Chapter 102: Demon Soldier Fragments

GOR Chapter 102: Demon Soldier Fragments

Standing at the entrance to the flea market, Chen Xiaolian and Qiao Qiao could not help but turn to look at each other.

This was…

Truly a flea market!

It was a broad open street area without any buildings in its surrounding area. Awakened ones were scattered throughout the wide-open space. Some of them erected their booths by spreading a layer of cloth or newspaper on the ground. Then, they hung a signboard with badly written words and just stood there waiting for deals to be struck.

Some were requesting to buy items and some were selling items. There were even those who were seeking information. Chen Xiaolian saw one that made him feel absurd. What he saw was a missing person’s post!

“The short haired lady from 3 months ago in instance dungeon number R349. You wore a red jacket and short leather skirt. Your weapon is a scimitar… do you still remember the time when we exchanged antidotes in the instance dungeon? I remember your soft and gentle expression from back then… in these 3 months; I have not been able to forget you. I hope I can meet you again. High priced search notice. Those who provide clues will be given 200 points as thanks.”

Chen Xiaolian read up to that point and could not help but laugh out with a “puchi”. Both Chen Xiaolian and Qiao Qiao observed the fellow who erected the search notice. The fellow was wearing a black robe, which covered his entire body. On his face was what seemed like a metallic mask, causing his face to appear blurry and indistinct. No matter how one looked upon it, one would only see mosaic…

Clearly, this was an identity concealing equipment.

Chen Xiaolian first brought Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo to the Services Office that was located beside the flea market.

Behind the Services Office’s counter, there was also another virtually projected figure with artificial intelligence. After making a simple inquiry, they learned that they could acquire the identity concealing equipment free. First, spend 1 point to acquire it. After they were finished using it, they can return to the Services Office and return it to regain 1 point.

The Services Office also offered another safety measure: After they have purchased a certain item from the flea market and they wish to keep it a secret, they can enter the Services Office. The Services Office will offer a free teleportation that could teleport them to any public area within Zero City. If they have already verified their identities, they could even request to be directly teleported back into their hotel room!

That was to ensure the absolute safety of both buyers and sellers, preventing any determined individual from tracking and harming anyone.

Chen Xiaolian was unable to help himself and exclaimed in admiration – this was a very considerate service!

After spending 3 points, they rented three sets of identity concealing equipment. After wearing the equipment, they immediately realized the miraculous aspects of the equipment!

After wearing the long black robe, the appearance of their height and size changed. Seemingly, due to a certain projection device, the heights of all three have changed to what appeared as average – neither their gender nor their body shapes were identifiable.

Next, they put on the mask and their faces became concealed. The mask was also equipped with a voice changer. That made it so that any words spoken would automatically become an electronically synthesized sound.

After wearing it though, they faced the problem of not being able to recognize each other – problems might arise if they end up dispersed.

“I feel that it is better if we move separately,” Chen Xiaolian reflected. “Having three people together is also a noticeable characteristic. We should move separately and meet up in the Services Office later. En, let us meet up in 2 hours’ time.”

Qiao Qiao considered it and nodded her head. She was also feeling inquisitive about this flea market and thus, she wanted to look around.

Soo Soo became conflicted. She appeared hesitant in choosing whom to follow but Qiao Qiao dragged Soo Soo away with her in the end.

Before Qiao Qiao left, Chen Xiaolian presented her with 500 points. Qiao Qiao did not have any points after all – regardless, she was his girlfriend. Paying for it when one’s girlfriend goes shopping was a man’s duty after all.

Thus, with around 1,000 points in hand, Chen Xiaolian strolled aimlessly through the flea market.

Most of the Awakened ones booths have no attendants beside it. There was only a signboard, which conveyed information regarding what the person wished to buy or sell.

Chen Xiaolian circled around twice and found out that most of the booths have a pager. If one desired to conduct a trade, then all they need do was press the pager and the booth owner would quickly come over – the booth owner was also roaming around the marketplace.

The items up for trade in the marketplace were diverse. However, the most commonly seen were weapons and equipment.

The numerous cold weapons included swords, blades, axes, spears, defensive equipment, armours and shields.

He also saw protective suits up for sale… however; nearly all of them were either second-hand or broken.

Chen Xiaolian saw a [B] Class protective suit for sale with a listed going price of 100 points. He was momentarily shocked. After all, even Meteor Rock Guild’s special equipment: the [B] Class protective suit required 300 points!

However, he soon saw the line of note behind it: Broken.

After walking around the marketplace for a while, he saw a booth that specialized in repairing equipment. After chatting with the booth owner for a bit, Chen Xiaolian was able to grasp onto some information.

Some broken equipment were irreparable within the system. However, under special circumstances, some Awakened ones could master this skill when going through instance dungeons. These people can thus make use of this skill to make money.

The price charged for repairing a broken [B] Class weapon or equipment was extremely expensive, almost half the original price! Furthermore, the repaired items would be unable to achieve its original performance and would suffer reduced performance in certain areas.

Chen Xiaolian deliberately produced out his ‘Snow Edge’ scimitar before a repair booth.

The booth’s Awakened glanced at it before quickly stating. “This ‘Snow Edge’ scimitar should be part of a pair. This item is not bad. However, due to the lack of the other half, it becomes incomplete. Its set ability will not trigger, thus halving its price. If you are willing to sell it, I could set a price for you. If you wish to find the missing half, I can help inquire it for you. But first, we should discuss about the price…”

After discussing for a while, Chen Xiaolian left.

He saw a booth selling pet souls at the intersection.

The booth owner was actually sitting behind his booth.

What caught Chen Xiaolian’s attention was what he had written on the signboard: ‘[A] Class pets for sale.’

[A] Class?

Chen Xiaolian’s heart pounded.

However, he soon spied several Awakened ones moving over to inquire the price. After a quick conversation, they shook their heads and left.

Chen Xiaolian went over and lightly rapped the signboard.

The booth owner raised his head. “Are you interested?”

“What pet is it?”

“Black Widow,” Despite going through the electronic synthesizer, the booth owner’s voice was very cold.

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head.

Chen Xiaolian already has a Black Widow. It was indeed [A] Class, but was temporarily unusable.

However, he has other thoughts in his mind. He asked. “Price?”

“5,000 points,” The booth owner replied coldly.

Chen Xiaolian smiled.

5,000 points? This price was simply fraudulent.

A mech was just 4,500 points. Although the Black Widow was an [A] Class pet, all pets have to be developed. It would not be able to display [A] Class strength directly after its acquisition.

For 5,000 points, he would be better off buying a mech.

“Too expensive,” Chen Xiaolian shook his head.

“Then, how much are you offering?” The other party was clearly disappointed.

Chen Xiaolian thought about it. After strolling around the flea market for so long, he was able to grasp onto a considerable understanding of the market price of many items. After calculating it, he replied. “Maximum of 1,000 points.”

The booth owner snorted. “Does pulling my leg make you happy? If you do not want to buy, then just leave!”

“A [B] Class War Wolf only goes for 300 points,” Chen Xiaolian sneered. “You dared to offer an [A] Class Black Widow for 5,000 points. Are you not the one pulling my leg?

“According to market price, the price of [A] Class pets is only about five times that of [B] Class pets. The exception would be if they have any special skills, which would cause the price to increase. Within [A] Class pets, Black Widow is only a basic product. If you have a Phoenix, 5,000 points would sound reasonable.”

“Nonsense! A Phoenix is an [S] Class pet! 5,000 points? You may not be able to find a seller even if you offer 10,000 points,” The booth owner sneered.

Chen Xiaolian deliberated and decided to leave and look elsewhere. However, right after taking a step, he caught sight of a small row of sentence at the bottom of the booth owner’s signboard.

“Buying resource materials from Hell Type instance dungeons.”

Hell Type instance dungeons? Resource materials?

Chen Xiaolian immediately halted and pointed towards the signboard. “What do you want to buy?”

“Do you have Demon Souls? Hmph!” The booth owner sneered. “You are a rookie, right? I cannot believe you would even say something like buying a Phoenix for 5,000 points. A Demon Soul is something that you have probably never even seen before. Fine… do you have Demon Fragments? Do you have Demon Servant Fragments? Demon Soldier Fragments, Skeleton Soldier Soul Fragments… any of these items would do. As long as you have them, I will buy it up.”

Chen Xiaolian ignored the harsh tone of the booth owner. Since his younger days, he had adopted the habit of not arguing with buffoons. He gave a faint smile. “What makes you think I won’t have it?”

He retrieved one of the Demon Soldier’s Soul Fragments that he acquired from the 72 Demons instance dungeon from the system [1].

He possessed 456 of these items! However, he still could not figure out its manner of use.

Upon Chen Xiaolian’s palm, on the surface of the black gloves that he was wearing was a black, shining crystal. A faint mist was swirling inside…

The booth owner became startled!

The booth owner subconsciously reached out with his hand towards it but Chen Xiaolian quickly retracted his and sneered. “Do you know where we are? Are you thinking of snatching it?”

“Who… who is snatching? I just wanted to verify its authenticity,” The booth owner became flustered and he quickly changed his tone of voice. His voice then became much gentler. “That item, how many do you have?”

“How many do you want?” Chen Xiaolian sneered. “What is your offer price?”

“Two points for one. I will buy however much you have!” The booth owner exclaimed.

Chen Xiaolian sneered. Turning around, he walked away.

1 The 72 Demons instance dungeon (Chapter 15) was the first instance dungeon Chen Xiaolian had to participate in.

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