Chapter 105: Advancing Bai Qi

GOR Chapter 105: Advancing Bai Qi

Chen Xiaolian was infuriated!


That was a Heavenly defying skill!

Each doppelganger was tantamount to increasing battle power by 100%!

The current Garfield has 2 doppelgangers. Add that to his original body… that meant, he could unleash 300% of battle power during battles!

This ability caused Chen Xiaolian to salivate!

“Son of a bitch! Continue devouring!”

Chen Xiaolian was both overjoyed and shocked!

There were four broken Gryphon souls left in the system box.

Chen Xiaolian eagerly began the devouring process.

This time, he intended to increase Garfield from [A-] to a higher level.

Each successful devouring process could only increase the progress bar by 25%!

Chen Xiaolian secretly made the calculations: I have four Gryphon souls; each one gives 25%, that is just enough to level up once!

However, just as he was thinking about this perfect scenario, a tragedy occurred!

The first devouring process was a success: 25%.

The second devouring process was also a success: 50%.

During the third devouring process…

[Prompt, inputting Gryphon’s soul (Broken). Due to compatibility with the original War Pet, Four-Eyed War Cat, success rate of devouring is at 56.3%. Do you wish to continue?].

[Prompt: Inputted Gryphon soul (Broken). Devour failed, item has disappeared].

“Damn it!”

Chen Xiaolian became dumbfounded.

One has failed…

He turned to look at the progress bar, which was stuck at 50%...

Next, he turned to look at the system box, there was only one Gryphon soul left…

Even if this devouring process succeeded, it would only be able to push the progress bar to 75%. It was not enough for a level up!

Chen Xiaolian turned somewhat frantic.

His first thought was to immediately return to the flea market and try searching for other pet souls of the feline type.


Chen Xiaolian knew that it was unlikely to happen.

Within the system, pets of the feline type were scarce.

There was an additional factor. One could consider the Gryphon as the lowest levelled pet amongst feline types… if they exclude the Four-Eyed War Cat.

In the marketplace, purchasing an intact Gryphon required 500 points or above. Usually, ordinary [B] Class pets would require 300 points or more. However, the Gryphon’s function as a mount gave its price a boost.

As for the higher levelled pets… lion type or tiger type… Chen Xiaolian could not afford those!

Additionally… those were essentially not for sale.

In his survey of the market today, he found that the highest levelled pet sold amongst pet sellers was the [A] Class Black Widow.

The others were nothing more than basic pets of the [B] Class. There were also low-levelled [C] Class pets for sale. Clearly, those [C] Class pets will serve as materials for the devouring process.

The problem however, resided in the fact that there were no pets of the feline type in [C] Class…

Chen Xiaolian tried to use the last Gryphon soul.

[Prompt, inputting Gryphon’s soul (Broken). Due to compatibility with the original War Pet, Four-Eyed War Cat, success rate of devouring is at 98.5%. Do you wish to continue?]

Chen Xiaolian was so shocked he did not choose continue.



Why is the success rate so high?

He suddenly thought of a possibility…

Could it be? The Broken degree of this Gryphon soul is relatively lower?

In that case, this success rate of 98.5% could mean that this Gryphon soul’s degree of wholeness is at 98.5%?

If that is the case, there is no need to be hasty in devouring it!

Besides, even if it is successful, it could only push the progress bar up to 75%. Garfield still cannot level up.

Why don’t I… keep it!

Perhaps, it will be more worthwhile to activate it to open out a Gryphon?

Chen Xiaolian quietly kept the last Gryphon soul.

As he was preparing to leave the room, Chen Xiaolian swept his eyes through the system’s item box.

His gaze fell onto… the Tiger Tally!

Tiger Tally… summon out Bai Qi’s War Soul…

According to the system’s description, after every use, it would require a cool down time of 24 hours.

That was why Chen Xiaolian never got the chance to examine this item properly after exiting the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang.

On one hand, after leaving the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang, he had to rush over to Japan, leaving him with no free time.

On the other hand, Chen Xiaolian had this thought in mind: Keep it ready so that I can summon out Bai Qi to do battle if I encounter danger. If I summon him hastily to conduct an inspection, then in the following 24 hours, if I encounter danger, then I will be at a loss.

However, this place was Zero City, a place of absolute safety. Here, he will not encounter any attacks or dangerous situations.

Besides, he was certainly going to stay here for two days.

Since that was the case, he may as well take this opportunity…

Checking the time, he observed that there was still 20 minutes before the appointed meeting time. Chen Xiaolian sat down on the carpet beside the bed.

He retrieved the Tiger Tally…

A black coloured light flashed before him and a dense mass of black coloured mist appeared instantly before him.

Next, Bai Qi stepped out from amongst the black mist!

His appearance looked the same as when he appeared in the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang.

White coloured clothes, a bored demeanour and a cold and indifferent expression.

Chen Xiaolian was however, surprised to note that this Bai Qi before him was somewhat shorter than the one he met in the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang.

This Bai Qi has roughly the same stature as Soo Soo.

This was like a mini version of Bai Qi.

“What is going on here?” Chen Xiaolian was momentarily stunned.

However, he soon came up with a conjecture.

Back when he acquired Bai Qi’s soul, the system had already pointed it out:

The battle power of Bai Qi’s soul was reduced to [A] Class. This was likely the reason why Bai Qi was in a mini state.

The Bai Qi that he encountered within the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang… according to Miao Yan, the Bai Qi from back then should be of the [S] Class!

Chen Xiaolian sat across Bai Qi and they both regarded each other.

Bai Qi’s face remained indifferent and cold and his eyes showed not even a trace of emotion. Even after looking at Chen Xiaolian for a good half minute, his eyes continued to exhibit no change, not even a trace of impatience.

He simply stood before Chen Xiaolian. If not for his human body shape, he would simply be an iceberg.

“Err… can you talk? Do you remember me? We met in Epang Palace.”

Chen Xiaolian carefully asked.

Bai Qi remained indifferent, not bothering to raise his eyes. He remained silent as he looked at Chen Xiaolian.

Unable to communicate?

Chen Xiaolian deliberated. Then, he pointed to the floor before him. “Sit down then.”

Bai Qi quietly sat down cross-legged across Chen Xiaolian.

Hmm, it seems I can command him.

Observing the silent but obedient Bai Qi before him, Chen Xiaolian recalled the invincible Bai Qi from the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang who displayed divine might and prestige…

For some unknown reason, Chen Xiaolian’s heart suddenly felt a hint of sadness.

At that moment, Chen Xiaolian inadvertently turned his gaze to the system interface.

He then discovered something out of place!

Within the War Pet interface, Chen Xiaolian originally only has a Four-Eyed War Cat.

But now… within the War Pet interface, suddenly… an image of mini Bai Qi appeared!

Bai Qi… is considered… a pet?

What is going on?

Chen Xiaolian was surprised and he quickly went to the interface to inspect Bai Qi’s attributes.

Next, he became dumbfounded.

[Unknown Pet, Unknown Type.

Physique: ???

Endurance: ???

Agility: ???

Energy Points: ???

Growth Capacity: ???

Comprehensive Evaluation: [A] Class.

Skill(s): Unknown].

Damn it, what is this supposed to be?

With the exception of the Comprehensive Evaluation, which is at [A] Class, the rest are all question marks! Even his skills are unknown!

Chen Xiaolian’s heart suddenly throbbed as he recalled something very important!

If… the system views Bai Qi as a pet…

Then… perhaps he could… grow using the devouring process?

Thinking of that possibility caused Chen Xiaolian’s heart to palpitate!

If he can… then I may have the chance to use the shortest amount of time to let Bai Qi recover to the state he was in back in the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang. If someone obstructs me, I will kill that someone. If a God obstructs me, I will kill that God! That kind of overwhelmingly powerful BOSS!

Thinking back to how Da Vinci, a High Class Player was easily butchered by that power, Chen Xiaolian’s heart was set ablaze!

After that, something happened to shock him further!

Upon Bai Qi’s prompt within the pet interface, was this line:

[Unknown War Pet, Undead Type. It can devour Undead Type pets to level up].

Undead Type?

Chen Xiaolian suddenly remembered: Demon Soldier Fragments, does it count as Undead Type?

It seems… there is not much of a difference, right?

He quickly transferred out a piece of Demon Soldier Fragment from the system box and dragged it into the War Pet interface, attempting to let Bai Qi devour it.

However, no reaction appeared on the interface!

As Chen Xiaolian was feeling somewhat disappointed, Bai Qi who was in front of him suddenly extended his hand out in a slow manner.

Bai Qi’s right hand moved up, the palm spreading open.

Although Bai Qi’s expression remained cold and indifferent, Chen Xiaolian understood the meaning behind this gesture.

It means: Give me?

Chen Xiaolian quickly produced a piece of Demon Soldier Fragment from the system box, gripping it in his hand.

The Demon Soldier Fragment was a very small black coloured crystal. However, the purity of its colour seemed assorted and it was not solely black in colour. Instead, there was a huge amount of grey coloured impurity.

Chen Xiaolian tested putting the piece of Demon Soldier Fragment onto Bai Qi’s palm…

The indifferent eyes of Bai Qi suddenly lit up!

Bai Qi opened up his mouth slightly. Next, a black qi emerged out from the black coloured crystal on his palm. The black qi rapidly moved into his mouth and nose!

Then… the crystal on his palm melted before disappearing!

“It seems… to be of use?”

Chen Xiaolian’s heart became somewhat excited.

He did not hesitate to retrieve out more Demon Soldier Fragments.

One piece… two pieces… five pieces… ten pieces…

When Chen Xiaolian placed the 30th piece of Demon Soldier Fragment onto Bai Qi’s palm…

After absorbing the fragment, Bai Qi looked at Chen Xiaolian who was trying to take more fragment out. Bai Qi shook his head slowly and retracted his hand.

Chen Xiaolian sensed that Bai Qi who was standing before him had undergone a certain change. However, he was unable to tell what that change was.

He examined the War Pet interface and discovered…

No change in Bai Qi’s attributes. They all remained as question marks and the skills remained unknown. The Comprehensive Evaluation also remained at [A] Class.

After absorbing 30 Demon Soldier Fragments… there was no change?

As Chen Xiaolian was feeling disappointed, Bai Qi suddenly stood up.

After Bai Qi stood up, Chen Xiaolian discovered where the change had occurred!

Bai Qi has grown taller!

Earlier on, Bai Qi was similar to Soo Soo in stature, resembling a 10-year-old in terms of height.

After devouring 30 Demon Soldier Fragments, Bai Qi’s height has increased by roughly over 10 centimetres!

Looking at him, the current Bai Qi should have a height of roughly 1.4 metres, right?

Bai Qi stood there and turned his body about, seemingly in the midst of adjusting to his changed body.

Next… his right hand suddenly slipped into his left sleeve. Slowly, he pulled out a sword!

It was a translucent, crystal like sword, with a faint colour of blood on its surface! That colour of blood was extremely faint! Without a detailed examination, one might miss that colour.

Chen Xiaolian however, was able to identity it. Within the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang, Bai Qi had used this sword to kill off the Players!

The only difference was that the colour of blood had dimmed considerably, leaving only a thin trace of that colour.

The size of the sword was also much smaller. Within the instance dungeon, the sword was 3 feet (0.9 m) long.

However, the one currently held by Bai Qi was only roughly the same length as a dagger.

Despite that, Bai Qi’s eyes revealed a faint trace of delight.

He appeared satisfied as he examined the sword in his hand.

Bai Qi then turned around to look at Chen Xiaolian. Opening his mouth, he spoke.

The words and tone that came out sounded laborious, resembling those of a babbling infant, very toilsome.

Nonetheless, Chen Xiaolian managed to understand those words.

“Undead, enough; lifeblood, not enough. Two types, balance, absorb.”

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