Book 11 Chapter 274 – The Rise of the Demon Lord (2)

“Asura, the Elixir of the Gods is finally complete!” Aris, wearing a lab coat, screamed as she ran to Woohyuk holding a flask filled with a colorful solution.

Woohyuk happily accepted the flask.

“So, I just have to drink this?”

“The recipe is clear, so there shouldn’t be any problems! Fiona also ran a virtual simulation and said that no harm should come to a human body!”

A lot of things that were impossible in this world were possible in Inotia.

Woohyuk nodded and drank the solution in the flask.

[Epic Quest: Demon Lord’s Throne – Step 2 has been completed.]

[As a result of drinking the Elixir of the Gods, your position within the system hierarchy permanently rises from Demigod to God.]

[Epic Quest: Step 3 of the Demon Lord’s Throne begins.]

[New Challenge and Achievement]

Name: Demon Lord’s Throne

Type: Epic (3/3)

Content: Go to the temporary dimension’s manager, Dryad Lyla, move to the upper dimension, and take the Demon Lord Throne.

Other: One time. Failure to complete the quest will disallow you from retrying.

‘She’s a temporary dimension manager…’

Lyla was also his guide in the tutorial area, so it wasn’t particularly strange that she was a dimension manager.

Woohyuk summoned his main vassals and visited Lyla at the artificial gardens.

“I was also surprised. To suddenly become a temporary dimension manager…” Lyla stated with shock and surprise written all over her face.

“Where’s the higher dimension I need to move to?”

“It’s a very dark and quiet place. There’s nothing in it other than the Abyssal Monster.”

He had to challenge the existing power in that dimension for the Demon Lord Throne. It seemed that he was moving to a deeper depth than the existing Demon World where the Demon Kings originated.

For the demons, there was a higher dimension.

Just as there is a divine world in which the Creator resides, above all other realms, the abyss dimension existed deeper than the currently known demon realm.

“I have to prepare thoroughly and go,” Woohyuk murmured.

“FYI, other people can’t go there. The authority given to me is to transport only one person, you, to that dimension.”

In short, he had to start on his own solitary journey.

After giving instructions to the others and preparing to leave, Woohyuk said goodbye to his vassals.

“I’ll be back.”

“We’ll be waiting for you, Lord.”

“Master, since it is you, you’ll surely be able to do it.”

Leifina and Sieg encouraged Woohyuk.

Woohyuk looked at them gently before asking Lyla to move him to the higher dimension.

“Send me.”

“Please take care of yourself. If you don’t come back, I’ll be lonely and die,” Lyla said as she grabbed Woohyuk’s hand with tears in her eyes.

At the same time, deep darkness swallowed up his surroundings.

‘Is this the abyss?’

He had heard that this place was quiet countless times, but it was still eerily quiet.

Woohyuk raised his senses while holding Verserios firmly with both hands.

‘From now on, I must act instinctively.’

Although he became a god, he still had a lot of humanity’s traits within him.

If he neglected that fact and moved haphazardly, there was a high probability that he’d do something wrong.

The Demon Lord Throne was not a position that just anyone could obtain, so he needed to be careful and cognizant of his actions.

‘I’ll start by moving towards the place that attracts my senses the most.’

The space was a complete void.

There were no landscapes or markers to gain his bearings, so he quickly lost his sense of direction.

Woohyuk continued to move towards the place where his inner mana had a faint connection.


An unknown amount of time had passed.

A being appeared before him.

It was the Behemoth, the great monster of the abyss.

The Behemoth lifted its crouching body and looked down at the little being in front of its eyes.

‘Hmm, it seems you consider me your ally.’

There was no sense of hostility from the Behemoth.

It was Woohyuk’s truly instinctive realization.

In the world of the abyss, there were no barriers, no upper lines.

Everything was one and one was everything at the same time.

As he continued onward, passing by the Behemoth, Woohyuk realized a critical principle.

Demonic powers were not in itself wrong.

It was just one of the ways of being.

At the same time, it was one of the ways of becoming non-existent in relation to the system.

‘It feels like I’m assimilating into the dark.’

‘Did the ancient demons who fell into the abyss feel like this?’

They were originally proud archangels but later accepted demonic powers to be reborn as new beings.

The ancient devil was just a moniker.

The name didn’t exist anywhere.

Existences that possessed a name were constantly changing in this world.

‘The Demon Lord Throne is… nowhere.’

The abyss did not allow discernment.

It existed and did not exist at the same time.

Therefore, there was no reason to look further.

Woohyuk stopped his steps and silently reached out in front of him.

Another invisible self was asking for a handshake from the other side.

He freely responded to the request.

His right hand touched the other’s left, but he didn’t care.

Already, he was fully accepting himself and this newfound understanding.


“The Demon Lord has reached his throne, Lilith,” Aleister respectfully stated as he knelt down and said to the silver-haired woman in front of him.


With a thrilled heart, she looked into a pitch-black mirror inside the chapel.

“It’s so cool. He completely embraced the abyss.”

“Soon the Creator’s intervention will begin. What would you like to do with the Holy Grail?”

“The Holy Grail? We can get that back later. Right now, we need to focus on the newly-minted Asura.”

Lilith stroked the jet-black mirror while looking into it with loving eyes.

An indescribable desire rose from the depths of her heart and soon made her resilient body warm.

“The Ark of Knowledge seems to have been rebuilt a little while ago by Etheria Rodinus. They are moving to limit the Demon Lord’s newfound powers,” Aleister commented from the side.

“Hmph! Trying to treat the Demon Lord as just another being! Seeing those hypocrites doing something so worthless is disgusting. They’re just like that bitch Eve, who took Adam away from me.”

Those in Etheria Rodinus couldn’t be allowed to succeed.

The Demon Lord must come to this world and lead the world to ruin.

Afterward, everything would become purified. The Demon Lord would reign and write a new Genesis.

Woohyuk would recreate and reinterpret the false present-day Genesis.

“I will take care of Etheria Rodinus. With Lilith’s permission, I’ll make sure the Saintess…”

“No, keep that bitch alive. I’ll tear her head off with my own hands.”

“Alright. Then, as you wish…”

Aleister faded away and disappeared.

Lilith lowered her left shoulder strap without taking her eyes off the pitch-black mirror.

“I want to be one with you. I will definitely win your love, which I couldn’t achieve before.”

She was focused on the advent of the Demon Lord’s child being conceived in her womb.

That was the way to truly avenge those who abandoned and trampled on her in the past.

And, it was a feeling that she wanted so much for herself.


Lilith took off her black dress and stood completely naked.

Later, when she reached out to the pitch-black mirror, the chapel was swallowed up in darkness.


In the central region of the demon world.

Asura slowly opened his eyes.

‘This place…’

He had been transported to the dimension of the 72 Demon Kings, whom he had subjugated to the past.

Numerous demons were flocking to see the new Asura, the Demon Lord.

“Oh, my Lord, my God!”

“Our true Savior!”

The demons shed tears of emotion and praised the advent of the Demon Lord.

The 72 Demon Kings knelt in front of Woohyuk, as they were unsure of what to do.

“Now is the time to destroy the celestial hypocrites!”

“Please give us the order!”

“I will fight with my life on the line and make your name shine throughout the ages!”

They were all acting like fanatics.

Asura walked towards them and opened his mouth to speak, “Everyone, listen.”


“We’re listening with all our hearts and minds open!”

“Just say the word!”

“From now on…” Woohyuk started.

Asura paused his words for a moment and looked at Lilith, who suddenly appeared in a state of nakedness.

Everyone’s eyes turned to Lilith, who took a polite posture.

However, their gazes were only diverted for a moment.

“We’ll start a war to bring down the Creator from his lofty perch.”


“Long live Demon Lord Asura!”

When Asura, Woohyuk, finished talking, a collective shout that seemed to overturn the demon world followed.

‘First off, it would be best to raise an army to secure the Holy Grail and the Ark of Knowledge,’ Asura thought to himself while observing the demons busily moving around.

His identity as a human still remained.

However, he was now closer to the Demon Lord Asura, and the status information window was changed to reflect and prove this change.


-Occupation: Demon Lord

-Title: Legendary Explorer (item drop rate increases by 20%, movement speed increases by 20% in ruins), Ruler of the Black Sea (Summon Kraken, Create Air Bubbles, Control the Seas of the Black Sea), Ruler of the Abyss (Can Summon Abyssal monsters)


Strength: 5,644 +862 (Immortal Armor)

Health: 5,672 +795 (Immortal Armor)

Agility: 5,784 +854 (Immortal Armor) +20 (Banshee Queen’s Cloak)

Intelligence: 5,423 +731 (Immortal Armor) +20 (Jester’s Mask)

Mind: 5,871 +879 (Immortal Armor)


100% increase in intimacy with the dead

100% resistance to dark magic

100% increase in power of dark attribute technology 100% increase in affinity with demons

‘The Immortal Armor stats have grown tremendously.’

It seemed that the Artifact bonus stats that grew with the owner had increased by dozens of multiples.

Meanwhile, all of his other four classes were absorbed and united under his title of Demon Lord.

This was because the Demon Lord Divine Throne class position was a higher concept than all the other classes.

In addition to that, the title of the Ruler of the Abyss was added. His characteristics and stats were also corrected to suit the Divine Throne position.

“I’ve waited for you to come.”

Lilith approached Asura and gave him a hug.

He felt the sensation of elastic breasts against his chest.

Asura instinctively grabbed Lilith’s waist and kissed her.


Lilith groaned in pleasure and groped Asura’s body.

After about a minute, the human consciousness that still existed in Asura began to reject her.

‘Why do I view Lilith as a sexual object?’

Probably, he was attracted to the dark attribute, so it seemed that he was drawn into her without knowing it.

Asura pushed Lilith aside and then walked towards a dimensional movement portal.

Lilith stuck onto him once more and groped his body.

“Please accept me. Without your love, I won’t be able to live anymore.”


Lilith looked very pathetic, like a virgin clinging to a man who had abandoned her.

She started telling him the truth.

All the stories, including those from Etheria Rodinus, that had previously been hidden were now in full view.

After hearing these stories, Asura stopped and turned around to face her. He then extended a hand towards Lilith.

“Let’s go. To end all this.”

His words were sincere.

After wiping the tears from her eyes, Lilith fell back into Asura’s arms.

“Yes. Let’s start again together.”


The secret conference room of Etheria Rodinus.

Helena was discussing with her fellow members about retrieving the Demon Lord.

“It hasn’t been long since the advent of the Asura. We need to limit and seal his potential before he fully regains his powers,” Helena said with a stern, authoritative voice.

“But do you think Asura will really come to see us first, Helena?” Boetius asked.

“He will come with Lilith to take the Holy Grail, Boetius,” Helena responded.

Helena predicted that once Asura returned, he would try to take the initiative to gain total domination of all things.

So, her decision was to seal Woohyuk, the vessel of the Demon Lord, with the Holy Grail and then take him to the Ark of Knowledge.

Transforming the world was the task of Etheria Rodinus, not a demon.

As Helena was passionately explaining their next steps, she heard a dark voice ring out from somewhere.

“Hahaha… the Witch of Annihilation is planning to go against the Demon Lord Asura…”


“How did you get here!”

The members of Etheria Rodinus stood up all at once and prepared for battle against the black shadow that appeared in front of them.

“Demon Lord Asura has joined Lilith, as scheduled. We will write a new Genesis together. You have to die for that great task to become a reality.”

Numerous dark spheres were created in the air and flew toward the members of Etheria Rodinus.

Before long, light and darkness mixed together, and blood flowed freely like a raging river.

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