragement, Qiao Qiao summoned up her courage and moved forward.

The Black Widow did not oppose her actions and allowed Qiao Qiao to move in front of it. Qiao Qiao extended her hand to touch the Black Widow’s thick sickle-like claws. Feeling the coldness through her hands, she got braver and lightly rapped it, feeling how hard it was.

“The Black Widow’s shell is very hard and it has very outstanding defence. I have previously seen another Player use it in the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang. Ordinary swords cannot hope to pierce through its outer shell,” Chen Xiaolian smiled. “A spider has eight legs. In battle, it could utilize all eight limbs at will and has no blind spot in terms of offence and defence. Its only weakness is the rear part. When in battle, make sure to take note of that area.”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian examined the Black Widow using the system. Then, he got Qiao Qiao to share out the attribute values of the Black Widow.

Black Widow

Physique: [A-]

Endurance: [B]

Agility: [B-]

Energy Points: [C]

Comprehensive Evaluation: [A-]

Growth Capacity: [A]

Skills: Cyclone Cleaver (Melee Skill, [B+] Class), Poison Attack (Melee Skill, [B] Class: This attack can cause target to sustain damage over time. This attack has no effect on non-living targets.), Binding Spider Web (Melee Skill, [B] Class: This attack sprays out spider webs to restrain the opponent.).

Looking at those attributes caused Chen Xiaolian to feel very satisfied.

As expected from an [A] Class pet! Its initial state alone is stronger than that Adorable Cat by two grades! My own Adorable Cat had devoured so many Gryphon souls to match this Black Widow’s attribute values, albeit barely.

Although it cannot show off its combat abilities here, Qiao Qiao commanded the Black Widow to move about within the living room. Despite the restriction, Qiao Qiao was slowly able to grasp onto the sense of being in command.

Next, they tested its skills.

Utilizing the Cyclone Cleaver skill, the Black Widow reduced a firm sofa into pieces within one second!

They were unable to test out the Poison Attack. However, Qiao Qiao had the Black Widow exhibit the Binding Spider Web skill.

The Black Widow shot out its spider web at a coffee table approximately two metres in length. A white coloured mass of spider web sprayed out rapidly towards the coffee table, wrapping it up and turning it into a white coloured cocoon!

Chen Xiaolian moved forward to check it and found the spider web from the Black Widow to be very durable!

He tried to pull apart the spider web, but with his [B] Class strength, he was only barely able to do so! After pulling apart just a few strands, his palms felt a stinging pain.

“This is a very durable material,” Chen Xiaolian thought and suddenly suggested. “Let us not waste this spider web. It is a good item!”

Chen Xiaolian estimated that each strand of spider web was comparable to an iron wire! Additionally, it was softer!

Using hands to break iron wires was not hard for the average person. As long as one twisted it back and forth, metal fatigue will occur and the iron wire will break. However, pulling it alone will not lead to breakage.

However, this spider web was different! This spider web did not possess metal fatigue. No matter how one twisted it, the spider web would retain its softness! Furthermore, this spider web was lighter than iron wire.

“A good material such as this must be properly used,” Chen Xiaolian’s eyes shone. “If we use it to make into clothes, won’t it be better compared to the protective suits?”

“I fear it is not that simple,” Qiao Qiao’s face was somewhat pale.

She pointed to the Black Widow.

Clearly, after shooting out a large amount of spider web, the Black Widow appeared much weaker. It stayed immobile at its original spot lazily, as though it had consumed a great deal of its core energy.

“I can feel my Endurance getting drained at an extremely fast rate, so tired,” Qiao Qiao quickly sat down and took a deep breath. “A little dizzy, my body feels weak.”

Chen Xiaolian sighed. “As expected, drilling loopholes is not easy.”

The spider web was a good item, but there was no way to produce an unlimited amount of it.

After all, a pet’s skill will consume Endurance. Excessive usage of the pet would also drain the pet owner.

Qiao Qiao quickly summoned back the Black Widow, leaving the living room empty again. Chen Xiaolian looked at the spider web on the coffee table. He moved forward to help retrieve them. The three of them worked together, scrambling about for quite some time to that effect.

… …

At the North District’s artificial beach.

The sun had already set and night fell.

Listening to the distant sound of waves and the cool breeze – despite knowing that all that was artificial, one would feel pleasant listening to it.

Roddy, Xia Xiaolei and the two brothers, Lun Tai and Bei Tai were resting within an outdoor café situated on the beachside.

Comfortable beach chairs lay on the sand, and the patio umbrella had been kept. The four of them sat in a circle. As for Roddy, he languidly rested on the chair, a glass of Mojito cocktail in his right hand. A straw stuck out from the cocktail and Roddy narrowed his eyes, occasionally turning over to sip a mouthful from the straw before exhaling in a pleased tone.

“How delightful! Why isn’t Xiaolian here yet? It has been over half an hour.”

Roddy narrowed his eyes as he eyed the bikini-clad females walking through the beach.

“Roddy, I find you quite likeable, but your drinking choice is too feminine,” Lun Tai brought up a glass of whiskey and gulped down a mouthful. He frowned as he looked at Roddy’s cocktail, revealing an expression that one would show when suffering a toothache. “Only females would drink that weak stuff. Real men should be drinking hard liquor.”

“Hey, are you forgetting that I am only 18 years old?” Roddy rolled his eyes. “A middle-aged uncle tricking an under aged into drinking hard liquor, what are you up to?”

Lun Tai stared. “Who are you calling middle-aged uncle? I just have an old face! I am in fact very young! I am only 28!”

“Cheh, I can’t communicate with you old people who are born in the 80s,” Roddy laughed.

Roddy turned his head around and extended his leg to kick Xia Xiaolei. “Xiaolei, what did you see to become so dazed?”

Xiaolei was staring at a nearby outdoor bar on the beachside. The bar separated into two, one selling liquor and the other was for barbeques.

Two convincing humanoid robots were busily operating the place. The androids that boasted a high sci-fi feeling were however, wearing straw hats and floral Hawaiian shirts, causing a disconnection in their image.

Xia Xiaolei’s face flushed. “I was looking at the androids, brother Roddy.”

“What is there to look? Haven’t you seen enough robots today?” Roddy muttered and turned his gaze towards the bar. Suddenly, his eyes flashed!

“Holy shit! Xiaolei, you dishonest fellow! You are obviously looking at beauties!”

Roddy quickly straightened his body and stared at the bar.

A slender figure sat beside the bar.

A tight sleeveless T-shirt clung tightly to her waist, revealing the outline of a slim and sturdy waist. Skin the colour of light wheat, exuding a very healthy image.

Judging from the back view, this woman was definitely not a soft and weak female. She exhibited a tanned and muscular image, with a superbly explosive body! Under the T-shirt, a small part of her abdomen showed, revealing the faint outline of abdominal muscles.

Below her hot pants was a pair of long and alluring legs! Those legs were straight, strong and slender!

The most conspicuous aspect was her hair.

She was sporting a very rare medium length purple hair! She gave off a competent and beautiful image.

Although only part of her face was visible, the side outline of her face was enough to leave Roddy dazed!

“A beauty!” Roddy’’s pair of eyes shone.

Beside him, Lun Tai looked over and laughed. “If you like her, then just go over and get acquainted with her.”

“This… would not stir up trouble, would it?” Roddy was hesitant, but his desire was obvious.

“Did you forget what I said? This artificial beach is called the ‘Sea of Love’, meant to let young Awakened ones like you find a partner,” Lun Tai drank a mouthful of liquor and laughed. “If you like her, then go try. If you do not, then someone else would certainly notice this top grade beauty. Do not regret it when that someone snatches her away.”

Roddy instantly held the cocktail and stood up. He stretched his neck. “Very well! I will go try!”

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